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Performance Evaluation of Healthcare Monitoring System over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks  [PDF]
Sabato Manfredi
E-Health Telecommunication Systems and Networks (ETSN) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/etsn.2012.13005
Abstract: The wide diffusion of healthcare monitoring systems allows continuous patient to be remotely monitored and diagnosed by doctors. The problem of congestion, namely due to the uncontrolled increase of traffic with respect to the network capacity, is one of the most common phenomena affecting the reliability of transmission of information in any network. The aim of the paper is to build a realistic simulation environment for healthcare system including some of the main vital signs model, wireless sensor and mesh network protocols implementation. The simulator environment is an efficient mean to analyze and evaluate in a realistic scenario the healthcare system performance in terms of reliability and efficiency.
Argentina 1910-2010. Balance del siglo
Hilda Sabato
Prismas : Revista de Historia Intelectual , 2012,
La ilusión de transparencia
Hilda Sabato
Prismas : Revista de Historia Intelectual , 2011,
Final measurement of $B^0_s$ mixing phase in the full CDF Run II data set
Sabato Leo
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: We report the final CDF measurement of the $B^0_s$ mixing phase, mean lifetime, and decay-width difference through the fit of the time evolution of flavor-tagged $B^0_s \rightarrow J/\psi \phi$ decays. The measurement is based on the full data set of 1.96 TeV $p\bar{p}$ collisions collected between February 2002 and September 2011 by the CDF experiment. The results are consistent with the standard model and other experimental determinations and are amongst the most precise to date.
Searches for BSM physics through CP violation at CDF
Sabato Leo
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: The CDF experiment at the Tevatron $p\bar{p}$ collider has pioneered and established the role of hadron collisions in exploring flavor physics through a broad program that is now at its full maturity. We report new results sensitive to physics beyond the standard model, obtained using the whole CDF data set; including new bounds on the \Bs\ mixing phase and the decay width difference of \Bs\ mass-eigenstates and a measurement of the difference of CP asymmetries in $K^+K^-$ and $\pi^+\pi^-$ decays of $D^0$ mesons. We also present a new measurement of the $\Bs \rightarrow D^{(*)+}_s D^{(*)-}_s$ branching ratio using 6.8 fb$^{-1}$ of data and search for CP violation in $D^0 \rightarrow K^0_s \pi^+ \pi^-$ decays in 6.0 fb$^{-1}$ of data.
Search for CP violation in $D^0 \to h^+h^-$ decays at CDF
Sabato Leo
Statistics , 2014,
Abstract: I report on a measurement of \CP-violating asymmetries ($A_{\Gamma}$) between effective lifetimes of $D^0$ or $\bar{D}^0$ in fully reconstructed $D^0\to K^+ K^-$ and $D^0\to \pi^+\pi^-$ decays collected in $p\bar{p}$ collisions by the Collider Detector at Fermilab experiment. The full CDF data set corresponding to $9.7$ fb$^{-1}$ of integrated luminosity is used. The flavor of the charm meson at production is determined by exploiting the strong-interaction decay $D^{*+} \to D^0 \pi^+$, while the contamination from mesons originated in $b$-hadron decays is evaluated and subtracted from the sample. Signal yields as functions of the observed decay-time distributions are extracted from maximum likelihood fits and used to measure the asymmetries. The results, $A_\Gamma (K^+K^-) = \bigl(-1.9 \pm 1.5 \mathrm{(stat)} \pm 0.4 \mathrm{(syst)} \bigr)\times10^{-3}$ and $A_\Gamma (\pi^+\pi^-)= \bigl(-0.1 \pm 1.8 \mathrm{(stat)} \pm 0.3 \mathrm{(syst)} \bigr)\times10^{-3}$, and their combination, $A_\Gamma = \bigl(-1.2 \pm 1.2\bigr)\times10^{-3}$, are consistent with the SM predictions and other experimental determinations.
CDF results on CP violation in charm
Sabato Leo
Statistics , 2015,
Abstract: I discuss the measurement of CP-violating asymmetries ($A_{\Gamma}$) between effective lifetimes of $D^0$ or $\bar{D}^0$ mesons. Fully reconstructed $D^0\to K^+ K^-$ and $D^0\to \pi^+\pi^-$ decays collected in $p\bar{p}$ collisions by the Collider Detector at Fermilab experiment and corresponding to a data set of $9.7$~fb$^{-1}$ of integrated luminosity are used. The flavor of the charm meson at production is determined by exploiting the decay $D^{*+} \to D^0 \pi^+$. Contamination from mesons originated in $b$-hadron decays is subtracted from the sample. Signal yields as functions of the observed decay-time distributions are determined using likelihood fits and used to measure the asymmetries. The results, $A_\Gamma (K^+K^-) = \bigl(-1.9 \pm 1.5~(stat) \pm 0.4~(syst) \bigr)\times10^{-3}$ and $A_\Gamma (\pi^+\pi^-)= \bigl(-0.1 \pm 1.8~(stat) \pm 0.3~(syst) \bigr)\times10^{-3}$, and their combination, $A_\Gamma = \bigl(-1.2 \pm 1.2 \bigr)\times10^{-3}$, are consistent with the SM predictions and other experimental determinations.
