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Rompendo as fissuras do interdito
Silvana Augusta Barbosa Carrijo Silva
OPSIS : Revista do Departamento de História e Ciências Sociais , 2006,
Abstract: The issue of feminine condition constitutes a tópos chosen and contemplated in the literary work of Marina Colasanti. Defending the right of feminine literary enunciation, the reflection of the author, in the essay “Por que nos perguntam se existimos” (1997) as well as in the short story “Com sua voz de mulher” (1998), developed by the writer collaborates to a deep process of questioning the theoretical ground of a phalocentric hermeneutics which, placing restrictions on the feminine voice under the view of a masculin literary canon, considers the literary production of female autorship as marginal.
Leaf Anatomy of Prosthechea moojenii (Pabst) W. E. Higgins and P. silvana Cath. & V. P. Castro (Orchidaceae) as an Approach to Taxonomy of Species Occurring in Biomes Cerrado and Atlantic Forest of the Bahia  [PDF]
Filipe de Castro Seixas, Silvana Helena Nascimento Monteiro, Lazaro Benedito da Silva, Kelly Regina Batista Leite
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.312214
Abstract: Prosthechea is a neotropical genus, belonging to the family Orchidaceae. The Brazil recorded 32 species of the genus of which nine occur in the state of Bahia, including P. silvana and P. moojenii. The first, P. silvana is epiphytic, endemic Atlantic Forest areas of South and Southeast of the Bahia and morphologically similar to P. moojenii, rupicolous species considered endemic to the Chapada Diamantina. There are doubts whether these two species are really distinct, because they differ only as to the way of life and aspects related to the size of the inflorescence and floral structure. Thus the anatomical study of these two species, emerges as a tool that aims to investigate the delimitation of these taxa. For this study, the sheet was cut freehand with a razor blade to obtain cross sections and treated by chemical means to obtain paradermic sections, all the material was stained with safranine/Astra blue (safrablau) and safranin, respectively, and the sections were then mounted between a semipermanent and cover slipped slides. The results allowed to distinguish P. silvana of the P. moojenii through the following characteristics observed in the leaf (thickening of the cell walls of epidermal cells, amount and disposition of sclerenchyma fibers and fiber arrangement of vascular and vascular bundles in the mesophyll) and root (number of arcs of xylem and phloem, thickening of cells median cortex), infers taxonomic characters for the genus. The data indicated anatomical distinction between the two species studied here of the Prosthechea, however, suggest the anatomical analysis of other organs to reproductive and vegetative.
Educa??o e responsabilidade empresarial: "novas" modalidades de atua??o da esfera privada na oferta educacional
Silva, Maria Vieira;Souza, Silvana Aparecida de;
Educa??o & Sociedade , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-73302009000300008
Abstract: the intensification of the symbiosis between public and private spheres coincides with changes at the macro-social level, which essentially derive from the state reform processes and changes in the working world. this paper emphasizes the "sandy lands" of the public space and the expansion of the private sector intervention. it explored the speeches, policies and practices of entrepreneurship education for the school through the devices of corporate social responsibility and voluntary work. it shows that these mechanisms are consistent with the logic of the neo-classical market capitalism in two dimensions: the adaption of (future) workers to the processes of productive restructuring and the naturalization of the "solidarity between employment and unemployment" through "voluntary work" in this new cycle of production of added value.
As rela??es de género no espa?o da educa??o física - a percep??o de alunos e alunas
Silva,Paula; Gomes,Paula Botelho; Goellner,Silvana;
Revista Portuguesa de Ciências do Desporto , 2008,
Abstract: the purpose of this study was to analyse how students, boys and girls, observe and classify the gender relations in the physical education (pe) mixed classes. the analysed data came by from 60 semi-structured interviews from oporto secondary school students (30 boys and 30 girls). an inductive analysis and interpretation of the data was carried out following the information treatment by the program qsrnvivo. the results suggest that boys and girls analyse differently the gender relations in pe classes. half of the female students understand that the relations are not good, expressing some complains about their colleagues? behaviours and attitudes which bother them offend them and lead them to a disinvestment in the pe activities.
