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Brazilian union actions for workers' health protection
Repullo Junior, Rodolpho;Gomes, Jorge da Rocha;
Sao Paulo Medical Journal , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-31802005000100006
Abstract: context: many authors have emphasized the importance of worker strength through unionized organizations, in relation to the improvement of working procedures, and have reported on the decisiveness of labor movement actions in achieving modifications within the field of work and health. objective: to describe the ways in which brazilian unions have tried to intervene in health-illness and work processes, identifying the existence of commonality in union actions in this field. type of study: qualitative study. setting: postgraduate program, environmental health department, faculdade de saúde pública, universidade de s?o paulo, s?o paulo, brazil. methods: union health advisers and directors were interviewed. documents relating to union action towards protecting workers' health were collected and analyzed. results: unions articulate actions regarding workers' health of a technical and political nature that involve many aspects and high complexity. these have been divided into thematic categories for better analysis. discussion: union actions regarding workers' health in brazil are restricted to some unions, located mainly in the southern, southeastern and northeastern regions of the country. nonetheless, the unions undertaking such actions represent many professions of great economic and political importance. conclusions: the recent changes in health and safety at work regulations, recognition of professional diseases, creation of workers' health services and programs within the unified health system, and operational improvements in companies' specialized safety and occupational medicine services, all basically result from union action. there is commonality of union action in this field in its seeking of technical and political strengthening for all workers and their general and local representation. this has the objective of benefiting collective bargaining between employers and workers. inter-institutional action on behalf of workers' rights guarantees and amplifies t
Little-Parks oscillations near a persistent current loop
Rodolpho Ribeiro Gomes,Isaías G. de Oliveira,Mauro M. Doria
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.85.144512
Abstract: We investigate the Little-Parks oscillations caused by a persistent current loop set on the top edge of a mesoscopic superconducting thin-walled cylinder with a finite height. For a short cylinder the Little-Parks oscillations are approximately the same ones as the standard effect, as there is only one magnetic flux piercing the cylinder. For a tall cylinder the inhomogeneity of the magnetic field makes different magnetic fluxes pierce the cylinder at distinct heights and we show here that this produces two distinct Little-Parks oscillatory regimes according to the persistent current loop. We show that these two regimes, and also the transition between them, are observable in current measurements done in the superconducting cylinder. The two regimes stem from different behavior along the height, as seen in the order parameter, numerically obtained from the Ginzburg-Landau theory through the finite element method
Avalia??o da frequência de dermatoses no servi?o ambulatorial de dermatologia
Lopes, Lauro Rodolpho Soares;Kundman, Débora;Duarte, Ida Alzira Gomes;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962010000200024
Abstract: the objective was to evaluate the prevalence of skin diseases in patients seen at the dermatology outpatients' clinic of the santa casa de s?o paulo during the period from june to october 2005, comparing the results with a similar survey conducted at the same center in 1977. during the period of study, the electronic medical charts of 3011 patients seen in a first visits were analyzed.
Winter Oilseed Crops after Soybeans as Tools for Weed Management in Brazilian Savannah Cropping Systems  [PDF]
Germani Concenco, Cesar Jose da Silva, Michely Tomazi, Rodolpho Freire Marques, Sabrina Alves dos Santos, Maxwell Eliezer dos Santos Alves, Waggner Gomes Palharini, Air Lisboa Froes, Denise Nascimento Fabris
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2014.515242

We aimed with this study to evaluate the potential of oilseed crops planted following soybean, in terms of their ability to inhibit the occurrence of weed species under Brazilian Savannah cropping systems. The long-term experiment was installed in 2010 at Dourados, MS, Brazil, and in completely randomized blocks design with five replications with 12 × 24 m plot size. For three consecutive years (2010/11, 2011/12 and 2012/13), soybeans were planted in all the area by October/November being harvested in February/March, when previously marked plots were planted in April with: (1) radish (Raphanus sativus); (2) rapeseed (Brassica napus); (3) crambe (Crambe abyssinica); (4) winter fallow-no plantation after soybeans. In all years the same crop was repeated at the same plots, with no crop rotation. Phytosociological characterization of weed species was carried out in winter (after oilseeds harvest), pre-planting and post-emergence of soybean for the three years. Relative abundance, frequency and dominance, as well as the importance value for each species, was obtained. Areas were also intra-characterized by the coefficients of Simpson, Shannon-Weiner and Shannon-Weiner’s Evenness Proportion, and areas were compared for species dissimilarity with Jaccard’s presence-only coefficient, by multivariate cluster analysis. Oilseed crops definitely contribute for sustainable weed management as a cultural tool. The most important oilseed crop weeds in the Savannah-like region of Brazil were Amaranthus hybridus, Richardia brasiliensis, Lepidium virginicum, Leonotis nepetifolia and Hybanthus parviflorus

Allelopathic Potential of Wheat on Sourgrass Resistant to Glyphosate  [PDF]
Marcio Akira Ito, Germani Concen?o, Rodolpho Freire Marques, Sabrina Alves dos Santos, Maxwell Eliezer dos Santos Alves, Waggner Gomes Palharini, Thais Stradioto Melo, Laryssa Barbosa Xavier Silva, Larissa Tagara Linhares, Samara Emerim Concen?o
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2015.67097
Abstract: We aimed with this study to assay the allelopathic potential of wheat genotypes in inhibiting germination and initial growth of sourgrass (Digitaria insularis) resistant to the herbicide glyphosate. Two experiments were installed under greenhouse conditions: the first one aimed to assay the potential of wheat genotypes in inhibiting emergence and initial growth of two test plants, and the second aimed to evaluate the potential of those wheat genotypes which performed better at the first experiment, inhibiting the emergence and initial growth of sourgrass biotypes resistant to the herbicide glyphosate. Five doses of aqueous cool-extracted extract from 32 wheat genotypes were applied to tomato and cucumber (Experiment 1) aiming to identify the ones with higher inhibitory effect. The five most inhibitory wheat genotypes were selected for Experiment 2, where the same doses of extract were applied on sourgrass. For both experiments, shoot fresh and dry mass, as well as water content, were assessed. Sourgrass germination is affected by wheat extracts, but initial seedling growth seems not to be affected; wheat genotypes differ in terms of their allelopathic potential in inhibiting sourgrass germination; wheat presents little inhibitory effect on sourgrass.
