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Guerra fiscal: uma avalia??o comparativa entre alguns estados participantes
Nascimento, Sidnei Pereira do;
Economia Aplicada , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-80502008000400007
Abstract: many states of the federation have offered tax exemptions to enterprises, aiming to attract investments in the nineties. considering this competitive environment, this study evaluates, comparatively, the impact of revenues from icms - tax on goods and services - on employment generation in the industrial sector and on the sectional gdp, comparing the s?o paulo state with the other states of the federation. two econometric models were utilized, being one the "differences in differences", which compares changes in the variables among the states and between the periods before and after the fiscal war. the other model allows to analyze changes in the growth rate of the variables between the periods. estimates show that the states evaluated, individually or in group, present significant changes in the growth rate in their share of the industrial gdp nationwide, compared to the s?o paulo state, after the fiscal war augmentation. the same results do not seem to apply to employment creation, that is, there were not changes in the employment rate in the industrial sector and in the icms revenue.
O Imanentismo Estóico na época do Império
Sidnei Francisco Nascimento
PERI , 2012,
Abstract: O imanentismo na época imperial jamais deixou de lado o materialismo para falar a respeito do homem, do mundo e dos deuses. Essa filosofia admitia um agente de coes o ínsito na natureza como princípio do movimento, que conduz todas as coisas para o centro e gera a vida. O ecletismo proveniente dos diversos matizes do estoicismo antigo e médio concordava que existia uma lei natural e divina que governava o mundo e regia o movimento psíquico, o desejo, a voli o e o pensamento
Lei de responsabilidade fiscal, reforma tributária e impactos na guerra fiscal: um análise empírica para o estado do Paraná
Sidnei Pereira do Nascimento
Revista Paranaense de Desenvolvimento , 2002,
Abstract: Starting from the Constitution of 1988 it was delegated to states and municipal absolute decision’ power on your tributary revenues, and most of the units of the federation started to grant tributary exemptions and to make transfers for companies, with the purpose of attracting investments for your territory. The article analyzes the origins and the forms of fiscal dispute, of horizontal and vertical nature; it evaluates the impact of the tributary dispute in the revenues of ICMS in the state of Paraná, and it discusses the proposals of changes in the legislation to inhibit the fiscal war. A partir da Constitui o de 1988, delegou-se a estados e municípios maior poder decisório sobre suas receitas tributárias, e a maioria das unidades da federa o passou a conceder isen es tributárias e a efetuar transferências para empresas, com a finalidade de atrair investimentos para o seu território. Este artigo analisa as origens e as formas de disputa fiscal, de natureza horizontal e vertical; avalia o impacto da disputa tributária nas receitas do ICMS no Estado do Paraná; e discute as propostas de mudan as na legisla o para inibir a guerra fiscal.
Cabotagem como alternativa para o transporte de carnes da regi?o Sul para o Norte/Nordeste brasileiro: um estudo de caso
Fachinello, Arlei Luiz;Nascimento, Sidnei Pereira;
Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-20032008000400003
Abstract: the transportation costs are one of the main factors for companies' competitiveness. in order to decrease the costs, companies are frequently searching for different ways to transport their products to their consumers. this paper analyzes the economic viability of meat transport from the south to the north and northeast of brazil, using intercoastal port services. using a transport cost optimization model and linear programming, our results indicate the economic feasibility of this option.
Aduba??o foliar e via solo de nitrogênio em plantas de milho em fase inicial de desenvolvimento
Deuner, Sidnei;Nascimento, Ronaldo do;Ferreira, Ladislau Soares;Badinelli, Pablo Gerson;Kerber, Romel Silva;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542008000500001
Abstract: consider the most important nutrient in the increment of grain gield and also the proteic level, nitrogen (n), in addition of this fact, this nutrient is the component that most increases the production cost of maize crop. this study aimed to verify whether the application of leaf nitrogen influences the accumulation of proteins and parameters of growth of young plants of maize compared to the application of urea via soil. for both, young plants of the hybrid maize br 206 received applications of urea as a source of n via leaf and soil at concentrations of zero, 0.5% and 1.0%. the plants were grown in a greenhouse being held three applications of n, the first for six days after the emergency (dae) in a volume of 10 ml per plant and the following two to 10 and 14 dae with 20 ml each. at 18 dae the plants were collected and analyses proceeded. for plant height, root volum, leaf area, dry weigth of leaf area and root, one verified a higher efficiency of leaf fertilization, mainly at 0,5% level of urea. the application of urea 1,0% via soil caused a significative increase in leaf protein levels. these results suggest that leaf fertilization may be an efficient mode to complement what is uptaken by the roots, although it should not be used as a unique source of inorganic n to the plants.
