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A Consensus-Based Policy Framework on Pharmacist-Led Self-Management Using the Delphi Process  [PDF]
Fiona Y. Y. Wong, Frank W. K. Chan, Joyce H. S. You, Eliza L. Y. Wong, Eng-Kiong Yeoh
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2012.53027
Abstract: Fragmentation of the healthcare system and lack of connectivity between in-hospital and community services, have posed an impact on management of patients with chronic conditions. As self-management is an essential component in chronic disease management model and pharmacists are underutilized in Hong Kong, this study developed a consensus-based policy framework on pharmacist-led self-management using a Delphi panel consisted of medical doctors, pharmacists, Chinese medicine practitioners and dispensers. We had studied a local population survey to understand the use of over-the-counter medication, conducted focus groups and telephone survey to explore the views of the four health professions and the general population, respectively, on pharmacist-led approach in self-management. The find- ings served as the base for developing the self-administered questionnaire in Delphi. A total of 19 experts completed the questionnaires and rated the validity and clarity of each statement in a 9-point scale. The Delphi process was completed in two rounds. Community pharmacists could only play an assisting role in patient self-management. They should focus primarily on drug-related issues and were suggested to work on lifestyle modifications collaboratively with physicians and nurses. The government has to develop supportive measures to enhance pharmacist-led patient self-management in the future.
Secure Chained Threshold Proxy Signature without and with Supervision  [PDF]
Zoe L. JIANG, S. M. YIU, Y. DONG, L. C. K. HUI, S. H. Y. WONG
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2009.24034
Abstract: Threshold Proxy Signature (TPS) scheme facilitates a manager to delegate his signing capability to a group of n2 sub-ordinates without revealing his own private key, such that a subgroup of at least t2 ≤ n2 subordinates is required to generate a proxy signature. In reality, the situation can be more complicated. First of all, the subgroup may further delegate their proxy signing capabilities to another group of n3 subordinates such that at least another subgroup of at least t3 ≤ n3 subordinates are of the proxy signing capabilities (in the form of a chain). t2 can be unequal to t3 depending on the concrete requirement. This is a group-to-group delegation problem. In addition, a supervising agent (SA) may be introduced in the above chain to supervise the subordinates, such that proxy signing can only be successfully executed with SA’s agreement. This is a delegation with supervision problem in the threshold delegation chain described above. These two extensions of delegation problems are not solved yet. This paper designs two provably secure cryptographic schemes Chained Threshold Proxy Signature (CTPS) scheme and Chained Threshold Proxy Signature with Supervision (CTPSwS) scheme to solve these two delegation problems.
Cascades of Dynamical Transitions in an Adaptive Population
H. M. Yang,Y. S. Ting,K. Y. Michael Wong
Quantitative Finance , 2006,
Abstract: In an adaptive population which models financial markets and distributed control, we consider how the dynamics depends on the diversity of the agents' initial preferences of strategies. When the diversity decreases, more agents tend to adapt their strategies together. This change in the environment results in dynamical transitions from vanishing to non-vanishing step sizes. When the diversity decreases further, we find a cascade of dynamical transitions for the different signal dimensions, supported by good agreement between simulations and theory. Besides, the signal of the largest step size at the steady state is likely to be the initial signal.
Effects of payoff functions and preference distributions in an adaptive population
H. M. Yang,Y. S. Ting,K. Y. Michael Wong
Quantitative Finance , 2007, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.77.031116
Abstract: Adaptive populations such as those in financial markets and distributed control can be modeled by the Minority Game. We consider how their dynamics depends on the agents' initial preferences of strategies, when the agents use linear or quadratic payoff functions to evaluate their strategies. We find that the fluctuations of the population making certain decisions (the volatility) depends on the diversity of the distribution of the initial preferences of strategies. When the diversity decreases, more agents tend to adapt their strategies together. In systems with linear payoffs, this results in dynamical transitions from vanishing volatility to a non-vanishing one. For low signal dimensions, the dynamical transitions for the different signals do not take place at the same critical diversity. Rather, a cascade of dynamical transitions takes place when the diversity is reduced. In contrast, no phase transitions are found in systems with the quadratic payoffs. Instead, a basin boundary of attraction separates two groups of samples in the space of the agents' decisions. Initial states inside this boundary converge to small volatility, while those outside diverge to a large one. Furthermore, when the preference distribution becomes more polarized, the dynamics becomes more erratic. All the above results are supported by good agreement between simulations and theory.
