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Cytomegalovirus infection associated with onset of ulcerative colitis
Mitsuro Chiba, Toru Abe, Satoko Tsuda, Iwao Ono
BMC Research Notes , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1756-0500-6-40
Abstract: A 50-year-old woman, with a history of right partial mastectomy two years ago, had a persistent high fever for 9 days, after which a thickness of the colonic wall was detected on abdominal ultrasonography. Laboratory data showed inflammation and 2% atypical lymphocytes with the normal number of white blood cells. Although there was no bloody stool, fecal occult blood was over 1000 ng/ml. Colonoscopy showed diffuse inflammation in the entire large bowel and pseudomembranes in the sigmoid colon. The diagnosis was UC with antibiotic-associated pseudomembranous colitis. Metronidazole followed by sulfasalazine resulted in defervescence and improvement in laboratory data of inflammation. It took one month for normalization of fecal occult blood. Endoscopic remission was simultaneously confirmed. Later, it was found that a report of positive CMV antigenaemia (2/150,000) had been missed. Reevaluation of biopsy specimens using a monoclonal antibody against CMV identified positive cells, although inclusion bodies were not found in hematoxylin and eosin sections. Finally, the case was concluded to be synchronous onset of CMV colitis and UC.Synchronous CMV colitis is not routinely investigated in newly diagnosed UC patients. Together with a recent observation in animal studies, it is plausible that a subset (a few to several per cent) of UC patients develop synchronous CMV infection. Further studies are needed to elucidate the plausibility.
Lifestyle-related disease in Crohn’s disease: Relapse prevention by a semi-vegetarian diet
Mitsuro Chiba, Toru Abe, Hidehiko Tsuda, Takeshi Sugawara, Satoko Tsuda, Haruhiko Tozawa, Katsuhiko Fujiwara, Hideo Imai
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: AIM: To investigate whether semi-vegetarian diet (SVD) has a preventive effect against relapse of Crohn’s disease (CD) in patients who have achieved remission, who are a high-risk group for relapse.METHODS: A prospective, single center, 2-year clinical trial was conducted. Twenty-two adult CD patients who achieved clinical remission either medically (n = 17) or surgically (n = 5) and consumed an SVD during hospitalization were advised to continue with an SVD and avoid known high-risk foods for inflammatory bowel disease. The primary endpoint was clinical relapse defined as the appearance of active symptoms of CD. Kaplan-Meier survival analysis was used to calculate the cumulative proportion of patients who had a relapse. A 2-year analysis of relapse rates of patients who followed an SVD and those who did not (an omnivorous diet group) was undertaken.RESULTS: SVD was continued by 16 patients (compliance 73%). Remission was maintained in 15 of 16 patients (94%) in the SVD group vs two of six (33%) in the omnivorous group. Remission rate with SVD was 100% at 1 year and 92% at 2 years. SVD showed significant prevention in the time to relapse compared to that in the omnivorous group (P = 0.0003, log rank test). The concentration of C-reactive protein was normal at the final visit in more than half of the patients in remission who were taking an SVD, who maintained remission during the study (9/15; 60%), who terminated follow-up (8/12; 67%), and who completed 2 years follow-up (7/10; 70%). There was no untoward effect of SVD.CONCLUSION: SVD was highly effective in preventing relapse in CD.
Specific heat and magnetization of a ZrB12 single crystal: characterization of a type II/1 superconductor
Yuxing Wang,Rolf Lortz,Yuriy Paderno,Vladimir Filippov,Satoko Abe,Ulrich Tutsch,Alain Junod
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.72.024548
Abstract: We measured the specific heat, the magnetization, and the magnetoresistance of a single crystal of ZrB12, which is superconducting below Tc ~ 6 K. The specific heat in zero field shows a BCS-type superconducting transition. The normal- to superconducting-state transition changes from first order (with a latent heat) to second order (without latent heat) with increasing magnetic field, indicating that the pure compound is a low-kappa, type-II/1 superconductor in the classification of Auer and Ullmaier [J. Auer and H. Ullmaier, Phys. Rev.B 7, 136 (1973)]. This behavior is confirmed by magnetization measurements. The H-T phase diagram based on specific-heat and magnetization data yields Hc2(0) =550 G for the bulk upper critical field, whereas the critical field defined by vanishing resistance is a surface critical field Hc3(0) ~ 1000 G.
