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Role of CD28/B7 costimulation and IL-12/IL-10 interaction in the radiation-induced immune changes
Shu-Zheng Liu, Shun-Zi Jin, Xiao-Dong Liu, Yi-Min Sun
BMC Immunology , 2001, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2172-2-8
Abstract: The stimulatory effect of low dose radiation (LDR) on the proliferative response of lymphocytes to Con A was found to require the presence of APCs. The addition of APCs obtained from both low- and high-dose-irradiated mice to splenic lymphocytes separated from low-dose-irradiated mice caused stimulation of lymphocyte proliferation. B7-1/2 expression on APCs was up-regulated after both low and high doses of radiation. There was up-regulation of CD28 expression on splenic and thymic lymphocytes after LDR and its suppression after high dose radiation (HDR), and cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4) expression showed changes in the opposite direction. IL-12 secretion by macrophages was stimulated after both low and high doses of radiation, but IL-10 synthesis by splenocytes was suppressed by low dose radiation and up-regulated by high dose radiation.The status of CD28/CTLA-4 expression on T lymphocytes in the presence of up-regulated B7 expression on APCs determined the outcome of the immune changes in response to radiation, i.e., up-regulation of CD28 after LDR resulted in immunoenhancement, and up-regulation of CTLA-4 associated with down-regulation of CD28 after HDR led to immunosuppression. Both low and high doses of radiation up-regulated B7-1/2 expression on APCs. After LDR, the stimulated proliferative effect of increased IL-12 secretion by APCs, reinforced by the suppressed secretion of IL-10, further strengthened the intracellular signaling induced by B7-CD28 interaction.It is well known that the immune system responds to ionizing radiation with distinct characteristics depending on the dose and dose-rate [1,2]. The prominent suppressive effect of lethal and sublethal doses of ionizing radiation on immunity and hemopoiesis constitutes the basis of the chief clinical manifestations of acute radiation syndrome while the stimulatory effect of low dose radiation (LDR) as disclosed in recent years has even greater significance in understanding the hea

JIN Shun-zi,SHEN De-yan,

高分子学报 , 1991,
Abstract: 本文用傅里叶变换红外光谱(FTIR)研究了从高弹态缓冷、高弹态淬火以及其后在低于T_g温度热处理的三种不同热历史聚氯乙烯膜的结构差异。在升温在位FTIR测量中,发现经低于T_g温度热处理的样品在与示差扫描量热(DSC)热焓吸收牛相对应的温度区间有构象突变发生,并用高分子链缠结的观点加以解释。

Chang Xian-wang,Chu Shan-nung,Jin Shun-zi,Liu Lan-chen,

高分子学报 , 1980,
Abstract: A series of M-S low conversion copolymers were prepared by free radical polymerization and their IR spectra were measured.The 1149.5 cm-1 band which is related to a skeletal vibration coupled with CH deformation vibration in PMMA, is shifted to lower wave number with a decrease in the content of MMA in the copolymer.Two results can be drawn:(1) The correlation curve between this band position and the sequence length of M unit in the copolymer is obtained.(2) The displacement of wave number of this band is approximately propop-tional to FSMS which is defined as the mole fraction of SMS in trids of SMS.MMS.SMM.and MMM. Other environmental-sensitive bands which depend on sequence distribution were also discussed.

