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Combining ability analysis for grain filling duration and yield traits in spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell.)
Kamaluddin,;Singh, Rishi M.;Prasad, Lal C.;Abdin, Malik Z.;Joshi, Arun K.;
Genetics and Molecular Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-47572007000300018
Abstract: a diallel analysis of wheat (triticum aestivum l. em. thell) parents (n = 11) and their f1 (n = 55) and f2 (n = 55) offspring was carried out for the following four traits: grain filling duration (gfd), gfd for growing degree days (gdd), 1000 seed weight and seed yield per plant. analysis of variance for general combining ability (gca) and specific combining ability (sca) displayed significant f1 and f2 general and specific combining ability effects for the four traits studied. for all the traits the gca effects were relatively more important than the sca effects, indicating that additive genetic effects were predominant. crosses displaying high sca effects for grain filling duration, seed weight and yield were observed to be derived from parents having various types of gca effects (high x high, high x low, low x low and medium x low). the single seed descent method can be applied to exploit additive gene effects whereas dominance gene effects could be valuable in hybrid wheat breeding programs. among the parents, genotypes from the international maize and wheat improvement center (centro internacional de mejoramiento de maíz y trigo, cimmyt) as well as south asia were found to be superior general combiners for grain filling duration. likewise, crosses involving diverse parents from cimmyt and south asia showed significant sca effects for grain filling duration and other traits.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Post-Operative Complications: Single Center Data, Review of Literature and Guidelines for Practicing Internists and Surgeons  [PDF]
Kenneth M. Nugent, Michael Phy, Rishi Raj
Surgical Science (SS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2012.32012
Abstract: Obstructive sleep apnea has been linked to higher rates of post-operative complications in some studies. We examined the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea and its impact on post-operative complications in 125 patients (21 prospective, 104 retrospective) undergoing various elective outpatient surgeries at our institution. Ten percent of these patients had OSA, and half of them were on continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP). Patients who were on CPAP as outpatients received CPAP post-operatively as well. No patients died, and the prevalence of post-operative complications was low. There was no difference in complication rates between patients with and without OSA. We also review the existing literature on this subject and make practical recommendations regarding pre-operative evaluation and post-operative management of these patients for practicing internists and surgeons based on the current literature.
The Effect of Soil Texture in Soil Moisture Retrieval for Specular Scattering at C-Band
Rishi Prakash;Dharmendra Singh;Nagendra Prasad Pathak
PIER , 2010, DOI: 10.2528/PIER10050403
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to analyze the behavior of specular scattering for different soil texture fields at various soil moisture () and analyze the data to retrieve the soil moisture with minimizing the effect of the soil texture. To study the soil texture effect on specular scattering 10 different soil fields were prepared on the basis of change in soil constituents (i.e, percentage of sand, silt and clay) and experiments were performed in both like polarizations (i.e., HH-polarization and VV-polarization) at various incidence angles (i.e., varying incidence angle from 25°to 70°in step of 5°). Angular response of specular scattering coefficients ( in HH-polarization and VV-polarization) were analyzed for different soil texture fields with varying soil moisture content whereas the surface roughness condition for all the observations were kept constant. The changes in specular scattering coefficient values were observed with the change in soil texture fields with moisture for both like polarizations. Further, copolarization ratio (=(/) study was performed and it was observed that the dependency of copolarization ratio for change in soil texture field at constant soil moisture is less prominent whereas the value of copolarization ratio is varying with variation of moisture content. This emphasizes that copolarization ratio may be minimizing the effect of soil texture while observing the soil moisture on specular direction. Regression analysis is carried out to select the best suitable incidence angle for observing the moisture and texture at C-band in specular direction and 60°incidence angle was found the best suitable incidence angle. An empirical relationship between and was developed for the retrieval of and the obtained relationship gives a good agreement with observed . In addition, was also retrieved through the Kirchhoff Approximation (SA) and a comparison was made with the retrieved results of empirical relationship. The empirical relationship outperformed the SA.
