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Deregulation of histone lysine methyltransferases contributes to oncogenic transformation of human bronchoepithelial cells
Hideo Watanabe, Kenzo Soejima, Hiroyuki Yasuda, Ichiro Kawada, Ichiro Nakachi, Satoshi Yoda, Katsuhiko Naoki, Akitoshi Ishizaka
Cancer Cell International , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2867-8-15
Abstract: We observed differential HKMT expression in a lung cancer model in which normal human bronchial epithelial (NHBE) cells expressing telomerase, SV40 large T antigen, and Ras were immortal, formed colonies in soft agar, and expressed specific HKMTs for H3 lysine 9 and 27 residues but not for H3 lysine 4 residue. Modifications in the H3 tails affect the binding of proteins to the histone tails and regulate protein function and the position of lysine methylation marks a gene to be either activated or repressed. In the present study, suppression by siRNA of HKMTs (EZH2, G9A, SETDB1 and SUV39H1) that are over-expressed in immortalized and transformed cells lead to reduced cell proliferation and much less anchorage-independent colony growth. We also found that the suppression of H3-K9, G9A and SUV39H1 induced apoptosis and the suppression of H3-K27, EZH2 caused G1 arrest.Our results indicate the potential of these HKMTs in addition to the other targets for epigenetics such as DNMTs and HDACs to be interesting therapeutic targets.Alterations in the processing of the genetic information in carcinogenesis result from stable genetic mutations involving tumor suppressor genes, oncogenes and DNA stability genes as well as from potentially reversible epigenetic changes leading to modifications in gene function [1,2]. It is well established that epigenetic modifications of nucleosomal histones are central to proper gene expression and aberrant DNA methylation of genes play an important role in tumor progression. However, still relatively little is known about histone modifications, especially methylation, with respect to tumorigenesis. The N-terminus of histone tails is modified by amino-acid phosphorylation, acetylation or methylation to form a code for specifying downstream events and consequently a certain chromatin structure. Tens of histone lysine methyltransferases (HKMTs) have been identified and histone lysine methylation is now considered to be a critical regulator of tra
Magnetization Losses in Multiply Connected YBa2Cu3O6+x Coated Conductors
G. A. Levin,P. N. Barnes,Naoyuki Amemiya,Satoshi Kasai,Keiji Yoda,Zhenan Jiang,A. Polyanskii
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1063/1.2139832
Abstract: We report the results of a magnetization losses study in experimental multifilament, multiply connected coated superconductors exposed to time-varying magnetic field. In these samples, the superconducting layer is divided into parallel stripes segregated by non-superconducting grooves. In order to facilitate the current sharing between the stripes and thus increase the reliability of the striated conductors, a sparse network of superconducting bridges is superimposed on the striated film. We find that the presence of the bridges does not substantially increase the magnetization losses, both hysteresis and coupling, as long as the number of bridges per length of the sample is not large. These results indicate that it is possible to find a reasonable compromise between the competing requirements of connectivity and loss reduction in an ac-tolerant version of the high temperature coated conductors specifically designed for ac power applications.
Literature and translation in Burkina Faso: the case of Fidèle P. Rouamba's novel Le Carnaval de la mort
L Yoda
Tydskrif vir letterkunde , 2007,
Abstract: Translation, considered as a product of linguistic diversity or the confusion following the fall of the Tower of Babel, represents an act of communication. In a multilingual society, such as Burkina Faso, translation is an indispensable tool for socioeconomic, political and cultural development. In this paper I propose to examine how multilingualism, which is at the origin of translation, is reflected in Burkinabè literature. Since literature is a fictional representation of reality, I shall examine the way literary communication mirrors this reality, i.e., the linguistic and cultural diversity of Burkina Faso. In addition, this paper goes beyond the classical and linguistic definitions of translation in terms of equivalence between target text and source text and claims that, to some extent, African writers qualify as translators. This is examplified by Fidèle P. Rouamba‘s novel Le Carnaval de la mort (“The carnival of death”, 1995).
