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Genetic Variability among Genotypes of Physic Nut Regarding Seed Biometry  [PDF]
Leonardo Fardim Christo, Tafarel Victor Colodetti, Wagner Nunes Rodrigues, Lima Deleon Martins, Sebastio Batista Brinate, José Francisco Teixeira do Amaral, Bruno Galvêas Laviola, Marcelo Antonio Tomaz
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.510156

With probable center of origin in Brazil, the species Jatropha curcas L., known as physic nut, is a tropical oilseed with potential for cultivation aiming at the production of biodiesel. This study was conducted with the objective of investigating the genetic variability regarding the morphology of seeds of physic nut, using biometric analyses to identify variables that have potential for the study of the diversity of the species and the classification of genotypes. Seeds of 22 genotypes of physic nut, from the germplasm bank of Embrapa Agroenergia (Brazil) were evaluated regarding characteristics of size and mass. The genotypes of Jatropha curcas L. selected by the Brazilian breeding program presented high diversity for characteristics of the seeds, allowing the exploration of this genetic variability to classify genotypes in different groups. In addition, variables related to the biomass of the seeds present high relative contributions to the diversity observed in the genotypes.

Envelhecimento acelerado de sementes de pinh?o-manso
Pereira, Márcio Dias;Martins Filho, Sebastio;Laviola, Bruno Galvêas;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1983-40632012000100017
Abstract: jatropha curcas l. is an oleaginous plant that has distinguished itself by presenting the qualities necessary to the biodiesel production. this study aimed to adjust the accelerated aging test methodology to evaluate the physiological potential of jatropha curcas seeds. for this, four seeds lots were initially characterized by water content, germination percentage and first counting, seedlings emergence percentage and speed index, low temperature germination, and shoot height. the treatments included three temperatures (41oc, 42oc, and 45oc) and four seeds exposure times (24, 48, 72, and 96 hours), in about 100% relative humidity. the accelerated aging test carried out for 24 hours, at 41oc, was efficient for evaluating the jatropha curcas vigour seeds, allowing to classify lots according to vigour levels, similarly to the germination first counting tests, seedlings emergence, low temperature germination, emergence speed index, and shoots height.
Aloca??o de fotoassimilados em folhas e frutos de cafeeiro cultivado em duas altitudes
Laviola, Bruno Galvêas;Martinez, Herminia Emilia Prieto;Salom?o, Luiz Carlos Chamhum;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Mendon?a, Sebastio Marcos;Neto, Ana Paula;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2007001100002
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate the allocation of carbohydrates in fruits of arabic coffee plant during the period comprised among the anthesis and maturation in two different altitudes, as well as, the variation in its content in leaves of these productive branches. the experiment was constituted of the coffee plant variety (coffea arabica l.) catuaí iac-44 cultivated at 720 and 950 m above the sea level in martins soares, minas gerais state, brazil. the experimental design was completely randomized with three repetitions using split-plot in time scheme. the altitude of 720 m contributed to an acceleration in the accumulation of starch, total soluble sugar, reducing sugar and non-reducing sugar in coffee plant fruits. the accumulation of starch in the altitude of 720 m preceded the accumulation in the altitude of 950 m, presenting larger earning percentage in the fruit fast expansion stadium. in this stadium, carbohydrate concentrations in leaves in the 3rd and 4th leave pairs of productive branches decreased abruptly indicating that this is the most critic period for the carbohydrate concentrations in leaves. altitude influenced the extension of the cycle, as well as the assimilate accumulation by fruits and that variation in coffee plant leaves.
