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Indoor Air Mycological Survey and Occupational Exposure in Libraries in Mato Grosso-Central Region—Brazil  [PDF]
Diniz Pereira Leite Júnior, Ronaldo Sousa Pereira, Washington Santos de Almeida, Sara de Almeida Alves Simes, Ana Caroline Akeme Yamamoto, Janaina Vasconcellos Ribeiro de Souza, Evelin Rodrigues Martins, Fábio Alexandre Leal dos Santos, Rosane Christine Hahn
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2018.84022
Abstract: Background: Indoor air quality in environments where there is great circulation of people, posing risks to the health of its occupants, including allergic problems, infections and contaminations, can be aided by climatic factors, chemicals and biological agents housed in these environments, influencing the location and providing favorable conditions for the degradation of bibliographic collections. The present study investigated the presence of fungi in indoor environments in seven public and private libraries in the central region of Brazil, Mato Grosso, and verified the impact on occupational health. Results: A total of 26,194 fungal specimens were isolated from 342 dust samples collected using three techniques: Andersen’s sampler (12.3%), exposure plate dish (25.1%) and sterile swab (62.6%). A total of 184 fungal species were identified: 156 (84.8%) mycelial fungi and 28 (15.2%) yeast fungi, belonging 54 fungal genera, 43 (79.6%) mycelial fungi and 11 (20.4%) yeast fungi. The genus Aspergillus (40.6%) was one of the main fungi present in indoor air. Aspergillus niger (12.3%) was identified as the most prevalent species in literary environments, followed by Cryptococcus spp. (7.1%) and Cladosporium cladosporioides (7.0%). In relation to seasonal distribution, there was a greater fungal isolation in the dry season (54%); followed by the rainy season (46%). Conclusion: These results suggest the substrates researched in the evaluated environments presented in the form of documents, books and papers associated with dust and air humidity become suitable for microbiological proliferation. These findings highlight the importance of minimizing the risk of exposure to fungal agents, identified in pathogenic and toxigenic microenvironments in library collections.
Análise de convergência espacial dos repasses da Lei Robin Hood
Maranduba Júnior, Noé Gon?alves;Almeida, Eduardo Simes de;
Economia e Sociedade , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-06182009000300007
Abstract: one alleges that the robin hood act has allowed one better distribution of the values of icms to municipalities of the state of minas gerais. the paper is aimed at verifying if the robin hood act has actually revealed a redistributive effect in tax transfers to municipalities in the state over the period 2001-2005, that is, if, in relative terms, poor municipalities have received more these transfers than rich ones. in doing methodologically so, an exploratory spatial data analysis and a convergence analysis are implemented to verify if the disparities of tax redistribution have diminished over the time. the findings showed that the spatial effects were important in the analysis as well as there was no redistributive effect in the period because the convergence coefficient was not significant.
Analysis of Power and Aerobic Capacity in Elite Athletes of Both Genres, Practitioners of Different Sports  [PDF]
Ricardo Cesar Alves Ferreira, Fabiano de Barros Souza, Wellington Ribeiro, Wendel Simões Fernandes, Alessandra de Almeida Fagundes, Leandro Yukio Alves Kawaguchi, Carolina S. Carvalho, Rodrigo Alexis Lazo-Osorio
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2014.44024
Abstract: Oxygen uptake (VO2 peak) has been very important in functional assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness. The Ergospirometry is a noninvasive procedure used to evaluate physical performance or ability of an individual, through the analysis of the gases with the respiratory variables. In sports, this method of evaluation is crucial, because it brings a significant contribution to the verification of aerobic fitness, such as, the maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max.), and anaerobic threshold. The present study aims to evaluate the power and aerobic capacity in professional and under-20 soccer players, handball athletes, and women footballers, using the technique of gas analysis. For the study, 48 athletes, who participated voluntarily, were divided into 4 groups of 12 athletes. The VO2 peak, the average speed and heart rate at anaerobic threshold, as well as respiratory exchange ratio were analyzed. We found that the values were always greater for the group of professional football players, with the exception of the average consumption of maximum O2, where the difference of the footballers in the under-20 category was not significant. Additional values that were analyzed indicated that there were some physical similarities between the other groups that should be noted. The respiratory exchange ratio was significantly lower for the group of women footballers. Based on this data, it was concluded that the specificity of sport as dimensions of the pitch, duration, and tactical system, morphology and sex of the athlete, directly influences the values of the VO2 peak, lactate threshold and respiratory exchange ratio for athletes of different sports at the same stage of periodization of fitness.
