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Surface Properties and Compatibility with Blood of New Quaternized Polysulfones  [PDF]
Raluca Marinica Albu, Ecaterina Avram, Iuliana Stoica, Emil Ghiocel Ioanid, Dumitru Popovici, Silvia Ioan
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2011.22015
Abstract: The paper describes some properties of new quaternized polysulfones obtained by quaternization of chloromethylated polysulfone with different tertiary amines - N,N-dimethylethylamine and N,N-dimethyloctylamine. Hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties, morphological aspects and compatibility with red blood cells and platelets are affected by the alkyl radicals and by history of the formed films. The results obtained are useful in biomedical applications, including evaluation of bacterial adhesion to the surfaces, or utilization of modified polysulfones as semipermeable membranes.
The biometry of common minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) population from N drag River
Ioan B?n??ean-Dunea,Adrian Grozea,Marian Bura,Silvia P?truic?
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation , 2009,
Abstract: A fish population from a given geographical area can be characterized in morphological terms by means of somatic measurements. Seeing that Romanian literature does not provide information about common minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) population from Banat Hidrografic Area, Timis Hidrografic Basin, we launched a number of researches on external morphology to reveal the conformation body characters. Investigated body segments were: total body length (Tl), standard body length (Sl), head length (lc), snout length (snl), caudal peduncle length (lpc), maximum body depth (H), minimum body depth (h) and body weight (w). Making an analysis of average for total body length for common minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) females and males, we observed that the females body average length was 7.1 ± 0.66 cm and the average length of males was 4.47 ± 0.15 cm. Average body weight obtained for females was 4.31 ± 0.41 g, and for males was 0.98 ± 0.08 g. The standard length of common minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) females is 84.78 % of the total body length, and head length (1.41 ± 0.17 cm) is 19.85 % of the total body length. For common minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) males the standard body lenght is 83.44 % of the total body length and head length (0.93 ± 0.03 cm) is 20.80 % of the total body length.
Research regarding the influence of royal jelly on sex reversal in zebra fishes (Danio rerio)
Silvia P?truic?,Adrian Grozea,Gabi Dumitrescu,Ioan B?n??ean-Dunea
Aquaculture, Aquarium, Conservation & Legislation , 2010,
Abstract: In this study we observed the influence of royal jelly on sex reversal in zebra fishes (Daniorerio). Experiments were made in the laboratories of aquaculture from Faculty of Animal Science andBiotechnologies, Timi oara in the period 01.03.2010 – 15.05.2010 on 225 individuals. The dinamics ofstandard body weight, the standard length and the maximum body high at all individuals from treeexperimental variants were evaluated. It was indentified the number of males and females by directexamination of the body and microscopic observation of histological samples. In the first experimentalvariant the food was mixed with 0.02 g powdered royal jelly and recorded at the end of the experiment70.76% females and 29.24% males. In the second experimental variant, a double dose of powderedroyal jelly was mixed in the feed, this leading to the increasing of females in the group to 81,19%. Inthe control variant the percentage of females was 50.7% and the percentage of males was 49.3%.
Symmetries in Lagrangian Field Theory
Lucía Búa,Ioan Bucataru,Manuel de León,Modesto Salgado,Silvia Vilari?o
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: By generalizing the cosymplectic setting for time-dependent Lagrangian mechanics, we propose a geometric framework for the Lagrangian formulation of classical field theories with a Lagrangian depending on the independent variables. For that purpose we consider the first order jet bundles $J^1\pi$ of a fiber bundle $\pi:E\to {\mathbb R}^k$ where ${\mathbb R}^k$ is the space of independent variables. Generalized symmetries of the Lagrangian are introduced and the corresponding Noether Theorem is proved.
Daylight Savings Calculation Technique for Smart Buildings  [PDF]
Dariusz Kacprzak, Ioan Tuleasca
Intelligent Control and Automation (ICA) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ica.2013.41014

This publication presents a technique of quantifying energy savings due to daylight. The technique is designated to be used in smart buildings or similar applications where daylight harvesting is welcomed. The technique is divided into three stages. In the first stage an optical sensor is evaluated for its P (power)-E (illumination) response characteristics. In the second stage the calibration of room properties is carried out. In the final stage photometric calculations are performed, and energy savings are calculated. The major advantage of the proposed approach is to determine energy savings during the design stage of a building, not after the building construction or retrofitting. The information obtained from the calculations is useful for investors, future tenants and environmentalists.