Neutral Sterols of Cephalic Glands of Stingless Bees and Their Correlation with Sterols from Pollen
Maria Juliana Ferreira-Caliman,Cláudia Inês da Silva,Sidnei Mateus,Ronaldo Zucchi,Fabio Santos do Nascimento
Psyche , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/982802
Abstract: Sterols are essential molecules in the membrane lipid composition and precursors of important sterol hormones that regulate many developmental processes. Insects are unable to synthesize sterols de novo and, thus, all phytophagous insects depend on an exogenous source of sterols for growth, development, and reproduction. The sterol requirements of social bees are not fully known due to the fact that there is no well-defined diet available throughout the year with regard to floral resources. Our study aimed to characterize the sterols present in pollen stored in Melipona marginata and Melipona scutellaris colonies, as well as evaluating their presence in the mandibular, hypopharyngeal, and cephalic salivary gland secretions. We analyzed the chemical composition of pollen stored in the colonies and the composition of the cephalic glands of workers in three adult functional phases (newly emerged, nurses, and foragers) by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. The results showed that the pollen analyzed contained campesterol, stigmasterol, sitosterol, isofucosterol, lanosterol, and small amounts of cholesterol. The glands showed the same compounds found in the pollen analyzed, except lanosterol that was not found in M. scutellaris glands. Surprisingly, cholesterol was found in some glands with relative ratios greater than those found in pollen. 1. Introduction Sterols are essential molecules in cell membrane, they are precursors of sterol hormones and other important regulators of developmental processes. However, insects are unable to synthesize them and have to purchase sterols from their diet [1]. The dietary needs for sterols in insects were firstly reported by Hobson [2] in the blowfly Lucilia sericata. Moreover, in 1959, Clark and Bloch [3] showed the inability of insects to synthesize sterols de novo, so that they need to purchase these compounds for auxotrophy (from the Greek “to increase” and “nutrition”). Auxotrophic individuals are unable to synthesize organic compounds necessary for its growth. These authors showed the importance of sterols as structural (cholestanol) and metabolic (cholesterol) components in insects. Further studies showed that ecdysteroids derivatives from cholesterol participate in the control of insect growth and maturation [4]. Furthermore, the necessity of sterol ingestion by insects has been demonstrated in different orders including Orthoptera, Hemiptera, Diptera, Lepidoptera, and Hymenoptera [5]. Indeed, all phytophagous insects studied to date rely on exogenous sterol for growth, reproduction and development [6, 7].
Observations on Forced Colony Emigration in Parachartergus fraternus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Epiponini): New Nest Site Marked with Sprayed Venom
Sidnei Mateus
Psyche , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/157149
Abstract: Five cases of colony emigration induced by removal of nest envelope and combs and a single one by manipulation are described. The disturbance was followed by defensive patterns, buzz running, and adult dispersion. An odor trail created by abdomen dragging, probably depositing venom or Dufour's gland secretions, connected the original nest to the newly selected nesting place and guided the emigration. The substrate of the selected nesting place is intensely sprayed with venom prior to emigration, and this chemical cue marked the emigration end point. The colony moves to the new site in a diffuse cloud with no temporary clusters formed along the odor trail. At the original nest, scouts performed rapid gaster dragging and intense mouth contacts stimulating inactive individuals to depart. Males were unable to follow the swarm. Individual scouts switched between different behavioral tasks before and after colony emigration. Pulp collected from the old nest was reused at the new nest site. 1. Introduction According to Sonnentag and Jeanne [1], three organizational challenges must be faced when swarms disperse. The first is that a subset of the population, the scouts, must find and agree upon a suitable nest site. Second, the scouts induce the rest of the colony to leave for the new site. Finally, scouts guide the emigrating swarm to the new site. A division of labor during the swarming and new nest initiation also has been described [1–4]. West-Eberhard [5] described, for Epiponini, a pattern of aggregation called clumped swarms. These consist of temporary, compact clusters formed at intervals along the swarming route while searching for potential nesting sites. Clumped swarms have been described for Polybia ignobilis, P. raui, P. occidentalis, and Parachartergus apicalis [6]. According to Hunt et al. [7], Apoica pallens also forms temporary clusters during its emigration. Scent marking behavior is of great importance to signal the route followed by swarms. Jeanne [8, 9] experimentally confirmed Naumann’s conclusion [10] that swarming wasps follow a scent trail made by secretions of abdominal glands applied to surfaces. According to Howard et al. [11], Apoica pallens individuals were observed flexing their terminal gaster segments dorsally while clustering in leaves during an absconding event. This posture exposed the bases of the 5th and 6th sternites, suggesting that the wasps were releasing a pheromone from the sternal glands on these segments. In this way, they would communicate via aerial signaling, rather than by gaster dragging on substrate. Smith et
A Voca??o Sublime: da rela??o entre religi?o e sublima??o na defini??o da voca??o religiosa
Noé, Sidnei Vilmar;
Psicologia USP , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65642010000100009
Abstract: this essay asks for the relation between the freudian concept of sublimation and his possible application for understanding of religion’s psychic importance by the constitution of religious vocation. the proposed hypothesis means that the defending mechanism of sublimation is responsible for the most part of the psychological relevancy of religion on the determination of the religious vocation.
Conserva o da natureza e turismo no Núcleo Picinguaba do Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar (SP)
Sidnei Raimundo
Revista Brasileira de Ecoturismo , 2008,
Abstract: Este artigo apresenta algumas características do entendimento da natureza pela sociedade ocidental e discute como o conceito de Unidades de Conserva o se insere nesse contexto. Com base no modelo adotado pelo Brasil para o manejo destas Unidades de Conserva o, s o apresentados os principais problemas e conflitos que ocorrem presentemente nestas unidades. Utilizando como área de estudo o Núcleo Picinguaba do Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, situado no litoral norte do Estado de S o Paulo, s o apresentadas informa es para o planejamento e gest o do veraneio e do Ecoturismo no Núcleo Picinguaba, que visam contribuir para redu o dos problemas encontrados no manejo destas áreas protegidas.
Mesoscopy and scanning electron microscopy of the trabelular projections in the superior sagittal sinus
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1999,
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