Validade de equa??es de predi??o em estimar o VO2max de brasileiros jovens a partir do desempenho em corrida de 1.600m
Almeida, Jeeser Alves de;Campbell, Carmen S. G.;Pardono, Emerson;Sotero, Rafael da Costa;Magalh?es, Guilherme;Simes, Herbert Gustavo;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922010000100011
Abstract: the aim of the present study was to analyze the validity of predictive equation proposed by cureton et al. (1995) for vo2peak = -8.41 (mrw) + 0.34 (mrw) 2 + 0.21 (age x gender) -0.84 (bmi) + 108.94" on estimating the vo2max of young brazilians from a 1600-m running performance, and to suggest a predictive equation specific for this population. 30 physically active young men (23±3.1age; 74.8±5.8kg; 1.78±0.05m; 49.8±6.5ml.kg-1.min-1) who were submitted to an incremental exercise test (it) on treadmill until exhaustion with gas analysis participated in this study. subjects also performed a 1600-m running track test as fast as possible. the volunteers were randomly sorted in two groups: g1 - to generate a specific predictive equation for vo2max, and g2 - to apply both predictive equations (actual and from cureton et al.) to evaluate their validity on estimating vo2max in a brazilian population sample. significant differences were observed between vo2max directly identified on it through gas analysis (50.1±7.1 ml.kg-1.min-1) in relation to the results obtained by the predictive equation proposed by cureton et al. (1995) (44.2±6.5ml.kg-1.min-1) with a weak relationship between them (r = 0.21). the relationship between the vo2max on it and the running velocity on 1600-m as obtained for g1 resulted in the following predictive equation: (vo2max = 0.177*1600vm(m.min-1) + 8,101). when this new equation was applied on the participants of g2, the predicted vo2max (50.1±7.2ml.kg-1.min-1) did not differ from vo2max determined directly on it (50.1±7.1ml.kg-1.min-1) with a high correlation between them (r = 0.81). thus, it was concluded that the cureton et al. predictive equation developed with a north americanpopulation sample as grounding, underestimated the vo2max of physically active young brazilians. on the other hand, the predictive equation proposed on the present study was considered valid for this purpose through the 1600-m running performance for our participants.
Parametros ruminais e síntese de proteína metabolizável em bovinos de corte sob suplementa??o com proteinados contendo diversos níveis de proteína bruta
Oliveira, Luiz Orcirio Fialho de;Saliba, Eloisa de Oliveira Simes;Borges, Iran;Gon?alves, Lucio Carlos;Fialho, Maria Paula Ferreira;Miranda, Paula de Almeida Barbosa;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982009001200029
Abstract: the effects of nitrogen levels of protein supplements were evaluated on the concentrations of ammonical nitrogen (n-nh3), volatile fatty acids (vfa's) concentrations and ph in beef cattle grazing brachiaria brizantha cv. marandu. the microbial protein synthesis, ruminal undegradable protein (rup) and endogenous crude protein (ecp) and their contributions to the pool of metabolizable protein (mp). four nelore steer, 395 ± 9 kg, fitted with ruminal cannulas, were used to evaluate ruminal parameters, degradability, ruminal kinetics and microbial synthesis in a 4 ×4 latin square design. the animals were supplied with 400g/head/day of supplements containing 30, 40, and 50% crude protein (cp) for comparison with a control group without protein supplementation (c). the animals grazed brachiaria brizantha cv marandu, distributed in four one-hectare paddocks where the supplements were offered and the orts removed daily. the n-nh3 levels in the animals that received 50% cp were higher than those observed in animals receiving 40% cp and c, but were similar to the levels observed in the animals supplemented with 30% cp. the vfa concentrations in the group supplemented with 30% pb were higher than the control treatment (c) and similar to those obtained with 40 and 50% cp supplementation. the ph did not differ among the groups. the microbial synthesis and rup were greater for the animals that received protein supplementation compared to the control treatment.