HE Liu,ZHANG Shu-fan,JIN Shun-zi,QI Zong-neng,WANG Fo-song,

高分子学报 , 1995,
Abstract: The effect of the smectic and isotropic phase on the photopolymerization of the chiral liquid crystal acrylate 4--acryloyloxyundecanloxy-4'-thylbutyloxyl-biphenyl (monomer(I)) was studied using -FT--IR. In the meantime,the effect of temperature on the birefringence of surface-oriented monomer(I) andits polymer obtained by in-situ photopolymerization was investigated, too. The results show that the photopolymerization in the isotropic phase is conducted at ahigher rate than in the smectic phase when monomer conversion is less than 60%,however, the polymerization rate is independent of the initial phase state of themonomer when conversion is above 60gb,and the highly oriented liquid-crystallinepolyacrylate film can be prepared by in-situ photopolymerization of the surface-oriented chiral acrylate(I).
Association of Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups with Exceptional Longevity in a Chinese Population
Xiao-yun Cai, Xiao-feng Wang, Shi-lin Li, Ji Qian, De-gui Qian, Fei Chen, Ya-jun Yang, Zi-yu Yuan, Jun Xu, Yidong Bai, Shun-zhang Yu, Li Jin
PLOS ONE , 2009, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0006423
Abstract: Background Longevity is a multifactorial trait with a genetic contribution, and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) polymorphisms were found to be involved in the phenomenon of longevity. Methodology/Principal Findings To explore the effects of mtDNA haplogroups on the prevalence of extreme longevity (EL), a population based case-control study was conducted in Rugao – a prefecture city in Jiangsu, China. Case subjects include 463 individuals aged ≥95 yr (EL group). Control subjects include 926 individuals aged 60–69 years (elderly group) and 463 individuals aged 40–49 years (middle-aged group) randomly recruited from Rugao. We observed significant reduction of M9 haplogroups in longevity subjects (0.2%) when compared with both elderly subjects (2.2%) and middle-aged subjects (1.7%). Linear-by-linear association test revealed a significant decreasing trend of N9 frequency from middle-aged subjects (8.6%), elderly subjects (7.2%) and longevity subjects (4.8%) (p = 0.018). In subsequent analysis stratified by gender, linear-by-linear association test revealed a significant increasing trend of D4 frequency from middle-aged subjects (15.8%), elderly subjects (16.4%) and longevity subjects (21.7%) in females (p = 0.025). Conversely, a significant decreasing trend of B4a frequency was observed from middle-aged subjects (4.2%), elderly subjects (3.8%) and longevity subjects (1.7%) in females (p = 0.045). Conclusions Our observations support the association of mitochondrial DNA haplogroups with exceptional longevity in a Chinese population.
On the asymmetry of the storm-time current system in the ionosphere between southern and northern hemispheres

