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Effect of Aluminum Nano-Particles on Microrelief and Dielectric Properties of PE+TlInSe2 Composite Materials  [PDF]
E. M. Gojayev, Kh. R. Ahmadova, S. I. Safarova, G. S. Djafarova, Sh. M. Mextiyeva
Open Journal of Inorganic Non-metallic Materials (OJINM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojinm.2015.51002
Abstract: The paper presents the results of studies surface microrelief, frequency-temperature characteristics of the imaginary part of the dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss of PE+TlInSe2 composite materials in 25C - 150C temperature and 25 Hz - 1 MHz frequency range before and after application of the aluminum nano-particles with a size of 50 nm. The change in the amount of semicon-ductor filler TlInSe2 and aluminum nano-particles changes the state of the surface and the frequency-temperature characteristics of composite materials PE+xvol.%TlInSe2, which allows to obtain composites with the desired dielectric permittivity and dielectric loss.
Correlations of low molecular weight phenotype of apoprotein(a) and serum level of lipoprotein(a) with multifocal atherosclerosis in patients with coronary heart disease
O.I. Afanasieva,M.V. Ezhov,M.I. Afanasieva,M.S. Safarova
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2010,
Abstract: Background. Atherosclerosis is a systemic disease. That is why the damage is not restricted by one vascular area in 18-50% of patients. High serum level of lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] is an independent risk factor for coronary, carotid and peripheral atherosclerosis. However the correlation of apoprotein(a) [apo(a)] polymorphism with the multifocal atherosclerosis in coronary heart disease (CHD) is not sufficiently studied.Aim. To study the correlation of apo(a) phenotype with the multifocal atherosclerosis in CHD patients.Material and Methods. 220 patients aged 32- 76 y.o. with the proven coronary and carotid atherosclerosis were split into two groups depending on the presence (n=22) or absence (n=198) of peripheral atherosclerosis. Evaluation of lipid profile, Lp(a) and determination of apo(a) isoforms by SDS electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel and immunoblotting was performed in all patients.Results. Both groups of patients were comparable by age, sex, classical cardiovascular risk factors, including frequency of hyperlipidemia and diabetes mellitus, lipid profile. The Lp(a) serum level ≥30 mg/dL and low molecular weight (LMW) apo(a) phenotype were found more often in patients with multifocal than coronary and carotid atherosclerosis: 55 and 45% (р=0.372); 73 and 44% (p<0.05), respectively. According to multiple regression analysis (including sex, age, smoking status, and Lp(a) serum level) only smoking status (β=0.203, p=0.0003) and a size of apo(a) isoforms (β=0.191, p=0.0133) correlated with the peripheral atherosclerosis in patients with CHD. LMW apo(a) phenotype was the most significant predictor of peripheral atherosclerosis (β=0.281, p=0.0089) regardless of the Lp(a) serum level in patients under 55 y.o. High Lp(a) serum level combined with LMW apo(a) phenotype associated with more significant coronary, carotid and peripheral atherosclerosis.Conclusion. LMW apo(a) phenotype relates to the presence of multifocal atherosclerosis in CHD patients regardless of the Lp(a) serum level. Apo(a) phenotype can be a marker of generalized atherosclerosis especially among young adults. Next studies of correlations Lp(a) and apo(a) phenotype with lower limb arteries lesions are needed in various patients.
Economical, social and spiritual life of Ordubad – end XIX – beginning of XX century
Safarova K. R.
Sociosfera , 2012,
Abstract: Analysis and generalization of various factual materials makes it possible to come to conclusion, that the city of Ordubad, which had complicated, full of many military-political events history, was one of important economic and cultural centre of Azerbaijan. Due to its various goods and aquaculture products Ordubad had links (connection) with a number of trading centre of the East and Russia.
Basicity of Systems of Sines with Linear Phase in Weighted Sobolev Spaces
V. F. Salmanov,A. R. Safarova
International Journal of Engineering Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/612472
Abstract: The perturbed systems of sines, which appear when solving some partial differential equations by the Fourier method, are considered in this paper. Basis properties of these systems in weighted Sobolev spaces of functions are studied. 1. Introduction When solving many problems in mathematical physics by Fourier method (see e.g., [1–4]), there appear perturbed systems of sines and cosines of the following form: where , are real parameters. Using Fourier method requires the study of basis properties of the above systems in Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces of functions. Relevant investigations date back to the well-known works by Paley and Wiener [5] and Levinson [6]. For , basis properties of these systems in spaces , , are completely studied in [7–12]. The case of weighted was considered by E. I. Moiseev in [13, 14]. Basis properties of some perturbed systems of exponents in Sobolev spaces are studied in [15–19]. Further references include [20–23]. Our paper is devoted to the study of basis properties of these systems in weighted Sobolev spaces. Unlike previous works, we offer a different method of investigation. 2. Auxiliary Facts Let and be weighted Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces with the following norms: where , , . Denote by the following direct sum: where is a complex plane. The norm in this space is defined as follows: , where . The following easily provable lemmas play an important role in obtaining our main result. Lemma 1. Let . Then the operator performs an isomorphism between the spaces and ; that is, the spaces and are isomorphic. Proof. First we show the boundedness of this operator. We have the following: Applying Hlder's inequality, we obtain the following: Consequently, where . Let us show that . Let ; that is, where , . Differentiating this equation, we obtain a.e. on . It follows that . From (9) it directly follows that a.e. on and this implies that . Show that . Let be an arbitrary function. Assume . It is clear that and . Then by Banach theorem we find that the operator has a bounded inverse. This proves Lemma 1. Now let us prove the following lemma. Lemma 2. Let and . Then for all , where . Proof. Let ,?? . We have the following: As and , then . Similarly, we find that and . It is easy to see that and, moreover, This proves the lemma. From results of the paper [24] it follows the validity of the following lemma. Lemma 3. Let , , , and in . Then the series converges absolutely. 3. Main Result Theorem 4. Let , . Then system (2) forms a basis for if and only if system (1) forms a basis for , where , . Proof. First let us assume that the system
Scanning Probe Microscopy as a Tool for Investigation of Biomaterials
Veronika Novotna,Alexandr Knapek,Pavel Tomanek,Sarka Safarova
Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering , 2012,
Abstract: Super-microscopic techniques like scanning tunnelling microscopy, atomic force microscopy or scanning near-field optical microscopy allows investigate micro- and/or nano-scale surfaces and structures. In this paper, both Environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) and Scanning near field optical microscope (SNOM) have been applied to more closely study of biomaterials. The results of visualization of human osteo-sarcoma cell line (U2OS) are compared. SNOM and ESEM yield different, however, comparable and complementary information on studied biological samples.