Análise Espacial da Produtividade de óleo Vegetal para Produ o de Biodiesel na Zona da Mata Mineira
Rudolph Fabiano Alves Pedroza Teixeira,Eduardo Simes de Almeida,Lourival Batista de Oliveira Júnior,,Maria Isabel da Silva Azevedo Alvim
GEST?O.Org : Revista Eletr?nica de Gest?o Organizacional , 2008,
Abstract: Since the late 1990’s vegetable oils have been conquering an increasing importance in the world.In virtue of reducing the CO2 emissions and promoting regional development, the biodieselemerges as a viable alternative. Hence this articleappraises the productivity of vegetable oil forthe production of biodiesel in the Zona da Mata Mineira over the period 2005/2006, using theexploratory spatial data analysis. In order to measure the productive potential of vegetable oil atthe regional level, one calculates the content of oil for each vegetable and these contents aresummed up to obtain the total of vegetable oil. Clusters were identified for the production ofvegetables both the high efficiency and low efficiency. The finding reveal the possibility ofgenerating jobs in most regions within Zona da MataMineira. Hence one observes the plantation ofvegetables for the production of biodiesel is highly viable in the Zona da Mata Mineira
Abd?men agudo em equídeos no semiárido da regi?o nordeste do Brasil
Pessoa, André Flávio Almeida;Miranda Neto, Eldinê Gomes de;Pessoa, Clarice Ricardo de Macêdo;Simes, Sara Vilar Dantas;Azevedo, Sérgio Santos de;Riet-Correa, Franklin;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2012000600006
Abstract: the cases of equidae acute abdomen diagnosed in the veterinary hospital of the federal university of campina grande, in the semiarid of the brazilian northeast were reviewed. from january 2001 to december 2011, 70 (4.5%) equidae out of 1542 were affected by colic, including 60 horses, 4 mules, and 6 donkeys. large colon impaction diagnosed in 37.14% of the cases was the most frequent cause of colic, followed by small colon impaction (10%) and foreign body in the small colon (7.14%). in four cases, colics were caused by phytobezoars in the large gut, two of which were associated with the ingestion of large amounts of fresh prosopis juliflora pods. six cases of colic by foreign bodies, mainly plastic bags, were observed, five located in the small colon and one in the large colon. strangulating small intestinal lesions were observed in four cases. other causes of colic were spasmodic colic (two cases due to gastrointestinal parasites and two due to consumption of home residues), and gastric impaction (three cases). large colon displacement was diagnosed twice. laceration of the small colon, cecal torsion, and bloat by ingestion of manihot esculenta were diagnosed once. the main risk factor for the occurrence of colic was the ingestion of choped pennisetum purpureum, brachiaria spp., sorghum spp. or echinochloa polystachya (or=4.03; p=0.007). as a result of the low quality of the foods the frequency of colic was significantly higher during the dry season (second semester) (or=2.61; p<0.01). it is concluded that feeding with low quality forages during the dry season contributes with the high frequency of cases of colic in the brazilian semiarid, and that is necessary to improve food quality and food management to try to decrease the frequency of this syndrome in the region.
