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Synthesis, characterization, DFT and Td-dfT study of the [Fe(mnt)(L)(t-BuNC) 2] octahedral complex (L = phen, bipy)
MorigakiI, Milton K.;Silva, Elias M. da;Melo, Carlos V. P. de;Pavan, Jamile R.;Silva, Renzo C.;Biondo, Armando;Freitas, Jair C. C.;Dias, Gilson H. M.;
Química Nova , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-40422009000700024
Abstract: febr2 has reacted with an equivalent of mnt2- (mnt = cis-1,2-dicyanoethylene-1,2-dithiolate) and the α-diimine l (l = 1,10'-phenantroline, 2,2'-bipyridine) in thf solution, and followed by adding of t-butyl-isocyanide to give [fe(mnt)(l)(t-bunc)2] neutral compound. the products were characterized by infrared, uv-visible and m?ssbauer spectroscopy, besides thermogravimetric and conductivity data. the geometry in the equilibrium was calculated by the density functional theory and the electronic spectrum by the time-dependent. the experimental and theoretical results in good agreement have defined an octahedral geometry with two isocyanide neighbours. the π→π* intraligand electronic transition was not observed for cis-isomers in the near-ir spectral region.
Protection Scheme Half Wavelength Transmission Trunk Using Conventional Relay  [PDF]
Renzo. G. Fabián, Elson C. Gomes, Maria C. Tavares, Carlos A. Floriano
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B239

This paper presents the main results on the use of conventional protection hardware to protect a Half Wavelength Transmission Line, or shortly AC-Link, for possible occurrence of three-phase and single-phase fault during energization maneuver. Lines of these dimensions do not exist today, but in countries of continental size they could be an interesting alternative to HVDC transmission, since the AC-Link has less dependence on Power Electronics technology. The studies on performance and relay settings were implemented using the RTDS real-time simulator. It is important to note that the AC-Link protection for the energization maneuver can be performed with existing hardware on conventional relays.

Search for 1/p^2 Corrections to the Running QCD Coupling
G. Burgio,F. Di Renzo,C. Parrinello,C. Pittori
Physics , 1998,
Abstract: We investigate the occurrence of power terms in the running QCD coupling by analysing non-perturbative measurements of alpha_s (p) at low momenta obtained from the lattice three-gluon vertex. Our exploratory study provides some evidence for power contributions to alpha_s (p) proportional to 1/p^2. Possible implications for physical observables are discussed.
Search for Lambda^2/p^2 corrections to the QCD running coupling
G. Burgio,F. Di Renzo,C. Parrinello,C. Pittori
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1016/S0920-5632(99)85155-X
Abstract: We investigate the occurrence of power terms $(Lambda^2/p^2$ in the running QCD coupling by analysing non-perturbative measurements of $\alpha_s(p)$ at quite low momenta obtained from the lattice three-gluon vertex. Our study provides some evidence for such a contribution. The phenomenological implications of such a presence are reviewed.
The running QCD coupling in the pre-asymptotic region
G. Burgio,F. Di Renzo,C. Parrinello,C. Pittori
Physics , 1998, DOI: 10.1016/S0920-5632(99)00203-0
Abstract: We study deviations from the perturbative asymptotic behaviour in the running QCD coupling by analysing non-perturbative measurements of alpha_s (p) at low momenta as obtained from the lattice three-gluon vertex. Our exploratory study provides some evidence for power corrections to the perturbative running proportional to 1/p^2.
Qué podemos pedir a una teoría de la justicia? Algunas consideraciones acerca de un debate entre Amartya Sen y John Rawls
Biondo, Francesco
Isegoría , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper I try to revise Sen’s thesis about the transcendental nature of Rawls’ theory of justice. According to Sen transcendental theories of justice are unnecessary. What we aim at is to justify a series of comparative judgements about two or more states of affairs.We do not strive, unlike Rawls, to form a complete system of moral principles that backs an ideal just society . I try to show that Sen’s comparative account is weak. First of all, Sen does not offer a fair interpretation of Rawls’ theory. In particular, he is wrong when he depicts Rawls’ justice as fairness as a complete and transcendental moral doctrine. Secondly, Sen overlooks the fact that in order to justify comparative evaluations of states of affairs we must assume as valid a particular moral doctrine. Finally I try to solve the problem about the contrast between transcendental and comparative account by offering a transcendental outlook to questions of justice that is, at the same time, pluralist and incomplete. En este trabajo intento exponer las tesis de Sen sobre las características que demandamos a una teoría satisfactoria de la justicia, y sus críticas al modelo trascendental de teoría, que según él es lo que Rawls persigue. Según Sen, este modelo es inaceptable por ser inalcanzable e innecesario; lo que en nuestra práctica argumentativa intentamos lograr son juicios comparativos entre situaciones reales, y no sistemas completos de proposiciones acerca de ideales de la sociedad justa. Intentaré argumentar que el enfoque metaético de Sen es débil por dos razones: no ofrece una reconstrucción adecuada de la teoría de Rawls, equivocándose sobre su carácter completo , y no explica de qué manera los juicios comparativos de valor entre dos situaciones sociales no sean el resultado de una teoría trascendental de la justicia. Me propongo, entonces, solucionar el problema, presentando una mirada trascendental de las cuestiones de justicia, pero, al mismo tiempo, pluralista e incompleta.