The year of public law in 2010: When the constitutional court does not give the last word O ano do direito público em 2010: Quando a corte constitucional n o dá a última palavra
Eric Dore Baracho Fernandes,Naiara Gomes Garanho de Senna,Rodolpho Cézar Aquilino Bacchi,Siddharta Legale Ferreira
Revista de Direito dos Monitores da Universidade Federal Fluminense , 2010,
Abstract: 1. General aspects. 2. ADC [Brazilian type of lawsuit]16. 3. Revision of thesis. 4. The constitutionality and "inconvencion" the Amnesty Law (Law 6.683/1979). 5. The condemnation of Brazil in the Inter-American Court: The case of the Araguaia Guerrilla. 6. Notes finals. 7. References and jurisprudential. 1. Aspectos gerais. 2. ADC no 16. 3. Revis o de tese. 4. A constitucionalidade e a “inconvencionalidade” da Lei de Anistia (Lei 6.683/1979). 5. A condena o do Brasil na Corte Interamericana: O caso da Guerrilha do Araguaia. 6. Apontamentos finais. 7. Referências bibliográficas e jurisprudenciais.
Imigra??o e epidemias no estado de S?o Paulo
Telarolli Junior, Rodolpho;
História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos , 1996, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-59701996000200004
Abstract: the article discusses sanitation issues as aspects of the process of foreign immigration into s?o paulo state during the first decade after the proclamation of the republic. the text also shows the relationships between this wave of immigration and the structuring of state sanitation services and the devising of the techno assistance model adopted by these services as of the 1890' s. at a time when yellow fever was the most common and lethal of the epidemics plaguing that state killing mainly foreigners one of the lodestars of public health actions was the defense of this inflow of immigrants. the interests of coffee growers, expansion of the railroads, immigration, and yellow fever all came into play when the oligarchies then in power in s?o paulo defined what direction sanitation measures would take. the brazilian government's authoritarian organization left no room for individual health assistance initiatives. long a demand of both urban and rural populations, forms of individual health assistance became widespread only in the 1930' s, when brazil developed its social health-care system.
Os velhos capoeiras ensinam pegando na m?o
Abib, Pedro Rodolpho Jungers;
Cadernos CEDES , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-32622006000100007
Abstract: this paper strives to analyze the traditional forms to transmit the knowledge present in popular cultures. the educational experience present in the angola capoeira universe - an important manifestation of the afro-brazilian culture is the ground for its reflection about the masters' function in this process. memory, ancestrally, rituality and temporality are fundamental categories to understand the education relationships present in this universe.
Cultura popular, educa o e lazer: uma abordagem sobre a capoeira e o samba
Pedro Rodolpho Jungers Abib
Práxis Educativa , 2006,
Abstract: This work is part of the research carried through in the doctorate in applied Social Sciences to the Education finished in 2004 in the UNICAMP. Search to establish relations between popular culture, education and leisure, being identified the capoeira and the samba, as two of the most significant manifestations of the popular culture, in that it refers to its possibilities to be inserted as contents in education processes not-deed of division, over all to those come back toward the favored layers less of the population. We analyze here some characteristics of the samba and the capoeira, over all in relation to the forms of transmission of knowing them deriving of the universe of the popular culture, where the memory, the ritualidade, the orality, the ancestry and the temporality if present as basic categories, leaving of the community concept, while an important reference for the understanding of the logic that guides the educative processes in these spaces.
Rodolpho Randow de Freitas
Meritum : Revista de Direito da Universidade FUMEC , 2012,
Abstract: Algumas decis es emanadas dos Juizados Especiais Federais n o têm permitido o pagamento, por meio de precatório, dos créditos reconhecidos por senten a, obrigando os autores das respectivas a es a renunciar ao montante excedente a 60 salários mínimos, a fim de que o pagamento seja feito unicamente por intermédio de Requisi o de Pequeno Valor (RPV), ou pior, determinando, de ofício, o pagamento mediante a citada requisi o. Esse limite de 60 salários mínimos fixados pela lei instituidora dos Juizados Especiais Federais, no entanto, referese apenas ao processamento, concilia o e julgamento das causas de competência da Justi a Federal, n o abrangendo, portanto, a execu o de seus julgados (art. 3o da Lei n. 10.259/2001).
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