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Influência da limita??o da amplitude de movimento sobre a melhora da flexibilidade do ombro após um treino de seis semanas
Azevedo, Daniel Camara;Carvalho, Silvia Coda de;Leal, Elisa Westin Prado Soares;Damasceno, Sara Peres;Ferreira, Manuela Loureiro;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922008000200007
Abstract: previous research has shown that pre-training aerobic and strength status can influence on the training results, with untrained individuals presenting a more pronounced improvement. no study has investigated this correlation in a flexibility program so far. the purpose of this study was to observe the influence of the range of motion (rom) limitation on rom gain after a six-week shoulder external rotation stretching training. 30 volunteer physiotherapy students, with limited shoulder external rotation rom were randomly assigned to one of three groups: control group (cg), experimental group 1 (eg1), with wider rom limitation, and experimental group 2 (eg2), with narrower rom limitation. subjects in the experimental groups were submitted to a 6-week program of active shoulder external rotation stretching. one-way anova showed a significant difference in mean external rotation rom gains among all three groups (p=0.001), with eg1 having the highest rom increase (30.1° ± 8.6°), followed by eg2 (15.2° ± 7.5°) and cg (1.1° ± 5.8°). the pearson correlation analysis showed a significant negative correlation between previous rom and rom improvement (r= -0.70, p=0.001).the results of our study showed that shoulder external rotation rom limitation influences rom improvement after a six-week stretching program in a healthy young population. subjects with more pronounced rom limitation respond with a more remarkable rom improvement.
Self-perception of side effects by adolescents in a chlorhexidine-fluoride-based preventive oral health program
Guimaraes, Ana Rita Duarte;Peres, Marco Aurélio;Vieira, Ricardo de Sousa;Ferreira, Rodrigo Melin;Ramos-Jorge, Maria Letícia;Apolinario, Sara;Debom, Anderson;
Journal of Applied Oral Science , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-77572006000400015
Abstract: objective: the objective of this study was to evaluate the incidence of adverse effects reported by adolescents following 14 days of use of a mouthrinse containing 0.05% naf+0.12% chlorhexidine. methods: this double-blind study was developed as part of a randomized clinical trial. the adolescents enrolled to the study were randomly divided into two groups to use either: 0.05% naf+0.12% chlorhexidine (g1, n=85) or 0.05% naf (g2, n=85). both groups used a 10ml solution of the mouthwash during 1 minute daily for 2 weeks under supervision. after that period, the subject's acceptance of taste was measured using a verbal descriptive scale (labeled magnitude scale - lms)11. participants were also interviewed regarding the occurrence of possible adverse effects during treatment (temporary palate disorders, tooth staining or unpleasant taste). the proportional differences between the groups were tested using the chi-square test. results: palate changes were reported by 26% of participants of each group; 17.7% of g1 and 32% of g2 reported an unpleasant taste (p = 0.062), while staining was reported by 55% of g1 and 68.9% of g2 (p = 0.117). absenteeism rates were similar in both groups (g1= 2.58 ± 2.69; g2=2.81 ± 2.39), p=0.362. conclusion: adherence was high in both groups and side effects reported by subjects were not perceived by them as being important. since subjects' acceptance and compliance is fundamental to the success of an oral health program, chlorhexidine-fluoride could be a useful resource in a program of plaque control.
Patient-Reported Outcomes in Prostate Cancer: Prospective Changes Analysis for Prognosis Prediction  [PDF]
Teresa Sequeira, Pedro Lopes Ferreira, Joana Teixeira, Isabel Peres, Jorge Oliveira, Augusta Silveira
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2015.615135
Abstract: Prostate cancer is affecting a higher proportion of male population. Health Related Quality of Life assessment can guide the development of an interdisciplinary and patient-centered care intervention. This study is aimed to assess Health Related Quality of Life in prostate cancer patients. Relationships between socio-demographic, clinical characteristics and patient-reported outcomes have been considered. Consecutive outpatients with prostate cancer, admitted at the Urology Clinic of the Instituto Português de Oncologia do Porto, were studied (n = 300). Health Related Quality of Life was assessed as part of the routine practice. The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer general questionnaire, QLQ-C30, and its specific module for prostate cancer patients, QLQ-PR25, were used. Evolution along time (elapsed since diagnosis, and up to 5 years) was considered in order to search for a prognosis prediction in prostate cancer patients. This study confirms the feasibility of a systematic Health Related Quality of Life assessment. Global Health Related Quality of Life was found to be higher 6 months after diagnosis, decreasing then until the second year after diagnosis and improving thereafter. A peak with better scores was identified at the fifth year after diagnosis. Social and physical dimensions revealed a similar pattern. Clinical significance was found 6 months and 5 years after diagnosis. The prospective analysis of Health Related Quality of Life changes is able to explore the patients’ outcomes in order to find patterns and relationships for prognosis prediction along the disease course. Such approach might promote patient confidence and thus a better cancer experience.
