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Antimicrobial activity of bergenin from Endopleura uchi (Huber) Cuatrec
Silva, Saulo L. da;Oliveira, Viviane Guedes de;Yano, Tomomasa;Nunomura, Rita de Cássia Saraiva;
Acta Amazonica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672009000100019
Abstract: endopleura uchi (huber) cuatrec. is an amazon species traditionally used as treatment for inflammations and female disorders. bergenin was isolated from ethyl acetate fraction of bark of e. uchi by using column chromatography over sephadex lh-20 and then silica gel 60 flash. its structure was identified on the basis of its nmr spectra. the antimicrobial activity of bergenin and fractions of methanol extract of e. uchi were evaluated against atcc microorganisms (escherichia coli, salmonella enteritidis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, enterococcus faecalis, staphylococcus aureus, candida albicans, c. guilliermondii, aspergillus flavus, a. nidulans). clinically isolated strains of all of these microorganisms, along with c. tropicalis, a. niger, shigella sonnei, serratia marcenses and klebsiella pneumoniae were also evaluated. the growth inhibition caused by bergenin, extracts and fractions of e. uchi against atcc microorganisms were similar to the inhibition to microorganisms clinically isolated. the ethyl acetate fraction and the isolate bergenin inhibit the growth of the yeasts c. albicans, c. tropicalis, and c. guilliermondii, but present lower activity against filamentous fungi aspergillus flavus, a. nidulans, a. niger, and did not inhibit the gram positive and gram negative bacteria. the activity of the ethyl acetate fraction and bergenin are in agreement wit its high concentration found in bark extract of e. uchi. moreover, the selective activity against three candida species helps to understand its traditional use against infections that affect women.
Triterpenos e alcalóide tipo cantinona dos galhos de Simaba polyphylla (Cavalcante) W.W. Thomas (Simaroubaceae)
Saraiva, Rita de Cássia Guedes;Pinto, Angelo C.;Nunomura, Sergio Massayoshi;Pohlit, Adrian Martin;
Química Nova , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422006000200017
Abstract: simaba polyphylla is a small tree found in the amazon region, known by the common names "marupazinho" or "serve para tudo". it is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of fevers. this work describes the phytochemical study of the hexane extract and chloroform fraction obtained by partitioning the methanol extract of stems, which led to isolation and identification of the triterpenes niloticin, dyhidroniloticin, taraxerone and of the cytotoxic alkaloid 9-methoxy-canthin-6-one. these compounds are described for the first time in s. polyphylla.
Triterpenos e alcalóide tipo cantinona dos galhos de Simaba polyphylla (Cavalcante) W.W. Thomas (Simaroubaceae)
Saraiva Rita de Cássia Guedes,Pinto Angelo C.,Nunomura Sergio Massayoshi,Pohlit Adrian Martin
Química Nova , 2006,
Abstract: Simaba polyphylla is a small tree found in the Amazon region, known by the common names "marupazinho" or "serve para tudo". It is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of fevers. This work describes the phytochemical study of the hexane extract and chloroform fraction obtained by partitioning the methanol extract of stems, which led to isolation and identification of the triterpenes niloticin, dyhidroniloticin, taraxerone and of the cytotoxic alkaloid 9-methoxy-canthin-6-one. These compounds are described for the first time in S. polyphylla.
In vitro studies of the anthelmintic activity of Picrolemma sprucei Hook. f. (Simaroubaceae)
Nunomura, Rita de Cássia Saraiva;Silva, Ellen Cristina Costa da;Oliveira, Denilson Ferreira;Garcia, Adriana Mello;Boeloni, Jankerle Neves;Nunomura, Sergio Massayoshi;Pohlit, Adrian Martin;
Acta Amazonica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672006000300006
Abstract: 1300 ppm (1.3 g / l), water and ethanol extracts prepared from stems or roots of picrolemma sprucei hook. f. were lethal (85-90 % mortality) in vitro to haemonchus contortus (barber pole worm) larvae, a gastrointestinal nematode parasite found in domestic and wild ruminants. neosergeolide and isobrucein b were isolated in 0.0083 and 0.0070 % yield from dry, ground p. sprucei stems (0.89 kg). neosergeolide, isobrucein b and the anthelmintic drug standard levamisole all caused comparable mortality rates (68-77 %) in vitro to h. contortus at similar concentrations (81-86 ppm). the anthelmintic activity of p. sprucei infusions (teas), alcohol extracts, and neosergeolide and isobrucein b, has therefore been demonstrated for the first time.
