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Intersection Curves of Implicit and Parametric Surfaces in R3  [PDF]
Mohamed Abdel-Latif Soliman, Nassar Hassan Abdel-All, Soad Ali Hassan, Sayed Abdel-Naeim Badr
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/am.2011.28141
Abstract: We present algorithms for computing the differential geometry properties of Frenet apparatus {t,n,b,κ,τ} and higher-order derivatives of intersection curves of implicit and parametric surfaces in R3 for transversal and tangential intersection. This work is considered as a continuation to Ye and Maekawa [1]. We obtain a classification of the singularities on the intersection curve. Some examples are given and plotted.
Plectranthus tenuiflorus (Shara) Promotes Wound Healing: In vitro and in vivo Studies
Faten Khorshid,Soad Shaker Ali,Tagreed Alsofyani,Hassan Albar
International Journal of Botany , 2010,
Abstract: The present study proved that both Plectranthus tenuiflorus juice and essential oil exerted a healing promoting effect in rat wound model. The effect was shown to be mainly via their ability to stimulate fibroblasts proliferation in addition to an anti-bacterial effect of its thymol content. Leaves of the plant were collected from different regions. The whole leave juice or essential oil were extracted by chemical steam distillation method. Different concentrations were tested for their effects on the proliferation of human foreskin fibroblasts in tissue culture. Its efficiency in enhancing wound healing processes using excision wound model in rat was also designed. The results revealed complete wound healing (100% contraction) at day 14 (10% juice), day 17 (80% juice) and day 18 (10% essential oil) compared to 22 days. Histological studies showed that at day 14 complete epithelization, well formed small sized scar tissue and reappearance of cutaneous appendages were evident in wounds painted with 10% essential oil, followed by 80% juice. In vitro study proved a stimulatory effect of plant extracts on human fibroblasts which may explain the speeding of healing process. The healing promoting effect or P. tenuiflorus may be attributed to the high content of calcium (903.16333±0.21); zinc (0.37933±0.05). Essential amino acids (Ala, Leu, Glu, Asp, Asn, Phe and His) seemed also to have a role. On the other hand, thymol was known to have an anti-bacterial effect. Thymol found in this study to be the main component (82.16%) of P. tenuiflorus extracts.
Synthesis, Characterizations, Biological, and Molecular Docking Studies of Some Amino Acid Schiff Bases with Their Cobalt(II) Complexes  [PDF]
Mabrouk M. Salama, Soad G. Ahmed, Safaa S. Hassan
Advances in Biological Chemistry (ABC) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/abc.2017.75013
Abstract: The synthesis and structural characterization of cobalt(II) complexes of amino acid Schiff bases was prepared from Salicylaldehyde and three amino acid (Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine)in basic medium. The metal complexes was synthesized by treating an ethanolic solution of the ligand with appropriate amount of metal salts [1:2] [M:L] ratio. The synthesized Schiff bases and their metal complexes have been investigated on the bases of elemental chemical analysis, FTIR, electronic spectral,?1HNMR,?13CNMR, MS, molar conductance and magnetic susceptibility measurements. The electronic spectra of the metal complexes and their magnetic susceptibility measurements suggest octahedral structures are the probable coordination geometries for the isolated complexes. The Schiff bases and their metal complexes were preliminary scanned against various strains of microbes to study their biological effect.
Ultrastructural Identification of the Basal-Granulated Cells in the Duodenum of Albino Rat  [PDF]
Ali Hassan A. Ali
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2014.47041
Abstract: The fine structure of the crypt epithelium of the duodenal mucosa in albino rats was studied to represent the types and distribution of the basal-granulated or endocrine cells. Twenty male animals were used. Perfusion-fixation was made and samples of duodenal mucosa were taken and processed to prepare epon-embedded specimens for examination by a transmission electron microscope. Cells containing membrane-bound granules were seen in the crypt epithelium. They were identified to be basal-granulated cells. Six different types of such cells were demonstrated. All of the cells were of the closed type. The possible functional significance of these closed cell types was discussed. Correlation among the distributions of such cells in the intestine of albino rat might enable the physiologists, internists and other research workers to study several biologically active peptides with well-established functions other than those which have long been investigated.
Hepatoprotective Effect of Green Tea Extract against Cyclophosphamide Induced Liver Injury in Albino Rats  [PDF]
Ali Hassan A. Ali
Forensic Medicine and Anatomy Research (FMAR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/fmar.2018.62002
Abstract: Background: Green tea intake is accompanied with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disorders; hence green tea extract has been included as dietary supplement along with other supplements and multivitamins. Aim of the Work: Studying the effect of cyclophosphamide administration on the liver of adult male albino rats and the possible protective role of green tea extract. Material and Methods: The current study was carried out on 45 adult male albino rats. They were divided into three equal groups (each included 15 rats). Group I (control group) was injected intraperitoneally with normal saline at a dosage of 0.5 mg/kg body weight twice weekly for 9 weeks. Group II was injected intraperitoneally with cyclophosphamide (CP) (150 mg/kg/day) for two weeks. Group III: rats received green tea extracts orally (50 mg/kg/day) for three weeks, and then continued for further two weeks concomitantly with intraperitoneally cyclophosphamide (CP) injected (150 mg/kg/day). Results: Rats exposed to cyclophosphamide (CP) showed several histological and histochemical changes in their liver. These changes were improved by using green tea. Conclusion: The present work showed that green tea had preventive and therapeutic effect upon livers of albino rats after they were exposed to CP.
