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Control of gag-pol gene expression in the Candida albicans retrotransposon Tca2
Elaine M Forbes, Sian R Nieduszynska, Fiona K Brunton, Joanne Gibson, L Anne Glover, Ian Stansfield
BMC Molecular Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2199-8-94
Abstract: The hypothesis was tested that in Tca2, gag stop codon flanking sequences direct translational readthrough and synthesis of a gag-pol fusion protein. Sequence from the Tca2 gag-UGA-pol junction (300 nt) was inserted between fused lacZ and luciferase (luc) genes in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae dual reporter construct. Although downstream of UGA, luc was expressed, but its expression was unaffected by inserting additional stop codons at the 3' end of lacZ. Luc expression was instead being driven by a previously unknown minor promoter activity within the gag-pol junction region. Evidence together indicated that junction sequence alone cannot direct UGA readthrough. Using reporter genes in C. albicans, the activities of this gag-pol junction promoter and the Tca2 long terminal repeat (LTR) promoter were compared. Of the two promoters, only the LTR promoter was induced by heat-shock, which also triggers retrotransposition. Tca2 pol protein, epitope-tagged in C. albicans to allow detection, was also heat-shock induced, indicating that pol proteins were expressed from a gag-UGA-pol RNA.This is the first demonstration that the LTR promoter directs Tca2 pol protein expression, and that pol proteins are translated from a gag-pol RNA, which thus requires a mechanism for stop codon bypass. However, in contrast to most other retroelement and viral readthrough signals, immediate gag UGA-flanking sequences were insufficient to direct stop readthrough in S. cerevisiae, indicating non-canonical mechanisms direct gag UGA bypass in Tca2.Retrotransposons are mobile genetic elements that replicate via an RNA intermediate. Their replication cycles and genome organisation are similar in many respects to those of retroviruses, and retrotransposons form a cytoplasmic virus-like particle during replication. Both groups of retroelements have a genome comprising gag and pol coding sequences. Gag proteins make up the capsid of the viral particle while pol encodes a polyprotein usually made up of
Understanding Online Audio-Visual Content: A European Initiative, Media Literacy and the User
Sian Barber
Medijske Studije , 2012,
Abstract: Recent debates about media literacy and the internet have begun to acknowledge the importance of active user-engagement and interaction. It is not enough simply to access material online, but one must also be able to comment upon it and re-use it. Yet how do these new user expectations fit within digital initiatives which increase access to audio-visual-content but which prioritise access, preservation of archives and online research rather than active user-engagement? This article will address these issues of media literacy in relation to audio-visual content. It will consider how these issues are currently being addressed, focusing particularly on the high-profile European initiative EUscreen. EUscreen brings together 20 European television archives into a single searchable database of over 40,000 digital items. Yet creative re-use restrictions and copyright issues prevent users from re-working the material they find on the site. Instead of re-use, EUscreen offers access and detailed contextualisation of its collection of material. But if the emphasis for resources within an online environment no longer rests upon access but on user-engagement, what does EUscreen and similar sites have to offer to different users?
Uncanny spaces for higher education: teaching and learning in virtual worlds
Sian Bayne
Research in Learning Technology , 2008, DOI: 10.3402/rlt.v16i3.10898
Abstract: This paper brings together the theory of the uncanny as it emerges in cultural theory, with an understanding of the uncanniness and troublesomeness seen to be inherent in certain understandings of teaching and learning in higher education. Drawing on research into students' experiences of learning in virtual worlds, it explores the sense in which teaching in such spaces materialises and extends the positive aspects of uncertainty, strangeness, disquietude and troublesomeness in online higher education.
Aunty Sylvie’s Sponge: Foodmaking, Cookbooks and Nostalgia
Sian Supski
Cultural Studies Review , 2013,
Abstract: Why does foodmaking matter? It does partly because it holds within it so much of everyday life, thought and activity across time, place and generation. This article explores women’s embodied foodmaking knowledge as ‘thoughtful practice’. It examines cookbooks as a form of nostalgia and explores aspects of gustatory nostalgia in the creation of ‘manuscript’ cookbooks and their variation in the twenty-first century. It also reconstructs, in part, the history of a family – of sisters, aunts, grandmothers, mothers, daughters – as told through cookbooks and, in particular, a recipe for sponge cake.
Eso es luchar sindicalmente: Ciudadanía, el estado y los sindicatos en El Alto, Bolivia
Sian Lazar
Cuadernos de Antropología Social , 2008,
Spontaneous Ipsilateral Ectopic Pregnancy in the Tubal Stump of Previous Partial Salpingectomy
Sian Cooper
Nepal Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology , 2012, DOI: 10.3126/njog.v7i1.8837
Abstract: We present an unusual case of recurrent ectopic pregnancy in the tubal stump of a previous partial salpingectomy. The patient presented with the classic triad of amenorrhoea, per vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain paired with a void uterus on ultrasonography. Her history was notable for a previous ectopic pregnancy resulting in a laparotomy and salpingectomy-oophrectomy. A positive B-hCG and echogeneic areas in the right adnexa led to a diagnosis of recurrent ectopic pregnancy. On laparotomy, an ectopic pregnancy was found in the right tubal stump. Nepal Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology / Vol 7 / No. 1 / Issue 13 / Jan- June, 2012 / 50-52 DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/njog.v7i1.8837 ?
Connected components of closed affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties in affine Grassmannians
Sian Nie
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We determine the set of connected components of closed affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties for hyperspecial maximal parahoric subgroups of unramified connected reductive groups. This extends the work by Viehmann for split reductive groups, and the work by Chen-Kisin-Viehmann on minuscule affine Deligne-Lusztig varieties.
From restricted permutations to Grassmann necklaces and back again
Sian Fryer
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We study the commutative algebras $Z_{JK}$ appearing in the Brown-Goodearl conjecture, and show that if $A$ is the single parameter quantized coordinate ring of $M_{m,n}$, $GL_n$ or $SL_n$, then these algebras can always be constructed in terms of centres of localizations. The main purpose of the algebras $Z_{JK}$ is to study the structure of the topological space $spec(A)$, which remains unknown for all but a few low-dimensional examples. We explicitly construct the required Ore sets using several different techniques: restricted permutations, Grassmann necklaces, and a graphical method which allows us to read off generating sets for the Ore sets directly from the Cauchon diagrams. By showing that all of these techniques agree with each other, we obtain as a corollary a simple formula for the Grassmann necklace associated to a cell of totally nonnegative real $m\times n$ matrices.
On isomorphism numbers of "$F$-crystals"
Sian Nie
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: In this note, we show that for an ``$F$-crystal" (the equal characteristic analogue of $F$-crystals), its {\it isomorphism number} and its {\it level torsion} coincide. This confirms a conjure of Vasiu \cite{Va} in the equal characteristic case.
The convolution algebra structure on $K^G(\mathcal{B} \times \mathcal{B})$
Sian Nie
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: We show that the convolution algebra $K^G(\mathcal{B} \times \mathcal{B})$ is isomorphic to the Based ring of the lowest two-sided cell of the extended affine Weyl group associated to $G$, where $G$ is a connected reductive algebraic group over the field $\mathbb{C}$ of complex numbers and $\mathcal{B}$ is the flag variety of $G$.
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