SHEN Chang-Shou,ZI Min-Yun,WANG Jin-Song,XU Ji-Yao,LIU Shun-Lin,

地球物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 采用国际上广泛认可的高层大气和电离层经验模式提供的各种参数,通过电离层电流连续方程,计算出强磁暴条件下6月至日和12月至日内,磁纬±72°和磁地方时00:00~24:00之间电离层电场、电流等的分布.计算中考虑了地磁和地理坐标间的偏离;除中性风场感生的发电机效应外,还包含了磁层耦合(极盖区边界的晨昏电场和二区场向电流)的驱动外源.结果表明,6月至日时,磁层扰动自极光区向中低纬的穿透情况在南、北半球内基本接近,北半球内略强;但12月至日时,呈现明显的不对称性,南半球的电流穿透远强于北半球,而电场的穿透则是在北半球更强.无论南北半球,在中高纬地区,午夜至黎明时段出现较强的东向电场分量,其E×B的向上漂移效应,正是解释我们以往不少研究现象中所期盼的物理机制.
On the super-fluid property of the relativistic physical vacuum medium and the inertial motion of particles
Shun-Jin Wang
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: The similarity between the energy spectra of relativistic particles and that of quasi-particles in super-conductivity BCS theory makes us conjecture that the relativistic physical vacuum medium as the ground state of the background field is a super fluid medium, and the rest mass of a relativistic particle is like the energy gap of a quasi-particle. This conjecture is strongly supported by the results of our following investigation: a particle moving through the vacuum medium at a speed less than the speed of light in vacuum, though interacting with the vacuum medium, never feels friction force and thus undergoes a frictionless and inertial motion. The profound and intrinsic relationship between the super fluid property of the relativistic physical vacuum medium and the energy-momentum conservation law as well as the relativistic energy-momentum dispersion relation or the principle of relativity, can be established.
Microscopic quantum structure of black hole and vacuum versus quantum statistical origin of gravity
Shun-Jin Wang
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: The Planckon densely piled model of vacuum is proposed. Based on this model, the microscopic quantum structure of Schwarzschild black hole and quantum statistical origin of its gravity are studied. The cutoff of black hole horizon leads to Casimir effect inside the horizon. This effect makes the inside vacuum has less zero quantum fluctuation energy than that of outside vacuum and the spin 1/2 radiation hole excitations are resulted inside the horizon. The mean energy of the radiation hole excitations is related to the temperature decrease of the Hawking-Unruh type by the period law of the Fermion temperature greens function and a temperature difference as well as gravity are created on the horizon. A dual relation of the gravity potentials between inside and outside regions of the black hole is found. An attractor behaviour of the horizon surface is unveiled. The gravity potential inside the black hole is linear in radial coordinate and no singularity exists at the origin of the black hole, in contrast to the conventional conjecture. All the particles absorbed by the black hole have fallen down to the horizon and converted into spin 1/2 radiation quanta with the mean energy related to the Hawking-Unruh temperature, the thermodynamic equilibrium and the mechanical balance make the radiation quanta be tightly bound in the horizon. The gravitation mass $2M$ and physical mass $M$ of the black hole are calculated. The calculated entropy of the black hole is well consistent with Hawking. Outside the horizon, there exist thermodynamic non-equilibrium and mechanical non-balance which lead to an outward centrifugal energy flow and an inward gravitation energy flow. The lost vacuum energy in the negative gravitation potential region has been removed to the black hole surface to form a spherical Planckon shell with the thickness of Planckon diameter so that energy conservation is guaranteed.
Vacuum quantum fluctuation energy in expanding universe and dark energy
Shun-Jin Wang
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: This article is based on the Planckon densely piled vacuum model and the principle of cosmology. With the Planck era as initial conditions and including the early inflation, we have solved the Einstein-Friedmann equations to describe the evolution of the universe. The results are: 1) the ratio of the dark energy density to the vacuum quantum fluctuation energy density is $\frac{{{\rho }_{de}}}{{{\rho }_{vac}}}\sim{{(\frac{{{t}_{P}}}{{{T}_{0}}})}^{2}}\sim{{10}^{-122}} $; 2) at the inflation time ${{t}_{\inf }}={{10}^{-35}}s$, the calculated universe radiation energy density is $\rho ({{t}_{\inf }})\sim{{10}^{-16}}{{\rho }_{vac}}$ and the corresponding temperature is ${{E}_{c}}\sim{{10}^{15}}GeV$ consistent with the GUT phase transition temperature; 3) the expanding universe with vacuum as its environment is a non-equilibrium open system constantly exchanging energy with vacuum; during its expansion, the Planckons in the universe lose quantum fluctuation energy and create the cosmic expansion quanta-cosmons, the energy of cosmons is the lost part of the vacuum quantum fluctuation energy and contributes to the universe energy with the calculated value ${{E}_{\cos mos}}={{10}^{22}}{{M}_{\otimes }}{{c}^{2}}$ (where ${{M}_{\otimes }}$ is solar mass); 4) the total energy of the universe, namely the negative gravity energy plus the positive universe energy is zero; 5) the negative gravity potential and the gravity acceleration related to the creation of cosmons are derived with the nature of outward repulsive force, indicating that the cosmon may be the candidate of the dark energy quantum; 6) both the initial Planck era solution and the infinite asymptotic solution of the Einstein-Friedman equations are unstable: the former tends to expand and the latter tends to shrink, so that the Einstein-Friedman universe will undergo a cyclic evolution of successive expansion and shrinking.
Feasibility Study of Flotation Process in Separating Chicken from Chicken Skeleton  [PDF]
Erqing Jin, Cong Peng, Shun Liao, Jianzhong Wu
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2016.714125
Abstract: An innovative and effective method of separating chicken meat and bone from chicken skeleton was developed in this study. Different heating approaches to chicken skeleton were compared to optimize cooking conditions including cooking temperature and cooking time. The separation efficiency of chicken meat and bone in different conditions, including flow direction, impeller speed and the liquid level rising velocity were also studied. Experimental results demonstrated high temperature cooking and assisted mechanical stirring could improve separating rate of chicken skeleton. Liquid flow entering at tangent entrance direction of the kettle could maintain the stability of the liquid level and smoothness of the separation process. The outflow rate of chicken meat increased as the liquid level rising velocity raised, and approached to the maximum value at 0.80 cm/s. The practical application test showed that the best conditions for separation of chicken skeleton were: 45 min cooking time at 114°C; tangent flow direction; stir speed of 200 r/min; the liquid level rising velocity of water is 0.8 cm/s. Using this approach, the value of chicken bone was increased, product specialization was enhanced, and the results could be used in future high value chicken product development.
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