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Cellular Perception: When the Cell Model Includes a Sense Order which Ensues from a Philosophy of Nature, the Signaling and Epigenetics Effects which Can Result from Exposure to Magnetic Fields Are Described Better  [PDF]
Pierre Le Chapellier, Badri Matta
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2011.23023
Abstract: Academic biology-medicine refers to a couple of philosophies, Organicism and Mechanism, which translates into an association of Cybernetic diagrams and molecular Reductionism. This association presents logical difficulties which make it unsuitable to describe correctly biological effects of electromagnetic fields, EMF. But these logical difficulties may be overcome when renewing the organic cell idea by means of a Philosophy of Nature which juxtaposes causality order and sense order in the cell. The signalsome, the set of descriptive components resulting from the genome, is constantly reorganized. This remodeling may become epigenetic when the phenotype becomes transformed by experience of perceptions in a given medium, because the perception of overall information coming from the extracellular medium becomes functional within the system. In that cellular perception, it is stated that the significance base which contributes to the sense order results from the qualitative topological structure of the extracellular medium. Therefore the EMF interactions target is not only the membrane and its molecules; it is also the structure of the extracellular medium which bathes the membrane. Knowing that the sense order modulation constitutes the global soil of the (localized) causality order, it is possible to obtain a same EMF bioeffect on a membrane molecule by treating a culture of cells in its bath or by treating only the extracellular aqueous medium. Consequently, the double bioeffect resulting from EMF exposure is described simply, because the sense order, such as it results from the qualitative structuring of the medium, forms the significance base which directs the causal mechanics of the cellular answer.
Cellular Psychology Assumption: Based upon Exterior Algebra, It Contributes to Explaining the Variability of the Bioeffects of Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields  [PDF]
Pierre Le Chapellier, Badri Matta
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2012.33029
Abstract: According to its own purposes, including survival, the cell reacts to the conditions of its medium. Such a vital phenomenon implies relational energetics. It includes unconscious psychic energy whose regulating model is the Life and Sense archetype. Its relational power could result from a natural algebraic property of extension. This extension can extend any organic magnitude to 4D event. Thus it allows some perception of the extracellular structure variations. This perception applies to moving forces of the cell signaling activators, through psychic energy. This psychical energy includes a potential, the cell attitude or status, and psychic moving forces, or tendencies. Insofar as the psychic potential is sensitive to proton structures, and the psychic moving forces are excitable by electron exchanges, a phase shift between us may occur. Medium stimulation by adequate magnetic fields could modulate this phase shift in a therapeutic direction.
Is Victory over Pancreatic Cancer Possible, with the Help of Tuned Non-Invasive Physiotherapy? A Case Study Says Yes  [PDF]
Pierre Le Chapellier, Badri Matta
Journal of Cancer Therapy (JCT) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jct.2014.55053

Could the conventional treatment of pancreatic cancer effectively be supplemented by a low level and non-invasive bio-electromagnetic treatment? A case study, based on the regular exposure of a patient to an electromagnetic field, EMF, emitted by a Rife-Bare technology device, suggests so. The plasma confined in a tube of this apparatus emitted radiofrequency solitons. These low level emissions were modulated by an “audio” frequency generator, pre-programmed for the treatment of this disease. After less than two months of exposure to these EMFs, the tumor completely disappeared in approximately two weeks. The explanation of the action mechanism includes a physics aspect relating to the properties of the dissipative soliton which is emitted-absorbed by any non-linear system, a biophysics aspect relating to the coherent structuring of the cellular bath by incident solitons, and finally a biological aspect. The latter is characterized by a critical resonance frequency leading the “unicellular” tumoral cell to adopt a self-destructive behavior. On the other hand EMFs with low level solitons have no effect on the tissues of complex multicellular organisms.

Qualidade de sabor de tomates dos tipos salada e cereja e sua rela??o com caracteres morfoagron?micos dos frutos
Sobreira, Fábio Moreira;Sobreira, Fabricio Moreira;Almeida, Gustavo Dias de;Coelho, Ruimário Inácio;Rodrigues, Rosana;Matta, Frederico de Pina;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542010000400031
Abstract: fruits in the ripe red stage of thirty three tomato (lycopersicon esculentum mill.) accessions from cca-ufes germplasm collection, being 15 "cherry type" and 18 "salad type", were characterized based on the following morphooagronomic descriptors: average fruit weight; average fruit length; average fruit diameter; peduncle scar diameter; fruit mesocarp thickness; soluble solids and fruit ph. based on the data from the soluble solids and fruit ph, the flavor variable was calculated by the ratio tss/ph2. variance analysis and simple and partial correlations were calculated, and the accessions were clustered in flavor classes. based on the statistical model of distribution of frequencies, four classes were formed for flavor variable. the largest portion (33%) of the accessions of salad type were located in the lowest class (0.05-0.12 obrix.ph-2), corresponding to the accessions with not so desirable a flavor, while the largest portion (30%) of the accessions of the "cherry" type were clustered in the next class above (0.13-0.20 obrix.ph-2). the possibility of concomitantly obtaining genetic gains for flavor, weight, length and mesocarp thickness of the fruits was demonstrated.