The Term “Business Model” in Financial Reporting: Does It Need a Proper Definition?  [PDF]
Marco Sorrentino, Margherita Smarra
Open Journal of Accounting (OJAcct) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojacct.2015.42002
Abstract: In the last five years, the vocabulary of financial reporting has been enriched by a new specific term: “business model”. However, as the expression is rather equivocal, it is not still possible to find an unanimously shared meaning of the term in the literature. Because of the relatively recent application of the term “business model” in financial reporting, the investigation of its proper meaning is still an uninflated topic of research. Specific purpose of this paper is trying to contribute in finding a proper definition of this term when used in financial reporting (if any). In this sense, after having reviewed the main literature on “business model” definition we have analyzed the parts of the comment letters on the IASB’s Discussion Paper 2013/1—titled “Review of the Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting”—which deal with “business model” definition. In particular, the questions whose answers have been specifically investigated are the following: 1) Should the IASB define “business model”? Why or why not? 2) If you think that “business model” should be defined, how would you define it? However, considering the contrasting definitions found both in the literature and in the comment letters, it is not still possible to get a widely accepted meaning of the term “business model” in financial reporting. For these reasons, at this stage of research, the authors completely agree with the thought of Singleton-Green that asserts, “Defining or agreeing a definition of the term “business model” will not advance our understanding of the financial reporting issues”.
MicroRNA-1 Downregulation Increases Connexin 43 Displacement and Induces Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias in Rodent Hypertrophic Hearts
Antonio Curcio, Daniele Torella, Claudio Iaconetti, Eugenia Pasceri, Jolanda Sabatino, Sabato Sorrentino, Salvatore Giampà, Mariella Micieli, Alberto Polimeni, Beverley J. Henning, Angelo Leone, Daniele Catalucci, Georgina M. Ellison, Gianluigi Condorelli, Ciro Indolfi
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0070158
Abstract: Downregulation of the muscle-specific microRNA-1 (miR-1) mediates the induction of pathologic cardiac hypertrophy. Dysfunction of the gap junction protein connexin 43 (Cx43), an established miR-1 target, during cardiac hypertrophy leads to ventricular tachyarrhythmias (VT). However, it is still unknown whether miR-1 and Cx43 are interconnected in the pro-arrhythmic context of hypertrophy. Thus, in this study we investigated whether a reduction in the extent of cardiac hypertrophy could limit the pathological electrical remodeling of Cx43 and the onset of VT by modulating miR-1 levels. Wistar male rats underwent mechanical constriction of the ascending aorta to induce pathologic left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) and afterwards were randomly assigned to receive 10mg/kg valsartan, VAL (LVH+VAL) delivered in the drinking water or placebo (LVH) for 12 weeks. Sham surgery was performed for control groups. Programmed ventricular stimulation reproducibly induced VT in LVH compared to LVH+VAL group. When compared to sham controls, rats from LVH group showed a significant decrease of miR-1 and an increase of Cx43 expression and its ERK1/2-dependent phosphorylation, which displaces Cx43 from the gap junction. Interestingly, VAL administration to rats with aortic banding significantly reduced cardiac hypertrophy and prevented miR-1 down-regulation and Cx43 up-regulation and phosphorylation. Gain- and loss-of-function experiments in neonatal cardiomyocytes (NCMs) in vitro confirmed that Cx43 is a direct target of miR-1. Accordingly, in vitro angiotensin II stimulation reduced miR-1 levels and increased Cx43 expression and phosphorylation compared to un-stimulated NCMs. Finally, in vivo miR-1 cardiac overexpression by an adenoviral vector intra-myocardial injection reduced Cx43 expression and phosphorylation in mice with isoproterenol-induced LVH. In conclusion, miR-1 regulates Cx43 expression and activity in hypertrophic cardiomyocytes in vitro and in vivo. Treatment of pressure overload-induced myocyte hypertrophy reduces the risk of life-threatening VT by normalizing miR-1 expression levels with the consequent stabilization of Cx43 expression and activity within the gap junction.
La collaborazione digitale: un’analisi dei requisiti tecnologici e dei requisiti degli utenti
Fortunato Sorrentino
Form@re : Open Journal per la Formazione in Rete , 2013,
Abstract: La digital collaboration è un modo di lavorare e interagire, tra operatori (knowledge workers) tra loro distanti, che si incontra in molti scenari applicativi e, frequentemente, nel campo della formazione. L’adozione di un regime di digital collaboration, tuttavia, non sempre corrisponde, negli stakeholders, a una consapevolezza dei vincoli e requisiti di questo tipo di approccio. La bontà di un’iniziativa di digital collaboration dipende sia dalle specifiche qualità dello strumento tecnologico adottato, sia dalla preparazione degli utenti. In questo lavoro, viene definito un insieme di requisiti essenziali per il design di tali spazi virtuali, ispirato alle soluzioni più avanzate. Parallelamente vengono analizzate alcune capacità essenziali (virtual interaction skills) che i partecipanti a questi spazi devono possedere per agire efficacemente. Ambedue questi insiemi di requisiti sono destinati a diventare sempre più stringenti ed estesi con l’evoluzione delle nuove tecnologie.
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