Molecular cloning and characterization of two differentially expressed Cellulose synthase gene isoforms in Leucaena leucocephala: A pulp yielding tree species  [PDF]
Rishi K. Vishwakarma, Sameer Srivastava, Somesh Singh, Bashir M. Khan
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2012.31014
Abstract: Leucaena leucocephala is fast growing leguminous tree species, acclimatized to variety of soil and climatic conditions. It is widely used for pulp production in India. Pulp mainly consists of cellulose, which is a simple polymer of unbranched β-1, 4-linked glucan chains. The polymerization of glucose residues into a β-1, 4-linked backbone is catalysed by the enzyme cellulose synthase (CesA). Here, cDNAs encoding CesA genes from Leucaena were isolated and characterized. The two complete cDNAs of 3.228 kb and 3.222 kb encoding CesA gene from L. leucocephala were designated as Ll-7CesA (FJ871987) and Ll-8CesA (GQ267555) respectively. In-silico studies showed that Ll-7CesA has 95.2% identities and Ll- 8CesA has 95.8% identities with Acacia mangium CesA2. Phylogenetic analysis revealed significant similarity with known dicot CesA genes. The deduced amino acid sequence of both CesA genes contained the conserved D, D, D, QxxRW motif, eight membrane spanning regions and a putative zinc binding domain, which are characteristic of glycosyltransferases. DNA blot analysis suggested, CesA gene to be in multiple copies in Leucaena genome. Semi quantitative and quantitative real-time PCR expression analysis of Ll-7CesA gene showed more expression in stem than leaf and not detected in root where as Ll-8CesA gene was expressed more in stem than leaf and root. Overall Ll-8CesA was expressed in all tested tissues and could be involved in active cellulose biosynthesis.
Study of Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Aluminum/Garnet/Carbon Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites (HMMCs) Fabricated by Chill Casting Method  [PDF]
M. G. Anantha Prasad, Nityanand Bandekar
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2015.33001
Abstract: HMMCs are significantly influenced by the reinforcements. Composites with two or more reinforcements and finer grain structures are extensively used due to improved mechanical and tribological properties. The evolution of finer and uniform microstructures is strongly dependent on the cooling rate during solidification. In this investigation stir cast hybrid composites of aluminum alloy LM13 was fabricated with garnet and carbon particulate reinforcements. Chills of various materials such as copper, steel, iron and silicon carbide was used to accelerate the solidification. Combination of dispersoid varies from 3 wt% to 12 wt% in steps of 3 wt% garnet and 3 wt% carbon particulates. Microstructure characterization and mechanical properties such as hardness and ultimate tensile strength of reinforced hybrid composites were examined. The test specimens are prepared and tested as per American society for testing and materials (ASTM) standard. Vickers hardness measurement was carried out to study the hardness of the composite. The effect of chill and reinforcement characteristics was presented and compared with the hybrid composite without chill material. The results confirm the positive relationship between mechanical behavior and the dispersiod content. The copper chill cast composite with 9 wt% garnet and 3 wt% carbon was found to increase mechanical properties.
Graph-Directed Coalescence Hidden Variable Fractal Interpolation Functions  [PDF]
Md. Nasim Akhtar, M. Guru Prem Prasad
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/am.2016.74031
Abstract: Fractal interpolation function (FIF) is a special type of continuous function which interpolates certain data set and the attractor of the Iterated Function System (IFS) corresponding to a data set is the graph of the FIF. Coalescence Hidden-variable Fractal Interpolation Function (CHFIF) is both self-affine and non self-affine in nature depending on the free variables and constrained free variables for a generalized IFS. In this article, graph directed iterated function system for a finite number of generalized data sets is considered and it is shown that the projection of the attractors on is the graph of the CHFIFs interpolating the corresponding data sets.