New Methods in Mathematical Management of Organization
Ciprian Ioan,Catalin Angelo Ioan,Alin Ioan
Acta Universitatis Danubius : Oeconomica , 2008,
Abstract: In the first part, we shall unify the principal criterions (Wald, Hurwicz, Savage, Laplace) used in the process of choice the best alternative.After the general theory and few examples who illustrate the drawbacks of the existing criterions, we propose six new choices modalities from otherpoints of view. In the second part, we shall give a new solution for the optimal assignation of workers on jobs from the point of view of executiontotal time minimization using the Simplex algorithm which can solve the problem using computers instead the known Little’s solution. In the third,we shall give a new solution for the optimal assignation of workers on jobs from the point of view of minimization the maximal execution time usingthe simplex algorithm which can solve the problem using computers instead the known graphical solution. In part four, we shall give a new solutionfor the optimal assignation of workers on jobs using the Simplex algorithm which can solve the problem using computers instead the knowngraphical solution. In part five, we shall give a new algorithm instead of Johnson classical in the process of determination the sequence of piecesexecution on two installations without initial deliverance times.
Raman Spectroscopy Cell-based Biosensors
Ioan Notingher
Sensors , 2007, DOI: 10.3390/s7081343
Abstract: One of the main challenges faced by biodetection systems is the ability to detectand identify a large range of toxins at low concentrations and in short times. Cell-basedbiosensors rely on detecting changes in cell behaviour, metabolism, or induction of celldeath following exposure of live cells to toxic agents. Raman spectroscopy is a powerfultechnique for studying cellular biochemistry. Different toxic chemicals have differenteffects on living cells and induce different time-dependent biochemical changes related tocell death mechanisms. Cellular changes start with membrane receptor signalling leading tocytoplasmic shrinkage and nuclear fragmentation. The potential advantage of Ramanspectroscopy cell-based systems is that they are not engineered to respond specifically to asingle toxic agent but are free to react to many biologically active compounds. Ramanspectroscopy biosensors can also provide additional information from the time-dependentchanges of cellular biochemistry. Since no cell labelling or staining is required, the specifictime dependent biochemical changes in the living cells can be used for the identificationand quantification of the toxic agents. Thus, detection of biochemical changes of cells byRaman spectroscopy could overcome the limitations of other biosensor techniques, withrespect to detection and discrimination of a large range of toxic agents. Furtherdevelopments of this technique may also include integration of cellular microarrays forhigh throughput in vitro toxicological testing of pharmaceuticals and in situ monitoring ofthe growth of engineered tissues.
The Permittivity for Anisotropic Dielectrics with Permanent Polarization
Ioan Bere
PIER M , 2012, DOI: 10.2528/PIERM11121604
Abstract: A new permittivity is defined for anisotropic dielectrics with permanent polarization, which allows obtaining simple connections between the quantities of electric field. As an application, using the defined quantity, we will demonstrate advantageous forms of the refraction theorems of the two-dimensional electric field lines at the separation surface of two anisotropic dielectrics with permanent polarization, anisotropic by orthogonal directions.
The Role of New Technologies on Contemporary Communication
Tudor IOAN
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2012,
Abstract: Human communication, in its various forms and systems of signs has allowed for the addition of cultural values along the course of human history, through their conservation and transmission from one generation to the next, a process which confers on culture its cumulative character. Information, specific to the human world, has, itself, a particular role. The information field, generalized, changes within us the feeling of time. Man’s relationship with nature, instead of being just lived, practiced in an obscure manner, gains a statute of stability, of consistency, which transforms it into a reality with its own laws and orderly permanence. Technical activity, edifying the world of technical objects and generalizing the objective mediation between man and nature, links man to nature through a connection that is much richer and well defined than that of the specific reaction of collective labor. The transformations of contemporary communication due to new technologies imply and insistently demand modifications especially in the area of human adaptability.
Credit Risk Management
Viorica IOAN
Risk in Contemporary Economy , 2012,
Abstract: The bank is exposed to credit risk, the risk of not being able to recuperate the debtor claims as a result of the activity of granting loans to the clientele. Also, credit risk may manifest due to investments in other local and foreign credit institutions. Credit risk may be minimized through the careful evaluation of credit solicitors, through their monitoring along the duration of the loan and through the establishing of risk exposure limits, of significant risk margins as well as the acceptable balance between risk and profit.
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