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Spectral and thermal studies ofsaccharinato complexes
Anales de la Asociaci?3n Qu?-mica Argentina , 2004,
Abstract: the saccharinato complexes of au(iii), zro(ii), vo(ii) and uo2(ii) metal ions have been prepared and the coordination of saccharin in these complexes has been investigated through their 1hnmr and ir spectra as well as by thermal analysis. it was found that saccharin interacts with all of these metal ions in the anionic form and coordinates in a monodentate fashion through its nitrogen to au(iii), zro(ii) and vo(ii) ions, whereas it coordinates to uo2(ii) ion as a bidentate ligand using its carbonyl and sulphonyl groups. a square structure has been proposed for au(iii) complexes, polymeric chain structures for zro(ii) and vo(ii) complexes and an octahedral structure for uo2-saccharin complex. the thermal properties of these complexes were shown to be consistent with the proposed structures and indicate that metallic gold, zro2, v2o5 and uo2so4 are obtained as final thermal decomposition products of these complexes.
Aspectos inmunológicos en el diagnóstico y control de la Epidemitis contagiosa del carnero por Brucella ovis
Archivos de medicina veterinaria , 1999, DOI: 10.4067/S0301-732X1999000100001
Abstract: brucella ovis is the aethiological agent of ram contagious epididymitis, an infectious disease causing reproductive failure in sheep. control measures include elimination of rams found positive in serological tests and/or bacteriological culture of semen, and vaccination when the prevalence is high. the principal vaccine used against ovine brucellosis is b. melitensis rev. 1, a live attenuated strain of b. melitensis. however rev. 1 evokes antibodies interfering with the interpretation of serological tests used to diagnose infection by b. ovis and b. melitensis. b. ovis is a natural rough species so lacks o polisaccharide chain. the outer membrane proteins of b.ovis have been studied by several groups searching for antigens useful for diagnosis and protection. a hot saline extract fron b. ovis contains rough lipopolysaccharide and several proteins, including abundant group 3 outer membrane proteins the most efficient and widely used tests for serodiagnosis of b. ovis infection are double gel diffusion, complement fixation test and elisa. hot saline extract has provided best diagnostic results in all tests. however some cross-reactivity in these tests can be seen with sera of sheep naturally infected with b. melitensis or after b. melitensis rev. 1 vaccination. less information is available on internal b. ovis antigens. recently, an indirect elisa using bp26 (periplasmic protein) has been developed for the differentiation of infected and vaccinated rams. the identification of b. ovis antigens able to elicit a protective immune response is of great interest for the development of subcellular vaccines avoiding the drawbacks of living attenuated vaccine. in the mouse model, passive protection experiments with mixtures of anti-outer membrane proteins and rough lipopolysaccharide monoclonal antibodies have shown to protect against b. ovis infection
Cell lineage relationship in the stomach of normal and genetically manipulated mice
Karam, S.M.;
Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-879X1998000200010
Abstract: the oxyntic mucosa of the mouse stomach is lined with a heterogeneous population of cells that form numerous short pits continuous with long tubular glands. tritiated thymidine radioautography has made it possible to pinpoint the origin of all cell types and to follow the differentiation/migration of different cell lineages along the pit-gland unit. the proliferating multipotent stem cells functionally anchored in the upper glandular region, the isthmus, give rise to three main lineage precursors: 1) pre-pit cells, which migrate upward to the pit while differentiating into mucus-producing pit cells; 2) pre-neck cells, which migrate downward to the glandular neck while differentiating into mucus-producing neck cells that, by approaching the glandular base, gradually change their phenotype into pepsinogen- and intrinsic factor-producing zymogenic cells; 3) pre-parietal cells, which differentiate into acid-producing parietal cells in the isthmus and then undergo bipolar migration towards the pit and the glandular base. thus, parietal cells are the only cells that complete their differentiation in the isthmus and then migrate to be scattered throughout the pit-gland unit. to determine whether parietal cells play a role in controlling decisions about cell fate within the pit-gland unit, the gastric epithelium has been examined in transgenic mice expressing the h,k-atpase ?-subunit-1035 to +24/simian virus 40 large t antigen fusion gene. the blockade in parietal cell differentiation in these mice produces an amplification of lineage precursors, a marked depletion of zymogenic cells and an increase in pit cell census. ablation of parietal cells in another transgenic mouse model expressing the h,k-atpase ?-subunit-1035 to +24/diphtheria toxin fragment a fusion gene also produces amplification of lineage precursors, and similar effects on zymogenic and pit cell census. these findings strongly suggest that parietal cells produce regulatory signals that control the cellular di