Implanta??o e impacto do Programa Nacional de Suplementa??o de Ferro no município de Vi?osa - MG
Azeredo,Catarina Machado; Cotta,Rosangela Minardi Mitre; Silva,Luciana Saraiva da; Franceschini,Sylvia do Carmo Castro; Sant'Ana,Luciana Ferreira da Rocha; Ribeiro,Rita de Cássia Lanes;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232011001100006
Abstract: the scope of this work was to evaluate the implementation of the national iron supplementation program (nisp) in vi?osa in the state of minas gerais and its impact on 6- to 18-month-old non-anemic infants assisted by the family health teams. interviews were conducted with the professionals and with the children's mothers/guardians. the non-anemic children who didn't receive the earlier supplementation (n=133) were given ferrous sulphate syrup for six months. hemoglobin dosage, anthropometric evaluation and a socioeconomic survey were conducted before and after the six-month period. children who ingested 75% or more of the prescribed dosage were classified as high adhesion, while the others were classified as low adhesion, according to the mothers' testimonials. with respect to the implementation in the city, the distribution system was not always available to the priority group and there was a lack of training and motivation on the part of most community health agents. the lack of promotion of nisp among the priority group was detected, apart from a mothers' awareness drive. regarding diet supplementation, children showed low adhesion and the dosage wasn't effective in preventing anemia. therefore, important operational barriers to implementation were observed.
Doppler tecidual como índice prognóstico em longo prazo na disfun??o sistólica do ventrículo esquerdo
Saraiva, Roberto Magalh?es;Rocha, Rita de Cássia Castelli da;Martins, Adriana Ferraz;Duarte, Dario Marins;Peixoto, Renata da Silva;Castro, Simone Henriques de;Gallicchio, Carla Tavares;Araújo, Andréa Lúcia de;Kaiser, Sérgio Emanuel;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2008001400004
Abstract: background: tissue doppler parameters correlate with left ventricular (lv) filling pressure and can be useful as prognostic indexes for patients with heart failure. objective: determine whether tissue doppler parameters can predict events during long term follow-up of outpatients with lv systolic dysfunction. methods: retrospective study with 73 patients (aged 60.9±12.1 years) who underwent doppler echocardiogram between march 2001 and may 2004. the primary endpoint studied was death or hospitalization due to heart failure worsening. results: the mean follow-up period was 1,367±665 days. after logistic stepwise multivariate analysis, including echocardiographic parameters, the ratio of maximal early diastolic filling wave velocity to maximal early diastolic myocardial velocity (e/e` ratio; p=0.0007), and lv ejection fraction (ef; p=0.01) remained significant predictors of the primary outcome. the optimal cutoffs for primary endpoint prediction for e/e' ratio (auc 0.77; p=0.0001) and ef (auc 0.68, p=0.006) were respectively 12.7 and 30%. accordingly, patients with e/e' ratio > 12.7 (hazard ratio=3.8, p =0.001) or ef <30% (hazard ratio=2.3, p=0.03) had a poorer outcome by survival curve analysis. it is noteworthy that 47% of the patients with ef above the optimal cutoff point, but with high e/e' ratio, presented events during follow-up. conclusion: e/e' ratio is an important independent long-term prognostic index of death or hospitalization due to worsening heart failure in outpatients with lv systolic dysfunction. therefore, we recommend the measurement of this variable in the routine evaluation of such patients.