Complete light absorption in graphene-metamaterial corrugated structures
A. Ferreira,N. M. R. Peres
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.86.205401
Abstract: We show that surface-plasmon polaritons excited in negative permittivity metamaterials having shallow periodic surface corrugation profiles can be explored to push the absorption of single and continuous sheets of graphene up to 100%. In the relaxation regime, the position of the plasmonic resonances of the hybrid system is determined by the plasma frequency of the metamaterial, allowing the frequency range for enhanced absorption to be set without the need of engineering graphene.
Postural Balance in the Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment: Relationship to Accidental Falls  [PDF]
Josélia Braz dos Santos Ferreira, Selma Petra Chaves Sá, Rosimere Ferreira Santana, Ana Maria Domingos, Juliana Peres da Costa Pereira, Luciana Krauss Rezende
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2016.42006
Abstract: This study analyzed postural balance in the elderly with mild cognitive impairment and its relationship to accidental falls. A quantitative and quasi-experimental method was used in a sample of 43 elderlies between 64 and 88 years old, mostly females. Data collection was performed in two Basic Health Units in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 2014. The instruments used were the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), Tinetti scale, Motor Scale for the Elderly (EMTI) scale, and Elderly Falls Diary. The data were analyzed with the SAS statistical software version 9.3.1. The scales were applied before and after the psychomotor interventions. A significant difference was observed between the evaluating moments. Balance improvements were observed in all age groups, suggesting that all elderlies, regardless of age, showed satisfactory responses to the implemented psychomotor activities. The elderlies who fell more frequently were those between 60 and 69 years old. It is noteworthy that the age group with the lowest incidence of falls was that of elderlies between 70 and 79 years old. It was concluded that psychomotor activities are beneficial, regardless of age, proving their effectiveness when continued stimuli with cognitive and psychomotor activities are carried out.
The association between socioeconomic development at the town level and the distribution of dental caries in Brazilian children
Peres Marco Aurélio,Peres Karen Glazer,Antunes José Leopoldo Ferreira,Junqueira Simone Rennó
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública , 2003,
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To investigate the association between dental caries among children in the state of S o Paulo, Brazil, and town-level indices of socioeconomic development. METHODS: We examined 15 385 oral-examination records from children aged 5 or 6 years old from 129 towns and cities in the state of S o Paulo. We studied two outcomes: (1) the mean number of decayed, missing, and filled deciduous teeth (dmft index) and (2) the care index, which is the proportion of decayed teeth that have already been filled. The explanatory variables were the child development index, human development index, illiteracy rate among subjects older than 20 years, household income, Gini coefficient, insufficient income, fluoridated water supply, number of dentists per 10 000 inhabitants, number of dentists in the public service per 10 000 inhabitants, and number of weekly hours of dentist work in the public service per 10 000 inhabitants. Multiple linear regression models were fitted to the two outcome variables (dmft index and care index). RESULTS: The multiple linear regression analysis showed that a higher dmft index was associated with a low child development index, a high illiteracy rate, and an unfluoridated water supply. The child development index was significantly associated with the care index, and the number of dentists in the public service per 10 000 inhabitants showed borderline statistical significance. CONCLUSIONS: Our results indicate that town-level indices of socioeconomic status are significantly correlated with caries indices. Our results also emphasize the beneficial effect that fluoridating water has on reducing the prevalence of dental caries and the fact that strategies for treating and preventing oral diseases should be emphasized within the context of overall health promotion for children.
