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The Study of the Preparation of Catalysts for Carbonyl Sulfide Hydrolysis under Moderate Temperature  [PDF]
Yikun Xu, Shangguan Ju, Zexing Wang, Yanxia Liu
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2018.64005
Multifunctional composite catalyst for carbonyl sulfide hydrolysis under moderate temperature was prepared by impregnation method. The hydrolysis and deoxidization ability of the prepared catalyst was investigated in a fixed bed reactor. It was found that deoxidization ability of the prepared catalyst was raised by the increase of the content of potassium loading catalyst and reaction temperature. And the concentration of H2S had no effect on deoxidization while COS improved the deoxidization ratio. And deoxidization rates were nearly scaled up with concentration of H2. The hydrolysis ability was decreased by the decrease of the surface basicity.
Investigation on activated semi-coke desulfurization
SHANGGUAN Ju,LI Zhuan-li,LI Chun-hu,
,LI Zhuan-li,LI Chun-hu

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2005,
Abstract: An activated semi-coke with industrial-scale size was prepared by high-pressure hydrothermal chemistry activation, HNO3 oxidation and calcination activation in proper order from Inner Mongolia Zhalainuoer semi-coke, which is rich in resource and cheap in sale. SO2 adsorption capacity on this activated semi-coke was assessed in the fixed bed in the temperature range of 60-170 degrees C, space velocity range of 500-1300 h(-1), SO2 concentration of 1000-3000 ppmv, and N2 as balance. The surface area, elemental and proximate analysis for both raw semi-coke and activated semi-cokes were measured. The experimental results showed that the activated semi-coke has a high adsorption capacity for sulfur dioxide than the untreated semi-coke. This may be the result of increase of surface area on activated semi-coke and surface oxygen functional groups with basicity characteristics. Comparison to result of FTIR, it is known that group of -C-O-C- may be active center of SO2 catalytic adsorption on activated semi-coke.
Hydrogen evolution from water splitting on nanocomposite photocatalysts
Wenfeng Shangguan
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials , 2007,
Abstract: The photocatalytic production of H2 in one step is potentially one of the most promising ways for the conversion and storage of solar energy. The paper overviews our recent studies on the photocatalysts splitting water into hydrogen under irradiation. The attention was mainly focused on the promotion effects of nanosized modifications in the interlayer and surface of photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution with visible light. The photocatalytic activity depended significantly on modification techniques, such as loading, proton exchange, and intercalation. The formation of a "nest" on the particle surface promoted a uniform distribution and strong combination of the nanosized particles on the surface of catalysts. By the methods of intercalation and pillaring as well as by selecting both host and guest, a large variety of molecular designed host–guest systems were obtained. Cadmium sulfide (CdS)-intercalated composites showed higher activity and stability. This activity of K4Ce2M10O30 (M=Ta, Nb) evolving H2 under visible light irradiation was enhanced by the incorporation of Pt, RuO2 and NiO as co-catalysts. Especially, the nanosized NiOx (Ni–NiO double-layer structure) greatly prompted the photocatalytic H2 evolution significantly.
Research on the Security Monitoring of the Amusement Ride of Tourist Sites Based on RFID  [PDF]
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2010.21012
Abstract: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a new technology making use of radio frequency to do non-touch- ing, two-way data transit between the reader and the electronic tag to identify target and exchange data. Because it is non-touching; it can work from long distance; it is fit to work in an unfavorable environment; it can identify moving target, it is widely used in industry, commerce, storage, transportation. This paper introduces the application of the RFID technology and its state of development and discusses the general situation of its application in different fields. Moreover, this paper takes the tourist mini-train as an example, designs a security monitoring system based on RFID and discusses its application in tourist industry.

LI Shou-ju,SHANGGUAN Zi-chang,LIU Ying-xi,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Rock slope stability depends on the strength features of the rocks. Determination of the strength of rock masses is difficult since the size of representative specimens is too large for laboratory testing. This difficulty can be overcome by using the parameter identification procedures. The inverse problem of geotechnical parameters identification is treated as the optimization problem. The hybrid genetic algorithm is presented and used for the identification of the shear strength parameters of geotechnical materials according to the observed shape of slip surface of rock slope. Genetic algorithm(GA) is a powerful alternative to traditional optimization methods which are too restrictive. One of the main advantages of GA is that it requires no information about the objective function. In order to identify parameters efficiently and in a robust manner,the gradient search method and genetic algorithm are combined to produce an adaptive procedure that has the merits of the two methods. The validity and efficiency of the proposed procedure are shown by an example involving parameter identification. The results obtained are compared with earlier results obtained by other methods.
Preparation and Tribological Behavior of γ-Methacryloxypropyltriethoxysilane Self-Assembled Monolayer on Glass Slide

