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Combined effects of single nucleotide polymorphisms TP53 R72P and MDM2 SNP309, and p53 expression on survival of breast cancer patients
Marjanka K Schmidt, Johanna Tommiska, Annegien Broeks, Flora E van Leeuwen, Laura J Van't Veer, Paul DP Pharoah, Douglas F Easton, Mitul Shah, Manjeet Humphreys, Thilo D?rk, Scarlett A Reincke, Rainer Fagerholm, Carl Blomqvist, Heli Nevanlinna
Breast Cancer Research , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/bcr2460
Abstract: We pooled data from four breast cancer cohorts within the Breast Cancer Association Consortium for which both TP53 R72P and MDM2 SNP309 were genotyped and follow-up was available (n = 3,749). Overall and breast cancer-specific survival analyses were performed using Kaplan-Meier analysis and multivariate Cox's proportional hazards regression models.Survival of patients did not differ by carriership of either germ-line variant, R72P (215G>C) or SNP309 (-410G>T) alone. Immunohistochemical p53 staining of the tumor was available for two cohorts (n = 1,109 patients). Survival was worse in patients with p53-positive tumors (n = 301) compared to patients with p53-negative tumors (n = 808); breast cancer-specific survival: HR 1.6 (95% CI 1.2 to 2.1), P = 0.001. Within the patient group with p53-negative tumors, TP53 rare homozygous (CC) carriers had a worse survival than G-allele (GG/GC) carriers; actuarial breast cancer-specific survival 71% versus 80%, P = 0.07; HR 1.8 (1.1 to 3.1), P = 0.03. We also found a differential effect of combinations of the two germ-line variants on overall survival; homozygous carriers of the G-allele in MDM2 had worse survival only within the group of TP53 C-allele carriers; actuarial overall survival (GG versus TT/TG) 64% versus 75%, P = 0.001; HR (GG versus TT) 1.5 (1.1 to 2.0), P = 0.01. We found no evidence for a differential effect of MDM2 SNP309 by p53 protein expression on survival.The TP53 R72P variant may be an independent predictor for survival of patients with p53-negative tumors. The combined effect of TP53 R72P and MDM2 SNP309 on survival is in line with our a priori biologically-supported hypothesis, that is, the role of enhanced DNA repair function of the TP53 Pro-variant, combined with increased expression of the Mdm2 protein, and thus overall attenuation of the p53 pathway in the tumor cells.Breast cancer outcome may be affected by germ-line variants in genes that play a role in DNA damage control and repair such as TP53 (R72P
Fine Lines in a Three Dimensional Interconnect
J. A. Scarlett
Active and Passive Electronic Components , 1984, DOI: 10.1155/apec.11.109
Mutation analysis of the MDM4 gene in German breast cancer patients
Scarlett Reincke, Lina Govbakh, Bettina Wilhelm, Haiyan Jin, Natalia Bogdanova, Michael Bremer, Johann H Karstens, Thilo D?rk
BMC Cancer , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-8-52
Abstract: We sequenced the whole MDM4 coding region and flanking untranslated regions in genomic DNA samples obtained from 40 German patients with familial breast cancer. Selected variants were subsequently screened by RFLP-based assays in an extended set of breast cancer cases and controls.Our resequencing study uncovered two MDM4 coding variants in 4/40 patients. Three patients carried a silent substitution at codon 74 that was linked with another rare variant in the 5'UTR. No association of this allele with breast cancer was found in a subsequent screening of 133 patients with bilateral breast cancer and 136 controls. The fourth patient was heterozygous for the missense substitution D153G which is located in a less conserved region of the MDM4 protein but may affect a predicted phosphorylation site. The D153G substitution only partially segregated with breast cancer in the family and was not identified on additional 680 chromosomes screened.This study did not reveal clearly pathogenic mutations although it uncovered two new unclassified variants at a low frequency. We conclude that there is no evidence for a major role of MDM4 coding variants in the inherited susceptibility towards breast cancer in German patients.As part of a genome surveillance network, the tumour suppressor protein p53 becomes stabilized after DNA damage and modulates intracellular responses such as cell cycle arrest, DNA repair, senescence or apoptosis [1-3]. Multiple mechanisms regulate the activity of p53 at the posttranscriptional level [4,5]. One important antagonist, MDM2, is essential for ubiquitylation and subsequent degradation of p53 to maintain it at low levels in unstressed cells [6]. An MDM2-related protein, MDM4, has more recently emerged as another p53-interacting protein with a central role in the DNA damage response [7-9].MDM4, also known as MDMX, is a 490 amino acid protein that is structurally related to MDM2 and binds to both, p53 and MDM2 [8]. MDM4 is regarded a negative regulator o