Review of the Book “Magnetooptical Spectroscopy of the Rare-Earth Compounds: Development and Application”  [PDF]
I. S. Edelman
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2012.45030
Abstract: This book reviews and provides numerous theoretical calculations for the first time relevant to the optics and magneto-optics of the trivalent rare earth ions (RE3+) and their compounds. The RE3+ have unique spectroscopic properties that make them exceptionally attractive to both scientists, who probe the fundamental properties of these systems, and engineers, who develop these systems into photonic devices eagerly marketed in expanded technologies. Magneto-optical effects in compounds doped with RE3+ have been studied since the dawn of modern physics and have had a profound impact on their development in terms of practical opto-electronic devices. The authors of this new, exciting, and fresh text are world famous in this field, with over 150 years of experience in developing important theoretical and experimental contributions and over fifty years of more than 500 refereed publications in this field in the Soviet Union and the United States. They offer both a conceptual description of magneto-optical phenomena, as well as clear, detailed theoretical development published for the first time of many of the phenomena only briefly addressed in the literature. The book is based on the author’s original work in theoretical and experimental investigations in magneto-optics. Numerous graphs and simple examples model the phenomena described in the text, making it a highly desirable treatise for scientists beginning their studies in the field of magneto-optics.
Is Gravitational Radiation a Radiation of the Same Level as Electromagnetic Radiation?  [PDF]
Stanislav I. Fisenko, I. S. Fisenko
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2014.515140
Abstract: The notion of gravitational radiation as a radiation of the same level as the electromagnetic radiation is based on the theoretically proven and experimentally confirmed facts of the existence of stationary states of an electron in its gravitational field, characterized by the gravitational constant K = 1042 G (G is Newtonian gravitational constant) and unrecoverable space-time curvature Λ. These experimental facts include, in particular, data on the broadening of the spectra of the characteristic radiation of multielectron atoms. This broadening of the spectra can be only due to the additional broadening mechanism, in particular the presence of excited states of electrons in their gravitational field. Another fact is the new line in the X-ray emission spectrum according to the results of observation with MOS-camera of the XMM-Newton observatory. This line unlike other identified lines of electromagnetic radiation cannot be assigned to any atomic transition.
The efficacy and safety of dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers in hypertensive patients: amlodipine place
M.V. Lebedeva,V.D. Beketov,N.V. Maltsev,M.E. Safarova
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2013,
Abstract: Findings of the main clinical trials of amlodipine in the treatment of arterial hypertension and prevention of fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular events are presented.
Thermonuclear Plasma Steady States Generation  [PDF]
S. I. Fisenko, I. S. Fisenko, R. T. Rymkulov
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics (JAMP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jamp.2014.25001
Abstract: This report is a systematic and complemented summary of the earlier published works by the authors [1-4]. The concept of gravitational radiation as a radiation of one level with the electromagnetic radiation is based on theoretically proved and experimentally confirmed fact of existence of electron’s stationary states in own gravitational field, characterized by gravitational constant K = 1042 G (G—Newtonian gravitational constant) and by irremovable space-time curvature. The received results strictly correspond to principles of the relativistic theory of gravitation and the quantum mechanics. The given work contributes into further elaboration of the findings considering their application to dense high-temperature plasma of multiple-charge ions. This is due to quantitative character of electron gravitational radiation spectrum such that amplification of gravitational radiation may take place only in multiple-charge ion high-temperature plasma.
The biological potency of benzapyrene in the humates composition  [PDF]
L. I. Belykh, I. A. Ryabchikova, S. S. Timofeyeva
Agricultural Sciences (AS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/as.2013.412085

The aim of the paper was to determine benz(a)-pyrene in the preparations containing humates and study the benz(a)pyrene biological potency for the agricultural plants. The research methodology included the determination of the dependencies in the system “substance concentration (dose)effect on the plant”. Concentrations of benz(a)pyrene in 12 samples of the humates preparations and fertilizers based on their trademarks “Irkutsk humates”, obtained from brown coal, varied in the range from 0.3 to 50 mcg/kg, which creates no soil contamination in conditions of the use of preparations. Between contents of benz(a)pyrene and humates there is a correlation (rxy = 0.95; α = 0.05). It is ascertained that the effects of stimulation and/or inhibition of the growth and yield of agricultural plants depend on the concentration of benz(a)pyrene and the method of plant processing. Optimal concentrations of benz(a)pyrene were 150-200 ng/dm3 for preplant way of processing of potato tubers, 3-10 ng/dm3for top dressing (spraying) and 0.1-0.3 ng/dm3for dressing under the roots (hydroponic). The obtained results allowed us to offer one of the possible mechanisms of biological potency of humates as the plant growth stimulants, and also a way testing of the preparations by screening of their benz(a)pyrene content.

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