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Gene Set Based Integrated Data Analysis Reveals Phenotypic Differences in a Brain Cancer Model
Kjell Petersen, Uros Rajcevic, Siti Aminah Abdul Rahim, Inge Jonassen, Karl-Henning Kalland, Connie R. Jimenez, Rolf Bjerkvig, Simone P. Niclou
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068288
Abstract: A key challenge in the data analysis of biological high-throughput experiments is to handle the often low number of samples in the experiments compared to the number of biomolecules that are simultaneously measured. Combining experimental data using independent technologies to illuminate the same biological trends, as well as complementing each other in a larger perspective, is one natural way to overcome this challenge. In this work we investigated if integrating proteomics and transcriptomics data from a brain cancer animal model using gene set based analysis methodology, could enhance the biological interpretation of the data relative to more traditional analysis of the two datasets individually. The brain cancer model used is based on serial passaging of transplanted human brain tumor material (glioblastoma - GBM) through several generations in rats. These serial transplantations lead over time to genotypic and phenotypic changes in the tumors and represent a medically relevant model with a rare access to samples and where consequent analyses of individual datasets have revealed relatively few significant findings on their own. We found that the integrated analysis both performed better in terms of significance measure of its findings compared to individual analyses, as well as providing independent verification of the individual results. Thus a better context for overall biological interpretation of the data can be achieved.
Ethyl 3-nitro-4-(propylamino)benzoate
Siti Marina Mohd. Maidin,Aisyah Saad Abdul Rahim,Shafida Abdul Hamid,Reza Kia
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808021314
Abstract: In the title compound, C12H16N2O4, intramolecular N—H...O and C—H...O hydrogen bonds generate S(6) and S(5) ring motifs, respectively. The nitro group is almost coplanar with the benzene ring, forming a dihedral angle of 6.2 (2)°. In the crystal structure, neighbouring molecules are linked together by intermolecular N—H...O and O...O interactions. Of interest are the short intermolecular O...O interactions which cause a stacking arrangement of the molecules along the a axis.
Ethyl 4-(tert-butylamino)-3-nitrobenzoate
Siti Marina Mohd. Maidin,Aisyah Saad Abdul Rahim,Hasnah Osman,Reza Kia
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s160053680802206x
Abstract: In the title compound, C13H18N2O4, intramolecular N—H...O, N—H...N and C—H...O (× 3) hydrogen bonds generate S(6) and S(5) ring motifs. There are two crystallographically independent molecules (A and B) in the asymmetric unit. The nitro group is coplanar with the benzene ring, with O—N—C—C torsion angles of 0.33 (13) and 0.93 (14)° in molecules A and B, respectively. In the crystal structure, neighbouring molecules are linked together by intermolecular C—H...O hydrogen bonds. In addition, the crystal structure is stabilized by π–π interactions with centroid–centroid distances ranging from 3.7853 (6) to 3.8625 (6) .
Nunik Siti Aminah,- Supraptini
Bulletin of Health Research , 2012,
Abstract: . Lack of information about coconut oil for healing some diseases, makes people ignore to use coconut oil. after the Vico (Virgin Coconut Oil) recognized, now people pay attention to coconut oil. Coconut oil contain laurat acid in a large amount and this thing with other acids in coconut oil is very potential as fruit and vegetables preservative, because it is cheap, easy to apply, has litlle side effect, safe for non target and environment friendly. This Coconut oil to prolong the time of fruit saving. Pear has the followed by apple, Nephelium litchi, mango, grape and Salacca edulis. For Vegetables : potatotollamed, cucumber,tomato, carrot and paprica. The microba that can be prevented to grow are : Eschericia coli, Penicillium sp, Aspergillus niger and Scopulariopsi sp. The microba that can contaminate the fruits and vegetables are : Klebsiella, Fusariuim, Geotrichum, Scopulariopsis, Penicillium, Aspergillus, Mucor, Rhizopus, Chrysomillia, Botrytis, Synchepalastrum, Aureobasidium, Neosartorya and Monascus. Among all the fungi that produce toxin, which is called micotoxin is very harmful to human and animal health. Using coconut oil as preservatives is very easy if fruits vegetables are in small amount, they only need a paint-brush that already dipin to coconut oil then rub it to clean fruits vegetables. But if the fruit vegetables that will be preserved are in a large container filled with coconut oil is needed to soak the fruits large vegetables for 10 seconds. Key words : Coconut oil, Natural preservative, Fruit and Vegetable.
