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Transporte do 15N e produtividade do tomateiro enxertado irrigado com água carbonatada
Branco, Roberto Botelho Ferraz;Goto, Rumy;Carneiro Júnior, Ary Gertes;Guimar?es, Vandeir Francisco;Rodrigues, Jo?o Domingos;Trivelin, Paulo César O.;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362007000100015
Abstract: we evaluated the action of the carbon dioxide dissolved in the irrigation water and the grafting of the tomato in the transport of 15n in the tissue of the plant and in the production of the culture. the treatments were the co2 doses (0; 5 and 10 l min-1) and grafted and ungrafted tomato plant. these treatments were arranged in a 3x2 factorial scheme, in completely randomized design, with three replications. the variables analysed in the leaves and fruits were dry mass production, total nitrogen, excess of 15n, amount of nitrogen originated from the fertilizer, percentage of recovery of the fertilizer and commercial fruits production. there was no significant statistical difference among the treatments for any variable. the carbon dioxide dissolved in the irrigation water and the grafting of the tomato did not interfere in the transport of 15n to the shoots tissue neither in the yield.
Assessment of growth and yield performance of rubber tree clones of the IAC 500 series
Gon?alves, Paulo de Souza;Scaloppi Júnior, Erivaldo José;Martins, Maria Alice;Moreno, Rogério Manoel Biagi;Branco, Roberto Botelho Ferraz;Gon?alves, Elaine Cristine Piffer;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2011001200009
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate the performance of 15 clones of the iac 500 series of hevea brasiliensis, developed at instituto agron?mico (iac), over a 12-year period, in the northwest region of s?o paulo state, brazil. the 15 new clones evaluated are primary clones obtained from selected ortets within half-sib progenies. the clone rrim 600, of malaysian origin, was used as the control. dry rubber yield performance over a four-year period, mean girth at the tenth year, girth increment before and during tapping, thermal properties of the natural rubber produced and other characters of the laticiferous system were evaluated. forty percent of the clones were superior in comparison to the control for yield. clone iac 500 recorded the highest yield (66.81 g per tree per tapping) over four years of tapping, followed by iac 502 (62.37 g per tree per tapping), whereas the control recorded 48.71 g per tree per tapping. all selected clones were vigorous in growth. the natural rubber from this iac clones showed thermal stability up to 300oc. no differences were observed in the thermal behavior of rubber among the iac series and the rrim 600 clones. the clones iac 500, iac 501, iac 502, iac 503 and iac 506 are the more promising for small-scale plantations, due to growth and yield potential.
Correla??es e análise de trilha em clones de seringueira
Aguiar, Adriano Tosoni da Eira;Martins, Antonio Lúcio Mello;Gon?alves, Elaine Cristine Piffer;Scaloppi Júnior, Erivaldo José;Branco, Roberto Botelho Ferraz;
Revista Ceres , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-737X2010000500006
Abstract: knowledge of genotype characteristics is very important during the processes of selection and breeding. the objective of this work was to study the relationship between agronomic and anatomical traits of the bark as well the direct and indirect effects on the rubber tree yield using the path coefficient analysis. six rubber tree clones were evaluated in a randomized complete block design with four repetitions. the experiments were carried out in the agribusiness technological development cluster of the center north /apta located in pindorama (sp), brazil, during the year 2005. significant positive correlation was found only between rubber tree yield and total number of latex vessel rings (r=0.88). the girth and the total number of latex vessel rings showed the highest direct effect on the rubber tree yield. on the other hand, the virgin bark thickness and the average diameter of latex vessels showed negative direct effect with high values. the indirect selection using the total number of latex vessel rings can provide gains during the selection in rubber tree breeding programs.
Genetic variation and realized genetic gain from rubber tree improvement
Gon?alves, Paulo de Souza;Aguiar, Adriano Tosoni da Eira;Costa, Reginaldo Brito da;Gon?alves, Elaine Cristine Piffer;Scaloppi Júnior, Erivaldo José;Branco, Roberto Botelho Ferraz;
Scientia Agricola , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-90162009000100006
Abstract: breeding cycle in rubber extends to 20-30 years between pollination and yield assessment, distributed over three selection stages. five hectares of small scale trial of rubber tree [hevea brasiliensis (willd. ex adr. de juss.) muell.-arg.], was established in the northwestern region of s?o paulo state, brazil. the population comprises 98 clones mostly derived from intensively selected plus tree in the natural forest of rubber tree in the amazon. three open pollinated progeny tests were established in three experimental stations. seedlings from 98 progenies including a commercial check (cc) were planted in each one of the three locations. assessments were made when the plants were one, two and three years old. the variation among progenies for girth was highly significant in all locations examined. in the combined analysis of variance over three locations, differences among progenies were also detected, while progeny × location interaction effect was not significant. narrow sense heritability estimates on individual tree basis (hi2) were variable depending on the characteristic, age of assessment and experimental location. realized genetic gains were calculated for the plant characteristics at the age of three years, by comparing the performance of improved (selected) materials to unimproved materials (cc). the total genetic gain from the genetically tested first generation clone population at votuporanga is estimated as 25% for girth, 14% for rubber yield and 25% for bark thickness. improvement of rubber tree by selection, establishment of clonal population (isolated garden) and progeny testing is a very promising and profitable operation.