Modulated-bath AC calorimetry using modified commercial Peltier-elements
Rolf Lortz,Satoko Abe,Yuxing Wang,Frederic Bouquet,Ulrich Tutsch,Alain Junod
Physics , 2005, DOI: 10.1063/1.2069648
Abstract: We developed a new type of AC microcalorimeter based on a modulated-bath technique for measuring the specific heat of small microgram samples in the temperature range from 30-300 K, and tested it in magnetic fields up to 14 T. The device is built from a modified commercial Peltier element. The temperature of its top plate can be modulated periodically by Peltier effect, so that the oscillation is symmetrical about the temperature of the main bath. This avoids the problem of DC offsets which plagues conventional AC calorimeters. The sample is attached to a thin thermocouple cross, acting as a weak thermal link to a platform. The absence of a heater reduces the background heat capacity ('addenda') to a minimum. As an illustrative example of the performance of our device, the specific heat in fields up to 14 T of a small single crystal of the high-temperature superconductor Bi2.12Sr1.71Ca1.22Cu1.95Oy has been determined.
Multifactorial study of mobile phone dependence in medical students: Relationship to health-related lifestyle, Type A behavior, and depressive state  [PDF]
Masahiro Toda, Satoko Ezoe
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.31012
Abstract: We investigated factors contributing to mobile phone dependence. To 139 medical students, we administered a self-reporting questionnaire designed to evaluate mobile phone dependence, health-related lifestyle, patterns of behavior, and depressive state. Multivariate logistic regression analysis revealed that scores for poor health-related lifestyle, Type A behavior pattern, and presence of depression are independently associated with degree of mobile phone dependency. These findings suggest that persons with an unhealthy lifestyle, Type A behavior traits, or depression might benefit from mobile phone use guidance.
Relationships of loneliness and mobile phone dependence with Internet addiction in Japanese medical students  [PDF]
Satoko Ezoe, Masahiro Toda
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.36055
Abstract: We investigated factors contributing to Internet addiction in 105 Japanese medical students. The subjects were administered by a self-reporting questionnaire designed to evaluate demographic factors, Internet addiction, loneliness, health-related lifestyle factors, depressive state, patterns of behavior, and mobile phone dependence. Results of multivariate logistic regression analysis indicated that loneliness and mobile phone dependence were positively related to degree of addiction. Our findings suggest that Internet addiction is associated with loneliness and mobile phone dependence in Japanese students.
Cardiac Arrest Cases and Automated External Defibrillator Use in Railroad Stations in Tokyo  [PDF]
Satoko Fukuike, Yasuhiro Otomo
International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijcm.2014.520170
Abstract: Objective: Nationwide dissemination of public-access defibrillation (PAD) contributed to an increase of survival rate in Japan. We analysed cardiac arrests (CAs) that occurred in railroad stations in Tokyo to evaluate PAD in the metropolis. Methods: We collected Utstein data from the Tokyo Fire Department (TFD) and analysed CA cases that occurred in stations. In total, 245 non-traumatic CAs from January 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008 were analysed; CAs in children under 8 years were excluded. Results: The rates of pre-hospital return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) were 41 out of 145 witnessed CA patients (28.3%) and 12 ROSC out of 100 unwitnessed CA patients (12%). Of 245 CA cases, bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) performed in 156 (63.7%), automated external defibrillator (AED) used in 117 (47.8%) and shock delivered in 65 (26.5%). Rates of ROSC were 31.6% (37/117) with AED use significantly higher than those of 12.5% (16/128) without AED use (P < 0.001). Most CAs occurred on platforms; the use of AEDs on platforms increased from 18/31 (58.1%) in 2007 to 32/43 (74.4%) in 2008 and ROSC rates increased from 8 (25.8%) to 14 (32.6%), respectively. On train CAs: ROSC cases were very few, 1 case each year (8.3%; 7.7%) while the use of AED increased from 8/12 (66.7%) in 2007 to 10/13 (76.9%) in 2008. Conclusion: Bystander CPR and the use of AED at railroad stations improved ROSC for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) patients. AED location and strategies for dealing with CAs on trains should be re-evaluated.