Enhancement of Heat Transfer Using Pins Swimming in Non-isothermal Fluidic Systems: Exact Solutions  [PDF]
Abdul Rahim A. Khaled
Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control (JECTC) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jectc.2011.11001
Abstract: Heat transfer to pins swimming in non-isothermal fluidic systems is theoretically analyzed. Four different cases are considered: [A] pins aligned longitudinally in flowing fluid having constant temperature gradient, [B] pins aligned transversely in flowing fluid flow with constant temperature gradient, [C] pins moving longitudinally towards a heated surface, and [D] pins moving transversely towards the heated surface. The Appropriate unsteady energy transport equations are solved and closed form solutions for the fin temperatures are obtained. Accordingly, different performance indicators are calculated. It is found that heat transfer to the swimming fin increases as the fin thermal length, Peclet number and fluid temperature difference along the fin length increase. It decreases as fluid temperature index along the motion direction increases. Moreover, the swimming pins of case C are found to produce the maximum system effective thermal conductivity. In addition, pins of case B with thermal lengths above 11 produce system thermal conductivity independent on the thermal length. Meanwhile, pins of case A having thermal lengths above 10 produce system thermal conductivities less responsive to the thermal length. The system thermal conductivity is noticed to increase as the thermal length and Peclet number increase. Eventually, pins of case D produce system thermal conductivities that are independent on the transverse temperature. Finally, the results of this work provide a basis for modeling super convective fluidic systems that can be used in cooling of electronic components.
Modelling and Theoretical Analysis of Laminar Flow and Heat Transfer in Various Protruding-Edged Plate Systems  [PDF]
Abdul Rahim A. Khaled
Journal of Electronics Cooling and Thermal Control (JECTC) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jectc.2015.53004
Abstract: Laminar flow and heat transfer in different protruding-edged plate systems are modelled and analyzed in the present work. These include the Parallel Flow (PF) and the Counter Flow (CF) protruding-edgedplate exchangers as well as those systems being subjected to Constant Wall Temperature (CWT) and Uniform Heat Flux (UHF) conditions. These systems are subjected to normal free stream having both power-law velocity profile and same average velocity. The continuity, momentum and energy equations are transformed to either similarity or nonsimilar equations and then solved by using well validated finite difference methods. Accurate correlations for various flow and heat transfer parameters are obtained. It is found that there are specific power-law indices that maximize the heat transfer in both PF and CF systems. The maximum reported enhancement ratios are 1.075 and 1.109 for the PF and CF systems, respectively, at Pr = 100. These ratios are 1.076 and 1.023 for CWT and UHF conditions, respectively, at Pr = 128. Per same friction force, the CF system is preferable over the PF system only when the power-law indices are smaller than zero. Finally, this work demonstrates that by appropriately distributing the free stream velocity, the heat transfer from a plate can be increased up to 10% fold.
Nunik Siti Aminah,Supraptini Supraptini
Media of Health Research and Development , 2012,
Abstract: Minum susu dari wadah kemasan lebih praktis daripada minum susu segar yang harus dimasak lebih dahulu. Pengolahan susu biasanya dilakukan dengan dua cara yaitu dengan proses Ultra High Temperature (UHT) yang menggunakan panas tinggi sekitar 140° C dalam waktu 14 detik dan cara Pasteurisasi yang menggunakan suhu 63° C dalam waktu 30 menit. Menurut label yang tertera dalam kemasan, susu dengan proses pengolahan di atas mempunyai daya simpan selama 10 bulan, terhindar dari cemaran bakteri serta efek luar seperti udara dan cahaya. Hasil penelitian ini membuktikan bahwa susu dalam kemasan kardus, kaleng, botol kaca dan plastik tidak bebas dari cemaran jamur seperti Aspergillus sp. , Penicillium sp., Geotrichum sp. dan Khamir. Dari tempat pemerahan susu ditemukan cemaran jamur yang sama dengan jamur yang ditemukan pada susu kemasan. Jamur Geotrichum sp ditemukan pada tanah yang berada di sekitar tempat pemerahan susu. Aspergillus sp ditemukan pada pakan sapi perah yang berupa rumput - rumputan, Risophus sp ditemukan pada sumber air yang berada disekitar tempat pemerahan susu. Pada susu kemasan kaleng yang berasal dari luar negeri baik yang legal maupun yang ilegal hanya ditemukan Penicillium sp dan Khamir berarti cemaran jamur berasal dari udara. Sedangkan susu kemasan dalam negeri ditemukan jamur A.niger, Penicillium sp., Khamir, dan Geotrichum sp.yang menandakan dapat tercemar dari bahan/susu perah karena penanganannya kurang higienis. ' Keywords: Jamur, susu segar dan susu kemasan.