The Removal of Basic and Reactive Dyes Using Quartenised Sugar Cane Bagasse
S.Y. Wong,Y.P. Tan,A.H. Abdullah,S.T. Ong
Journal of Physical Science , 2009,
Abstract: Sugar cane bagasse, an agricultural by-product, acts as an effective sorbent for the removal of both basic and reactive dyes from aqueous solution after modification by the quartenisation method. Batch adsorption studies were investigated for the removal of Basic Blue 3 (BB3) and Reactive Orange 16 (RO16). The sorption of dye solutions was strongly affected by the pH and the optimum pH is in the range of 6–8. The kinetics of dye sorption processes fit a pseudo-second order kinetic model. The adsorption isotherms fitted well into both the Langmuir and Freundlich equations. Results indicated thataccording to the Langmuir isotherm, the maximum sorption capacities are 37.59 and 34.48 mg g–1 for BB3 and RO16, respectively. The effects of agitation rate, temperature, and sorbent dosage on the dye sorptions were investigated.
The Effect of a Visual Memory Training Program on Chinese Handwriting Performance of Primary School Students with Dyslexia in Hong Kong  [PDF]
Cecilia W. P. Li-Tsang, Agnes S. K. Wong, Linda F. L. Tse, Hebe Y. H. Lam, Viola H. L. Pang, Cathy Y. F. Kwok, Maggie W. S. Lin
Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (OJTR) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojtr.2015.34020
Abstract: This study investigated the effect of a visual memory training program on Chinese handwriting performance among primary school students with dyslexia in Hong Kong. Eight students of Grade 2 to 3 who were diagnosed with dyslexia were recruited. All participants received six sessions of training, which composed of 30-minute computerized game-based visual memory training and 30-minute Chinese character segmentation training. Visual perceptual skills and Chinese handwriting performance were assessed before and after the training, as well as three weeks after training using the Test of Visual Perceptual Skills (3rd edition) (TVPS-3) and the Chinese Handwriting Analysis System (CHAS). In comparing the pre- and post-training results, paired t-tests revealed significant improvements in visual memory skills, as well as handwriting speed, pause time and pen pressure after the training. There was no significant improvement in handwriting accuracy or legibility. The improved visual memory and handwriting performance did not show a significant drop at the follow-up assessments. This study showed promising results on a structured program to improve the Chinese handwriting performance, mainly in speed, of primary school children. The improvements appeared to be well-sustained after the training program. There is a need to further study the long-term effect of the program through a randomized controlled trial study.
Views and Experience on Patient Engagement in Healthcare Professionals and Patients—How Are They Different?  [PDF]
Eliza L. Y. Wong, Siufai Lui, Annie W. L. Cheung, Carrie H. K. Yam, Nicole F. Huang, Wilson W. S. Tam, Engkiong Yeoh
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2017.76046
Abstract: A patient-centered approach is used to build a therapeutic alliance between patients and the healthcare professionals in care process which should be supported by a good engagement of both parties. The study aimed to explore the gap between healthcare professionals and patients on patient engagement in hospital. It was a cross-sectional survey. 2774 doctors and nurses from Department of Medicine of public hospitals completed the self-administered questionnaire and 1042 patients discharged from corresponding wards completed the telephone interviews. Participants were interviewed using structural questionnaires. The Mann-Whitney test or Pearson’s chi-square test was used to analyze the agreement between health-care professionals and patients on the views and experiences of patient engagement. A difference was considered to be statistically significant when the p-value was <0.05. Although both groups valued the importance of patient engagement, there was a discrepancy on understanding, views and experiences. More healthcare professionals particularly in nursing were concerned about the possible negative impact of the engagement. The majority of healthcare professionals reported that they engaged well with patients, and perceived more difficulties than patients did. The findings highlighted the mutual understanding of patient engagement, involvement and challenges encountered by both groups in Department of Medicine, which was crucial in efforts to provide meaningful patient engagement in regards to jurisdictions, health system, specialty, discipline and background of patients. It provided insight that a collaborative strategy involving both healthcare professional and patients might be an alternative approach to improving patient engagement.
