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Percal?os na história da ciência: B. F. Skinner e a aceita??o inicial da Análise Experimental do comportamento entre as décadas de 1930 e 1940
Cruz, Robson Nascimento da;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722011000400020
Abstract: the initial draft of the concept of operant conditioning and of the single-subject experimental design defines the bases of skinner's explanatory system. however, these formulations were not immediately welcomed. to enable a closer look on the history of formation of behavior analysis, three historical facts were highlighted: (a) the difficulties faced by skinner at the end of his post-graduate studies; (b) the reaction to his first book, the behavior of organisms, and (c) the dispute with other explanatory behaviorial models. the conclusion of the present study is that the history of formation of behavior analysis is constituted by determinants of motivational, institutional, emotional and economic nature and by difficulties of going against the dominant methodological trends of north-american experimental psychology.
Possíveis rela??es entre o contexto histórico e a recep??o do behaviorismo radical
Cruz, Robson Nascimento da;
Psicologia: Ciência e Profiss?o , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-98932010000300004
Abstract: this article discusses the reception of radical behaviorism, especially in the 70’s, and tries to link the controversy around some of skinner’s concepts disclosed in his book beyond freedom and dignity. the debate has been guided by three sets of issues: a) the incompatibility between the historical moment and the proposal of radical behaviorist notions of freedom and dignity that explain ways to control the behavior which are not traditionally assumed; b) the problems in identifying the radical behaviorism as compatible with the assumptions of liberalism; c) the language used by skinner as a source of distortions. finally, we discuss the limitations and problems involved in the attempts to clarify the possible misunderstandings about radical behaviorism. at the same time, it is shown that the reception of radical behaviorism is pervaded by issues beyond those related to the internal validity of the skinnerian explanatory system, and disagreement about this approach can not always be explained as ignorance and misconceptions about it.
A produ??o do conhecimento na psicologia social brasileira: um estudo descritivo a partir da Revista Psicologia & Sociedade, 1986-1992
Cruz, Robson Nascimento da;Stralen, Cornelis Johannes van;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822012000100025
Abstract: with the objective of helping the comprehension of the recent brazilian social psychology history, we present the first part of the survey, aimed at describing some aspects that go through its scientific and social organization, which happened from one of its main means of communication, the periodical psicologia & sociedade (psychology & society): a magazine from the brazilian association of social psychology (abrapso). for that, we analyzed the works published between the years 1986 and 1992. thus, the total of 277 works, distributed in 10 magazines, constituted our survey source. the institutional and geographic origin of the authors, the authorship pattern, the type and themes of the published works, the methodology and the places where investigations and interventions took place were examined. finally, the identification of the transformations as well as the patterns of the area functioning, and some of its determiners, are presented.
Do mecanicismo ao selecionismo: uma breve contextualiza??o da transi??o do behaviorismo radical
Cruz, Robson Nascimento da;Cillo, Eduardo Neves Pedrosa de;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722008000300015
Abstract: the radical behaviorism, as a philosophy of the behavior science formulated by b. f. skinner, has been a target for endless criticisms and attempts of labeling, since its creation. among the main criticisms is the widely spread idea that the radical behaviorism and its science, the behavior experimental analysis, adopted an eminently mechanicist posture. trying to show the misconception of this statement, this essay presents a possible interpretation and contextualization of the radical behaviorism development, where it is mainly highlighted, the need to observe that, although skinner has started his psychology studies within a mechanicisttradition,hesoon adopts a positionof criticizing thistypeof thought, besidespresenting as inhis scienceasin hisphilosophy, a distance each time greater of the mechanicism, and an every time more coherent approach of a selectionist point of view.
