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Multivariate Based Variability within Diverse Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Genotypes  [PDF]
Noor Saleem, Sohail Ahmad Jan, Muahmmad Jawaad Atif, Haris Khurshid, Shahid Ali Khan, Mohib Abdullah, Muhammad Jahanzaib, Humair Ahmed, Syed Farman Ullah, Azhar Iqbal, Sameena Naqi, Muhammad Ilyas, Naushad Ali, Malik Ashiq Rabbani
Open Journal of Genetics (OJGen) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojgen.2017.72007
Abstract: Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) germplasm consisting 167 accessions including one check cultivar was evaluated for qualitative and quantitative traits. The present study was conducted to investigate genetic diversity and correlation among studied genotypes of B. juncea L. based on agro-morphological at NARC, Islamabad, Pakistan. To investigate the genetic diversity based on morphological characters, data was recorded on 20 quantitative and 12 qualitative traits. The calculated data was analyzed through two complementary methods, i.e. PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and cluster analysis. Among all the studied cultivars, significant diversity was recorded for different agro-morphological characters. Among all the parameters, maximum variance was recorded for pod shattering (427.2) followed by plant height (345.6), days to 100% flowering (336.2) and main raceme length (210.0). Among all the characters, the greatest and highly significant association (0.99) was found between days to maturity 50% and days to maturity 100% followed by correlation (0.86) among days to flowering 50% and days to flowering 100%, correlation value (0.71) was calculated among leaf length and leaf width. Using cluster analysis all the genotypes were divided into five major groups. It was observed that 7 out of 20 principal components with an Eigen value of ≥1.0 calculated for 73.92% of the total diversity observed between 167 accessions of Indian mustard (B. juncea L.). The contribution of first three PCs in the total PCs was 23.25, 12.87 and 11.24, respectively. Among all the investigated accessions two genotypes 26,813 and 26,817 showed great potential for seeds/silique, 1000-seed weight and seed yield/plant, respectively, so these genotypes are recommended for future breeding programs for achieving promising results.
Recent Advances in the Quest for Treatment and Management of Alzheimer and Other Dementia  [PDF]
Sameena E. Tanwir, Ajay Kumar
Open Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (OJMC) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojmc.2019.91001
Abstract: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease distinguished by progressive cognitive deterioration along with declining activities of daily living and behavioral changes. It is the commonest type of pre-senile and senile dementia. Many new therapeutic strategies have been developed in the last few years. We aimed at reviewing the evidence supporting these new therapeutic targets, including anti-amyloid and anti-Tau strategies. This review is focused on important future direction in investigation of potential therapeutic targets for AD drug discovery. Medical advances have improved treatment of many diseases but still there is a need to establish new tools for early diagnosis of AD. A thorough comprehensive understanding of the unexplored mechanism can ameliorate the diagnostic and therapeutic management of AD. There have been several disease-modifying therapeutic strategies for AD in the last few years and are presently at various phases of investigation. Few of them have shown promising results, but their safety and efficacy need to be further explored.
Valued Added Relations of Venture Capital Firm-portfolio Company Network-Dyad in Canada
Sayed Ahmed Naqi
Research Journal of Applied Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Although venture capital firms fill a much needed funding gap by financing growing companies, a review of the detailed operations of venture capital reveals that, through hands-on involvement, venture capital firms provide more than finance to their portfolio companies. Over the years, researchers have attempted to measure venture capital firms’ involvement, termed value-added, in their portfolio companies. The results have largely remained inconclusive as to the value-added potentials of venture capitalists. The problem was further complicated by the findings that venture capital firms who are more involved in their portfolio companies, do not necessarily perform better themselves nor do their portfolio companies. Most of the research on value added has confined itself to an application of agency theory in explaining venture capital firms/portfolio companies’ relations. It is argued that the value added by venture capital firms, in portfolio companies, is a function of resource transfer resulting from network-dyad relationship. Three elements of network relationship i.e. consent, capacity and compatibility are explored and their impact on value added relationship determined. It was found that willingness of the venture capital firms to be involved in the affairs of a portfolio company is less important than their capacity to add value.
The Process of Accountability
Sayed Ahmed Naqi
International Business Management , 2012,
Abstract: This study underscores the need to recognise accountability as a dynamic two-way process that rests on recognising the role of the same individual/group as an "accounter" at one level and an "accountee" at another. Using this argument, elements of an effective accountability process have been identified which primarily highlight the fact that actors in an accountability relationship are also accountable for the accountability process itself. This study argues that accountability literature, because of increasing conceptual fuzziness, is at a crossroad where lack of urgency in developing a robust framework is likely to make accountability ineffectual. Relevant literature on accountability is reviewed and the need for a framework is identified. Using stakeholders’ theory as a starting point and existing literature as a guide, disparate findings are collated to present elements of a robust accountability process which can serve as the foundation of a dynamic, realistic and cohesive accountability framework. An analysis of accountability elements indicate that a vigorous accountability process should allow optimum freedom of choice to the accountee, as excessive controls not only stifle initiatives but tend to erode accountability of the accountee. The study identifies the need for role clarity and thus clear description of expectations, consequences and choices by accounters. Since an accountee’s personal moral values have a profound affect on how expectations and consequences are perceived and how accountability sources and their respective interests are optimised to their advantage, an accounter also bear some responsibility for situational shortcomings of an accountee. The study identifies distinct accountability facilitators that play an important role in improving an accountability mechanism. The focus in this study on mediators as non-stakeholders not only redefines the role of auditors but also cuts across traditional debates by allowing for the possibility of involving more qualified non-stakeholders as mediators to add credibility to the accountability process. The study distinguishes accountability medium from accountability mediators and highlights the need for refinement and expansion in accountability mediums. It identifies transparency as an objective and uniform measure of a result driven accountability process.
