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Endividamento em firmas com alta propens?o à expropria??o: o caso de firmas com um controlador
Soares, Rodrigo Oliveira;Kloeckner, Gilberto de Oliveira;
Revista de Administra??o de Empresas , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-75902008000400008
Abstract: the brazilian capital market is characterized by concentrated ownership structures, in a legal environment which is propitious to the expropriation of minority shareholders, what may influence the incentives to decision makers, and mainly, affect the decision on debt as a financing source. we aimed to study the leverage of firms controlled by a single shareholder, which we classify as high propension to minority expropriation firms. the sample consisted of 322 company traded at bovespa between 1996 and 2002. tests results showed that the firms controlled by a single shareholder used a smaller amount of debt, what is consistent with the high monitoring capacity of debtholders. conversely, the level of debt increases as the cash flow rights of the controller shareholder decreases, what may be a signal of the use of debt as a governance device.
Corticotomias alveolares na Ortodontia: indica??es e efeitos na movimenta??o dentária
Oliveira, Dauro Douglas;Oliveira, Bruno Franco de;Soares, Rodrigo Villamarim;
Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S2176-94512010000400019
Abstract: introduction: the systematic search for increased efficiency in orthodontic treatment is shared by several areas of orthodontics. performing alveolar corticotomies shortly before the application of orthodontic forces has been suggested as a method to enhance tooth movement and, consequently, orthodontic treatment as a whole. objective: this article reviews the historical perspective of this therapeutic approach, presents and illustrates with clinical cases its main indications and finally discusses the biological reasons underlying its use.
Reptiles in municipality of Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense, Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil
Rodrigo de Oliveira Lula Salles,Thiago Silva-Soares
Biotemas , 2010,
Abstract: Duque de Caxias municipality is located in the Fluminense lowland, Rio de Janeiro state, in the Ombrophilous Atlantic Rain Forest domain. The local herpetofauna was widely studied in the 40’s, but a general list of the species for the municipality was never made. From August 2006 to October 2009, we carried out field expeditions, searching for and collecting reptiles mainly at night time. Besides the visual active search method, we also verified records of species in scientific literature and of specimens housed in zoological collections. Altogether, 53 species of reptiles of the Orders Crododylia, Squamata and Testudines occur within the borders of Duque de Caxias municipality.
Quality of life, elderly and physical activity  [PDF]
Carlos Soares Pernambuco, Bernardo Minelli Rodrigues, Jani Cleria Pereira Bezerra, Alessandro Carrielo, André Dias de Oliveira Fernandes, Rodrigo Gomes de Souza Vale, Estelio Henrique Martin Dantas
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.42014
Abstract: The concept of quality of life is multiple concerns as a cultural, social and environmental individuality. The aim of this study was to verify the levels of quality of life in elderly practitioners of physical activity comparing a active group with a control group The sample consisted of 159 physically independent and apparently healthy individuals of either sex, with mean age of 66.61 ± 4.73 years. Active group obtained mean 14.32 ± 0.763 in whoqol’s scores for levels of quality of life, the Control group (CG) obtained mean 13.31 ± 0.94 and p-value 0.05. The ANOVA with repeated samples showed higher values for active group when compared with control group after intervention, the significant level was p < 0.05. It must be recognized that not every aspect of human life is reduced to the practice of physical activity; however, it is an important instrument that generates well-being in this age group.
Novel Protease from Aspergillus tamarii URM4634: Production and Characterization Using Inexpensive Agroindustrial Substrates by Solid-State Fermentation  [PDF]
Osmar Soares da Silva, Rodrigo Lira de Oliveira, Cristina Maria Souza-Motta, Ana Lúcia Figueiredo Porto, Tatiana Souza Porto
Advances in Enzyme Research (AER) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/aer.2016.44012
Abstract: This study reports the protease production from Aspergillus tamarii using agroindustrial residues as substrate for solid-state fermentation (SSF) and biochemical characterization. The highest protease production was obtained using wheat bran as substrate at 72 h fermentation with maximum proteolytic activity of 401.42 U/mL, collagenase of 243.0 U/mL and keratinase of 19.1 U/mL. The protease exhibited KM = 18.7 mg/mL and Vmax = 28.5 mg/mL/min. The optimal pH was 8.0 and stable in a wide pH range (5.0 - 11.0) during 24 h. The optimum temperature was 40°C. The proteolytic activity was inhibited by Cu2+ (33.98%) and Hg2+ (22.69%). The enzyme was also inhibited by PMSF (65.11%), indicating that is a Serine Protease. These properties suggest that alkaline protease from A. tamarii URM4634 is suitable for application in food industries and leather processing. Additionally, the present findings opened new vistas in the utilization of wheat bran and other effective agroindustrial wastes as substrates for SSF.
