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Calcium Channel Blocker Enhances Beneficial Effects of an Angiotensin II AT1 Receptor Blocker against Cerebrovascular-Renal Injury in type 2 Diabetic Mice
Kazi Rafiq, Shamshad J. Sherajee, Hirofumi Hitomi, Daisuke Nakano, Hiroyuki Kobori, Koji Ohmori, Hirohito Mori, Hideki Kobara, Tsutomu Masaki, Masakazu Kohno, Akira Nishiyama
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0082082
Abstract: Recent clinical trials have demonstrated that combination therapy with renin-angiotensin system inhibitors plus calcium channel blockers (CCBs) elicits beneficial effects on cardiovascular and renal events in hypertensive patients with high cardiovascular risks. In the present study, we hypothesized that CCB enhances the protective effects of an angiotensin II type 1 receptor blocker (ARB) against diabetic cerebrovascular-renal injury. Saline-drinking type 2 diabetic KK-Ay mice developed hypertension and exhibited impaired cognitive function, blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption, albuminuria, glomerular sclerosis and podocyte injury. These brain and renal injuries were associated with increased gene expression of NADPH oxidase components, NADPH oxidase activity and oxidative stress in brain and kidney tissues as well as systemic oxidative stress. Treatment with the ARB, olmesartan (10 mg/kg/day) reduced blood pressure in saline-drinking KK-Ay mice and attenuated cognitive decline, BBB disruption, glomerular injury and albuminuria, which were associated with a reduction of NADPH oxidase activity and oxidative stress in brain and kidney tissues as well as systemic oxidative stress. Furthermore, a suppressive dose of azelnidipine (3 mg/kg/day) exaggerated these beneficial effects of olmesartan. These data support the hypothesis that a CCB enhances ARB-associated cerebrovascular-renal protective effects through suppression of NADPH oxidase-dependent oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes.
Rural To Urban Migration: Remedies To Control
Golden Research Thoughts , 2012, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: The movement of people from one area to another is today an important and characteristic phenomenon of population particularly of that of developing countries. Every country that has undergone modernisation has simultaneously experienced a major redistribution of its population. Such movements exert a pervasive influence on the social, economic, political and demographic structure of both the sending and receiving regions (Khan, 2010: 1). Migration is defined as a permanent or semi permanent change of residence of an individual from one area to another. No restriction is placed upon the distance of the move or upon the voluntary or involuntary nature of the act, and no distinction is made between external and internal migration (Lee, 1970: 290).
Combined Sedation and Regional Analgesia in Black Bengal Goats of Bangladesh
S.J. Sherajee,K. Rafiq,N.S. Juyena,S. Ahmed
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: To find out the effect of diazepam and promethazine hydrochloride on respiratory rate, pulse rate, temperature and production of clinical signs in goats and also to compare the effect of 2% lignocaine hydrochloride and 0.5% bupivacaine hydrochloride during paravertebral and epidural analgesia were investigated. A total of 16 apparently healthy Black Bengal goats with body weight of 8-12 (median 9.5 kg) kg were used and allocated in 8 groups. Both diazepam and promethazine, were used as sedatives. Diazepam and promethazine produced significant reduction (P<0.01) of respiratory rate and significantly (P<0.01) increase of the pulse rate, respectively. But both drugs produced reduction of temperature insignificantly. The important clinical signs recorded using diazepam was movement of legs, neck, salivation and sleepiness whereas with promethazine only a tranquilizing effect was recorded. With 2% lignocaine hydrochloride the onset of analgesia was rapid compared to 0.5 bupivacaine hydrochloride. But the duration was significantly longer in 0.5% bupivacaine than that of 2% lignocaine hydrochloride. Muscle relaxation was better with 2% lignocaine hydrochloride compared to 0.5% bupivacaine hydrochloride. This experiment suggested that both diazepam and promethazine are suitable as pre-medicants in goats and bupivacaine seemed to be better for longer duration of analgesia compared to lignocaine which may be used for shorter and minor surgery in goats.
