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Estimating the Recurrence Periods of Earthquake Data in Turkey  [PDF]
Hande Kon?uk, Serpil Akta
Open Journal of Earthquake Research (OJER) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojer.2013.21002
Abstract: In this paper, the 231 earthquake data of magnitude 5 and higher, between north (39.00o-42.00o) and east (26.00o-45.00o) coordinates in Turkey from July 12, 1900 to October 23, 2011 are statistically analyzed. The probability density function and cumulative function of the magnitude are derived. It is shown that magnitude random variable is distrib-uted as the exponential distribution. The recurrence periods is also calculated. Recurrence period is estimatedapproxi-matelytwo times a year for an earthquake having magnitude 5.2. Using the Gutenberg-Richter function, the relation between magnitude and frequency is represented.
Metin Akta
International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues , 2013,
Abstract: The purpose of this article is to analyze whether participating banking sector is more stable than conventional banking sector during the global economic crisis. The main point is that which banking system are financially less affected from the global economic crisis. For this anlysis, we have used trend analysis method for 2006-2011 on yearly basis. In this study, yearly financial ratios of conventional and participating banking sectors were utilized. Financial ratios can be sorted as profitability, liquidity, risknesss and asset quality ratios. Results of the study show that participating banking sector is more stable than conventional banking sector in terms of profitability, riskiness and liquidity during the analysis term which includes 2008 global economic crisis. In addition, both sectors are almost similiar and stable in terms of asset quality.
Hasan Akta
Idil Dergisi , 2012, DOI: 10.7816/idil-01-04-09
Abstract: Family plays a significant role in history of Turkish culture and social life. And child is always in the focal point of family. Children are seen as guarantee of future in social life. In this context each family intend to bring up their children according to some certain principles and to gain them to society. Sociology, psychology and science of education have important contributions in bringing them to society. Beside this, poetry has a quite different function in making children ready to life as psychologically and morally. Because of that, poets are very sensitive to give place to children in their poems. Our poets, loaded some allegorical features to children from D van poetry to modern poetry of nowadays. They produced interesting images about children. In ancient Turks, each male child borns as a lover while each female child borns as a beloved. This event is also valid in present-day. The theme of child in D van poetry takes part in our world of poetry with very interesting images by changing and transforming with modernization corona.
Hasan AKTA
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: The poetry of classical age was pouring from two main vessels as Divan and Mysticism. The poem of these two channels were standing on two strong epistemic/basic source like Quran and Tradition. Divan and mystic poetry are in a way a secular/visible and mystic/esoteric evolution of these two rooted/epistemic source. This evolution is being made confirm and classical by sealing with secrets sometimes. In a way, this caused the Divan poetry turning into a hidden treasure. Turkish poetry which suddenly lost it’s treasure with modernism, got contemporary and positivist with an agression of no borders. This marginality is stopped the modern poetry. This blockage entailed new development which was through the Divan and mystic poetry. Altough this tendency, modern poetry couldn’t exhaust Divan and mystic poetry/sufism doctrine as it produce them. Because, modern poetry hasn’t got enough power to exhaust the wonderful treasure of Divan and mystic poetry. Klasik a n iiri divan ve tasavvuf gibi iki ana kanaldan ak yordu. Bu iki kanal n iiri Kur’an ve Hadis gibi ok gü lü iki epistemik/temel kayna a dayan yordu. Divan ve tasavvuf iiri, bir anlamda bu iki k klü/epistemik kayna n ladin /zahir ve mistik/bat n perdeden a l m d r. Bu a l m, zaman zaman mazmunlarla mühürlenerek sahihle tirilmi ve klasikle tirilmi tir. Bu bir anlamda divan iirinin gizli bir hazineye d nü mesine yol a m t r. Modernizm ile ans z n hazinelerini yitiren Türk iiri, a r derecede s n r tan maz bir sald rganl kla modernle mi ve pozitivistle mi tir. Bu marjinallik, k sa sürede modern iirin nünü t kam t r. Bu t kanm l k, yeni a l mlar zorunlu k lm ve bu a l m da divan ve tasavvuf iirine do ru olmu tur. Bu y neli e ra men modern iir, mistik iiri/sufizm doktrinini ve divan iirini üretmesine ra men bir türlü tüketememektedir. Zira divan iiri ve mistik iirin muhte em hazinelerini tüketmeye modern iirin gücü yetmemektedir.