Physicochemical characteristics of organic honey samples of africanized honeybees from Parana River islands
Alves, Eloi Machado;Sereia, Maria Josiane;Toledo, Vagner de Alencar Arnaut de;Marchini, Luis Carlos;Neves, Carolina Antunes;Toledo, Tiago Cleyton Simes de Oliveira Arnaut de;Almeida-Anacleto, Daniela de;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612011000300013
Abstract: this research was carried out to evaluate the physicochemical composition of organic honey in paraná river islands, in porto brasílio, state of paraná. honey was harvested directly from super of the colonies in three apiaries spread in the floresta and laranjeira islands, from august 2005 to august 2006. twenty-four samples of organic honey produced by africanized honeybees were evaluated. the following parameters were analyzed: ph, acidity, formol index, hydroxymethylfurfural, ashes, color, electric conductivity and moisture. three replications per sample were performed for laboratorial analysis, giving the means and standard deviation. most honey samples were in conformity with the normative instruction 11 from october 20, 2000. however, 4.17% were not in accordance with the moisture standards, 8.33% showed high concentrations of hydroxymethylfurfural, thus, totalizing 12.50% of non-complying samples. nevertheless, 87.50% of the analyzed honey samples are within the standards, being characterized as an organic product of excellent quality, with good commercialization perspectives in the market.
Produtividade, eficiência de uso da água e qualidade tecnológica de cana?de?a?úcar submetida a diferentes regimes hídricos
Oliveira, Emídio Cantídio Almeida de;Freire, Fernando José;Oliveira, Alexandre Campelo de;Simes Neto, Djalma Euzébio;Rocha, Alexandre Tavares da;Carvalho, Laércio Alves de;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2011000600007
Abstract: the objective of this work was to assess stalk and sugar yield, water use efficiency, and technological attributes of five early maturing and six medium to late maturing sugarcane varieties with no irrigation (1,141.4 mm) and under full irrigation (1,396.6 mm). a randomized complete block design, with four replicates, was used. stalk yield for varieties rb92579, rb72454, and sp81-3250 showed gains above 180% with irrigation. irrigation increased sugar yield in more than 200% in the rb92579 and rb943365 varieties. full irrigation provided greater water use efficiency, producing, in average, 70.2 kg ha-1 mm-1 more stalks than under no irrigation. except for the varieties rb72454, rb763710, and rb943365, there were no differences regarding technological attributes between full irrigation and no irrigation. the medium to late maturing varieties rb92579 and sp81?3250 have higher stalk and sugar yield and better water use efficiency, and are recommended for studies on sugarcane response to irrigation.
Digestibilidade in situ e cinética ruminal de bovinos de corte a pasto sob suplementa??o com proteinados
Oliveira, Luiz Orcírio Fialho de;Saliba, Eloísa de Oliveira Simes;Gon?alves, Lúcio Carlos;Borges, Iran;Miranda, Paula de Almeida Barbosa;Fialho, Maria Paula Ferreira;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982010000600023
Abstract: the effects of protein supplementation on degradability of dry mattter (dm), crude protein (cp) and neutral detergent fiber (ndf) and acid detergent fiber (adf) were evaluated in beef cattle grazing brachiaria brizantha cv marandu. it was used four nelore steers (395 ± 9 kg) fitted with ruminal cannula to evaluate kinetics and degradability of the liquid phase and of the particles. forage samples were collected in other two steers with esophageal cannula. supplements with 50, 40, and 30% of crude protein (cp) were given at the proportion of 400 g/animal/day when compared to control suplementation with only salt and mineral. the offer of protein supplement did not change potential degradability of dry matter, crude protein and neutral detergent fiber but promoted an increase from 36.85% to 48.97% on effective degratability of dry matter and from 22.06% to 30.05% on neutral detergent fiber degradability. supplements with 40 and 30% of crude protein were higher than the control because they promoted higher efffective degradability of crude protein and higher particle exit rates. the liquid passage rate was 11.4% higher for the animals which received supplementation when compared to the control. the effective degradability of adf was not affect by consumption and it ranged from 12.19% (control) to 16.75% (supplement with 30% of crude protein). the results of this work show the importance of protein supplementation to animals on pasture of low quality and also the n level of the supplements.
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