Luxation injuries in primary teeth: a retrospective study in children assisted at an emergency service
Assun??o, Luciana Reichert da Silva;Ferelle, Ant?nio;Iwakura, Maria Luiza Hiromi;Nascimento, Liliane Silva do;Cunha, Robson Frederico;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242011000200009
Abstract: the purpose of this study was to analyze luxation injuries in children between the ages of 0 and 5 years treated at an emergency service department. a total of 1,703 records, corresponding to a period of 10 years at the emergency center of the baby clinic at londrina state university, brazil, were analyzed. the age, gender, etiologic factors, type of injury, injured teeth, treatment and time interval between injury and treatment were determined for each patient. of the examined records, 409 patients met the study criteria and included a total of 679 injured teeth. statistical analyses were carried out using the chi-square test with the level of significance set at 5%. trauma incidence was higher in boys (57.0%) and in children less than two years of age (40.3%). falling while walking or running was the most predominant etiologic factor (37.7%), and the most prevalent type of injury was subluxation (32.6%). luxation injuries decreased with increasing age (p = 0.045). treatment usually occurred within the first 1-15 days and was significantly associated with the type of trauma (p = 0.041). "monitor only" was the treatment most frequently observed (74.0%). in conclusion, more luxation injuries were found in younger children, predominantly in boys. falls resulting from walking or running were the etiologic factor most observed, with subluxation as the most common type of trauma. treatment usually occurred within the first 15 days after the injury. despite the severity of these injuries, "monitor only" was the eligible treatment.
Bebida mista à base de goiaba (Psidium guajava L.) e palma forrageira (Opuntia fícus-indica): desenvolvimento e aceitabilidade
Batista,Rita Débora de Sá Rodrigues; da Silva,Robson Alves; Brand?o,Tatiane Menezes; Veloso,Teresinha Rodrigues; Neves,Josyanne Araújo; e Santos,Débora Nascimento;
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición , 2010,
Abstract: nowadays, in the beverage industry, the mixture of products became an alternative to increase the nutritional value or even to develop new flavors in the formulation of mixed drinks. the objective of this work was to develop a mixed drink of forrageira palm with guava. four formulations with different palm concentrations and soluble solids were evaluated, keeping the concentration of guava stable. the products were submitted to chemical characterization (ph, soluble solids, titratable acidity, vitamin c) sensory evaluation (flavor, color, body and global acceptance) and microbiological analysis (total coliforms and thermotolerants, salmonella and estaphylococcus aureus). all the samples were well accepted in the sensory aspect and did not present any significant difference (p<0,5) among them. and the level of acceptance ranged from "i liked it slightly." to "i liked it moderately." for all the evaluated features. the formulated mixed drink was according to the chemical and microbiological patterns set by brazilian laws, except for the ph that was above the ideal level for industrialized products. in respect of the microbiological analysis, none of the formulations presented microorganisms. the results showed that the elaborated product is in accordance with the identity and quality standards established for beverages. it also has a good sensory acceptance, which makes it a product with high potential for industrialization.
Perfil de sensibilidade antimicrobiana e detec??o do gene ISS pela rea??o em cadeia da polimerase na tipifica??o de Escherichia coli patogênica em codornas de corte sob inspe??o sanitária
Abreu, Dayse Lima da Costa;Franco, Robson Maia;Nascimento, Elmiro Rosendo do;Pereira, Virginia Léo de Almeida;Alves, Fernanda Martinez Xavier;Almeida, Juliana Ferreira de;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2010000500006
Abstract: the pathogenicity of escherichia coli strains is partially related to the expression of virulence factors genes, present in genetic elements called plasmids. apec strains responsible for diseases in birds may present the iss gene which increases the resistance of e. coli strains to the lityc effect of the host's serum, besides resistance to several antimicrobials. this study was conduced in order to detect e. coli in tracheae of meat-type quails and to evaluate, by the presence of the iss gene and the profile of antimicrobial susceptibility, the pathogenic potential of the isolated samples for birds and humans. one hundred and eighty tracheae of quails were collected for detection of e. coli, antimicrobial sensitivity tests, and for polymerase chain reaction (pcr), for detection of iss gene. from the examined quails, 8.9 % (16/180) were positive for e. coli, from which 20 strains of this bacterium were obtained. most of them were resistant to tetracycline (16/20), followed by ceftadizime (13/20) and nalidixic-acid (12/20) and only one isolate was resistant to amoxicillin. the detection of iss gene occurred in 55% (11/20) of the isolates, indicating that these strains had the potential to be pathogenic not only for quails, but also for other kinds of birds, other animals and even human beings that would be in contact with these e. coli isolates.
