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Selling Politics? How the Traits of Salespeople Manifest Themselves in Irish Politicians  [PDF]
Dónal ó Mearáin, Roger Sherlock, John Hogan
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2013.34024

This article seeks to uncover if some of the traits most associated with salespeople manifested themselves in the activities of candidates in the constituency of Dún Laoghaire during the 2007 Irish general election. Such a finding would suggest that just as political parties have looked to the marketing profession for their lead in developing political marketing, politicians are looking to, and adopting the traits of those in the sales profession. This would point to the traits that the modern politician must possess in order to get and remain elected. It would also raise significant questions in terms of how candidates present themselves to the electorate, as well as how they go about campaigning and formulating policy.

Leslie Sherlock reviews Two Truths and a Lie, by Scott Turner Schofield
Leslie Sherlock
Graduate Journal of Social Science , 2010,
Optimal scaling for the pseudo-marginal random walk Metropolis: insensitivity to the noise generating mechanism
Chris Sherlock
Statistics , 2014,
Abstract: We examine the optimal scaling and the efficiency of the pseudo-marginal random walk Metropolis algorithm using a recently-derived result on the limiting efficiency as the dimension, $d\rightarrow \infty$. We prove that the optimal scaling for a given target varies by less than $20\%$ across a wide range of distributions for the noise in the estimate of the target, and that any scaling that is within $20\%$ of the optimal one will be at least $70\%$ efficient. We demonstrate that this phenomenon occurs even outside the range of distributions for which we rigorously prove it. We then conduct a simulation study on an example with $d=10$ where importance sampling is used to estimate the target density; we also examine results available from an existing simulations study with $d=5$ and where a particle filter was used. Our key conclusions are found to hold in these examples also.
A Class of Spherical and Elliptical Distributions with Gaussian-Like Limit Properties
Chris Sherlock,Daniel Elton
Journal of Probability and Statistics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/467187
Abstract: We present a class of spherically symmetric random variables defined by the property that as dimension increases to infinity the mass becomes concentrated in a hyperspherical shell, the width of which is negligible compared to its radius. We provide a sufficient condition for this property in terms of the functional form of the density and then show that the property carries through to equivalent elliptically symmetric distributions, provided that the contours are not too eccentric, in a sense which we make precise. Individual components of such distributions possess a number of appealing Gaussian-like limit properties, in particular that the limiting one-dimensional marginal distribution along any component is Gaussian.
Ecological interactions of visceral leishmaniasis in the state of Bahia, Brazil
Sherlock, Italo A;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761996000600003
Abstract: the laboratory and field observations summarized in this paper on visceral leishmaniasis ecology in the state of bahia, brazil are based on the author's observations over the past 35 years in a number of state's foci, public health records and literature citations. the disease is endemic with epidemic outbreaks occurring every ten years and its geographical distribution is expanding rapidly in the last years. leishmania chagasi is the main ethiologic agent of the visceral leishmaniasis but le. amazonensis s. lato was the only leishmania isolated by other authors from some visceral leishmaniasis human cases in the state. lutzomyia longipalpis (with one or two spots on tergites iii and iv and two sized different populations) was epidemiologically incriminated as the main vector. it was found naturally infected with promastigotes, and it was infected with four species of leishmanias in the laboratory. although the experimental transmission of le. amazonensis by the bite of lu. longipalpis to hamsters was performed, the author was not successful in transmitting le. chagasi in the same way. the dog is the most important domestic source for infection of the vector, however it is not a primary reservoir. the opossum didelphis albiventris was found naturally infected with le. chagasi but its role as reservoir is unknown. foxes and rodents were not found infected with leishmanias in bahia.