Abdul Rahim
Mukaddimah : Jurnal Studi Islam , 2012,
Abstract: Pawning is a lawful transaction in Islam. In the discussion of Islamic law, pawning is framed as a form of secured money lending by pawnshops. In so doing, the pawnshop has authority to confiscate the assuring valued-things as the lender fails to fulfill the contract. The article discusses various perspectives and issues mentioned by Muslim scholars pertaining to the practice of pawning in Islam. Pegadaian merupakan salah satu bentuk muamalah dengan memberikan harta sebagai jaminan utang agar digunakan sebagai pelunasan utang dengan harta atau nilai harta tersebut, bila pihak berutang tidak mampu melunasinya. Meski sebagaian besar ulama sepakat bahwa gadai merupakan sistem keuangan yang sah dalam Islam, namun mereka berbeda pendapat dalam memahami syarat dan proses yang sah terjadinya transaksi gadai. Artikel ini membahas ragam interpretasi ulama mengenai dua hal tersebut. Kata Kunci: Rahn, Fiqih, Gadai
Advancements in Transmitters and Sensors for Biological Tissue Imaging in Magnetic Induction Tomography
Zulkarnay Zakaria,Ruzairi Abdul Rahim,Muhammad Saiful Badri Mansor,Sazali Yaacob,Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob,Siti Zarina Mohd. Muji,Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman,Syed Mustafa Kamal Syed Aman
Sensors , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/s120607126
Abstract: Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT), which is also known as Electromagnetic Tomography (EMT) or Mutual Inductance Tomography, is among the imaging modalities of interest to many researchers around the world. This noninvasive modality applies an electromagnetic field and is sensitive to all three passive electromagnetic properties of a material that are conductivity, permittivity and permeability. MIT is categorized under the passive imaging family with an electrodeless technique through the use of excitation coils to induce an electromagnetic field in the material, which is then measured at the receiving side by sensors. The aim of this review is to discuss the challenges of the MIT technique and summarize the recent advancements in the transmitters and sensors, with a focus on applications in biological tissue imaging. It is hoped that this review will provide some valuable information on the MIT for those who have interest in this modality. The need of this knowledge may speed up the process of adopted of MIT as a medical imaging technology.
Solid polymeric electrolyte of poly(ethylene)oxide-50% epoxidized natural rubber-lithium triflate (PEO-ENR50-LiCF3SO3)  [PDF]
Siti Aminah bt. Mohd Noor, Azizan Ahmad, Mohd. Yusri bin Abd. Rahman, Ibrahim Abu Talib
Natural Science (NS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2010.23029
Abstract: A solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) films consist-ing of polyethylene oxide (PEO), 50% epoxi-dized natural rubber (ENR50) and LiCF3SO3 with various compositions of PEO-ENR50 and vari-ous weight percentage of LiCF3SO3 were pre-pared by solution casting technique. The poly-mer electrolyte films were characterized using DSC, XRD and AC impedance spectroscopy. The SPE with the PEO-ENR50 composition of 70-30 shows the highest conductivity of 4.2 × 10-5 Scm-1 at the 15 wt.% of LiCF3SO3 compared with the other composition of PEO/ENR50. This composition was then chosen to investigate the effect of LiCF3SO3 on the thermal property, structure and conductivity of the electrolyte. The highest room temperature conductivity of 1.4 × 10-4 Scm-1 was achieved at 20 wt.% of LiCF3SO3. The conductivity result is supported by the DSC and XRD analysis which showed the semi- crystalline nature of PEO turning to amor-phous state due to the increase in LiCF3SO3 content.
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