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Testosterone influences renal electrolyte excretion in SHR/y and WKY males
Jonathan Toot, Cathy Jenkins, Gail Dunphy, Shannon Boehme, Mike Hart, Amy Milsted, Monte Turner, Daniel Ely
BMC Physiology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6793-8-5
Abstract: To investigate the role of the Yc and T, consomic borderline hypertensive (SHR/y) and normotensive Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rat strains were used (15 weeks) in three T treatment groups: castrate, castrate with T implant and gonadally intact males. Urine was collected (24 hrs at 15 weeks of age) for Na and K measurements by flame photometry. RT-PCR was used to demonstrate the presence of renal androgen receptor (AR) transcripts. Plasma T and aldosterone were measured by RIA. In another experiment the androgen receptor was blocked using flutamide in the diet.Na and K excretion were decreased by T in SHR/y and WKY. AR transcripts were identified in SHR/y and WKY kidneys. Plasma aldosterone was decreased in the presence of T. Blockade of the AR resulted in a significant increase in Na excretion but not in K excretion in both SHR/y and WKY males.T influences electrolyte excretion through an androgen receptor dependent mechanism. There was not a differential Yc involvement in electrolyte excretion between WKY and SHR/y males.Human [1,2] and animal studies [3] have implicated Y-chromosome (Yc) loci as influencing the onset of male hypertension. In the Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat strain (SHR), the SHR Yc contains a locus which increases blood pressure (BP) approximately 20 mmHg compared to the normotensive Wistar Kyoto (WKY) Y chromosome. The Yc is only one genetic component of the total SHR hypertension. In SHR males, the presences of testosterone and androgen receptors through puberty are required for development of the hypertension and associated sympathetic nervous system potentiation, including the Yc component [4,5]. In examining phenotypes that mapped to the Yc and differed between SHR and WKY, our laboratory demonstrated an earlier rise of testosterone (T) levels in SHR males leading into puberty [4] and this phenotype mapped to the SHR Yc. Because of the unique biology of the mammalian Yc the blood pressure phenotype and the T timing phenotype cannot be separated usin
Delivery of sry1, but not sry2, to the kidney increases blood pressure and sns indices in normotensive wky rats
Daniel Ely, Amy Milsted, Gail Dunphy, Shannon Boehme, Jeff Dunmire, Mike Hart, Jonathon Toot, Almir Martins, Monte Turner
BMC Physiology , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6793-9-10
Abstract: In the animals receiving the Sry1 plasmid there were significant increases after 21 days in resting plasma norepinephrine (NE, 27%) and renal tyrosine hydroxylase content (41%, p < .05) compared to controls. BP was higher in animals electroporated with Sry1 (143 mmHg, p < .05) compared to controls (125 mmHg) between 2–4 weeks. Also the pressor response to air stress was significantly elevated in males electroporated with Sry1 (41 mmHg) compared to controls (28 mmHg, p < .001). Sry2 did not elevate BP or SNS indices and further tests were not done. The hormone profiles for plasma renin, aldosterone, and corticosterone between electroporated Sry1 and control vector males showed no significant differences over the 28 day period. Alpha adrenergic receptor blockade prevented the air stress pressor response in both strains. Urinary dopamine significantly increased after 7 days post Sry electroporation.These results are consistent with a role for Sry1 in increasing BP by directly or indirectly activating renal sympathetic nervous system activity.We have shown previously that there is a locus on the SHR Y chromosome that increased blood pressure (BP) in an additive manner by 20–25 mmHg and that The Y chromosome Sry locus increased tyrosine hydroxylase promoter activity [1-4] and increased several indices of sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity [5]. We demonstrated that renal norepinephrine (NE) turnover rate is higher by 100% and renal NE content is 44% higher in males with the SHR Y chromosome [6]. Studies in our lab indicate that a candidate gene for this SNS and BP effect is the Sry gene complex on the rat Y chromosome. The Sry protein is a transcription factor that has been shown to be the testis determining factor in mice and humans [7], although Sry expression has been reported in adult testis, brain, adrenal gland and in additional tissues that have BP relevance in humans and rodents [8-11]. The Sry protein has potential target loci not involved in testis determ
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1955,
Condensation and growth of Kirkendall voids in intermetallic compounds
Kerstin Weinberg,Thomas Boehme
Physics , 2008,
Abstract: A model for the simulation of Kirkendall voiding in metallic materials is presented based on vacancy diffusion, elastic-plastic and rate-dependent deformation of spherical voids. Starting with a phenomenological explanation of the Kirkendall effect we briefly discuss the consequences on the reliability of microelectronics. A constitutive model for void nucleation and growth is presented, which can be used to predict the temporal development of voids in solder joints during thermal cycling. We end with exemplary numerical studies and discuss the potential of the results for the failure analysis of joining connections.
