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Need telomere maintenance? Call 911
Sofia Francia, Robert S Weiss, Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna
Cell Division , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1747-1028-2-3
Abstract: Any discontinuity within the DNA double helix is perceived by the cell as a threat to its genetic integrity. Consequently, cells respond promptly to the generation of DNA interruptions by mounting a coordinated set of actions collectively known as the DNA-damage response (DDR) with the intent of arresting cell cycle progression and initiating DNA repair. In higher eukaryotes, the large protein kinases Atm and Atr play central roles in initiating the DDR [1]. Atm responds primarily to double-stranded DNA breaks (DSB). With assistance from the Mrell/Rad50/Nbsl complex, as well as additional mediator and adaptor proteins, Atm phosphorylates and thereby modulates the activity of several substrates involved in cell-cycle control and DNA replication. Bulky DNA lesions, processed DSB, and DNA replication blockage trigger a second DDR pathway involving Atr. These insults lead to the accumulation of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) coated with the replication protein A (Rpa), a DNA structure that separately attracts Atr and a trimeric complex of Rad9, Rad1, and Hus1 (911) [2]. Atr, in association with its cofactor Atrip, is further stimulated through interactions with Topbpl and, with assistance from the 911 complex and Claspin, phosphorylates and activates the transducer kinase Chkl [3]. Chkl and other Atr targets then mediate a host of DDR outputs, including cell cycle arrest, replication fork stabilization, and DNA repair.The 911 trimer resembles the toroidal sliding clamp proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and is loaded onto DNA by a clamp loader composed of Rad17 and replication factor C (RFC) subunits [4]. While many DDR factors function exclusively in DNA damage signaling, the 911 complex also directly participates in DNA metabolism. The checkpoint clamp physically associates with several factors required for base excision repair (BER) [5-11] and additionally interacts with translesion DNA polymerases [12,13]. 911 function is also required for homologous recombinati
Clustering of childhood mortality in the Kintampo Health and Demographic Surveillance System in Ghana
Obed Ernest A. Nettey,Charles Zandoh,Abubakari Sulemana,Robert Adda
Global Health Action , 2010, DOI: 10.3402/gha.v3i0.5258
Abstract: Background: Childhood mortality in Ghana has generally declined in the last four decades. However, estimates tend to conceal substantial variability among regions and districts. The lack of population-based data in Ghana, as in other less developed countries, has hindered the development of effective programmes targeted specifically at clusters where mortality levels are significantly higher. Objective: This paper seeks to test for the existence of statistically significant clusters of childhood mortality within the Kintampo Health and Demographic Surveillance System (KHDSS) between 2005 and 2007. Design: In this study, mortality rates were generated using mortality data extracted from the health and demographic surveillance database of the KHDSS and exported into STATA. The spatial and spatio-temporal scan statistic by Kulldorff was used to identify significant clusters of childhood mortality within the KHDSS. Results: A significant cluster of villages with high under-five mortality in the south-eastern part of the KHDSS in 2006 was identified. This is a remote location where poverty levels are relatively higher, health facilities are more sparse and these are compounded by poor transport services in case of emergencies. Conclusion: This study highlights the potential of the surveillance platform to demonstrate the spatial dimensions of childhood mortality clustering. It is apparent, though, that further studies need to be carried out in order to explore the underlying risk factors for potential mortality clusters that could emerge later.
Far From Threshold Buckling Analysis of Thin Films
Benny Davidovitch,Robert D. Schroll,Dominic Vella,Mokhtar Adda-Bedia,Enrique Cerda
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Thin films buckle easily and form wrinkled states in regions of well defined size. The extent of a wrinkled region is typically assumed to reflect the zone of in-plane compressive stresses prior to buckling, but recent experiments on ultrathin sheets have shown that wrinkling patterns are significantly longer and follow different scaling laws than those predicted by standard buckling theory. Here we focus on a simple setup to show the striking differences between near-threshold buckling and the analysis of wrinkle patterns in very thin films, which are typically far from threshold.
Brasil: de la inflación inericial a la hiperinflación
Jacques Adda
Lecturas de Economía , 1989,
Abstract: La ineficacia de las políticas ortodoxas de lucha contra la inflación a comienzos de este decenio abrió un espacio para la renovación del análisis de la dinámica inflacionista. Sin embargo, las políticas heterodoxas de estabilización han fracasado a pesar de su diagnóstico sobre las causas y la naturaleza del proceso inflacionario del Brasil y es así como hoy este país es, de nuevo, presa de la hiperinflación. Aquí se examinan las razones del fracaso de una gestión heterodoxa en un contexto social e institucional preciso.
