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Tratamento de sementes com fungicidas e inseticidas como redutores dos efeitos do estresse hídrico em plantas de soja
Balardin, Ricardo Silveiro;Silva, Felipe Dalla Lana da;Debona, Daniel;Dalla Corte, Gerson;Dalla Favera, Diego;Tormen, Nédio Rodrigo;
Ciência Rural , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782011000700002
Abstract: the objective of this research was evaluate four seed treatments: water (t1), carbendazim + thiram (t2), fipronil + thiophanate methyl + pyraclostrobin (t3) and abamectin + thiamethoxam + fludioxonil + mefenoxan + thiabendazole (t4) on growth parameters of soybean plants with or without low water availability. the experiments were conducted under field conditions and greenhouse. in greenhouse, in treatments without low water availability, it was made four irrigations by day and in treatments with low water availability, it was made one irrigation each three days. in this trial, it was evaluated the plant height, root length, root volume, dry shoot weight, dry root weight and foliar area. in the field trial, low water availability was established by construction of low tunnels of polyethylene which prevented the water supply by irrigation and rain. in the field, it was also evaluated the plant height, the relative chlorophyll content, emergence, lesser cornstalk borer attack and grain yield. in the both environment, the plants were kept on stress until 28th days after emergence. in greenhouse, all the parameters were influenced by seed treatments with or without low water availability. in field, the treatment with fipronil + thiophanate methyl + pyraclostrobin (t3) and abamectin + thiamethoxam + fludioxonil + mefenoxan + thiabendazole (t4) promoted higher plant height and relative chlorophyll content in both hydric schemes, higher emergence and grain yield in plants without and with lower water availability, respectively. it was concluded that seed treatment with these products promote benefit changes in plant, increasing its tolerance to hydric stress, with positive effect on soybean grain yield.
Potencial de aplica??o do processo foto-fenton/solar como pré-tratamento de efluente da indústria de laticínios
Villa, Ricardo Dalla;Silva, Milady R. Apolinário da;Nogueira, Raquel F. Pupo;
Química Nova , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422007000800002
Abstract: dairy wastewater is characterized by frequent episodes of drastic increases of organic content, giving rise to bulking filamentous bacteria and compromising the biological treatment process. this study reports the reduction of organic content of such wastewater by the application of the solar photo-fenton process. for a wastewater containing 335, 2627 or 5400 mg c l-1 between 90% and 50% of the organic carbon content were removed after 3.5 h irradiation. the results show that the solar photo-fenton process can be a good alternative for the abatement of organic content of dairy wastewater, especially in cases of organic content fluctuation, allowing an efficient biological treatment.
Simultaneous Larva Migrans and Larva Currens Caused by Strongyloides stercoralis: A Case Report
Liliam Dalla Corte,Mariana Vale Scribel da Silva,Paulo Ricardo Martins Souza
Case Reports in Dermatological Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/381583
Simultaneous Larva Migrans and Larva Currens Caused by Strongyloides stercoralis: A Case Report
Liliam Dalla Corte,Mariana Vale Scribel da Silva,Paulo Ricardo Martins Souza
Case Reports in Dermatological Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/381583
Abstract: Strongyloidiasis is an infectious disease caused by the Strongyloides stercoralis larvae, which penetrate the skin, go through the lymphatic circulation, and migrate to the lungs before reaching the intestines. They mature and may cause cutaneous strongyloidiasis, known as larva currens because of the quick migratory rate of the larva. The authors describe a case in which the larvae did not follow their natural lymph route, and after penetrating into the intertriginous area, they migrated to the dermis, developing larva migrans in the early phase, and later associated with the typical lesions of larva currens. The diagnosis was confirmed by the presence of larva in the skin biopsy. 1. Introduction Strongyloides stercoralis is especially endemic in many tropical countries, where it has become a matter of concern in the public health area [1–7]. The special characteristic features of its life cycle are chronicity, autoinfection, and easy dissemination. It is a parasitic disease difficult to diagnose as it requires the direct visualization of the larvae [1]. The infection is asymptomatic in most cases; however, the pathognomonic skin lesion of chronic strongyloidiasis is the larva currens [2, 3]. Its diagnosis may be difficult to obtain due to atypical manifestations [3]. In this study, we described a rarely observed case of simultaneous larva migrans and larva currens caused by Strongyloides stercoralis. 2. Case Report A healthy 36-year-old white man from the city of Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, was fishing barefoot near a pond and after a period of 24 hours developed some cutaneous hemorrhagic blisters on his left foot (Figure 1). In 3 days, such condition evolved into pruritic, linear to serpiginous, erythematous urticarial lesions in the left lower limb and reached his left thigh (Figures 2 and 3). Progressively, some new urticarial, linear lesions appeared in his trunk. He denied using any medications and did not report any signs or symptoms. Figure 1: Area larvae penetration. Hemorrhagic blisters in the area: the larvae penetrated the skin and the purpuric serpiginous lesions in the back of the left foot. Figure 2: Larva migrans. Diffuse purpuric lesions showing the various routes the larvae took in the left thigh. Figure 3: Biopsy site in the popliteal region. There were no changes in the blood, stool, and partial parasitological urine tests, except for the eosinophilia in the blood test. The initial diagnosis was vasculitis due to the purpuric lesions; however, with the emergence of some lesions in the trunk, there was the chance that it could be
Microsatellite characterization of Plasmodium falciparum from symptomatic and non-symptomatic infections from the Western Amazon reveals the existence of non-symptomatic infection-associated genotypes
Martha, Rosimeire Cristina Dalla;Tada, Mauro Sughiro;Ferreira, Ricardo Godoi de Mattos;Silva, Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da;Wunderlich, Gerhard;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762007005000044
Abstract: in western amazon areas with perennial malaria transmission, long term residents frequently develop partial immunity to malarial infection caused either by plasmodium falciparum or p. vivax, resulting in a considerable number of non-symptomatically infected individuals. for yet unknown reasons, these individuals sporadically develop symptomatic malaria. in order to identify if determined parasite genotypes, defined by a combination of eleven microsatellite markers, were associated to different outcomes - symptomatic or asymptomatic malaria - we analyzed infecting p. falciparum parasites in a suburban riverine population. despite of detecting a high degree of diversity in the analyzed samples, several microsatellite marker alleles appeared accumulated in parasites from non-symptomatic infections. this result may be interpreted that a number of microsatellites, which are not directly related to antigenic features, could be associated to the outcome of malarial infection. the result may also point to a low frequency of recombinatorial events which otherwise would dissociate genes under strong immune pressure from the relatively neutral microsatellite loci.