Detection and neutralization of venom by ovine antiserum in experimental envenoming by Bothrops jararaca
Peres, C. M.;Bastos, M. F.;Ferreira, J.;Sartori, A.;
Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-91992006000100010
Abstract: in this study we optimized an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) to evaluate bothropic venom levels in biological samples. these samples were obtained by two distinct protocols. in the first one, swiss mice were injected with 1 ld50 of bothrops jararaca (b. jararaca) venom and 15 minutes later, animals were treated with ovine antibothropic serum. blood and spleen homogenate samples were obtained 6 hours after antiserum therapy. ovine antibothropic serum significantly neutralized venom levels in serum and spleen. in the second protocol, balb/c mice were injected with 1 ld50 of bothropic venom by either intraperitoneal (ip) or intradermal (id) route and venom levels were evaluated 1, 3 and 6 hours after, in blood, spleen homogenates and urine. serum and splenic venom levels were significantly higher in animals envenomed by ip route comparing with animals envenomed by id route. higher venom levels were also detected in urine samples from animals envenomed by ip route. however, these differences were not statistically significant. these results demonstrated that the optimized elisa was adequate to quantify venom levels in different biological samples. this assay could, therefore, substitute the in vivo neutralizing assay and also be useful to evaluate the severity of human and experimental envenomations.
Confined magneto-optical waves in graphene
A. Ferreira,N. M. R. Peres,A. H. Castro Neto
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.205426
Abstract: The electromagnetic mode spectrum of single-layer graphene subjected to a quantizing magnetic field is computed taking into account intraband and interband contributions to the magneto-optical conductivity. We find that a sequence of weakly decaying quasi-transverse-electric modes, separated by magnetoplasmon polariton modes, emerge due to the quantizing magnetic field. The characteristics of these modes are tuneable, by changing the magnetic field or the Fermi energy.
Desigualdades contextuais e individuais da prevalência de dor dentária em adultos e idosos no Brasil
Peres, Marco A.;Iser, Betine Pinto Moehlecke;Peres, Karen Glazer;Malta, Deborah Carvalho;Antunes, José Leopoldo Ferreira;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2012001300012
Abstract: this study aimed to assess the prevalence of dental pain among adults and older people living in brazil's state capitals. information was gathered from the telephone survey surveillance system for risk and protective factors for chronic diseases (vigitel) in 2009 (n = 54,367). dental pain was the outcome. geographic region, age, gender, race, schooling, private health coverage, smoking, and soft drink consumption were the explanatory variables. multilevel poisson regression models were performed. prevalence of dental pain was 15.2%; macapá and s?o luís had prevalence rates greater than 20%; all capitals in the south and southeast, plus cuiabá, campo grande, maceió, recife, and natal had prevalence rates less than 15%. factors associated with increased prevalence of dental pain were the north and northeast regions, female gender, black/brown skin color, lack of private health insurance, smoking, and soft drink consumption. dental pain is a public health problem that should be monitored by health surveillance systems.
Periodontal outcomes and social, racial and gender inequalities in Brazil: a systematic review of the literature between 1999 and 2008
Bastos, Jo?o Luiz;Boing, Antonio Fernando;Peres, Karen Glazer;Antunes, José Leopoldo Ferreira;Peres, Marco Aurélio;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2011001400003
Abstract: the objective of this study was to review the brazilian epidemiologic literature on periodontal outcomes and socio-demographic factors, assessing bibliographic and methodological characteristics of this scientific production, as well as the consistency and statistical significance of the examined associations. a systematic review was carried out in six bibliographic sources. the review was limited to the period between 1999 and 2008, without any other type of restriction. among the 410 papers identified, 29 were included in the review. an increasing number of articles, specifically in the last four years of study, was observed. however, there is a concentration of studies in the south and southeast regions of brazil, and many of them are not closely connected to theoretical formulations in the field. in spite of these shortcomings, the review findings corroborate the idea that poor socioeconomic conditions are associated with periodontal outcomes, as demonstrated primarily by income and schooling indicators.
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