Construction and Validation of the Gender Apperception Test-GAT for Children  [PDF]
Silvana B. Gaino, Francisco Baptista Assump??o Jr., Gerson Silva Santos Neto, Victor Galvao
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2013.411128

Objective: This study had objectives as the construction and validation of an instrument to assess the factors associated to the formation of gender identity considering the role of toys and childish games, easily applicable and possible to be used in a wide range of contexts with children aged from 4 to 6 years old. Method: The Gender Apperception Test (GAT—originally TAG in BR-Portuguese), formed by 51 items, was applied in 303 children (171 boys and 132 girls) from public and private schools. Results: The internal consistency of the items was very satisfactory presented in Cronbach’s Alphas of 0.92. Conclusions: GAT’s psychometric parameters were satisfactory, indicating that this is an alternative way for empirical investigations and applied works in different institutions, capable of guiding measures intended to assess and keep up with the development of children’s gender identity concept.

Physiological Conditioning of Alibertia edulis (Rich) Seeds  [PDF]
Tathiana Elisa Masetto, Eliane Marques da Silva Neves, Silvana de Paula Quint?o Scalon
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2018.95077
Abstract: Physiological conditioning of seeds has been shown to increase the uniformity of seedlings; thus, it has been useful for propagating native tree species from the Brazilian Cerrado which, otherwise, are difficult to propagate successfully. The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of physiological conditioning of Alibertia edulis seeds by soaking for 5 or 10 days in solutions of varying osmotic potential. After conditioning, seeds were dried down to original water content, sown on sheets of germitest paper inside gerbox plastic boxes, and incubated at 25°C. We evaluated the effect of conditioning by studying seed germination and vigor. Seed conditioning by osmotic pretreatment showed positive effects; however, germination and growth of seedlings from seeds conditioned at osmotic potentials of -0.3 to -0.7 MPa were reduced. Osmoconditioning for 10 days at -0.7 MPa resulted in increased percent germination, indicating that the longest imbibition period in the osmotic solution of the lowest osmotic potential (-1.3 MPa) favored the seed germination process. A. edulis seeds did not require conditioning to attain high germination rates; nonetheless, osmotic conditioning reduced average seed-germination time.
Drying, Storage and Osmotic Conditioning of Psidium guineense Swartz Seeds  [PDF]
Tathiana Elisa Masetto, Eliane Marques da Silva Neves, Silvana de Paula Quint?o Scalon, Daiane Mugnol Dresch
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.517273

This study aimed to evaluate the tolerance of Psidium guineense Swartz seeds to air-dry storage and priming. Desiccation tolerance was analyzed for seed moisture content of 15%, 10% and 5%. The longevity of seeds during storage was analyzed in seeds with 5% and 10% moisture content maintained in cold and dry chamber (16°C ± 1°C/40% RH), laboratory environment (25°C ± 2°C/60% RH), refrigerator (5°C ± 1°C) and freezer (-18°

Multiple intelligence: a comparison between different educational centers of a university Inteligencias múltiples: una comparación entre diferentes centros de ense anza de una universidad Inteligências múltiplas: um comparativo entre diferentes centros de ensino de uma universidade
Márcio Ropelato,Silvana Silva Vieira,Maria José Carvalho de Souza Domingues,Silvana Anita Walter
Rege : Revista de Gest?o , 2011,
Abstract: This study examined whether there are differences between the students of the Center for Applied Social Sciences of the Regional University of Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and students of the science centers for Education, Health, Natural and Exact Sciences, Humanities and Communication, Law and Technologies regarding the presence of skills and characteristics related to each multiple intelligence (MI). Therefore a quantitative survey of a descriptive nature was carried with a structured questionnaire given to 386 students. Data was analyzed using average percentages of MI and multivariate statistics. Main results show that students from the Center for Applied Social Sciences differ from those of science centers for Technologies and Natural and Exact Sciences in logical-mathematical intelligence, from those of Health