S?bre alguns Phlebotomus e Brumptomyia da Col?mbia (Diptera, Psychodidae)
Sherlock, Italo A.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1962, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761962000300004
Abstract: the first case of kala-azar in colombia was discovered in soledad, s. vicente do chucuri, dept. santander, by gast-galvis who viscerotomized a three year old girl deceased in december, 1943. in 1944, fifty-three phlebotominae were collected in the chicken pen of the girl's house, two new species included. mangabeira helped by a. gast galvis, juan antonio montoya and e. osorno mesa, collected some phlebotomus in that country. the geographical distribution of the species of phlebotomus collected in colombia (p. abonnenci, p. camposi, p. columbianus, p. dubitans, p. gasti, p. montoyai, p. saulensis, p. serranus, p. triramulus) and two species of brumptomyia (b. beaupertuyi and b mesari), are included. our description of the male p. columbianus is based on some specimens found in association with females. however, doubts exist about such association of sexes. there is no correspondence between the length of the spicules and the ducts of spermathecae. besides, the specimens were not obtained by raising. the following new species are described and compared with previously known ones: a) phlebotomus gasti sp. n. differs from the other species by a protruding tubercle in the gubernaculum. it has also fewer setae in the tuft of the basistyle, a different length of the inferior gonapophyses, and a differently shaped clasper. b) phlebotomus dubitans sp. n. differs from p. walkeri and p. deanei (according to personal information from o. theodor, who examined the types, they are identical to p. williamsi and p. sericeus respectively), mainly because these species have the inferior gonapophyses larger than the basistyle and fewer setae in the basistyle. p. evandroi is separated by the shape of the claspers and by the tuft of setae of the basistyle. p. marajoensis is the closest relative to p. dubitans. there is a possibility of their being synonymous. on the other hand, they can be differentiated by the existence of three extra distal spines in p. marajoensis. there is also a dif
Dermatozoonosis by Culicoides' bite (Diptera, Ceratopogonidae) in Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil: IV - A clinical study
Sherlock, Italo A.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1965, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761965000100003
Abstract: a observa??o de 211 pacientes com rea??o intensa à picada do culicoides, que procuraram tratamento na clínica dermatológica do hospital das clínicas da universidade da bahia, durante os anos de 1959 e 1962, permitiu o estudo clínico dessa dermatozoonose, cujos dados s?o aqui apresentados. a les?o parece ser de natureza alérgica e devido ao aspecto polimorfo pelo qual se apresenta, essa dermatose pode lembrar o prorigo, a escabiose, as les?es liquenoide; quando a manifesta??o é mais intensa torna-se uma verdadeira eczematiza??o; quando há infec??o secundária, lembra o impetigo folicular. o estudo histológico da les?o revelou ser ela a de uma inflama??o cr?nica, com vascularites e preivascularites dermo-epidérmica, provàvelmente de natureza alérgica. para que haja a forma??o da les?o, s?o necessários: a substancia inoculada pelo inseto e o componente alérgico do indivíduo. n?o se conhece a natureza da substancia inoculada pelo inseto e as seguintes hipóteses s?o apresentadas para explicá-la: substancias enzimáticas ou a histamina existentes nas glandulas salivares do culicoides. após a picada do culicoisdes forma-se no local uma pequena área eritematosa que logo após se transforma em pápula; as pápulas podem desaparecer ou transformarem-se em vesículas; estas ao se romperem dilaceram a superfície cutanea, descamam-na ou pode advir uma infec??o secundária e transformam-se em pústulas.
Catalogue of the enchytraeid worm collection (Oligochaeta: Enchytraeidae) of the Natural History Museum in London. I. Spirit collection
Boros, G.,Sherlock, E.
Opuscula Zoologica Instituti Zoosystematici et Oecologici Universitatis Budapestinensis , 2010,
Abstract: The catalogue of the enchytraeid spirit collection in the Natural History Museum, London is presented.Two lists are given: 1) Inventory of the collection listed in alphabetical order of genera, and 2) Alphabeticallist of the species with the valid genera names.
In Memoriam Reginald William Sims
Sherlock, E.,Berridge, L.
Opuscula Zoologica Instituti Zoosystematici et Oecologici Universitatis Budapestinensis , 2012,
Abstract: Reginald William Sims (1926–2012)
Epidemiology and dinamics of the vectorial transmission of Chagas disease
Sherlock Italo A
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1999,
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