Acúmulo de nutrientes em frutos de cafeeiro em duas altitudes de cultivo: micronutrientes
Laviola, Bruno Galvêas;Martinez, Herminia Emilia Prieto;Salom?o, Luiz Carlos Chamhum;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Mendon?a, Sebastio Marcos;Rosado, Luciana Domiciano Silva;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832007000600021
Abstract: in view of the importance of knowing fruit micronutrients export from the soil, and the season in which its coffee-plant demand is higher, the accumulation of b, cu, fe, mn and zn in fruits as well as the variation in the leaf content of the elements in productive branches of arabic coffee was studied. the trial was performed in the period between anthesis and maturation at two altitudes. the experiment consisted of the coffee (coffea arabica l.) variety catuaí iac 44 cultivated at 720 and 950 m asl, in martins soares, mg, brazil. the experimental design was completely randomized with 3 repetitions using split-plots in time. the altitude affected the reproduction cycle of the coffee trees, particularly the time required for fruit formation. micronutrient accumulation for fruits as well as grain filling are more critical at lower altitude since plants need to complete these processes in a shorter time. in the fast fruit expansion stage the percentages of micronutrient accumulation was higher in plants at 720 m than at 950 m asl. in general, the altitude influenced the variation in leaf nutrient content, although no response pattern to higher altitude was observed in the leaf concentration. it is concluded that the altitude of coffee plantations affects cycle extension, micronutrient accumulation in fruits and the variation of them in coffee plant leaves.
Acúmulo de nutrientes em frutos de cafeeiro em quatro altitudes de cultivo: cálcio, magnésio e enxofre
Laviola, Bruno Galvêas;Martinez, Herminia Emilia Prieto;Salom?o, Luiz Carlos Chamhum;Cruz, Cosme Dami?o;Mendon?a, Sebastio Marcos;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832007000600022
Abstract: crurves of fruit nutrient accumulation are tools for estimating the peaks of nutrient demand and the nutrient export form the soil. the accumulation of dry matter (dm), ca, mg and s was studied in fruits of coffea arabica (l.) in the period between anthesis and maturation at four altitudes of cultivation, as well as the variation in the leaf content of the elements in productive branches. the experiment consisted of the coffee variety catuaí iac 44 cultivated at 720, 800, 880 and 950 m above sea level (asl), in martins soares-mg. the experimental design was entirely randomized with tree replications using a split-plot in time scheme. the height asl of the crop influenced the coffee reproduction cycle, particularly the time required for fruit formation. in the fast expansion stage the percentages of dm and ca, mg and s accumulation were higher in trees grown at 720 m than at 950 m. the dmar (daily maximum accumulation rate) in the grain filling stage tended to be delayed at higher altitudes. nutrient accumulation in the fruits as well as grain filling are more critical at lower altitudes since these processes have to occur in a shorter time. in general, the fruit/leaf competition for the partitioning of ca, mg and s was higher at 720 m.
Famílias, estratégias educativas e percursos escolares
Jo?o Sebastio
Revista da Faculdade de Letras : Sociologia , 2007,
Abstract: The extension of compulsory schooling during the last decades raises to the sociological research on social inequalities in education the need for a questioning on the transformations that have been reconfiguring the complex social processes produced by the development of contemporary educational systems. Based on an approach informed by non-deterministic explicative models, the text tries to understand such frame of complexity and opacity. To accomplish it, and taking as reference the results of a sociological research developed in three school contexts of Lisbon, the text focus on the actions and educational strategies of the families of the researched contexts and demonstrates that traditional oppositions in the relation with school have transformed in a frame of differentiation of school values, attitudes and trajectories
Physical Activity Program for the Elderly: Community and University Integration Programa de atividade física para idosos: integra o comunidade - universidade
émerson Sebastio,Sebastio Gobbi
Revista Ciência em Extens?o , 1969,
