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α-Galactosyl Phytosphingosine 2,6’-Diamide as an Inducer of Invariant Natural Killer T Cell  [PDF]
Ying-Cheng Huang, Wei-Ting Chen, Shu-Fan Tien, Ho-Lien Huang, Chun-Nan Yeh, Kun-I Lin, Chung-Shan Yu
Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (OJMC) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojmc.2013.33008

Four a-galactosyl phytosphingosine 2,6’-diamide analogs were prepared from 2,6’-diamino a-galactosylphytosphingosine and the aromatic-bearing carboxylic acids. After purification with High Performance Liquid Chromatography, a flowcytometry for the four compounds for stimulation of human Va24+/Vb11+ NKT cell populations was carried out. Additional keto groups on the acyl chains of the 2,6’-diamide compound was associated with the enhanced stimulating effect.

Overcoming Difficulties in Weekly Work Planning Using Computational Algorithms
Chien-Ho Ko,Shu-Fan Wang
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Application of lean production concepts to precast concrete fabrication has been proven promising. However, difficulties encounter while applying lean concepts to precast fabrication. The objective of the study is to overcome the difficulty when arranging weekly work plans. Current practices of making weekly work plans are fairly basic and depend greatly on experience, resulting inefficient resource utilization and even late delivery. To enhance weekly work planning, this research develops a flowshop sequencing model. In the model, constraints encountered in practice and buffer sizes between stations are taken into account. A multi-objective genetic algorithm is then used to search for optimum solutions with minimum makespan and minimum tardiness penalty. The performance of proposed method is validated using two case studies. The research work can be used to enhance weekly work planning especially for numerous combinations of sequences.

ZHANG Shu-fan,

高分子学报 , 1989,
Abstract: In the present paper, a number of mesogenic and nonmesogenic model compounds (Bis azomethines) and Three types of aromatic polyazomethines were prepared. The results showed that the phase transition of model compounds and polymers depend upon molecular structure, conjugated chain and molecular flexibility.
Market Transparency, Investor Strategies, and Trading Costs: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange
Shu-Fan Hsieh,Hsiu-Kuei Chen,Tai Ma
Accounting and Finance Research , 2012, DOI: 10.5430/afr.v1n1p180
Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of changes in pre-trade transparency on trading strategies and trading costs by examining the effects of increased transparency in the limit order book at the Taiwan Stock Exchange. Our results demonstrate that pre-trade transparency makes the market more liquid, because investors are more willing to provide liquidity, thus reducing the trading costs for liquidity demanders. Furthermore, we find evidence that investors, especially institutional traders, attempt to manage limit-order exposures by splitting orders and canceling orders faster; thus, pre-trade transparency does not increase their trading costs. Our findings suggest that pre-trade transparency affects trading strategies and trading costs differently according to the type of investor.
Thermodynamics of Friedmann Equation and Masslike Function in General Braneworld
Tao Zhu,Ji-Rong Ren,Shu-Fan Mo
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1142/S0217751X09046357
Abstract: Using the generalized procedure proposed by \emph{Wu et al}\cite{wu} recently, we construct the first law of thermodynamics on apparent horizon in a general braneworld model with curvature correction terms on the brane and in the bulk, respectively. The explicit entropy formulary of apparent horizon in the general braneworld is worked out. We also discuss the masslike function which associated with a new type first law of thermodynamics of the general braneworld in detail. We analyze the difference between the conventional thermodynamics and the new type thermodynamics on apparent horizon. At last, the discussions about the physical meanings of the masslike function have also been given.
Knotted Topological Phase Singularities of Electromagnetic Field
Ji-Rong Ren,Tao Zhu,Shu-Fan Mo
Physics , 2007, DOI: 10.1088/0253-6102/50/5/12
Abstract: In this paper, knotted objects (RS vortices) in the theory of topological phase singularity in electromagnetic field have been investigated in details. By using the $\phi$-mapping topological current theory proposed by Prof. Duan, we rewrite the topological current form of RS vortices and use this topological current we reveal that the Hopf invariant of RS vortices is just the sum of the linking and self-linking numbers of the knotted RS vortices. Furthermore, the conservation of the Hopf invariant in the splitting, the mergence and the intersection processes of knotted RS vortices is also discussed.
The branch processes of vortex filaments and Hopf Invariant Constraint on Scroll Wave
Tao Zhu,Ji-Rong Ren,Shu-Fan Mo
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1088/0253-6102/52/6/31
Abstract: In this paper, by making use of Duan's topological current theory, the evolution of the vortex filaments in excitable media is discussed in detail. The vortex filaments are found generating or annihilating at the limit points and encountering, splitting, or merging at the bifurcation points of a complex function $Z(\vec{x},t)$. It is also shown that the Hopf invariant of knotted scroll wave filaments is preserved in the branch processes (splitting, merging, or encountering) during the evolution of these knotted scroll wave filaments. Furthermore, it also revealed that the "exclusion principle" in some chemical media is just the special case of the Hopf invariant constraint, and during the branch processes the "exclusion principle" is also protected by topology.
The Bifurcation Theory of Magnetic Monopoles in a Charged Two-Condensate Bose-Einstein System
Shu-Fan Mo,Ji-Rong Ren,Tao Zhu
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/41/31/315214
Abstract: Magnetic monopoles, that are particle-like field configurations with which one can associate a topological charge, widely exist in various three dimensional condensate systems. In this paper, by making use of \emph{Duan}'s topological current theory, we obtain the charge density of magnetic monopoles and their bifurcation theory in a charged two condensate Bose-Einstein system. The evolution of magnetic monopoles is studied from the topological properties of a three-dimensional vector field. The magnetic monopoles are found generating or annihilating at the limit points and encountering, splitting, or merging at the bifurcation points.
Evolution of the Spiral Waves in Excitable System
Ji-Rong Ren,Tao Zhu,Shu-Fan Mo
Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1088/0253-6102/51/4/09
Abstract: Spiral wave, whose rotation center can be regarded as a point defect, widely exists in various two dimensional excitable systems. In this paper, by making use of \emph{Duan's topological current theory}, we obtain the charge density of spiral waves and the topological inner structure of its topological charge. The evolution of spiral wave is also studied from the topological properties of a two-dimensional vector field. The spiral waves are found generating or annihilating at the limit points and encountering, splitting, or merging at the bifurcation points of the two-dimensional vector field. Some applications of our theory are also discussed.
Knot solitons in AFZ model

Ren Ji-Rong,Mo Shu-Fan,Zhu Tao,

中国物理 B , 2009,
Abstract: This paper studies the topological properties of knotted solitons in the $(3+1)$-dimensional Aratyn--Ferreira--Zimerman (AFZ) model. Topologically, these solitons are characterized by the Hopf invariant $I$, which is an integral class in the homotopy group $\pi_3(S^3)=Z$. By making use of the decomposition of $U(1)$ gauge potential theory and Duan's topological current theory, it is shown that the invariant is just the total sum of all the self-linking and linking numbers of the knot family while only linking numbers are considered in other papers. Furthermore, it is pointed out that this invariant is preserved in the branch processes (splitting, merging and intersection) of these knot vortex lines.
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