Disparities in mammographic screening for Asian women in California: a cross-sectional analysis to identify meaningful groups for targeted intervention
Scarlett Gomez, Susanna Tan, Theresa HM Keegan, Christina A Clarke
BMC Cancer , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-7-201
Abstract: To better describe characteristics of Asian women associated with not having a mammogram in the last two years, we applied recursive partitioning to population-based data (N = 1521) from the 2001 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), for seven racial/ethnic groups of interest: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, South Asian, Vietnamese, and all Asians combined.We identified two major subgroups of Asian women who reported not having a mammogram in the past two years and therefore, did not follow mammography screening recommendations: 1) women who have never had a pap exam to screen for cervical cancer (68% had no mammogram), and 2) women who have had a pap exam, but have no women's health issues (osteoporosis, using menopausal hormone therapies, and/or hysterectomy) nor a usual source of care (62% had no mammogram). Only 19% of Asian women who have had pap screening and have women's health issues did not have a mammogram in the past two years. In virtually all ethnic subgroups, having had pap or colorectal screening were the strongest delineators of mammography usage. Other characteristics of women least likely to have had a mammogram included: Chinese non-U.S. citizens or citizens without usual source of health care, Filipinas with no health insurance, Koreans without women's health issues and public or no health insurance, South Asians less than age 50 who were unemployed or non-citizens, and Vietnamese women who were never married.We identified distinct subgroups of Asian women at highest risk of not adhering to mammography screening guidelines; these data can inform outreach efforts aimed at reducing the disparity in mammography screening among Asian women.Asians and Pacific Islanders are among the most rapidly growing racial/ethnic population groups in the United States (U.S.), with most of the growth attributable to high immigration rates from Asian and Pacific Island countries [1,2]. California is one of the main geographic targets of this immigration, s
Zwischen gemalter Poesie und poetischem Theater. Grenzg nge des Medienkünstlers Joan Miró [Between painted poetry and poetic theater. Paths along medial frontiers zones by the media artist Joan Miró]
Winter, Scarlett
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2008,
Abstract: This article explores Joan Miró's artistic experiments, which range from work in genres such as painting and poetry, music, dramatic performances to dance performances, and in which the artist puts his own mark on the image-text-dialogue and dramatic poetry. The artist's curiosity to experiment and his interest in transboundary "dimensionalism" spark new techniques of intermedial combinatorics and reflection. Miró's poetic writings, dramatic drafts and other forms of productions appear from this vantage point as pictorial texts, visionary spectacles and dream-analogous projections, which push the boundaries of space and time, of perception and the senses. Figures of speech and visual figures such as pictures, texts, sounds and bodies are rearranged in a play of metamorphoses and shiftings between various media.
Beam Shifting due to Bifurcation in a Cavity Environment
C. Scarlett
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: A number of physical processes show some form of bifurcation or periodic splintering of a single distribution into two new ones. Recently, it has been noted that cavity searches for interactions between photons and exotic fields may also result in bifurcation[1]. This paper builds on previous simulations of bifurcation of an optical beam in the presence of periodic focusing [2]. Here, however, the focus is on predicting a shifting of the beam's position, defined by the center of the energy density, that can result. Mathematical models are described and the formalism for simulating bifurcation under complex conditions is delineated.
Laser profile Changes Due to Photon-Axion Induced Beam Splitting
Carol Scarlett
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.nima.2013.04.025
Abstract: This paper looks at a potentially unique measurable due to photon-axion coupling in an external magnetic field. Simulations indicate that probing couplings significantly lower than seen by previous cavity experiments is possible.