WU Ju,CHENG Xian-hu,SHANGGUAN Qian-qian,BAI Tao,WANG Liang,

摩擦学学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 利用分子自组装方法在羟基化的玻璃基片表面制备了γ-甲基丙烯酰氧丙基三甲氧基硅烷单层膜,采用接触角测定仪考察了其成膜速率,采用X射线光电子能谱仪分析了自组装单层膜表面典型元素的化学状态,采用原子力显微镜观察薄膜的表面形貌,并采用静-动摩擦系数测定仪评价了单层膜的摩擦磨损性能.结果表明:当成膜时间达到15 min后,相应的自组装单层膜与水的接触角达到103°,此后接触角随成膜时间的继续延长基本保持不变;γ-甲基丙烯酰氧基三甲氧基硅烷自组装单层膜可以降低基片的摩擦系数,并且在较低载荷下具有较好的耐磨性能.
Mantle-derived rare-gas releasing features at the Tianchi volcanic area, Changbaishan Mountains
Zhiguan Shangguan,Mingliang Sun
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF03186974
δD values of escaped H2 from hot springs at the Tengchong Rehai geothermal area and its origin
Zhiguan Shangguan,Weiguo Huo
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2002, DOI: 10.1360/02tb9034
Abstract: Here we give the · values of escaped H2 from hot springs at the Tengchong Rehai and adjacent regions, and deal with a genetic correlation between the increment H2 in escaped gases from middle-shallow reservoirs and the H2S, CH4 derived from deep sources. Isotopic compositions of H2 indicate that the generation of increment H2 may be related to recent strong activity of N-W trending fault at the Rehai area. Trace monitoring the H2 release could be significant in order to keep watch on present activity ofthat fault.
Water Consumption Characteristics and Water Use Efficiency of Winter Wheat under Long-Term Nitrogen Fertilization Regimes in Northwest China
Yangquanwei Zhong, Zhouping Shangguan
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0098850
Abstract: Water shortage and nitrogen (N) deficiency are the key factors limiting agricultural production in arid and semi-arid regions, and increasing agricultural productivity under rain-fed conditions often requires N management strategies. A field experiment on winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) was begun in 2004 to investigate effects of long-term N fertilization in the traditional pattern used for wheat in China. Using data collected over three consecutive years, commencing five years after the experiment began, the effects of N fertilization on wheat yield, evapotranspiration (ET) and water use efficiency (WUE, i.e. the ratio of grain yield to total ET in the crop growing season) were examined. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, N increased the yield of wheat cultivar Zhengmai No. 9023 by up to 61.1, 117.9 and 34.7%, respectively, and correspondingly in cultivar Changhan No. 58 by 58.4, 100.8 and 51.7%. N-applied treatments increased water consumption in different layers of 0–200 cm of soil and thus ET was significantly higher in N-applied than in non-N treatments. WUE was in the range of 1.0–2.09 kg/m3 for 2010, 2011 and 2012. N fertilization significantly increased WUE in 2010 and 2011, but not in 2012. The results indicated the following: (1) in this dryland farming system, increased N fertilization could raise wheat yield, and the drought-tolerant Changhan No. 58 showed a yield advantage in drought environments with high N fertilizer rates; (2) N application affected water consumption in different soil layers, and promoted wheat absorbing deeper soil water and so increased utilization of soil water; and (3) comprehensive consideration of yield and WUE of wheat indicated that the N rate of 270 kg/ha for Changhan No. 58 was better to avoid the risk of reduced production reduction due to lack of precipitation; however, under conditions of better soil moisture, the N rate of 180 kg/ha was more economic.
Study of Interplanetary Magnetic Field with Ground State Alignment
Jinyi Shangguan,Huirong Yan
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s10509-012-1243-y
Abstract: We demonstrate a new way of studying interplanetary magnetic field -- Ground State Alignment (GSA). Instead of sending thousands of space probes, GSA allows magnetic mapping with any ground telescope facilities equipped with spectropolarimeter. The polarization of spectral lines that are pumped by the anisotropic radiation from the Sun is influenced by the magnetic realignment, which happens for magnetic field (<1G). As a result, the linear polarization becomes an excellent tracer of the embedded magnetic field. The method is illustrated by our synthetic observations of the Jupiter's Io and comet Halley. Polarization at each point was constructed according to the local magnetic field detected by spacecrafts. Both spatial and temporal variations of turbulent magnetic field can be traced with this technique as well. The influence of magnetic field on the polarization of scattered light is discussed in detail. For remote regions like the IBEX ribbons discovered at the boundary of interstellar medium, GSA provides a unique diagnostics of magnetic field.
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