Fatores ecológicos associados à coloniza??o e ao desenvolvimento de macrófitas aquáticas e desafios de manejo
Thomaz, S.M.;
Planta Daninha , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-83582002000400003
Abstract: the aquatic macrophytes have been considered an important community in freshwater ecosystems. however, their excessive colonization and growth usually cause serious impacts on multiple use of these ecosystems. most aquatic environments are colonized at different degrees by aquatic plants in some phase of ecological succession. nevertheless, massive growth is usually associated with anthropogenic actions such as introduction of alien species and habitats of alterations. knowledge about ecology and biology of the species that colonize tropical ecosystems is still scarce. this knowledge is fundamental to predict the development of aquatic vegetation and to subside its management, whenever necessary. the methods of control and management are efficient only in small ecosystems and their application is usually followed by several ecological impacts, not always well assessed. in general, the development of methods with reduced impacts and efficient in large ecosystems is a challenge. it is still important to consider that, although in some situations, management is necessary to reduce macrophyte populations, in others it should be used to stimulate the colonization and development of aquatic vegetation.
The Problems of Political Science Research in Nigeria and its Implications on the Political Development of the Nigerian State
S.M. Omodia
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: This research study unfolds the impediments against Political Science research in Nigeria vis-à-vis the implications on the political development of the Nigerian State. Although, the paper discusses the conformity of Political Science as a field of study to scientific analysis, the study further indicate the orientation of political science research as an activity that is not fully integrated or utilized as inputs for solving social problems in Nigeria due to the gap that exist between universities/research institutes and the society. The implication of the above, in addition to other identified problems was stated to have negatively impacted on effective political leadership, stable political system and economic development in Nigeria.
Governance and Democratization in Africa: The Nigerian Experience
S.M. Omodia
The Social Sciences , 2013,
Abstract: This study through the elitist theoretical framework unfolds governance and democratization in Africa with specific focus on the Nigerian State. The study accentuated the elitist democratization process in the Nigerian State through colonial and military efforts at instituting democracy in Nigeria which were not people`s driven thereby making such effort at democratization not to be enduring. As a result, an institution and people driven process was recommended for tackling the problem. This is coupled with the need to adopt a Participatory Poverty Alleviation Scheme that will enable for functional inputs from the people to serve as a stabilizing force.
Clinical forensic medicine and human rights – doctors as human rights defenders
S.M Lukhozi
South African Journal of Bioethics and Law , 2009,
Abstract: No
Problems and Prospects of Deregulation in the Nigerian Fourth Republic: Implication for Democratic Survival in Nigeria
S.M. Omodia
International Business Management , 2012,
Abstract: This study unfolds the problems and prospects of deregulation in Nigeria by examining the scenario leading to the adoption of deregulation as a policy and mechanisms for injecting organizational effectiveness and efficiency in enhancing the productive and distributive capability of the State s economy. The study also discusses the mechanisms for ensuring consumer protection in a deregulated economy such as Nigeria which is experiencing a nascent democracy. However, for the present democratic experiment in the Nigerian State to survive, the researcher recommends that the present deregulation process in Nigeria must take cognizance of the Nigerian environment by responding to the needs and protection of the Nigerian people who have been politically and economically pauperized in the past 4 decades.
Peculiarities of the Pregnant Female Dispensary Observation by a Stomatologist
S.M. Tolmachyova
Sovremennye Tehnologii v Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: The peculiarities of a stomatologic care to pregnant females are regarded considering the modern achievements: the optimal dates of observation are pointed, the critical periods of pregnancy are marked, the criteria and tactics of the pregnant female treatment by a stomatologist-therapeutist are defined. The presented data permits to render a necessary volume of stomatologic interventions with a minimum risk and more effectively.
Modern lines of application of Internet technologies in marketing
S.M. Illiashenko
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2011,
Abstract: Modern technologies and Internet marketing tools are investigated and systematized. Their basic tendencies of using and developments are defined. It is specified category base and it is planned the content of Internet marketing basic elements. It is planned prospects of its development.
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