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Associa??o do polimorfismo do gene da enzima conversora da angiotensina com dados ecocardiográficos em jovens normotensos filhos de hipertensos
Franken, Roberto Alexandre;Bellesso, Marcelo;Cavazin, Adriana M.;Pol?nio, Igor Bastos;Mattheucci, Euclides;Varga, José;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302004000100037
Abstract: objectives: to evaluate angiotensin converting enzyme gene (ace) polymorphism with transthoracic bidimensional ecocardiogram of normotensive young medical students, siblings of hypertensive parents comparing them with those with normotensive parents. method: we had studied 80 normotensive youngs divided in two groups: hypertensive parents' normotensive young medical students 40 x normotensive parents'and normotensive medical students. exclusion criteria were hypertension, obesity, smoke, use of oral contraceptives, as well as those who use chronically drugs or the presence of any disease. the group has been enrolled between 1994 to 1996. 50 students made transthoracic bidimensional echocardiogram. the statistical analysis was done by ''t-student'' test. the evaluation of polymorphism ace gene was studied in 80 people in each step: 1) 5ml of blood in edta tube; 2) extraction of dna; 3) evaluation of dna concentration by eletrophoresis analyses; 4) polymerase chain reaction with primer of ace gene; 5) analysis of polymorphism ace gene by electrophoresis 6) statiscal analysis by chi-square test. results: the group of students with hypertesive parents presented thicker interventricular septum (7.82mm ± 0.69 against 7.38 mm ± 0,8, p < 0,05). on the other hand, we didn't find differences between the groups concerning ace gene genotype: students with hypertensive parents dd:42.5%, di: 37.5%, ii: 20% against students with normotensive parents : dd: 37.5%, di: 32.5%, ii: 30%, (p=0,58), in addition we also did not find differences concerning the alleles group of hypertensive parents: d: 61.25%, i: 38.75% versus normotensive parents: d: 53.75% , i: 46.25%, p=0,33. we divided these groups into two in relation to the mean thickness of interventricular septum and left ventricular mass and we did not find any difference: in students with hypertensive parents group septum > 7,82 mm: dd: 32%, di: 24%, ii: 20% x septum < 7,82 mm: dd: 8%, di: 12 %, ii: 4%, p=0,7) in normotensive paren
Associa o do polimorfismo do gene da enzima conversora da angiotensina com dados ecocardiográficos em jovens normotensos filhos de hipertensos
Franken Roberto Alexandre,Bellesso Marcelo,Cavazin Adriana M.,Pol?nio Igor Bastos
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2004,
Abstract: OBJETIVOS: Os autores objetivaram no presente estudo avaliar o polimorfismo da enzima conversora da angiotensina com dados do ecocardiograma de jovens estudantes de Medicina, filhos de hipertensos, comparados com jovens filhos de normotensos. MéTODOS: Foram estudados 80 jovens normotensos divididos em dois grupos: 40 filhos normotensos de pais hipertensos e 40 filhos normotensos de pais hipertensos. Critérios de exclus o foram hipertens o arterial, fumo, obesidade, uso de contraceptivos orais. Uso cr nico de medicamentos e presen a de qualquer doen a. Os alunos foram incluídos entre 1994 e 1996. Cinqüenta alunos foram submetidos a ecocardiograma transtoráxico. A análise estatística foi feita através do teste T de Student. A avalia o do polimorfismo do gene da enzima conversora da angiotensina foi feita nos 80 alunos conforme segue: 1) 5 ml de sangue em tubo contendo EDTA, 2) extra o do DNA, 3) medida da concentra o do DNA por eletroforese, 4) rea o em cadeia de polimerase com ''primer'' do gene da enzima conversora da angiotensina, 5) análise do polimorfismo do gene da enzima conversora da angiotensina através da eletroforese e 6) análise estatística através do teste do Qui-quadrado. RESULTADOS: O grupo de estudantes filhos de hipertensos mostraram maior espessura do septo interventricular (7,82mm+/-0,69 contra 7,38 +/- 0,8, p<0,05). Por outro lado n o encontramos diferen as entre os grupos em rela o ao genótipo do gene da enzima conversora. Filhos de hipertensos DD 42,5%, DI 37,5%, II 20% contra filhos de normotensos: DD 37,5%, DI 32,5%, II 30%, (p=0,58). N o encontramos