Identification of mechanisms involved in the relaxation of rabbit cavernous smooth muscle by a new nitric oxide donor ruthenium compound
Cerqueira, Jo?o Batista Gadelha de;Gonzaga-Silva, Lúcio Flávio;Silva, Francisco Ordelei Nascimento da;Cerqueira, Jo?o Victor Medeiros de;Oliveira, Ricardo Reges Maia;Moraes, Maria Elisabete Amaral de;Nascimento, Nilberto Robson Falc?o do;
International braz j urol , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-55382012000500015
Abstract: purpose: the aim of this study was to evaluate the relaxation in vitro of cavernous smooth muscle induced by a new no donor of the complex nitrosil-ruthenium, named trans-[ru(nh3)4(caffeine)(no)]c13 (rut-caf) and sodium nitroprusside (snp). materials and methods: the tissues, immersed in isolated bath systems, were pre-contracted with phenilephrine (pe) (1 μm) and then concentration-response curves (10-12 - 10-4 m) were obtained. to clarify the mechanism of action involved, it was added to the baths odq (10 μm, 30 μm), oxyhemoglobin (10 μm), l-cysteine (100 μm), hydroxicobalamine (100 μm), glibenclamide, iberotoxin and apamine. tissue samples were frozen in liquid nitrogen to measure the amount of cgmp and camp produced. results: the substances provoked significant relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle. both rut-caf and snp determined dose-dependent relaxation with similar potency (pec50) and maximum effect (emax). the substances showed activity through activation of the soluble guanylyl cyclase (sgc), because the relaxations were inhibited by odq. oxyhemoglobin significantly diminished the relaxation effect of the substances. l-cysteine failed to modify the relaxations caused by the agents. hydroxicobalamine significantly diminished the relaxation effect of rut-caf. glibenclamide significantly increased the efficacy of rut-caf (pec50 4.09 x 7.09). there were no alterations of potency or maximum effect of the substances with the addition of the other ion channel blockers. rut-caf induced production of significant amounts of cgmp and camp during the relaxation process. conclusions: in conclusion, rut-caf causes relaxation of smooth muscle of corpus cavernosum by means of activation of sgc with intracellular production of cgmp and camp; and also by release of no in the intracellular environment. rut-caf releases the no free radical and it does not act directly on the potassium ion channels.
Principais políticas de combate à fome implementadas no Brasil
Silva, Robson Roberto da
Textos & Contextos (Porto Alegre) , 2006,
Abstract: Este trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar as principais políticas de combate à fome implementadas no Brasil no período que vai desde os anos de 1940, no governo de Getúlio Vargas, até o início do ano de 2005, no governo de Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Para isso, procurou realizar uma discuss o prévio sobre fome, política social e cidadania, que subsidia, posteriormente, um estudo das principais políticas de combate à fome implementadas no país. Este estudo buscou apontar as principais características dessas políticas, identificando, preliminarmente, que concep es de cidadania – “cidadania regulada”, “cidadania invertida” e “cidadania universal” – essas políticas est o associadas, além de apresentar, especificamente, alguns aspectos do Programa Fome Zero, referentes ao seu arranjo institucional, às suas a es estruturais, específicas e locais e aos seus canais institucionais de participa o e de controle social, durante os seus dois primeiros anos de implementa o.
Servi o de recupera o da informa o na biblioteca de um laboratório farmacêutico - um estudo prático
Robson da Silva Teixeira
Revista Digital de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informa??o , 2005,
Abstract: Descreve um estudo de usuários visando identificar qual a rela o entre o usuário e o Servi o de Recupera o da Informa o (SRI) da Biblioteca de uma indústria farmacêutica, estabelecendo uma metodologia para verifica o de perfis de usuários potenciais. Um questionário com 22 perguntas foi aplicado a 70 colaboradores, obtendo-se um retorno de 36 questionários, 51,4% da amostragem. Os resultados revelaram que a rela o entre os usuários e o SRI esta na faixa entre bom e ótimo.
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