A Caridade criando hospitais em Minas Gerais (Brasil) - séculos XVIII-XX
Cássia Marques,Rita de;
Dynamis , 2011, DOI: 10.4321/S0211-95362011000100006
Abstract: o artigo é fruto de uma pesquisa sobre o patrim?nio cultural da saúde em minas gerais (brasil) e se dedica a compreender a constru??o de hospitais fomentados pelas a??es caritativas de católicos, leigos ou religiosos, entre os séculos xviii e xx. o movimento católico leigo sempre foi forte em minas gerais favorecido pelas proibi??es da coroa portuguesa em torno da livre circula??o de religiosos, considerados suspeitos de contrabandear o ouro das minas. a primeira santa casa, a de vila rica, surge de uma irmandade. a caridade também é o mote de outro grupo de leigos que teve grande importancia no brasil, especialmente no século xx - os vicentinos. assinala-se ainda a divulga??o dos ideais de caridade de frederico ozanam com base na obra de s?o vicente de paula. por vicentinos é preciso entender tanto o movimento leigo abrigado nas conferências da sociedade s?o vicente de paula, como os religiosos: os padres lazaristas e as irm?s vicentinas. o terceiro grupo estudado é o dos médicos católicos, fruto do associativismo profissional incentivado pela igreja católica. as santas casas com suas irmandades, os vicentinos e o associativismo católico integram movimentos reconhecidos no mundo todo. nesse contexto social de grande participa??o católica nas obras de caridade, restava aos médicos integrar o movimento, com o desprendimento dos atendimentos muitas vezes gratuitos e com o esfor?o para criar hospitais para a popula??o carente. no século xx, a capital de minas gerais, embora fruto de decis?o de republicanos e positivistas portadores dos ideários da modernidade, continuou se valendo da caridade crist? para tratar dos pobres.
Gênero, infancia e rela??es de poder: interroga??es epistemológicas
Marchi, Rita de Cássia;
Cadernos Pagu , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332011000200016
Abstract: this article relates the peripheral positions of woman and child in the scientific field and the current epistemological difficulties towards the emancipation of childhood as a conceptually autonomous sociological category. these difficulties are similar to the resistance encountered some years ago by "feminist studies" to establish gender as a new category of analysis. childhood is a phenomenon permeated, in the social field, by asymmetric relations of power and action between generations and, in the scientific field, by the adult-focused and predominantly masculine (androcentric) perspective of knowledge.
Plant reproductive phenology and dispersal patterns after natural regeneration in a limestone mining spoil banks
Frenedozo, Rita de Cássia;
Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132004000200014
Abstract: studies were carried out on the phenological patterns and dispersion of a plant community developed naturally after limestone mining operations, in accumulated materials of wastes (spoil banks). the objectives were to focus the seasonality of plant reproductive in a degraded environment; to analyze the community according to dispersal syndrome and to know about plant resources for the animals monthly observations of flowering and fruiting patterns of the community were done, comparing the herbaceous, shrubs and woody species. proportion of anemochorous and autochorous was higher in the herbaceous and shrubby strata. the zoochorous ones, on the contrary, were more frequent in the woody stratum. this study showed that natural introduction of the animals at the unreclaimed area, increased the chances for long time, of preserving the plant species since they are pollinated and dispersed their seeds.
O ?ofício de aluno? e o ?ofício de crian?a?: articula??es entre a sociologia da educa??o e a sociologia da infancia
Marchi,Rita de Cássia;
Revista Portuguesa de Educa??o , 2010,
Abstract: this article establishes the relationships between what is known as the "paradigm crisis" in the sociology of education (sed) in the 90?s and the appearance of a new paradigm for the social studies of childhood. as the central elements of this new paradigm we have the principles of childhood social construction and of child-actor and the requirement of the conceptual autonomy of childhood. the initial separation between the sociology of education and the social studies of childwood was due to the fact the sed has been traditionally focused, both on its structural-functional side and on the reproduction theories space as well, on the macro-relationships between school and society. the "child task" and the "student task" have here a complex existence whose clarification reveals the paths which have been exploited in the theoretical-methodological constructions inside these disciplines and in their tense articulations.
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