mesmo diferen as quando considerados os alelos. O grupo com pais hipertensos D 61,25%, I 38,75%, contra grupo com pais normotensos D 53,75%, I 46,25% (p=0,33). Dividimos o grupo em dois, considerando a média da espessura do septo interventricular e a massa do ventrículo esquerdo e também n o encontramos diferen as: estudantes com pais hipertensos com septo > 7,82mm; DD 32%, DI 24%, II 20% contra septo < 7,82mm; DD 86%, DI 12%, II 4% (p=0,7). Naqueles com pais normotensos septo > 7,38mm: DD28%, DI12%, II 12%, contra septo < 7,38mm: DD16%, DI6%, II 16% (p=0,59). Em rela o à massa ventricular em filhos de pais hipertensos: massa > 131,52g: DD 20,69% DI 13,79%, II 6,9% contra massa < 131,52g: DD 24,24%, DI 17,24%, II 17,24% (p=0,72). No grupo de alunos filhos de pais normotensos massa > 117,11g: DD 30,43%, DI 8,7%, II 8,7% contra massa < 117,11g: DD 13,04%, DI 21,74%, II 17,39% (p=0,17) CONCLUS O: Encontramos diferen as entre a espessura do septo interventricular de estudantes normot
Thermal Modeling of a Novel Heated Tip Injector for Otto Cycle Engines Powered by Ethanol  [PDF]
Alexandre Rezende, Jose Roberto Simoes-Moreira
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2012.42012
Abstract: This work presents a thermal modeling of a new cold-start system technology designed for Otto cycle combustion based on the electromagnetic heating principle. Firstly, the paper presents a state-of-the-art review and presents the context of automobile industry where heated injectors are necessary. The novel method of electromagnetic heating principle to solve the cold-start problem is still in the development phase and it enables engine starting at low temperatures in vehicles powered by ethanol or flex-fuel vehicles (FFV). This new system technology should be available as an alternative to replace the existing system. Currently, the cold-start system uses an auxiliary gasoline tank, which brings some inconvenience for the user. Secondly, the aim was also to create a physical model that takes into consideration all the parameters involved on the heating process such as power heating and average heat transfer coefficient. The study is based on the lumped system theory to model the ethanol heating process. From the analysis, two ordinary differential equations arise, which allowed an analytical solution. Particularly, an ethanol heating curve inside the injector was obtained, an important parameter in the process. Comparison with experimental data from other authors is also provided. Finally, a sensitivity analysis of controlling parameters such as heating power and heat transfer coefficient variation. The paper is concluded with suggestions for further studies.
A educa o em tempos de neoliberalismo
Carlos Roberto Alexandre
Trabalho, Educa??o e Saúde , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/s1981-77462005000100014
Approximate group context tree
Alexandre Belloni,Roberto I. Oliveira
Statistics , 2011,
Abstract: We study a variable length Markov chain model associated with a group of stationary processes that share the same context tree but each process has potentially different conditional probabilities. We propose a new model selection and estimation method which is computationally efficient. We develop oracle and adaptivity inequalities, as well as model selection properties, that hold under continuity of the transition probabilities and polynomial $\beta$-mixing. In particular, model misspecification is allowed. These results are applied to interesting families of processes. For Markov processes, we obtain uniform rate of convergence for the estimation error of transition probabilities as well as perfect model selection results. For chains of infinite order with complete connections, we obtain explicit uniform rates of convergence on the estimation of conditional probabilities, which have an explicit dependence on the processes' continuity rates. Similar guarantees are also derived for renewal processes. Our results are shown to be applicable to discrete stochastic dynamic programming problems and to dynamic discrete choice models. We also apply our estimator to a linguistic study, based on recent work by Galves et al (2012), of the rythmic differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese.