A Radiotherapy Treatment Margin Formula When Systematic Positioning Errors are Relatively Small Compared to Random Positioning Errors: A First-Order Approximation  [PDF]
Kiyoshi Yoda
International Journal of Medical Physics,Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology (IJMPCERO) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijmpcero.2017.62017
Abstract: A radiotherapy treatment margin formula has been analytically derived when a standard deviation (SD) of systematic positioning errors Ʃ is relatively small compared to an SD of random positioning errors σ. The margin formula for 0 Ʃ σ was calculated by linearly interpolating two boundaries at Ʃ = 0 and Ʃ = σ, assuming that the van Herk margin approximation of k1Ʃ + k2σ is valid at Ʃ = σ. It was shown that a margin formula for 0 Ʃ σ may be approximated by k1σ + k2Ʃ, leading to a more general form of k1 max(Ʃ,σ) + k2 min(Ʃ,σ) which is a piecewise linear approximation for any values of Ʃ and σ.
Evaluation of an oral moisture-checking device for screening dry mouth  [PDF]
Yosuke Fukushima, Tetsuya Yoda, Shoichiro Kokabu, Ryuichiro Araki, Tsubasa Murata, Yoshimasa Kitagawa, Ken Omura, Shuji Toya, Kayoko Ito, Saori Funayama, Hiroshi Iwabuchi, Kazuhiro Asano, Yutaka Imai, Akihide Negishi, Satoshi Yokoo, Goichi Matsumoto, Eiro Kubota, Hideki Watanabe, Mikio Kusama, Kojiro Onizawa, Takuya Goto, Seiji Nakamura, Ryuichi Nakazawa, Kiyoshi Harada, Takashi Fujibayashi
Open Journal of Stomatology (OJST) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojst.2013.38073

Objective: This multicenter clinical study was to assess the clinical usability of an oral moisture-checking device in detecting the dry mouth patients and evaluating the optimal measurement site. Materials and Methods: The study group comprised 250 patients with dry mouth and 241 healthy volunteer subjects at 13 medical centers. This device was used to measure the moisture degrees of the lingual mucosa and the buccal mucosa. Subjective oral dryness, objective oral dryness, and saliva flow rates were also compared between the two groups. For statistical analysis, receiver-operating characteristic analysis was performed to calculate the area under the curve (AUC). Results: The moisture degree of the lingual mucosa was significantly lower in the dry mouth group (27.2 ± 4.9) than that in the healthy group (29.5 ± 3.1, AUC = 0.653). When a lingual mucosa moisture degree of 31.0 or higher was defined as normal, less than 27.0 as dry mouth, and 27.0 to less than 31.0 as borderline zone of dry mouth, both the sensitivity and the specificity for the diagnosis of dry mouth were close to 80%. Conclusion: These results suggest that the oral moisture-checking device is a usable screening device for dry mouth.

Electronic and Magnetic Phase Diagram of a Superconductor, SmFeAsO1-xFx
Yoichi Kamihara,Takatoshi Nomura,Masahiro Hirano,Jung Eun Kim,Kenichi Kato,Masaki Takata,Yasuhiro Kobayashi,Shinji Kitao,Satoshi Higashitaniguchi,Yoshitaka Yoda,Makoto Seto,Hideo Hosono
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/12/3/033005
Abstract: A crystallographic and magnetic phase diagram of SmFeAsO1-xFx is determined as a function of x in terms of temperature based on electrical transport and magnetization, synchrotron powder x-ray diffraction, 57Fe Mossbauer spectra (MS), and 149Sm nuclear resonant forward scattering (NRFS) measurements. MS revealed that the magnetic moments of Fe were aligned antiferromagnetically at ~144 K (TN(Fe)). The magnetic moment of Fe (MFe) is estimated to be 0.34 myuB/Fe at 4.2 K for undoped SmFeAsO; MFe is quenched in superconducting F-doped SmFeAsO. 149Sm NRFS spectra revealed that the magnetic moments of Sm start to order antiferromagnetically at 5.6 K (undoped) and 4.4 K (TN(Sm)) (x = 0.069). Results clearly indicate that the antiferromagnetic Sm sublattice coexists with the superconducting phase in SmFeAsO1-xFx below TN(Sm), while antiferromagnetic Fe sublattice does not coexist with the superconducting phase.