and Technologies, in spatial intelligence and from those of Health in bodily-kinesthetic intelligence and those differences may be related to characteristics of each area of knowledge. It is suggested that the Center for Applied Social Sciences seek to stimulate development of spatial, linguistic and natural intelligence that scored lower, as well as to increase learning by use of interpersonal intelligence, which was more evident in the students Este estudio tiene el objetivo de analizar si existen diferencias entre los alumnos del Centro de Ciencias Sociales Aplicadas de la Universidad Regional de Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brasil, y los alumnos de los centros de ciencias de la Educación, de la Salud, Exactas y Naturales, Humanas y de la Comunicación, Jurídicas y Tecnológicas en lo que se refiere a la presencia de habilidades y características relacionadas a cada inteligencia múltiple (IM). Para tanto, se realizó una investigación cuantitativa, de carácter descriptivo, mediante levantamiento. Se empleó, como instrumento de colecta de datos, un cuestionario estructurado aplicado a 386 académicos. Para el análisis de los datos, se utilizaron porcentajes promedios obtenidos para las IM y estadística multivariada. Como principales resultados, se obtuvo que el Centro de Ciencias Sociales Aplicadas difiere del de Tecnológicas y del de Exactas y Naturales en la inteligencia lógico-matemática, del de la Salud y del de Tecnológicas en la inteligencia espacial, y del de la Salud en la inteligencia corporal-cenestésica; además, se constató que estas diferencias pueden estar relacionadas a las características de cada área del conocimiento. Se sugiere que el Centro de Ciencias Sociales Aplicadas busque estimular el desarrollo de las inteligencias e
Cuidados aos idosos institucionalizados: opini?es do sujeito coletivo enfermeiro para 2026
Silva, Bárbara Tarouco da;Santos, Silvana Sidney Costa;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002010000600010
Abstract: objective: to identify the perceptions of nurses regarding the nursing care residents in long-stay institution for the elderly(lsie). methods: is a prospective study with development of future scenarios, with six nurses, in which a questionnaire was applied. in the data analysis, was used the collective subject discourse (csd). results: from the csd were originated 5 categories: 1) role of the lsie in the lives of elderly and their families; 2) challenges for brazil, regarding nursing care to elderly residents in lsie; 3) nursing care needed for the institutionalized elderly; 4) performance of nursing care for elderly residents in lsie; and 5) preparation for the brazilian nurses to adequately address the nursing care for elderly residents in lsie. in these categories, was considered the development of future scenarios for the year 2026. conclusion: the central question focused on the need of preparing nurses to care for institutionalized elderly, now and in 2026.
Effects of different water regimes on the anatomical characteristics of roots of grasses promising for revegetation of areas surrounding hydroelectric reservoir
Silva, Silvana da;Castro, Evaristo Mauro de;Soares, ?ngela Maria;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542003000200020
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different water regimes on some aspects of root anatomy of three grasses: echinochloa pyramidalis (canarana), setaria anceps (setária) and paspalum paniculatum (paspalo). the plants were cultivated in a greenhouse and submitted to three water regimes: daily watering; suspension of watering and suspension of watering followed by submersion of the root system. segments of the middle part of the roots were taken and submitted to classical techniques in botany for slide making and tissue analysis. anatomical differences were observed among the three grasses submitted to water regimes regarding the number of cell layers in the external cortex and thickening of lignin and suberin. the submerged roots of the three species presented an increasing tendency in the proportion of the area of the cortex destined for the aerenchyma besides thickening of the endodermis and the cells of the medullar parenchyma. the aerenchyma presence in the three water regimes suggested it is a characteristic of these species. the adaptations developed by these species contributed to the understanding of their occurrence in areas that are subject to drought periods and successive floods.
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