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Rudolph Kansese
The Dawn Journal , 2013,
Abstract: It is easy to identify Nigerian traditional dance through its form, structure and style. Components of the dance such as concept, movement, music, costume and props are integrated and help to interpret one another thereby making the form easy to assess. Contemporary dance on the other hand cannot be identified as a particular form; since it fluctuates with every choreographer and with every dance created. This is why it is often difficult for contemporary dance to be appreciated and accepted by indigenes as an art form like conventional dances. In order to asses and comprehend contemporary dance, this paper investigates the emergent form of ‘Alajota Dance Company. Two dance performances by the company are analysed; these are “Yuogoslaver” and “Naked Home.” These dances are observed both on the live stage as well as on video. Evidence gathered shows that the emergent form of Alajota Dance Company is dependent on three major factors; Nigerian traditional dance themes, personal dance creativity and Western or foreign dance features. Christopher Emmanuel and Oluranti as choreographers in the Company depend highly on indigenous dance and traditional motifs to compose dances which are personal to their experiences and exposures. Western or foreign features such as exotic dance styles, synthetic music and stage technology extends further the creative will of the choreographers.
Rudolph Kansese
The Dawn Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Directing is an art where the individual involved or director takes charge of the process of play production in a theatre, with the view of achieving success during the performance or performances. The intention of the paper is to examine the harrowing experience of a director during play production which incidentally interfere with his vision; upsetting his directorial approach or concept. The research is based on a personal directing experience of the play, “The Leopard of Kalama” written by Akpos Adesi. Materials gathered from literature are used to validate the discontentment of the director during his sad experience. In the production of “The Leopard of Kalama”, the director went through a number of incidents with personnel in charge of the different arts of the theatre including the producer. Such incidents unfortunately undermined his artistic competence and marred the production. In the same way, directors with similar episodes suffer terminal setback and deflation of self-esteem. This invariably creates an ambience of death in their craft.
Dr. Sunday Doutimiariye Abraye, Rudolph Kansese
The Dawn Journal , 2013,
Abstract: Dance, as one of the performing arts is mostly used for entertainment. In this case, the art form is largely seen as an aesthetic enterprise with little or no utilitarian value. However, some dances, in spite of their being aesthetic are influenced by utilitarian components or movements. This is the situation with the owigiri dance which was initiated as an aesthetic work of art is driven by other traditional dances. These traditional dances such as penge, abo, agene, owu, konkonba, osundu and feletei have cultural annotations and interpretations. The appreciation of the owigiri performance therefore as an aesthetic art, especially at social gatherings should always be done with cultural interpretations of movements and materials used in the dance. This is the legitimate way the owigiri dance can be appreciated wholly as a means of communication.
Karriere, Alltag und Partnerschaft. Strukturen und Implikationen des glass ceiling Book cover Career, Daily Life, and Partnership: Structures and Implications of the Glass Ceiling
Hedwig Rudolph
querelles-net , 2007,
Abstract: In dem Buch werden zum einen die strukturellen Rahmenbedingungen beleuchtet, mit denen Frauen in Führungspositionen konfrontiert sind, zum anderen ihre Lebensumst nde dargestellt – jeweils im Vergleich zu ihren m nnlichen Kollegen. Im Hinblick auf die dokumentierten durchg ngigen Differenzen zuungunsten von Frauen werden politische Gestaltungsvorschl ge skizziert. This book illuminates the structural and external factors confronting women in executive positions and examines their living conditions in comparison to their male colleagues. The book sketches concepts for political change with respect to the continuing differences that have been documented as harming women.
Identification of Molecular Substrate for the Attenuation of Anxiety: A Step Toward the Development of Better Anti-Anxiety Drugs
Uwe Rudolph
The Scientific World Journal , 2001, DOI: 10.1100/tsw.2001.33
Transgendered Prisoners in the United States: A Progression of Laws
Rudolph Alexander
Laws , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/laws2040428
Abstract: In 1976, prisoners acquired the right to medical treatment from the U.S. Supreme Court through the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which forbade, in part, cruel and unusual punishment. The following year, a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that medical treatment included psychiatric or mental health treatment. These rulings applied to general prisoners, but not initially prisoners who suffered from gender identity disorder. Courts ruled then that gender identity disorder was not a serious mental disorder—a critical component of the right to medical care and mental health treatment. Later, a few appeals courts ruled that gender identity disorder was a serious mental disorder, triggering a prisoner’s right to medical care and mental health treatment for this disorder. Prisoners with gender identity disorder have litigated for sex realignment surgery as part of their treatment, which prison administrators have balked. The latest ruling unequivocally ordered the Massachusetts Department of Corrections to give a prisoner suffering from gender identity disorder sex reassignment surgery, but the prison system has appealed. This ruling, and previous rulings, has furthered policy towards transsexual prisoners.
Sum-over-histories representation for the causal Green function of free scalar field theory
Oliver Rudolph
Physics , 1993, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.51.1818
Abstract: A set of Green functions ${\cal G}_{\alpha}(x-y), \alpha \in [0, 2 \pi [$, for free scalar field theory is introduced, varying between the Hadamard Green function $\Delta_1(x-y) \equiv \linebreak[2] \lsta{0} \hspace{-0.1cm} \{ \varphi(x), \varphi(y) \} \hspace{-0.1cm} \rsta{0}$ and the causal Green function ${\cal G}_{\pi}(x-y) = i \Delta(x-y) \equiv [\varphi(x), \varphi(y)]$. For every $\alpha \in [0, 2 \pi [$ a path-integral representation for ${\cal G}_{\alpha}$ is obtained both in the configuration space and in the phase space of the classical relativistic particle. Especially setting $\alpha = \pi$ a sum-over-histories representation for the causal Green function is obtained. Furthermore using BRST theory an alternative path-integral representation for ${\cal G}_{\alpha}$ is presented. From these path integral representations the composition laws for the ${\cal G}_{\alpha}$'s are derived using a modified path decomposition expansion.
Quantum computing Hamiltonian cycles
T. Rudolph
Physics , 1996,
Abstract: An algorithm for quantum computing Hamiltonian cycles of simple, cubic, bipartite graphs is discussed. It is shown that it is possible to evolve a quantum computer into an entanglement of states which map onto the set of all possible paths originating from a chosen vertex, and furthermore to subsequently project out all states not corresponding to Hamiltonian cycles.
Temporal Quantum Theory
Oliver Rudolph
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.59.1045
Abstract: We propose a framework for temporal quantum theories for the purpose of describing states and observables associated with extended regions of space time quantum mechanically. The proposal is motivated by Isham's history theories. We discuss its relation to Isham's history theories and to standard quantum mechanics. We generalize the Isham-Linden information entropy to the present context.
Quantum Information is physical too
Terry Rudolph
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: We discuss the physical nature of quantum information, in particular focussing on tasks that are achievable by some physical realizations of qubits but not by others.

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