A Technical Note: Inter-Observer and Inter-Modality Variability of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and Ultrasound (US) in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Kidney Cancer  [PDF]
Ronnie W. K. Leung, Matthew Y. P. Wong, Venus W. Y. Lee, Steven K. T. Cheung, Aray K. L. Wong, Hollis S. L. Luk, Francesca K. L. Ng, Gilbert M. L. Law, Frankle K. H. Lee, W. H. Mui, Dennis Y. K. Ngar
International Journal of Medical Physics,Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology (IJMPCERO) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijmpcero.2017.64035
Abstract: Introduction: To investigate the inter-observer and inter-modality variabilities of two imaging guided equipments—cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) and ultrasound (US) in kidney stereotactic body radiotherapy. Methods: A renal metastasis case implanted with three gold anchor fiducial markers was firstly scanned by US to acquire a 3-dimension US image and followed by 4-dimension CBCT in every fraction. Seven observers retrospectively registered the pre-treatment images with the corresponding reference images based on the gold markers. Registration uncertainty of the observers between two imaging modalities was evaluated. Results: The uncertainties over whole treatment course in CBCT were 0.88 mm, 1.94 mm and 0.86 mm in lateral, longitudinal and vertical directions respectively; while 0.8 mm, 0.97 mm and 1.36 mm were found in US. Conclusion: The greatest uncertainty was found in longitudinal direction in CBCT due to the fact that the respiration motion is the most rigorous in cranial-caudal direction. In US, since the probe was hold almost in upright position, the strong echo in vertical direction was attributed to the greatest uncertainty for such direction.
Association between Air Pollution and General Outpatient Clinic Consultations for Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Hong Kong
Wilson W. S. Tam, Tze Wai Wong, Lorna Ng, Samuel Y. S. Wong, Kenny K. L. Kung, Andromeda H. S. Wong
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086913
Abstract: Background and Objectives Many studies have shown the adverse effects of air pollution on respiratory health, but few have examined the effects of air pollution on service utilisation in the primary care setting. The aim of this study was to examine the association between air pollution and the daily number of consultations due to upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) in general outpatient clinics (GOPCs) in Hong Kong. Methods Daily data on the numbers of consultations due to URTIs in GOPCs, the concentrations of major air pollutants, and the mean values of metrological variables were retrospectively collected over a 3-year period (2008–2010, inclusive). Generalised additive models were constructed to examine the association between air pollution and the daily number of consultations, and to derive the relative risks and 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) of GOPC consultations for a unit increase in the concentrations of air pollutants. Results The mean daily consultations due to URTIs in GOPCs ranged from 68.4 to 253.0 over the study period. The summary relative risks (and 95% CI) of daily consultations in all GOPCs for the air pollutants PM10, NO2, O3, and SO2 were 1.005 (1.002, 1.009), 1.010 (1.006, 1.013), 1.009 (1.006, 1.012), and 1.004 (1.000, 1.008) respectively, per 10 μg/m3 increase in the concentration of each pollutant. Conclusion Significant associations were found between the daily number of consultations due to URTIs in GOPCs and the concentrations of air pollutants, implying that air pollution incurs a substantial morbidity and increases the burden of primary health care services.
Polarity Switchable Photovoltages in Miscut La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 Films
J. Wang,H. Ni,K. Zhao,Y.-C. Kong,H. K. Wong,S. X. Zhong
International Journal of Photoenergy , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/547591
Abstract: We report the transient laser-induced anomalous photovoltaic effect in the La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 film grown on miscut LaSrAlO4 (001) substrate under 248 nm pulsed laser irradiation at ambient temperature without any applied bias. A photovoltaic pulse signal was observed when the La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 film was irradiated directly, and the signal polarity was reversed when the sample was irradiated through the LaSrAlO4 substrate, while the signal recorded between the two electrodes on the surface of LaSrAlO4 was not reversed when the sample was irradiated through La0.67Ca0.33MnO3 film rather than at the surface of LaSrAlO4. The switchable signal polarity provides a potential application of miscut manganite films as optical components. A possible mechanism is introduced to explain the experiment results.
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