Avalia??o fonoaudiológica na atrofia de múltiplos sistemas: estudo com cinco pacientes
Knopp, Denise Botelho;Barsottini, Orlando G. Povoas;Ferraz, Henrique Ballalai;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2002000400019
Abstract: multiple system atrophy (msa) is characterized by parkinsonian, cerebellar and pyramidal features along with autonomic dysfunction in different combinations. onset of dysarthria during the first year of the manifestation of a parkinsonian syndrome suggests the diagnosis of msa. the aim of this study was to characterize the voice and the speech of patients with msa. we studied five msa patients with a mean age of 51.2 years. each patient was submitted to a neurological and a specific speech and voice assessment. the latter consisted of the following: clinical interview, myofunctional examination, and perceptual speech evaluation. speech and voice complaints occurred at an average time of 1.1 year after the onset of the motor symptomatology. all msa patients had the mixed type of dysarthrophonia, where hypokinetic, ataxic and spastic components were seen in each of the patients, although hypokinetic component predominated among the others. our findings are different from what is commonly seen in parkinson's disease in which hypokinetic component is the only abnormal finding. we think that specific speech and voice assessment is important to establish the diagnosis and to choose the best management of msa patients.
Avalia o fonoaudiológica na atrofia de múltiplos sistemas: estudo com cinco pacientes
Knopp Denise Botelho,Barsottini Orlando G. Povoas,Ferraz Henrique Ballalai
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2002,
Abstract: A atrofia de múltiplos sistemas (AMS) é caracterizada pela presen a de sinais parkinsonianos, cerebelares, auton micos e piramidais, em várias combina es. O aparecimento de disartria e disfagia no primeiro ano de manifesta o de parkinsonismo, sugere o diagnóstico de AMS. O objetivo deste estudo foi o de caracterizar do ponto de vista fonoaudiológico os distúrbios da fala e da voz dos pacientes com AMS. Foram selecionados cinco pacientes, com idade média de 51,2 anos e com diagnóstico provável de AMS. Cada paciente foi submetido a avalia o neurológica e fonoaudiológica. Esta última foi composta dos seguintes itens: anamnese; avalia o miofuncional e avalia o perceptivo-auditiva da fala. Os sintomas de fala e voz apareceram 1,1 ano após o início dos sintomas motores e a disartrofonia apresentada por todos os pacientes foi a do tipo mista, mesclando os componentes hipocinético, atáxico e espástico, com predomínio do primeiro. Nossos achados s o diferentes daqueles comumente vistos em pacientes com a doen a de Parkinson, onde o componente hipocinético é o único achado. Os dados levantados indicam que a avalia o fonoaudiológica é importante no diagnóstico diferencial e no planejamento terapêutico da AMS.
Learning by Observation of Agent Software Images
Paulo Roberto Costa,Luís Miguel Botelho
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1613/jair.3989
Abstract: Learning by observation can be of key importance whenever agents sharing similar features want to learn from each other. This paper presents an agent architecture that enables software agents to learn by direct observation of the actions executed by expert agents while they are performing a task. This is possible because the proposed architecture displays information that is essential for observation, making it possible for software agents to observe each other. The agent architecture supports a learning process that covers all aspects of learning by observation, such as discovering and observing experts, learning from the observed data, applying the acquired knowledge and evaluating the agents progress. The evaluation provides control over the decision to obtain new knowledge or apply the acquired knowledge to new problems. We combine two methods for learning from the observed information. The first one, the recall method, uses the sequence on which the actions were observed to solve new problems. The second one, the classification method, categorizes the information in the observed data and determines to which set of categories the new problems belong. Results show that agents are able to learn in conditions where common supervised learning algorithms fail, such as when agents do not know the results of their actions a priori or when not all the effects of the actions are visible. The results also show that our approach provides better results than other learning methods since it requires shorter learning periods.