The ultra-sensitive electrical detection of spin Rabi oscillation at paramagnetic defects
Christoph Boehme,Klaus Lips
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1016/j.physb.2005.12.231
Abstract: A short review of the pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonance (pEDMR) experiment is presented. PEDMR allows the highly sensitive observation of coherent electron spin motion of charge carriers and defects in semiconductors by means of transient current measurements. The theoretical foundations, the experimental implementation, its sensitivity and its potential with regard to the investigation of electronic transitions in semiconductors are discussed. For the example of the P_b center at the crystalline silicon (111) to silicon dioxide interface it is shown experimentally how one can detect spin Rabi-oscillation, its dephasing, coherence decays and spin-coupling effects.
Spin-dependent recombination - an electronic readout mechanism for solid state quantum computers
Christoph Boehme,Klaus Lips
Statistics , 2002, DOI: 10.1002/1521-3951(200210)233:3<427::AID-PSSB427>3.0.CO;2-J
Abstract: It is shown that coherent spin motion of electron-hole pairs localized in band gap states of silicon can influence charge carrier recombination. Based on this effect, a readout concept for silicon based solid-state spin--quantum computers as proposed by Kane is suggested. The 31P quantum bit (qbit) is connected via hyperfine coupling to the spin of the localized donor electron. When a second localized and singly occupied electronic state with an energy level deep within the band gap or close to the valence edge is in proximity, a gate controlled exchange between the 31P nucleus and the two electronic states can be activated that leaves the donor-deep level pair either unchanged in a |T->-state or shifts it into a singlet state |S>. Since the donor deep level transition is spin-dependent, the deep level becomes charged or not, depending on the nuclear spin orientation of the donor nucleus. Thus, the state of the qbit can be read with a sequence of light pulses and photo conductivity measurements.
Assessing outcomes after fast track surgical management of corpus cancer  [PDF]
Jonathan Carter, Shannon Philp
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2011.13026
Abstract: Objective: The aim of the study was to audit the outcomes of patients with corpus cancer managed with a fast track surgery (FTS) program. Design: Clinical audit of outcomes after laparotomy for corpus cancer and managed by FTS principles. Setting: Tertiary hospital, University based subspecialty gynaecological oncology practice. Population or Sample: Consecutive patients with uterine corpus cancer. There were no exclusions. Methods: Three year audit of FTS Database. Main Outcome Measures: Ability to tolerate early oral feeding (EOF), length of stay (LOS), perioperative complication rate and readmission rate. Results: Sixty six patients were operated upon whose median age was 59.5 years. Forty six (70%) had stage I disease, 7 (11%) stage II, 9 (14%) stage III and 4 (6%) had stage IV disease. Twenty seven (41%) had lymph node sampling performed. Median operating time was 2.5 hours. Mean BMI was 30 kg/m2 (Range: 18 - 47). Fifty patients (76%) were classified as over-weight or obese. Twenty four patients (36%) had a “non-zero” performance status. Mean intraoperative EBL was 227 ml. Median LOS was 3.0 days. There were 3 (5%) intraoperative complications. There were no intraoperative ureteric, bowel or vascular injuries. Postoperatively, 13 (20%) patients experienced a total of 24 adverse events. Only 2 (3%) patients experienced complications greater than grade 2. Conclusion: This audit shows that in an unselected group of patients undergoing laparotomy as management for their uterine malignancy and managed by a FTS protocol, overall excellent results can be achieved.
"I Wish for More Than I Ever Get": Employers’ Perspectives on Employability Attributes of Architecture Graduates  [PDF]
Susan J. Shannon
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.326153
Abstract: This research considers graduate recruitment for architecture graduates. Employers in small, medium and large Australian firms, from the private and public sector were surveyed about their graduate hiring practices. Through distilling the discipline specific Graduate Attributes for all Australian Architecture Schools’ Architecture Programs, and generic Graduate Attributes for their Universities, the researcher compiled a questionnaire which was administered to prospective employers of architecture graduates. The results reveal that the possession of technical knowledge is more highly rated as a Graduate Attribute in recruitment than the possession of design knowledge/skills, and that the possession of Computer Aided Design (CAD) representation skills is more important to graduate recruiters of all firm sizes than either technical or design knowledge and skills. The research further revealed that the presentation of a portfolio is a key recruitment tool for employers, and that the demonstration of team work is a highly valued generic attribute for employers.
Bai-Perron Estimates of OECD Natural Rates of Unemployment 1955-2011  [PDF]
Michael Shannon, Bakhtiar Moazzami
iBusiness (IB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2014.63015
Abstract: Bai and Perron’s method for detecting multiple, unknown structural breaks was used to estimate natural rates of unemployment for 19 OECD countries from 1955-2011. Natural rates were lowest in the early period, then, rose in the mid-1970s and early-1980s in most countries. Several countries saw declines in the late-1990s or early-2000s.
Atresia y estenosis intestinal congénita
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1955,
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