Insights into the Structures of DNA Damaged by Hydroxyl Radical: Crystal Structures of DNA Duplexes Containing 5-Formyluracil
Masaru Tsunoda,Takeshi Sakaue,Satoko Naito,Tomoko Sunami,Naoko Abe,Yoshihito Ueno,Akira Matsuda,Akio Takénaka
Journal of Nucleic Acids , 2010, DOI: 10.4061/2010/107289
Abstract: Hydroxyl radicals are potent mutagens that attack DNA to form various base and ribose derivatives. One of the major damaged thymine derivatives is 5-formyluracil (fU), which induces pyrimidine transition during replication. In order to establish the structural basis for such mutagenesis, the crystal structures of two kinds of DNA d(CGCGRATfUCGCG) with R = A/G have been determined by X-ray crystallography. The fU residues form a Watson-Crick-type pair with A and two types of pairs (wobble and reversed wobble) with G, the latter being a new type of base pair between ionized thymine base and guanine base. In silico structural modeling suggests that the DNA polymerase can accept the reversed wobble pair with G, as well as the Watson-Crick pair with A. 1. Introduction Hydroxyl radicals, activated from hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen superoxide anion under light radiation, are well known as potent mutagens that attack DNA and convert them to many different kinds of base and ribose derivatives [1, 2]. Every aerobic organism possesses several enzymes to remove such toxic oxides, as well as to recover the damaged DNA. However, when an excess amount of the radicals attacks DNA, the thymine base is oxidized at the 5-methyl group to form 5-formyluracil base (hereafter -deoxy-5-formyluridine residue is referred to as fU) as a major product. (The four characters, A, T, G, and C, represent the respective nucleotide residues in DNA sequence. The other abbreviations used are fU for 5-formyluracil or -deoxy-5-formyluridine residue, dfUTP for -deoxy-5-formyluridine -triphosphate, HPLC for high pressure liquid chromatography, fUA for d(CGCGAATfUCGCG), and fUG for d(CGCGGATfUCGCG).) It was demonstrated that -deoxy-5-formyluridine triphosphate (dfUTP) was incorporated against both A and G templates, possibly forming fU:A and fU:G base pairs during in vitro DNA replication [3, 4]. On the other hand, it was reported that dfUTP-induced pyrimidine transitions, G:C A:T and A:T G:C, as well as a gene transversion from G:C to T:A, could occur in vivo [5, 6]. These results suggest that fU can behave as C, A, and G in addition to its original property of T. In order to reveal the interaction geometry of the modified base fU, we performed X-ray analyses on fU-containing DNA duplexes. The fU residues were introduced into the self-complementary Dickerson-Drew-type dodecamer sequence, which is expected to be easy to crystallize. The DNAs used in this study are d(CGCGAATfUCGCG) and d(CGCGGATfUCGCG) and will be referred to as fUA and fUG, respectively. The fU base faces either an adenine or
Simultaneous Screening of Multiple Mutations by Invader Assay Improves Molecular Diagnosis of Hereditary Hearing Loss: A Multicenter Study
Shin-ichi Usami, Shin-ya Nishio, Makoto Nagano, Satoko Abe, Toshikazu Yamaguchi, the Deafness Gene Study Consortium
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0031276
Abstract: Although etiological studies have shown genetic disorders to be a common cause of congenital/early-onset sensorineural hearing loss, there have been no detailed multicenter studies based on genetic testing. In the present report, 264 Japanese patients with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss from 33 ENT departments nationwide participated. For these patients, we first applied the Invader assay for screening 47 known mutations of 13 known deafness genes, followed by direct sequencing as necessary. A total of 78 (29.5%) subjects had at least one deafness gene mutation. Mutations were more frequently found in the patients with congenital or early-onset hearing loss, i.e., in those with an awareness age of 0–6 years, mutations were significantly higher (41.8%) than in patients with an older age of awareness (16.0%). Among the 13 genes, mutations in GJB2 and SLC26A4 were mainly found in congenital or early-onset patients, in contrast with mitochondrial mutations (12S rRNA m.1555A>G, tRNA(Leu(UUR)) m.3243A>G), which were predominantly found in older-onset patients. The present method of simultaneous screening of multiple deafness mutations by Invader assay followed by direct sequencing will enable us to detect deafness mutations in an efficient and practical manner for clinical use.
Satoko Tokunaga
International Journal of English Studies (IJES) , 2005, DOI: 10.6018/ijes.5.2.47761
Abstract: This paper examines soine distinctive uses of typefaces by Caxton's compositors in his early products at Westminster and illustrates how useful such examples are in revealing the chronology of actual book production, as well as in identifying the compositors at work on individual volumes. An exhaustive analysis of early printed books can provide us with information about compositors at work in England's earliest printing house. This paper therefore argues that it is inost definitely worth considering such 'inechaiiical' aspects of book design as typography when editing any printed text, and introduces most recent research results contributed by a project at Keio University, which airns to establish a semiautomatic system that can transcribe every feature of the printed text including even minute differences in types.
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