Electrokinetically Driven Reversible Banding of Colloidal Particles Near the Wall
Necmettin Cevheri,Minami Yoda
Physics , 2013,
Abstract: This fluid dynamics video, presented at the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics (Pittsburgh, PA), shows how dielectric colloidal polystyrene (PS) particles with a negative surface charge in a dilute suspension flowing through a microchannel can be manipulated and assembled into streamwise structures by using a combination of shear and an applied negative electric field along the streamwise direction. Interestingly, these structures are only observed within about 1 um of the wall, which also has a negative surface charge, and are not present in the bulk flow.
Air temperature was associated with ambulance transports in Osaka area, Japan  [PDF]
Nobuyuki Miyatake, Noriko Sakano, Shoko Murakami, Takeshi Suzue, Takeshi Yoda, Akira Yoshioka, Tomohiro Hirao
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.39092
Abstract: We investigated the link between ambulance transports and meteorological parameters of summer by using daily data in Osaka area, Japan. Daily observations for ambulance transports (from July 1 to September 30, 2009) were obtained from Fire Department Service in Osaka. Data of meteorological parameters in Osaka area, Japan (from July 1 to September 30, 2009) were also obtained from Japan Meteorological Agency. Effect of meteorological parameters on ambulance transports was analyzed. A total of 49,526 ambulance transports were observed from July 1 to September 30, 2009 in Osaka, Japan. Ambulance transports were significantly correlated with mean air temperature (r = 0.298), the highest air temperature (r = 0.347), the lowest air temperature (r = 0.209) and daylight hours (r = 0.301). The higher air temperature was associated with higher ambulance transports of summer in Osaka area, Japan.
Factors associated with psychological distress of medical doctor in Kagawa prefecture, Japan: a pilot study  [PDF]
Takeshi Suzue, Noriko Sakano, Yoshikazu Miyamae, Takeshi Yoda, Akira Yoshioka, Taichi Nagatomi, Wataru Shiraki, Tomohiro Hirao
Health (Health) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.312124
Abstract: Objective: We evaluated the psychological distress of medical doctor using a 6-item instrument (the K6) in Kagawa prefecture, Japan. Methods: A total of 284 medical doctors (236 men and 48 women) were analyzed in a cross-sectional investigation study. The association between psychological distress and clinical factors were evaluated by the K6 instrument, with psychological distress defined as 13 or more points out of a total of 24 points. Results: A total of 17 doctors (6.0%) as defined as psychological distress. The significant relationships between the K6 score and age, experience duration as clinician were not noted. The K6 score in subjects with consciousness of suicide was significantly higher than that without. In addition, the K6 score in subjects without cooperation with specialists was higher than those without, but not at a significant level. Conclusions: Some factors i.e. consciousness of suicide and cooperation with specialists might be associated with psychological distress, as assessed by the K6 instrument, in medical doctor in Kagawa prefecture, Japan.
Disease-wide accessibility of the elderly in primary care setting: The relationship between geographic accessibility and utilization of outpatient services in Tokushima prefecture, Japan  [PDF]
Yoshimi Tsuji, Tomohiro Hirao, Ai Fujikawa, Yoichi Hoshikawa, Akira Yoshioka, Takeshi Yoda, Takeshi Suzue
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.46053
Abstract: In Japan, a rapid pace of aging coupled with the lower birth rates causes the decrease of the population especially in rural area, which leads to the problems with the delivery of healthcare services. We investigated the relationship between the geographical accessibility (time and distance) and the utilization rate of outpatient services in the elderly by major disease groups in Tokushima prefecture, Japan. Distances and driving times to the nearest facilities from residential sites in major disease categories were measured by using geographic information system. Utilization data was obtained from the claim data. In diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue (M00-M99), diseases of the digestive system (K00-K93), endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases (E00-E90), diseases of the eye and adnexa (H00-H59) and diseases of the respiratory system (J00-J99), there were moderate negative correlations (around –0.4 to –0.6) both in distance and time. Distance and time to the nearest facilities were important factors for the utilization of outpatient services of major disease categories in Japanese elderly. Comprehensive approach which include socio- economic factors is needed to mitigate access problems in aging Japanese society.
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