Resistance to Infection/Reinfection by Schistosoma mansoni is not augmented by three treatments with 45 days intervals
Silveira Alda Maria Soares,Fraga Lucia Alves de Oliveira,Prata Aluizio,Correa-Oliveira Rodrigo
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1998,
Sintomas depressivos no cancer de mama: Inventário de Depress?o de Beck - Short Form
Cangussu, Renata de Oliveira;Soares, Thiago Barbabela de Castro;Barra, Alexandre de Almeida;Nicolato, Rodrigo;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852010000200005
Abstract: objectives: to verify the prevalence of depressive symptoms in women with breast cancer and identify risk factors associated to its occurrence. methods: it was a transversal study where 71 women with breast cancer were interviewed. two instruments were applied, being one questionnaire used to verify sociodemographic and clinical data, and the beck depression inventory - short form to evaluate depressive symptoms. descriptive methods and chi-square test were utilized to analyze data, evaluating association between depressive symptoms, sociodemographic and clinical data. significance level was considered of 5%. results: depressive symptoms prevalence was 29,6%. factors associated to the presence of this kind of symptoms were: chemotherapic treatment (p = 0,021), pain presence (p = 0,018), upper limb movement limitation (p = 0,010) and bad health perception (p = 0,018). conclusion: depressive symptoms were frequent in association with breast cancer, and this suggests that women mental status with this kind of cancer must be investigated and treated when necessary, lowing the impact of depressive symptoms in women's life.
Frequency of subtype B and F1 dual infection in HIV-1 positive, Brazilian men who have sex with men
Soares de Oliveira Ana,Pess?a de Farias Rodrigo,da Costa Antonio,Sauer Mariana
Virology Journal , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-9-223
Abstract: Background Because various HIV vaccination studies are in progress, it is important to understand how often inter- and intra-subtype co/superinfection occurs in different HIV-infected high-risk groups. This knowledge would aid in the development of future prevention programs. In this cross-sectional study, we report the frequency of subtype B and F1 co-infection in a clinical group of 41 recently HIV-1 infected men who have sex with men (MSM) in S o Paulo, Brazil. Methodology Proviral HIV-1 DNA was isolated from subject's peripheral blood polymorphonuclear leukocytes that were obtained at the time of enrollment. Each subject was known to be infected with a subtype B virus as determined in a previous study. A small fragment of the integrase gene (nucleotide 4255–4478 of HXB2) was amplified by nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using subclade F1 specific primers. The PCR results were further confirmed by phylogenetic analysis. Viral load (VL) data were extrapolated from the medical records of each patient. Results For the 41 samples from MSM who were recently infected with subtype B virus, it was possible to detect subclade F1 proviral DNA in five patients, which represents a co-infection rate of 12.2%. In subjects with dual infection, the median VL was 5.3 × 104 copies/ML, whereas in MSM that were infected with only subtype B virus the median VL was 3.8 × 104 copies/ML (p > 0.8). Conclusions This study indicated that subtype B and F1 co-infection occurs frequently within the HIV-positive MSM population as suggested by large number of BF1 recombinant viruses reported in Brazil. This finding will help us track the epidemic and provide support for the development of immunization strategies against the HIV.
Tolerancia, coragem e compaix?o: virtudes cardinais do cirurgi?o
Soares Júnior, Cleber;Gomes, Carlos Augusto;Peixoto, Rodrigo de Oliveira;Soares, Fernanda Pardo de Toledo Piza;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912012000200013
Abstract: interactions among human beings are very complex. using only an ethical code as reference to deal with moral conflicts is hardly ever enough. responsibility ethics demand such a profound reflection as well as a discussion about human essence and its role in society. the responsibility of a surgeon is inherent in a profession based since its origin, not only on altruism and humanity, but also on compassion, courage and tolerance. the studies and the comprehension of these qualities as well as the transmission of these values to the students and to the surgery residents are essential for human education of these individuals. this essay offers to show that these essential virtues are strongly connected to the work the surgeon develops whereas his/her responsibility starts before the surgery - when one intends to act.
Selection of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. and Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorok. for the control of the mite Mononychellus tanajoa (Bondar)
Barreto, Rodrigo Soares;Marques, Edmilson Jacinto;Gondim Jr., Manoel Guedes Corrêa;Oliveira, José Vargas de;
Scientia Agricola , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90162004000600015
Abstract: the green mite, mononychellus tanajoa (bondar) (acari: tetranychidae), is considered to be one of the key pests in cassava, manihot esculenta crants, leading to considerable field losses. in this study, ten beauveria bassiana (bals.) vuill. and ten metarhizium anisopliae (metsch.) sorok. isolates were evaluated with regard to their potential as biological control agents against adult m. tanajoa females. the total mortality percentage of m. tanajoa caused by b. bassiana ranged from 13.0 to 97.0%, with confirmed mortality rates extending from 9.0 to 91.0% and lt50 varying from 4.2 to 17.0 days. the m. anisopliae isolates showed total mortality percentages ranging from 12.0 to 45.0% with confirmed mortality rates extending from 8.0 to 45.0%, and lt50 varying from 8.6 to 19.8 days. lethal concentrations (lc50) of 3.93 × 106 conidia ml-1 and 7.44 × 108 conidia ml-1 were determined for b. bassiana and m. anisopliae, respectively. b. bassiana isolate 645 was the most efficient, being an alternative for use in biological control programs against the cassava green mite.
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