As representa??es de experiências sociais enquanto mediadoras do processo de constru??o de significa??es partilhadas
Análise Psicológica , 1999,
Abstract: our research is based on the vygotskian sociocultural theory and on the premise that children′s development is inherent to participation in social life. from this point social interaction and appropriation of mediational tools are crucial to a developmental process. in our presentation, we explore the assumption that child representational system is based on understanding events of everyday life. familiar routine events are schematized in the child?s knowledge representational system (e.g. as scripts/narratives). these symbolic representations provide a contextual support to interaction and to cognitive and linguistic development.
Aprender vivendo: As experiências de vida no desenvolvimento e na aprendizagem
Análise Psicológica , 2004,
Abstract: current perspectives in psychology present significant progress in terms of the theorisation of the relations between socio-cultural factors and cognition. the idea that these factors are inseparable is widely agreed upon, but the ways in which their intersections are explained has varied among authors. most studies have oscillated between the study of social practices and the mind of the child. we are concerned with studying the child in a socio-cultural world, acting and understanding, becoming a competent participant in socio-cultural events, and the cognitive consequences of this participation. the focus is on the child with an emerging vision of reality and the means (s)he uses to interpret and (re)construct that reality. we argue that the modes of schematic representation of life experiences provide a structure that enables communication and mutual understanding (social activity), and are also mediating instruments of cognitive activity. in this process, necessarily associated with language processes, narrative plays a central role. starting as an organiser of the communication of lived experience, it quickly becomes a cognitive organiser. the theoretical discussion will be supported by data from empirical studies which we have undertaken.
Vich, Cynthia. Indigenismo de vanguardia en el Perú. Un estudio sobre el Boletín Titikaka. Lima: Fondo editorial de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 2000. 279 pp.
Natalia Matta
Lexis , 2002,
Una Dimensión de Biodiversidad por Explorar: Hemoparásitos Aviares en Colombia
Nubia Matta
Memorias de la Conferencia Interna en Medicina y Aprovechamiento de Fauna Silvestre, Exótica y no Convencional , 2006,
Abstract: Las investigaciones enfocadas a evaluar y dimensionar la biodiversidad de especies tienen gran impacto actualmente. Recientemente, se ha llamado la atención sobre la importancia de incluir a los parásitos en estudios sobre biodiversidad. El conocimiento de los parásitos que infectan un hospedero o grupos de hospederos es un fuerte indicio de las relaciones tróficas de un ecosistema, pues podemos conocer de que organismos se alimenta el hospedero y a cuales sirve de alimento, con lo cual el parásito podría completar su ciclo de vida, también se puede valorar el riesgo de surgimiento de enfermedades que afecten la población humana.
Quantification of the diversity among common bean accessions using Ward-MLM strategy
Cabral, Pablo Diego Silva;Soares, Taís Cristina Bastos;Gon?alves, Leandro Sim?es Azeredo;Amaral Júnior, Antonio Teixeira do;Lima, Andreia Barcelos Passos;Rodrigues, Rosana;Matta, Frederico de Pina;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2010001000011
Abstract: the present work aimed at evaluating the divergence among common bean accessions by their agronomic, morphological and molecular traits, based on the ward-mlm procedure. a collection of 57 accessions from the gene bank of universidade federal do espírito santo was used in this study, from which: 31 were landraces belonging to the community fortaleza, in the municipality of muqui, es, brazil; 20 accessions were provided by embrapa trigo; and 6 were commercial cultivars. five agronomic traits (plant cycle, number of seeds per pod, number of pods per plant, weight of 100 seeds, and grain yield), five morphological traits (growth habit, plant size, seed shape, seed color, and commercial group) and 16 microsatellite primers were evaluated. high genetic variability was detected considering morphological, agronomic and molecular traits in the 57 common bean accessions studied. the ward-mlm procedure showed that the ideal number of groups was five, according to the pseudo f and pseudo t2 criteria. the accessions from andean origin had heavier seeds than others and formed a cluster. the ward-mlm statistical procedure is a useful technique to detect genetic divergence and to cluster genotypes by simultaneously using morphological, agronomic and molecular data.
Acta Biológica Colombiana , 2011,
Abstract: it is common to find in immunology or genetic books a chapter entitled -immune system and genetics-; this association focuses on how the generation of antibodies broke the paradigm -one gene, one protein-, since in this case one gene generates millions of proteins. however, the immune system has many more links to genetics and heredity. for example, any substance or compound produced by an organism can be a potential antigen, when it is recognized as foreign by the immune system of another organism, belonging to the same or different species. the proteins, which are potentially antigenic are encoded by the individual s genotype. the ability of the immune system to respond to antigenic proteins, as well as the type and intensity of that response, are also correlated with the organism s genotype. in addition, deficiencies in the immune response may be associated with mutations or genetic polymorphisms, which result in susceptibility to infectious diseases.
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