Aspectos da reprodu??o do peixe-porco, Balistes capriscus (Gmelin) (Actinopterygii, Tetraodontiformes, Balistidae) coletado na costa sul do Estado de S?o Paulo, Brasil
Bernardes, Roberto ávila;Dias, June Ferraz;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752000000300014
Abstract: the monthly analysis of maturity stage frequency suggested that spawning of the grey triggerfish balistes capriscus (gmelin, 1788) is annual, total and occurs from november to february in the south of s?o paulo state, brazil. size at first maturity is 169 mm for females and 200 mm for males. condition factor estimated considering and disconsidering gonad weight (k and k') showed maximum values related to periods of higher frequency of females at advanced maturity stage. δk was higher in december, january and february, and was related to the maximum frequency of mature females. as k estimates the gonad condition it could be used as a maturity and breeding season index for this species. the gonadosomatic relation behaved the same as k values.
Teorias curriculares, perspectivas teóricas em Educa o Física Escolar e implica es para a forma o docente Teorías curriculares, perspectivas teóricas en educación física y las implicaciones con la formación docente Curriculum theories, theoretical perspectives in physical education and implications for school teacher training
Osvaldo Luiz Ferraz,Walter Roberto Correia
Revista Brasileira de Educa??o Física e Esporte , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1807-55092012000300018
Abstract: A fun o do professor de educa o física escolar pode ser definida pela elabora o, implanta o e avalia o de programas que tematizam, do ponto de vista didático-pedagógico, jogos, esportes, lutas, ginásticas, dan as, exercícios físicos, entre outros; com a inten o de influenciar a forma o dos alunos para a participa o democrática na vida em sociedade. Todavia, este consenso se dilui quando aplicado ao campo do currículo e da forma o docente. No campo do currículo, apesar do reconhecimento de que a tematiza o didático-pedagógica se faz a partir de sentidos culturais e das potencialidades de estimula o do organismo humano que se apresentam nas manifesta es da cultura de movimento; a intencionalidade, a organiza o curricular e a sistematiza o do conhecimento podem divergir consideravelmente modificando o papel do componente curricular na educa o básica. Sendo assim, este texto analisa aspectos do desenvolvimento das teorias curriculares, relacionando-as às perspectivas teóricas em Educa o Física. Em seguida, implica es deste debate s o relacionadas à forma o docente. La función del profesor de educación física escolar puede ser definida por la elaboración, implantación y evaluación de programas que tematizan, desde el punto de vista didáctico-pedagógico, juegos, deportes, luchas, gimnasia, danzas, ejercicios físicos, entre otros; con la intención de influenciar la formación de los alumnos para la participación democrática de la vida en sociedad. Todavía, este consenso se diluye cuando es aplicado al campo del currículo y de la formación docente. En el campo del currículo, a pesar del reconocimiento de que la tematización didáctico-pedagógica se hace a partir de los sentidos culturales y de las potencialidades de estimulación del organismo humano que se presentan en las manifestaciones de la cultura del movimiento; la intencionalidad, la organización curricular y la sistematización del conocimiento pueden divergir considerablemente modificando el papel del componente curricular en la educación básica. Siendo así, este texto analiza aspectos del desarrollo de las teorías curriculares, relacionándolas a las perspectivas teóricas en Educación Física. En seguida, las implicaciones de este debate son relacionadas a la formación docente. The function of the teacher of physical education can be defined by the development, implementation and evaluation of programs that analyze, from the point of view didactic-pedagogic, games, sports, wrestling, gymnastics, dance, exercise, among others, with the intention of influence the student′s formation for dem
Prevalência de marcadores para o vírus da hepatite B em contatos domiciliares no Estado do Amazonas
Brasil Leila Melo,Fonseca José Carlos Ferraz da,Souza Rita Botelho de,Braga Wornei Silva Miranda
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical , 2003,
Abstract: O objetivo do estudo foi analisar o comportamento intrafamiliar da infec o pelo VHB, identificando os possíveis mecanismos de transmiss o dos vírus B no Estado do Amazonas. Foram estudados 97 casos índices e 258 familiares. Na análise dos contatos observou-se uma elevada propor o de familiares com marcadores de infec o pregressa (51,6%) como também indicadores de infec o ativa (12%) para o VHB, e uma alta prevalência entre os irm os (23,6%). Um indicador indireto da transmiss o intrafamiliar foi observado em raz o de elevada freqüência de infec o pelo VHB entre os contatos de casos índices acometidos pela forma fulminante de hepatite. A alta prevalência entre os irm os caracteriza a transmiss o de caráter horizontal e familiar. Em rela o a transmiss o vertical, em nosso estado, é possível que ocorra, mas, como um evento raro. Todas estas observa es apontam para a necessidade de novas investiga es visando o esclarecimento dos mecanismos pelos quais se dá a transmiss o intrafamiliar desse agente viral.
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