Adolescents’ Willingness and Intentions to Use Contraceptives in Rural Ghana  [PDF]
Sulemana Abubakari, Yeetey A. Enuameh, Emmanuel Mahama, Obed Ernest A. Nettey, George Adjei, Gifty Fosuaa Nuamah, Edward Apraku Anane, Robert Adda, Francis Dzabeng, Seeba Amenga-Etego, Charles Zandoh, Kwaku Poku Asante, Seth Owusu-Agyei
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.311029
Abstract: Efforts made to improve the availability and access to family planning services to adolescents in Ghana have not yielded the desired results. Adolescents in the Kintampo Health and Demographic Surveillance System area are no exception. This study explored contraceptive use intentions, preferences and their determinants among adolescents in rural Ghana. This was to contribute evidence towards achieving universal access to reproductive health. A cross-sectional study design was used to collect Sexual and Reproductive Health data in the Kintampo districts in 2011. A total of 1805 female adolescents were randomly sampled from a resident female adolescent population of 16,795. This study used intention and/or willingness of adolescents to use contraceptives as the outcome variable and the explanatory variables were demographic and socioeconomic factors. Descriptive and inferential statistical analyses were done. The findings indicated 54.3% of adolescents’ were willing to use contraceptives. Injectable was the most preferred contraceptive method among adolescents (48.6%); this was followed by the pill (29.6%) with the least being foam or jelly (0.2%). The most commonly cited reason for not intending to use contraception was adolescents’ opposition to family planning (31.5%) followed by a fear of side effects (25.8%). Age and education influenced adolescents’ willingness to use contraceptives in the future. Formal education of the young generation coupled with knowledge of contraceptive methods could yield positive outcomes for contraceptive use and ultimately reproductive health of the adolescent population in the near future.
The inner connection between gravity, electromagnetism and light
F. Ben Adda
Advanced Studies in Theoretical Physics , 2012,
Dalla crisi finanziaria alla crisi reale
Moneta e Credito , 2010,
Abstract: The financial crisis of 2008 is put in relation with two bubbles, financial and housing. Easy credit is at the origin of both bubbles. Risky bonds were issued to mobilize mortgages originated in the housing market, and bad bonds entered a fantastic number of institutional and private portfolios all over the world without any perception of the their risk. Unfortunately, bank credit to speculators was abundant and fed the final growth of the bubbles. When fears started to spread, the fall was immediate and expectations impaired very rapidly. The main aggregate demand components were severely curtailed and production fell as well. This is the crisis of the real economy. Fortunately, as opposed to what happened in 1929, the interventions of central banks and governments have been of an unprecedented size. The bail out of insolvent banks in particular has been providential. The exit from the current crisis, however, will surely be slow.
Guardando al futuro del Sistema Monetario Internazionale
Carlo D'Adda
Moneta e Credito , 2005,
Abstract: Questo articolo passa brevemente in rassegna diversi argomenti che riguardano il funzionamentodel Sistema Monetario Internazionale dopo il 1971, quali cambi flessibili e cambi fissi, areemonetarie ottime, crescenti movimenti di capitali, volatilità dei cambi, crisi valutarie, disavanzoesterno degli Stati Uniti. Pur in assenza di un disegno a priori, la successione di questi problemiha preparato la strada alla recente proposta di Mundell e Cooper per una moneta mondiale.Questa proposta non costituisce una semplice via d’uscita dalle odierne preoccupazioni.Nondimeno essa lascia intravedere la possibilità di un futuro migliore.
SOLS: Self Organising Distributed Location Server for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Gareth Owen,Mo Adda
International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications , 2009,
Abstract: Ad hoc networks allow wireless devices to form a network without any pre-existing knowledge ofconfiguration or topology. Large-scale networks consist of hundreds or more nodes and are unable to usetraditional broadcast routing algorithms due to lack of scalability. Geographic algorithms use nodes'geographical locations to route traffic without topology knowledge, but still require knowledge of thedestination node's location. This location is often provided up by location service protocols although manyof these too use broadcast schemes which limit their scalability. This work describes a location server thatuses self-organising behaviour that is often seen in nature to minimise transmission overhead and maximizescalability. The approach outperforms existing solutions by significant margins.
New Methods of Integration in Matrix Models
A. D'Adda
Physics , 1992, DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/9/8/001
Abstract: We discuss a new method of integration over matrix variables based on a suitable gauge choice in which the angular variables decouple from the eigenvalues at least for a class of two-matrix models. The calculation of correlation functions involving angular variables is simple in this gauge. Where the method is applicable it also gives an extremely simple proof of the classical integration formula used to reduce multi-matrix models to an integral over the eigenvalues.
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