Treatment of External Wounds by Using Indigenous Medicinal Plants and Patent Drugs in Guinea Pigs
M.M. Haque,K. Rafiq,S.J. Sherajee,S. Ahmed
Journal of Biological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: The present investigation was carried out in 40 guinea pig with the aim to investigate the efficacy of some indigenous medicinal plants in the treatment of external wounds. Two wounds of 2.00 cm length and 0.5 cm depth were made on the opposite thigh muscles and the effects of some antibacterial and some indigenous medicinal plants leaves were observed separately. Among the antibacterial used in this studies comparatively Nebanol powder showed the best result and was more effective for the treatment of fresh wounds in which healing occurred with in 11 days, Where as it was taken 13 days for sulfanilamide powder and 15 days for dusting powder treated groups. In the present experiment the leaves of the Neem, Ganda, Mehedi and raw Halid were applied as fresh aqueous pastes for the treatment of artificially produce wound in guinea pig. In comparison to their effect, Neem leaves paste showed the more effectiveness where healing was completed on 15 days, Halud paste and Ganda leaves pastes showed the same results, where healing was completed on 17 days. The Mehedi paste was the least effective in which healing occurred on 19 days. This investigation suggested that Neem leaves fresh paste are more effective for wound healing in guinea pig which may be suggested for the treatment of fresh wound healing of other livestock.
Design and Development of Compound Lever Handle for Hand Pump
Shamshad Ali
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2012,
Abstract: Conventionally, class I type lever is used to operate the hand pump. The operator has to bow for operating the hand pump and more force is required, resulting more fatigue and stress. Author has designed and developed a compound lever handle for hand pump and same has beenpresented in this paper. By using this compound lever handle force required to operate the pump reduces and posture of the operator also changed, resulting less fatigue and stress.
An Existence Theorem of Solutions for the System of Generalized Vector Quasi-Variational-Like Inequalities  [PDF]
Shamshad Husain, Sanjeev Gupta, Vishnu Narayan Mishra
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2013.33029

In this paper, we introduce and study the system of generalized vector quasi-variational-like inequalities in Hausdorff topological vector spaces, which include the system of vector quasi-variational-like inequalities, the system of vector variational-like inequalities, the system of vector quasi-variational inequalities, and several other systems as special cases. Moreover, a number of C-diagonal quasiconvexity properties are proposed for set-valued maps, which are natural generalizations of the g-diagonal quasiconvexity for real functions. Together with an application of continuous selection and fixed-point theorems, these conditions enable us to prove unified existence results of solutions for the system of generalized vector quasi-variational-like inequalities. The results of this paper can be seen as extensions and generalizations of several known results in the literature.

The PITP family of phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins
Justin Hsuan, Shamshad Cockcroft
Genome Biology , 2001, DOI: 10.1186/gb-2001-2-9-reviews3011
Abstract: Two families of proteins are able specifically to transfer phosphatidylinositol (PI) and phosphatidylcholine (PC) in eukaryotic cells (Figure 1), namely the PITP and Sec14p families [1]. They share no obvious sequence or structural similarity, but ectopically expressed PITPs can rescue sec14 mutants in yeast. Likewise, in functional studies in mammalian cells, ectopically expressed Sec14p can be used to compensate for the loss of PITPs [2,3]. Whereas Sec14p isoforms are ubiquitous in eukaryotes, members of the PITP family appear to be absent from plants and fungi. It is likely that endogenous Sec14p and PITP family members normally have distinct biological roles, and the two families should not be confused. Accordingly, PITPs define a discrete family, which forms the subject of this review.The first mammalian PITP was identified as a 35 kDa protein with 271 amino acids and no sequence similarity to any known protein [4]. Three subfamilies can now be defined (Figure 2) and all isoforms have an amino-terminal PITP-like domain. Non-systematic nomenclature has arisen as a result of the different methods by which each isoform was identified. All three types occur in humans: the first comprises the small PITPα and PITPβ proteins, which were identified by virtue of their transfer activity in vitro; the second comprises the large rdgBα (also called M-RdgB1, Nir2 and PITPnm) and Nir3 (also called M-RdgB2) proteins; and the third type comprises the rdgBβ protein, which is intermediate in size and was identified by homology to rdgBα [5]. The rdgB acronym is derived from a retinal degeneration mutant phenotype (type B) in Drosophila, and the Nir acronym is derived from a reported interaction with the amino-terminal domain of the Pyk2 tyrosine kinase (Pyk2 N-terminal domain-interacting receptor). A third protein, termed Nir1, was also identified, but this lacks a PITP domain [6]. Mammalian rdgBα is 39% identical in sequence to Drosophila rdgB, and mammalian Nir3 is 46% identical