On the Dispersions of the Gel'fand-Pinsker Channel and Dirty Paper Coding
Jonathan Scarlett
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: This paper studies second-order coding rates for memoryless channels with a state sequence known non-causally at the encoder. In the case of finite alphabets, an achievability result is obtained using constant-composition random coding, and by using a small fraction of the block to transmit the type of the state sequence. For error probabilities less than 1/2, it is shown that the second-order rate improves on an existing one based on i.i.d. random coding. In the Gaussian case (dirty paper coding) with an almost-sure power constraint, an achievability result is obtained used using random coding over the surface of a sphere, and using a small fraction of the block to transmit a quantized description of the state power. It is shown that the second-order asymptotics are identical to the single-user Gaussian channel of the same input power without a state.
Longitudinal, population-based study of racial/ethnic differences in colorectal cancer survival: impact of neighborhood socioeconomic status, treatment and comorbidity
Scarlett Gomez, Cynthia D O'Malley, Antoinette Stroup, Sarah J Shema, William A Satariano
BMC Cancer , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-7-193
Abstract: This study evaluated the joint effects of sociodemographic factors, tumor characteristics, census-based socioeconomic status (SES), treatment, and comorbidities on survival after colorectal cancer among and within racial/ethnic groups, using the SEER-Medicare database for patients diagnosed in 1992–1996, and followed through 1999.Unadjusted colorectal cancer-specific mortality rates were higher among Blacks and Hispanic males than whites (relative rates (95% confidence intervals) = 1.34 (1.26–1.42) and 1.16 (1.04–1.29), respectively), and lower among Japanese (0.78 (0.70–0.88)). These patterns were evident for all-cause mortality, although the magnitude of the disparity was larger for colorectal cancer mortality. Adjustment for stage accounted for the higher rate among Hispanic males and most of the lower rate among Japanese. Among Blacks, stage and SES accounted for about half of the higher rate relative to Whites, and within stage III colon and stages II/III rectal cancer, SES completely accounted for the small differentials in survival between Blacks and Whites. Comorbidity did not appear to explain the Black-White differentials in colorectal-specific nor all-cause mortality, beyond stage, and treatment (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) explained a very small proportion of the Black-White difference. The fully-adjusted relative mortality rates comparing Blacks to Whites was 1.14 (1.09–1.20) for all-cause mortality and 1.21 (1.14–1.29) for colorectal cancer specific mortality. The sociodemographic, tumor, and treatment characteristics also had different impacts on mortality within racial/ethnic groups.In this comprehensive analysis, race/ethnic-specific models revealed differential effects of covariates on survival after colorectal cancer within each group, suggesting that different strategies may be necessary to improve survival in each group. Among Blacks, half of the differential in survival after colorectal cancer was primarily attributable to stage and SES,
Enfisema pulmonar intersticial persistente en recién nacido: Caso clínico
Mühlhausen M,German; Brethauer M,Scarlett; Martínez R,Fernando; Melipillán A,Yorky;
Revista chilena de pediatría , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0370-41062012000100009
Abstract: persistent interstitial pulmonary emphysema (pipe) is a syndrome characterized by air leak to the perivascular tissue in the lung, affecting newborns with history of mechanical ventilation. it is also characterized by lack of reabsorption of air in the gap in some areas and giant cell formation. case report: a 35-week preterm newborn is presented. moan and retraction were observed, with oxygen requirements. at the hospital, the diagnosis of transient respiratory distress syndrome was done, requiring nasal cpap support. at 12 hours of life a sudden clinical deterioration was noted, and a tension pneumothorax of the right lung was confirmed. pneumothorax was drained with chest tube and high frequency ventilation was initiated. a chest x-ray showed reexpansion of right lung and greater confluence baseline images suggesting bronchopneumonia. after discontinuing ventilatory support, 2 chest ct images show a persistent interstitial pulmonary emphysema in the right lung. patient was discharged at 13 days of life. discussion: pipe is a syndrome that must be suspected within the differential diagnosis of cystic lung diseases in the newborn. its identification allows the exclusion of similar entities, and avoid unnecessary surgeries since pipe may lead to spontaneous resolution.
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