Sameena,K; S. Sunitha,M;
Proyecciones (Antofagasta) , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-09172009000300005
Abstract: in this paper we observe that, the fuzzy neural network architecture is isomorphic to the fuzzy graph model and the output of a fuzzy neural network with or fuzzy neuron is equal to the strength of strongest path between the input layer (particular input neuron/neurons) and the out put layer(particular output neuron). we explain this result through an example, which describes the marketability of text books of kindergarten classes.
Golden Research Thoughts , 2013, DOI: 10.9780/22315063
Abstract: Caste and religion are integral components of Indian society since the time immemorial.These two systems create water tight compartment between communities and bringdivision, hatred and tension among various social groups. Marriages within the same casteand same religion is the norm of the Indian society. To think of marriages betweendifferent castes and different religions is a difficult and socially unacceptable proposition.Recently the process of modernization, democratization and development has brought lotsof positive changes in Indian society. The major objectives of the present paper is tounderstand the spatial patterns and determinants of inter-caste and interreligiousmarriages in India. The study uses the data of third round of National Family HealthSurvey2005-06)) having sample size of 43102 ever married couples. It is found thatabout 10 percent of the total marriages in India takes place between different castes whileonly 2.1 percent marriages are inter-religious.
K Sameena,M S. Sunitha
Proyecciones (Antofagasta) , 2009,
Abstract: In this paper we observe that, the fuzzy neural network architecture is isomorphic to the fuzzy graph model and the output of a fuzzy neural network with OR fuzzy neuron is equal to the strength of strongest path between the input layer (particular input neuron/neurons) and the out put layer(particular output neuron). We explain this result through an example, which describes the marketability of text books of kindergarten classes.
Hudiara Drain - A Case of Trans-boundary Water Pollution Between India and Pakistan
Masil Khan,Hammad Naqi Khan,Hania Aslam
Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: The present study monitored the water quality of Hudiara drain using 72 water samples from three sampling points on a fortnightly basis and analysing for a range of water quality parameters. Large variations were found in almost all water quality indices with most of the lower values being observed during the monsoon season (July to September). Mean dissolved oxygen (DO) was below 1 mg L ̄1 at all sampling points. Mean biochemical oxygen demand (BOD, 104-115 mg L ̄1) and chemical oxygen demand (COD, 255-276 mg L ̄1) values exceeded the Pakistan National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) for industrial effluents. Although mean total dissolved solids (TDS) and metal concentrations (Cd, Cr, Cu, Li and Pb) of the drain’s water were below the limits set for industrial effluents (NEQS), concentration of most of these indices (e.g. TDS, Cd and Cu) was above the acceptable limits of irrigation water. Between points, the TDS values were found lower at point 1 and the converse was the case for most of the metals at that point. E. coli were found above 200 MPN 100 ̄1 ml at all sampling points. The daily contribution of pollution load of Hudiara Drain to the River Ravi in terms of TDS, BOD and COD was 354, 45, 111 tons respectively. Prolonged use of water of the Hudiara drain for irrigation may be harmful to soils due to high TDS. Similarly, long term use of the drain’s water for irrigation may cause accumulation of Cd, Cu and Mn above the limits known to cause soil pollution. With an annual discharge of approximately 180 cusecs, Hudiara drain is one of the main causes of both chemical and biological contamination in the River Ravi. Poor water quality and stress on aquatic life in the River Ravi, especially during low flow may be largely attributed to Hudiara drain.
Case 6
Xiaoxing Catherine Tong,Dr. Abdulla Naqi
University of Toronto Medical Journal , 2004, DOI: 10.5015/utmj.v82i1.404
Miniaturized Compact Patch Antenna for Multiband Applications Using Combination of Sierpinski Carpet & Giuseppe Peano Fractral Geometries
Pradip P. Patel,Sameena Zafar,,Syed Uvaid
International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering , 2013,
Abstract: Modern telecommunication system require antenna with wider bandwidth and smaller dimensions. Various antennas for wide band operation have been studied for communication and radar system. A fractal monopole antenna is proposed for the application in the UWB frequency range, which is designed by the combination of two fractal geometries. The first iterations of Giusepe Peano fractal are applied on the edges of a square patch, and a Sierpinski Carpet fractal is formed on its surface. The fractal antenna is preferred due to small size, light weight and easy installation. A fractal micro strip antenna is used for multiband application in this project provides a simple and efficient method for obtaining the compactness. A sierpinski carpet based fractal antenna is designed for multiband applications. It should be in compactness and less weight is the major point for designing an antenna. This antenna is providing better efficiency.
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