Algorithm for Solving a New System of Generalized Variational Inclusions in Hilbert Spaces
Shamshad Husain,Sanjeev Gupta
Journal of Calculus of Variations , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/461371
Abstract: We introduce and study a new system of generalized variational inclusions involving -cocoercive and relaxed -cocoercive operators, which contain the systems of variational inclusions and the systems of variational inequalities, variational inclusions, and variational inequalities as special cases. By using the resolvent technique for the -cocoercive operators, we prove the existence of solutions and the convergence of a new iterative algorithm for this system of variational inclusions in Hilbert spaces. An example is given to justify the main result. Our results can be viewed as a generalization of some known results in the literature. 1. Introduction Variational inclusions have been widely studied in recent years. The theory of variational inclusions includes variational, quasi-variational, variational-like inequalities as special cases. Various kinds of iterative methods have been studied to solve the variational inclusions. Among these methods, the resolvent operator technique to study the variational inclusions has been widely used by many authors. For details, we refer to [1–15]. For applications of variational inclusions, see [16]. Fang and Huang, Lan, Cho, and Verma, and kazmi investigated several resolvent operators for generalized operators such as -monotone, -monotone, -accretive, -accretive, -accretive, -monotone, -accretive, -proximal, and - -proximal mappings. For further details, we refer to [2–6, 8–10, 13] and the references therein. Very recently, Zou and Huang [15] introduced and studied -accretive operators, Xu and Wang [14] introduced and studied -monotone operators, and Ahmad et al. [1] introduced and studied -cocoercive operators. Inspired and motivated by researches going on in this area, we introduce and study a new system of generalized variational inclusions in Hilbert spaces. By using the resolvent operator technique for the -cocoercive operator, we develop a new class of iterative algorithms to solve a class of relaxed cocoercive variational inclusions associated with -cocoercive operators in Hilbert space. For illustration of Definitions 2, 5 and main result Theorem 19 Examples 4, 6, and 20 are given, respectively. Our results can be viewed as a refinement and improvement of Bai and Yang [2], Huang and Noor [17], and Noor et al. [11]. 2. Preliminaries Throughout this paper, we suppose that is a real Hilbert space endowed with a norm and an inner product , respectively. is the family of all the nonempty subsets of . In the sequel, let us recall some concepts. Definition 1 (see [18, 19]). A mapping is said to be(i) -Lipschitz
-Mixed Cocoercive Operators with an Application for Solving Variational Inclusions in Hilbert Spaces
Shamshad Husain,Sanjeev Gupta
Journal of Function Spaces , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/378364
Abstract: We investigate a class of new -mixed cocoercive operators in Hilbert spaces. We extend the concept of resolvent operators associated with -cocoercive operators to the -mixed cocoercive operators and prove that the resolvent operator of -mixed cocoercive operator is single valued and Lipschitz continuous. Some examples are given to justify the definition of -mixed cocoercive operators. Further, by using resolvent operator technique, we discuss the approximate solution and suggest an iterative algorithm for the generalized mixed variational inclusions involving -mixed cocoercive operators in Hilbert spaces. We also discuss the convergence criteria for the iterative algorithm under some suitable conditions. Our results can be viewed as a generalization of some known results in the literature.
Quantitative and Qualitative Response of Three Wheat Varieties to Nitrogen Application
Azra Yasmeen,Shamshad Hussain Shah
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2000,
Abstract: The performance of three wheat varieties namely MH-97, Kharchia and Inqlab-91 treated with four nitrogen levels (0, 75, 125 and 175 kg ha -1) was studied under irrigated conditions at Faisalabad. The results revealed that MH-97 gave the maximum (2073.3 kg ha -1) grain yield, which was the result of larger leaf area plant -1, higher number of spike bearing tillers and more 1000-grain weight. 125 kg N ha -1 (F2) topped by producing taller plants, higher number of total tillers and 1000-grain weight except grain protein content which was the highest in case of F3 (175 kg N ha -1). The total number of tillers0 and number of spike bearing tillers were statistically similar in Inqlab-91 and MH-97 at 125 kg N ha -1 or 175 kg N ha -1, but were significantly different from Kharchia. Wheat variety MH-97 in comparison with the other two varieties was higher yielding and 125 kg N ha -1 was the most suitable nitrogen level.
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