Software Reuse in Cardiology Related Medical Database Using K-Means Clustering Technique  [PDF]
M. Bhanu Sridhar, Y. Srinivas, M. H. M. Krishna Prasad
Journal of Software Engineering and Applications (JSEA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jsea.2012.59081
Abstract: Software technology based on reuse is identified as a process of designing software for the reuse purpose. The software reuse is a process in which the existing software is used to build new software. A metric is a quantitative indicator of an attribute of an item/thing. Reusability is the likelihood for a segment of source code that can be used again to add new functionalities with slight or no modification. A lot of research has been projected using reusability in reducing code, domain, requirements, design etc., but very little work is reported using software reuse in medical domain. An attempt is made to bridge the gap in this direction, using the concepts of clustering and classifying the data based on the distance measures. In this paper cardiologic database is considered for study. The developed model will be useful for Doctors or Para-medics to find out the patient’s level in the cardiologic disease, deduce the medicines required in seconds and propose them to the patient. In order to measure the reusability K-means clustering algorithm is used.
Time Dependent Coupled Cluster Approach to Resonance Raman Excitation Profiles from General Anharmonic Surfaces
M. Durga Prasad
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2002, DOI: 10.3390/i3050447
Abstract: A time dependent coupled cluster approach to the calculation of Resonance Raman excitation profiles on general anharmonic surfaces is presented. The vibrational wave functions on the ground electronic surface are obtained by the coupled cluster method (CCM). It is shown that the propagation of the vibrational ground state on the upper surface is equivalent to propagation of the vacuum state by an effective hamiltonian generated by the similarity transformation of the vibrational hamiltonian of that surface by the CCM wave operator of the lower surface up to a normalization constant. This time propagation is carried out by the time-dependent coupled cluster method in a time dependent frame. Numerical studies are presented to asses the validity of the approach.
Vinod Rishi,Ashish Patel,,Jyotsna Choubey ,,M. K. Verma
International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology , 2010,
Abstract: Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a freshwater green alga and belongs to class Chlorophyceae, order Chlorellales and family Chlorellaceae. CPD photolyase is an enzyme found in Chlrella pyrnoidosa and responsible for repairing of DNA damages caused by UV radiations. The cyclobutane pyrimidine dimmer (CPDs) and 6-4 pyrimidone photoproducts (6-4 PPs) are major form of DNA damages and these damages are caused by various physical and chemical agents occurs in the environment such as UV and ionizing radiations, chemical mutagens fungal and bacterial toxins, and free radicals or alkalizing agents produced by metabolism. Mostly DNA damages induced by UV radiations, about 75% cyclobutane pyrimidinedimers (CPDs) and rest 6-4 photoproducts (6-4PPs).If these are not repaired then both dimmers may be block transcription and DNA replication. CPD photolyase binds to the DNA and prevent the production of CPDs and 6-4 PPs. The three dimensional structure of CPD photolyase of Chlorella pyrenoidosa is not available for the further investigation , so it is required to generate a computational model by using Modeler 9v3 program. The quality of modeled structure is verified through various online (ProSA) as well as offline (Procheck, Swiss PDB viewer) tools. This protein may be useful in prevention of skin cancer.
Role of palliative radiotherapy in brain metastases
Bilimagga Ramesh,Nirmala S,Rishi Karthik,Janaki M
Indian Journal of Palliative Care , 2009,
Abstract: Background: Brain metastases are a common manifestation of systemic cancer and exceed primary brain tumors in number and are a significant cause of neurologic problems. They affect 20-40% of all cancer patients. Aggressive management of brain metastases is effective in both symptom palliation and prolonging the life. Radiotherapy has a major role to play in the management of brain metastases. AIM: The aim of the study was to know the outcome of palliative radiotherapy in symptomatic brain metastases in terms of improvement in their performance status. Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study of 63 patients diagnosed to have brain metastases and treated with palliative whole brain radiotherapy to a dose of 30 Gy in 10 fractions over two weeks between June 1998 and June 2007. Diagnosis was done in most of the cases with computed tomography scan and in a few with magnetic resonance imaging. Improvement in presenting symptoms has been assessed in terms of improvement in their performance status by using the ECOG scale. Results: Fifty-four patients completed the planned treatment. Eight patients received concurrent Temozolamide; 88% of patients had symptom relief at one month follow-up; 39/54 patients had a follow-up of just one to three months. Hence survival could not be assessed in this study. Conclusion: External beam radiotherapy in the dose of 30 Gy over two weeks achieved good palliation in terms improvement in their performance status in 88% of patients. Addition of concurrent and adjuvant Timozolamide may improve the results.
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