Natural radioactivity levels and radiation hazards for gypsum materials used in Egypt  [PDF]
Ahmed Hassan Korna, Soad Saad Fares, Magda Abd El-Rahman
Natural Science (NS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2014.61002

Radionuclides naturally occurring in building materials may significantly contribute to the annual doses to the public. For instance, familiar building materials such as the concrete and gypsum board have been reported to produce a dose of about 0.04 mSv per year for a typical person (NCRP 1987c). External as well as internal exposures are two pathways of radiation dose imparted to human beings from the building materials. As information on the radioactivity of such materials is lacking, the study of gypsum materials used in Egypt was carried out in order to estimate the annual dose to the Egyptian population due to natural radionuclides in building materials. During the study, 18 samples of commonly used gypsum raw materials were collected and measured. The activity concentrations were determined by gamma ray spectrometry. Their mean values were in the ranges of 499.29 ± 11.53 Bq·kg-1 for 40K, 91.97 ± 2.61 Bq·kg-1 for 226Ra, 37.62 ± 1.67 Bq·kg-1 for 238U and 42.27 ± 2.22 Bq·kg-1 for 232Th. The activity indexed Iγ for 18, different gypsum samples varied from 0.31 ± 0.03 to 2.3 ± 0.19 and the radium equivalent activity (Raeq), from 38.81 ± 1.68 to 324.7 ± 9.42. These values are lower than the limit of 370 Bq·kg-1 adopted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The average indoor annual effective gamma dose rate (DE) in (mSv/y) for the people, caused by the building materials of dwellings, was assessed for most commonly gypsum materials. It was estimated to be in the range from 0.10 ± 0.003 mSv/y to 0.74 ± 0.08 mSv/y. The internal and external hazard indices (Hin, Hex) and the absorbed dose rate in air D in each sample were evaluated to assess the radiation hazard for people living in dwelling made of the studied materials. The absorbed dose rate of indoor air in samples G1, G2, G11, G17 and G18 is less than the international recommended value which is 55 nGyh-1. While the absorbed dose rate for samples G3, G4, G5, G6, G7, G8, G9, G10, G12, G13, G14, G15 and G16 is higher than 55 nGyh-1, these samples are not acceptable for use as building materials.

Shrinkage Testimator in Gamma Type-II Censored Data under LINEX Loss Function  [PDF]
Ali Shadrokh, Hassan Pazira
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2013.34028
Abstract: Prakash and Singh presented the shrinkage testimators under the invariant version of LINEX loss function for the scale parameter of an exponential distribution in presence Type-II censored data. In this paper, we extend this approach to gamma distribution, as Prakash and Singh’s paper is a special case of this paper. In fact, some shrinkage testimators for the scale parameter of a gamma distribution, when Type-II censored data are available, have been suggested under the LINEX loss function assuming the shape parameter is to be known. The comparisons of the proposed testimators have been made with improved estimator. All these estimators are compared empirically using Monte Carlo simulation.
Theoretical Investigation of Convergence of Max-SINR Algorithm in the MIMO Interference Network  [PDF]
Ali Dalir, Hassan Aghaeinia
Journal of Computer and Communications (JCC) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jcc.2018.64002
Abstract: Design of transceiver for interference channel (IC) is an important research area. Max-SINR algorithm is an iterative algorithm for multi-input multi-output (MIMO) IC. Nodes in the MIMO IC, work in a time division duplex mode, where half of them are equipped with M antennas while the others have N antennas. It is shown how the Max-SINR algorithm proposed by Gomadam et al. converges by considering an equivalent problem, i.e. a constrained maximization problem.
On the Performance Analysis of One Tap Equalizers in Oversampled OFDM Systems  [PDF]
Hassan Ali, Fahad Khan
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2018.119011
Abstract: Oversampling is commonly encountered in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems to ease various performance characteristics. In this paper, we investigate the performance and complexity of one tap zero-forcing (ZF) and minimum mean-square error (MMSE) equalizers in oversampled OFDM systems. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that oversampling not only reduces the noise at equalizer output but also helps mitigate ill effects of spectral nulls. One tap equalizers therefore yield improved symbol-error-rate (SER) performance with the increase in oversampling rate, but at the expense of increased system bandwidth and modest complexity requirements.
A Low Complexity Linear Moving Average Filtering Technique for PAR Reduction in OFDM Systems  [PDF]
Hassan Ali, Raziq Yaqub
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2018.1110012
Abstract: In this paper, a linear moving average recursive filtering technique is proposed to reduce the peak-to-average power ratio (PAR) of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signals. The proposed low complexity technique is analyzed in an oversampled OFDM system and a simple distribution approximation of the oversampled and linearly filtered OFDM signals is also proposed. Corresponding time domain linear equalizers are developed to recover originally transmitted data symbols. Through extensive computer simulations, effects of the new filtering technique on the oversampled OFDM peak-to-average power ratio (PAR), power spectral density (PSD) and corresponding linear equalizers on the frequency selective Rayleigh fading channel transmission symbol-error-rate (SER) performance are investigated. The newly proposed recursive filtering scheme results in attractive PAR reduction, requires no extra fast Fourier transform/inverse fast Fourier transform (FFT/IFFT) operations, refrains from transmitting any side information, and reduces out-of-band radiation. Also, corresponding linear receivers are shown to perform very close to their frequency domain counterparts.
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