Femoral Tunnels in Anatomical ACL Reconstruction: Techniques Inside Out X Outside In  [PDF]
Alexandre Pagotto Pacheco, Luiz Guilherme Hartmann, Roberto Freire da Mota e Albuquerque, Oswaldo Taglietta Filho
Open Journal of Orthopedics (OJO) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojo.2018.810040
Abstract: Objective: To observe the accuracy and the advantages and disadvantages of the femoral tunnels made by the two techniques. Materials and Methods: We randomly summoned nineteen patients undergoing anatomic ACL reconstruction in a single band technique by the same surgeon: Ten by group II (GII) and nine by Group I (GI). GI: drilling in the technical in-out. GII: drilling the technique out-in. The patients underwent a CT scan with three-dimensional reconstruction of the distal femur. Was applied the technique of quadrants described by Bernard and Hertel and optimized for position by Forsythe and observed in the femoral tunnel: the accuracy of the joint entry; posterior cortical thickness in that point; emergency lateral distance to the lateral epicondyle and the overall length. Results: The coordinates of the distances obtained average was very close, with no statistical difference comparable to that obtained by Bernard and Hertel and Forsythe. The distance from the tunnel exit to the lateral epicondyle obtained average 1.46 cm in GI and 0.47 cm in GII, with a significant statistical difference. The thickness of the posterior cortex was 3.9 mm in GI and 5.4 mm in GII, with no statistical difference. The length averaged was 3.07 cm in GI and GII in 2.94 cm, with no statistical difference. Conclusions: Both techniques allow well placed tunnels, with no statistical difference. In the technique in-out the tunnel exit is closer to the lateral epicondyle. The thickness of the posterior cortex is similar. The length of the femoral tunnel is similar and around 3 cm.
Opera??es com derivativos financeiros das corpora??es de economias emergentes
Farhi, Maryse;Borghi, Roberto Alexandre Zanchetta;
Estudos Avan?ados , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-40142009000200013
Abstract: as a consequence of the deepening of the international financial crisis during the second semester of 2008, several productive companies from emerging economies have registered enormous losses in the foreign exchange derivatives markets. this fact points to the speculative dynamics of corporations in the financial deregulation environment. this paper aims to articulate this logic of enterprises' behavior with the crisis and to discuss some macroeconomic effects resulting from the financial losses caused by speculative bets in the derivative markets.
Are voters fiscal conservatives? Evidence from Brazilian municipal elections
Arvate, Paulo Roberto;Mendes, Marcos;Rocha, Alexandre;
Estudos Econ?micos (S?o Paulo) , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-41612010000100003
Abstract: some papers in literature show that voters are fiscal conservatives, while others find evidence of a preference for fiscal profligacy. we use a traditional probit model to analyze the preference of brazilian municipal voters in the 2000 election. the main result suggests that voters prefer greater expenditure. we present evidence that this result is a consequence of a fiscal federalism model where there is a soft budget constraint for municipalities (institutional context). moreover, we obtained evidence that voters with different levels of schooling impose a different result on expenditure. the effect of expenditure is more marked in municipalities with a low level of literacy.
Alterations in cochlear function during induced acute hyperinsulinemia in an animal model
Angeli, Roberto Dihl;Lavinsky, Luiz;Dolganov, Alexandre;
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1808-86942009000500024
Abstract: hyperinsulinism secondary to peripheral insulin resistance has been described as the most frequent etiologic factor in cochlear and vestibular syndromes. aim: this experimental study recorded and analyzed evoked auditory potential changes using transtympanic electrocochleography (ecochg) during induced acute hyperinsulinism in an animal model. materials and methods: six adult male sheep were randomly divided into 2 groups. the animals were submitted to ecochg under general anesthesia, and a peripheral blood sample was collected to measure glycemia and insulinemia. animals in the intervention group (n=3) received regular human insulin iv (0.1 u/kg). the control group (n=3) received saline solution. glycemia and insulinemia were measured simultaneously with the recording of evoked potentials at 10-minute intervals during 90 minutes. results: the intervention group experienced a progressive suppression in action potential amplitude when compared to the control group (p=0.001). conclusion: data strongly suggest that acute induced hyperinsulinism suppresses cochlear function. results may be attributed to loss of na+k+atpase activity in the stria vascularis, leading to loss of endocochlear potential and subsequent depolarization of cochlear hair cells as well as of neural cells in the auditory portion of cranial nerve viii.
Estudos de Orville Derby sobre os depósitos manganesíferos do Brasil: Edi??o comemorativa dos 150 anos de nascimento do cientista
Pires, Fernando Roberto Mendes;Cabral, Alexandre Rafael;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672001000300007
Abstract: in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of derby's birthday a brief review of his work has been presented. from 173 scientific works, derby published 7 papers on the manganese deposits in the period 1898-1908. in two of these papers, derby defined the manganese protore "queluzite", consisting of spessartite garnet, amphibole and rhodochrosite and tephroite, later recognized by hussak. in this work we tried to compare the derby's descriptions with our thermodynamic studies applied to the equilibrium conditions, controlled by the chemicals potentials of sio2 and co2 in the protore.
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