Our Ramazan and I Bizim Ramazan ve Ben
?erif Akta
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Our Ramazan and I Bizim Ramazan ve Ben
lk retim 1-3. S n f Hayat Bilgisi Ders Program n n Besin ve Beslenme le lgili Kazan m ve Etkinlikler A s ndan ncelenmesi
Nazan AKTA
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: Schools are the leading shareholders which present appropriate opportunities for equipping the students with healthynutritional habits, promoting children's health in terms of food and nutrition contents, nutrition services, the personnel, peerinteraction, school-based nutrition projects and policies. Nutrition, which is an area, related to science, health, nature, social andeducational sciences, overlaps with the learning fields of the Life Science course a core course for the first three years of theprimary school in Turkey. The determination of the current situation of food and nutrition related concepts, acquisitions andactivities in the primary school curriculum are significant in terms of school and program-based nutrition education. For thisreason, the aim of the present research is to analyze the current situation of primary school 1st-3rd Grade Life Science coursecurriculum in terms of correspondence with nutrition-related themes, course acquisitions, activity samples, sub-disciplineacquisitions. The data source of the present research which adopted document analysis, a qualitative research design, comprises"T.R. Ministry of National Education Head Council of Education and Morality Primary School 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Life ScienceCurriculum and Guide". The related document was scanned for food and nutrition terms determined as the units of analysis, andthe words food, drink, health, consumer, and consumption were traced in order to make a more comprehensive screening; thecurrent situation of the related concepts, themes, course acquisitions, and their correspondence with sub-discipline acquisitionswere examined. As a result of the analysis, the obtained contents were transformed into tables according to class levels andthemes. In the tables, the acquisitions and activity examples related with the analysis unit were presented, accompanied by directquotations. According to the obtained findings, it was determined that in the Life Science curriculum, nutrition related skills wereincorporated within the scope of Using the Resources Effectively and Promotion of Safety and Protection. The nutrition relatedskills of paying attention to foods and drinks, keeping away from unpacked foods, preference for milk, ayran, and natural fruitjuice instead of fizzy drinks, consuming snacks less, having home-made natural foods and fresh fruits in the lunch box wereincorporated under the title Using the Resources Effectively-Being a Conscientious Consumer. As for the fact that well-balancedand regular eating skills and nutrition are essential needs, they were incl
Kültürel De erler ve Ki i rgüt -Ki i Uyumu li kisi: Kavramsal Bir er eve
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: Person environment fit is an important topic with in the field of organizational behavior. And it gained special attention as aresearch topic relatively in recent years. Under the umbrella of general concept of person environment fit, individuals fit withdifferent work environment dimensions are researched. These work environment dimensions are person organization fit, personsupervisor fit, person group fit and person job fit. Of the various dimensions of the person environment fit person organizationand person job fit appears to be the most important and most researched dimensions of person environment fit Personorganization fit is mainly the compatibility of individuals’ wit values of the organization. In other words it’s the match ormismatch between the organizational culture and the individual values. Person job fit on the other hand is the compatibility ofindividual and the job. In other words it is the match between knowledge skills and abilities that a job requires and the individualposses. It is well documented a higher match between the organization, the job and the individual will yield positive workoutcomes such as higher organizational commitment, satisfaction, citizenship behavior and lower negative outcomes such asintent to leave and actual turnover. In the person environment fit research stream the conceptual distinctiveness of personenvironment fit is also investigated in many research articles. Although there has been an important amount of researchinvestigating the person organization and person job fit with a focus on outcomes of person organization and person job fit andconceptual distinctiveness of person environment fit concepts, the literature lack of a cultural flavor. Therefore in this researchthe impact of individualist collectivist values on person organization and person job fit and their outcomes relationship isinvestigated. In this conceptual research paper, first of all, person organization and person job fit research and outcomes ofperson organization and person job fit is analyzed. Secondly the literature about cultural values particularly individualist andcollectivist values is documented. And thirdly a conceptual framework is put forward by basing on person environment fit andcultural values literature. As a result of theoretical analysis, it is argued that for the people who are higher on individualist valuesfitting with job is more important. Because, individuals who are high on individualist values have higher achievement motivationand therefore the match between their skills and with the job will be more important f
Tahsin AKTA
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2004,
Abstract: In this study, the concept of communicative competence in foreign language teaching hasbeen discussed in the light of the current research literature. In particular, the issue of basic skillsdevelopment has been investigated in depth. Furthermore, it has been emphasized that theculture of the foreign language needs to be incorporated into the language instruction. Finally,practical suggestions concerning the development of foreign language teaching have beenpresented.