Efeito do tratamento de sementes com fungicidas e acibenzolar-S-methyl no controle da ferrugem asiática e crescimento de plantulas em cultivares de soja
Debona, Daniel;Figueiró, Gláucia Garcia;Corte, Gerson Dalla;Navarini, Lucas;Domingues, Lucas da Silva;Balardin, Ricardo Silveiro;
Summa Phytopathologica , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-54052009000100004
Abstract: the influence of acibenzolar-s-methyl (asm) and fungicides asm in different doses provided reduction of auprc as well as it applied as seed treatment on asian rust control as well as on growth presented synergism with the fungicides, increasing the control of soybean seedlings were evaluated in a completely randomized efficiency when compared to single applications. except for asm experiment with three replications, using the 'agiara', 'm-soy 8000' applied in the smallest dose, all of the treatments presented control and 'm-soy 8080' soybean cultivars. the treatments were three doses higher than 77 % compared to the control plot. in general, the of asm (0,05; 0,1 and 0,2 g of a.i. for kg of seeds), asm (in the dose treatment of seeds with asm and fungicides resulted in reduction of of 0,1 g of a.i. for kg of seeds) combined to the fungicides flutriafol, the dry weight (dw) in relation to control. the use of asm associated pyraclostrobin and azoxystrobin, and the isolated application of these with fungicides attempting to delay the infection of asian soybean as well as a control treated with water. the results showed reduction rust in the initial stages constituted a viable alternative for reduction of area under progress rust curve (auprc) with the increase of the of primary inoculum, however the occurrence of some phytotoxic dose of asm in the three cultivars of soybean. the isolated use of effects also must be considerated.
La Constitución de Cádiz como antecedente constitucional argentino
Alberto Ricardo Dalla Via
Pensamiento Constitucional , 2012,
Abstract: El artículo no presenta resumen.
Los sistemas electorales comparados
Alberto Ricardo Dalla Vía
Boletín mexicano de derecho comparado , 2008,
Asymptomatic infection with Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax in the Brazilian Amazon Basin: to treat or not to treat?
Tada, Mauro Shugiro;Ferreira, Ricardo de Godoi Mattos;Katsuragawa, Tony Hiroshi;Martha, Rosimeire Cristina Dalla;Costa, Joana D?Arc Neves;Albrecht, Letusa;Wunderlich, Gerhard;Silva, Luiz Hildebrando Pereira da;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762012000500008
Abstract: in this study, we determined whether the treatment of asymptomatic parasites carriers (apcs), which are frequently found in the riverside localities of the brazilian amazon that are highly endemic for malaria, would decrease the local malaria incidence by decreasing the overall pool of parasites available to infect mosquitoes. in one village, the treatment of the 19 plasmodium falciparum-infected apcs identified among the 270 residents led to a clear reduction (z = -2.39, p = 0.017) in the incidence of clinical cases, suggesting that treatment of apcs is useful for controlling falciparum malaria. for vivax malaria, 120 apcs were identified among the 716 residents living in five villages. comparing the monthly incidence of vivax malaria in two villages where the apcs were treated with the incidence in two villages where apcs were not treated yielded contradictory results and no clear differences in the incidence were observed (z = -0.09, p = 0.933). interestingly, a follow-up study showed that the frequency of clinical relapse in both the treated and untreated apcs was similar to the frequency seen in patients treated for primary clinical infections, thus indicating that vivax clinical immunity in the population is not species specific but only strain specific.
A ordem variável do adjetivo em anúncios jornalísticos do século XIX: uma quest o semantico-discursiva
Ademar da Silva,Albano Dalla Pria
Alfa : Revista de Linguística , 2001,
Abstract: Neste trabalho, analisamos os adjetivos atributivos em anúncios de jornais paulistas do século XIX para identificar o que determinaria o uso de Adj+N ou N+Adj. Categorias sintatico-semanticas sozinhas n o explicam tal varia o. A correla o entre elas e o contexto discursivo predetermina a escolha de uma posi o no sintagma, demonstrando que a posi o pós-nominal - típica do adjetivo - é, em alguns casos, relativa.
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