Abstract: The public universities are built according to the aim of developing teaching, research and extension activities. The activities of extension beyond assisting in the formation of the students, they also return to the community the production developed inside the university, in the sense of changing the reality in a positive way. The physical activity is a subject in prominence on the media, especially on its important benefits for the elderly, which happens to be the fastest growing age group. The Department of Physical Education, Institute of Biosciences, S £o Paulo State University (UNESP) at Rio Claro, has been developing an expressive number of extension projects that benefits both the external and internal community. The Program of Physical Activity for the Third Age (PROFIT) is part of these projects and it offers structured physical activity designed for 50-and-plus year-old people. Professors and both undergraduate and graduate students supervise such program. Thus, the aims of this study were to analyze: a) the history of the PROFIT; b) the operational way that the project has been run; c) the evolution of the program, in relation to the number of students who have been volunteered to help out and learn, since the period of its beginning in 1989 up to 2006. The data collection was carried out by searching on the data bank of the project (annual reports). The result of the search shows: a) a growth throughout the years both in the number of trainees (volunteer students) and older people who has been participating; b) such increases seems to demonstrate an efficient operational way to run the project. ‰ poss -vel concluir o PROFIT apresenta um importante papel tanto para a comunidade interna quanto externa colaborando com a UNESP no cumprimento de sua fun § £o transformadora da realidade. In conclusion, the PROFIT seems to play an important function both for the internal and external community, which helps the UNESP to fulfill its duty of transforming the reality in a positive way. ABSTRACT As universidades públicas s o edificadas com o propósito de desenvolver, de maneira indissociável, o ensino, a pesquisa e a extens o. As atividades de extens o além de auxiliarem na forma o do futuro profissional, também retribuem para a comunidade a produ o realizada dentro da universidade, no sentido de transformar positivamente a realidade. A atividade física é tema em destaque na mídia em especial traduzindo seus benefícios à popula o idosa que é a camada que mais cresce no mundo todo. O Departamento de Educa o Física - Instituto de Biociências " UNESP
Obtención del Enunciado de un Problema Investigando su Solución
Ferreira,Sebastio R;
Formación universitaria , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-50062009000100004
Abstract: in this work a learning-teaching methodology consisting of giving the student the task of finding the statement of a problem based on its solution. the solution of a problem involving heat exchangers was given to a group of students. they were asked to analyze the solution and write a statement for the problem. the students performed well and gave different reasonable statements, but some were more concerned with theoretical aspects and others with practical aspects. they failed to redo the calculations used to select the exchangers, which could have affected the choice of the type of exchanger. it is concluded that the methodology is can be used in teaching heat transfer, representing a tool to widen knowledge and better understand the concepts involved in the subject of the problem.
A quest?o da periodiza??o do desenvolvimento psicológico em Wallon e em Vigotski: alguns aspectos de duas teorias
Teixeira, Edival Sebastio;
Educa??o e Pesquisa , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97022003000200003
Abstract: this article presents some aspects of two theories of psychological development created from the viewpoint of the dialectical materialism: those of henri wallon and of lev vygotsky. the work argues that the fact that both these authors developed their theories from the same philosophical roots inspires important approximations between them. among the aspects shared by these theories the text highlights: the refusal to frame the psychological development within rigid schemes following a linear logic; the idea that human psyche has been and continues to be historically produced by men themselves inside relations they establish with each other and with nature; the defense they promote of the constitutive, and therefore positive, nature of conflicts and oscillation between critical and stable periods that characterize psychological development; and, particularly, the fact that both authors emphasize that an adequate understanding of development requires the analysis of this process in its internal essence, that is, an analysis of the conditionings of the external symptoms of psychological development. regarding the wallonian theory, the article draws attention to the idea that development is characterized by the alternation between cognition and affection, reason and emotion; as to the vygotskyan conception, the text emphasizes that the investigation of psychological development must start from the analysis of a child's activities inside the concrete conditions of his/her life.
Community ecology in bees: relative importance of rare and common species in some Holarctic and Neotropical sites
Laroca, Sebastio;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 1992, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81751992000100014
Abstract: data on relative importance of rare and common bee species in some holarctic and neotropical limited sites are presented. the density distribution patterns in samples from all analyzed assemblages is characterized by a relatively large number of species represented by few individuals and few species with large number of individuals, as in most animal communities.
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