Besin Rehberleri: Beslenme E itiminde G rsel Bir Ara
Nazan AKTA
Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi , 2011,
Abstract: This review article is an attempt to examine the objectives, properties, development process and dissemination of food guides.To remain healthy and to prevent diseases, diet and healthy lifestyle are regarded to be the fundamental components. Whilemalnutrition-related health problems resulting from protein-energy malnutrition, inadequate intake of vitamin and minerals arestill remain to be the most important nutrition problems in some parts of the world, the spread of non-contagious but chronicdiseases such as obesity, type II diabetes and hypertension is increasing rapidly all over the world. The call for duty by WorldHealth Organization and Food Agriculture Organization to governments about Food Based Dietary Guidelines so that societiesin general and individuals can be educated about adequate and balanced nutrition and improve their food pattern and makehealthy food choices has played a significant role in development of Food Based Dietary Guidelines and food guide. Althoughfamilies and societies are being taught about food and nutrition since the beginning of humanity, it is considered that formalnutrition education was introduced with the publication of food guides prepared by governments based on the findings ofnutrition science. A food guide is the pictorial illustration of the amount and type of food items to be consumed so thatcommunity can understand easily. A great many food guides were developed in the 20th century to explain foods and newsuggestions for nutrition and support adequate and balanced nutrition. Grouping of food items and their illustration in pyramid issignificant in the development process of food guides. In the mid of 1950’s, a new food guide was released by United StatesDepartment of Agriculture nutrition specialists, which became widely known as the “Basic Four” recommended a minimumnumber of foods from each of four food groups: milk, meat, fruits and vegetables, and grain products. United States Departmentof Agriculture published a Food Guide Pyramid which depicts a hierarchical dietary pattern to help people apply the Guidelines totheir own diets in 1992. The pyramid recommends daily food serving from the grain, vegetable, and fruit groups, with fewerserving from the milk and meat groups, and even fewer from foods high in fat and sugar. In the symbolic expression of foodguides a variety of visuals such as pictures, graphics, posters and diagrams are used. The main aim in the development of guides isto improve healthy nutrition by providing people guidelines to choose healthy food and to take all food at adequate and balanc
Türkiye'nin Turizm Gelirini Etkileyen De i kenler in En Uygun Regresyon Denkleminin Belirlenmesi = Obtaining the Optimum Regression Equation for Variables Which Effects Incoming of Tourism in Turkey
Cengiz AKTA
Dogus University Journal , 2005,
Abstract: In this study, we investigate the importance of tourism for Turkish ecenomy, and define the optimum variables which affect tourism revenues. In this type of econometric study that needs the multiple regression models, one of the problems in estimation of parameters is stationarity in time series. Therefore, usableness of the problem for long run relationship is analyzed. Finally autocorrelation, multicollinearity and heteroscedasticity are investigated.
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