The Theoretical Principles of the Body-Centered Therapy to Promote Affective Attunement in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder  [PDF]
Magda Di Renzo
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2017.712039
Abstract: Background: The roots of autism spectrum disorders become evident in first attunement mechanisms between mother and child that allow a first level of mentalizing. Neurosciences and current developmental theories confirm the existence of defensive mechanisms related to body and affectivity that psychodynamic theories had already highlighted. Reading child’s behavior not only by administering tests but also through careful clinical observations allows a better understanding of the communication and social difficulties present in autistic children. The identification of the zone of proximal development can promote a therapeutic intervention that respects the individuality of the child and the specificity of his relational approach to the world. Conclusion: The paper presents the theoretical principles of a body-centered therapy to promote the attunement processes necessary to activate cognitive resources.
Population Structure of an Invasive Parthenogenetic Gastropod in Coastal Lakes and Estuaries of Northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Nelson A. F. Miranda, Renzo Perissinotto, Christopher C. Appleton
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0024337
Abstract: Background Estuaries and coastal lakes receive little attention despite being heavily invaded by non-indigenous invasive species (NIS). In these situations, studies of population dynamics in invaded habitats can provide valuable insights into how NIS interact with new environments. Tarebia granifera is a prosobranch gastropod from south-east Asia which has invaded other sub-tropical parts of the world. This study addresses whether a small number of key environmental factors influences gastropod communities, and specifically how the population density and size structure of T. granifera were influenced by environmental change in estuaries and coastal lakes in southern Africa. Methodology/Principal Findings T. granifera's density, number of brooded juveniles and size structure were measured at the St. Lucia Estuary, Mgobozeleni Estuary, Lake Sibaya and Lake Nhlange. Size structure was classified according to shell height (SH). All dissected individuals were found to be female and free from trematode infection. Salinity, water depth, temperature, and pH were the main factors correlated with population density of gastropod communities. T. granifera often reached densities well over 1000 ind. m?2, displacing indigenous gastropods and becoming a dominant component of the benthic community. T. granifera successfully invaded estuaries despite frequent exposure to high salinity and desiccation, which could together eliminate >97% of the population. The persistence of T. granifera was ensured due to its high fecundity and the environmental tolerance of large adults (20–30 mm SH) which carried an average of 158±12.8 SD brooded juveniles. Repeat introductions were not essential for the success of this parthenogenetic NIS. Conclusion/Significance There is a need for a broader study on the reproductive biology of T. granifera (including the previously overlooked “brood pouch ecology”), which affects population dynamics and may be relevant to other parthenogenetic NIS, such as Melanoides tuberculata and Potamopyrgus antipodarum.
Four-loop lattice-regularized vacuum energy density of the three-dimensional SU(3) + adjoint Higgs theory
Di Renzo, F.;Laine, M.;Schroder, Y.;Torrero, C.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008, DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2008/09/061
Abstract: The pressure of QCD admits at high temperatures a factorization into purely perturbative contributions from "hard" thermal momenta, and slowly convergent as well as non-perturbative contributions from "soft" thermal momenta. The latter can be related to various effective gluon condensates in a dimensionally reduced effective field theory, and measured there through lattice simulations. Practical measurements of one of the relevant condensates have suffered, however, from difficulties in extrapolating convincingly to the continuum limit. In order to gain insight on this problem, we employ Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory to estimate the problematic condensate up to 4-loop order in lattice perturbation theory. Our results seem to confirm the presence of "large" discretization effects, going like $a\ln(1/a)$, where $a$ is the lattice spacing. For definite conclusions, however, it would be helpful to repeat the corresponding part of our study with standard lattice perturbation theory techniques.
Salinity and temperature tolerance of the invasive freshwater gastropod Tarebia granifera
Nelson A.F. Miranda,Renzo Perissinotto,Christopher C. Appleton
South African Journal of Science , 2010, DOI: 10.4102/sajs.v106i3/4.156
Abstract: Invasive aquatic species, such as the gastropod Tarebia granifera, can cause ecological isturbances and potentially reduce biodiversity by displacing indigenous invertebrates. In South Africa, T. granifera was first recorded in an estuarine environment in the St Lucia Estuary. Its tolerance to salinity and temperature was investigated through the experimental manipulation of these factors. T. granifera can tolerate temperatures between 0 oC and 47.5 oC, allowing it to survive high temperature extremes. The species may also survive cold snaps and invade higher altitude areas. More remarkably, this snail survives high salinity for a relatively long time, as LS50 (lethal salinity for 50% of the population) was reached at 30 psu over 65–75 days. However, higher salinity adversely affected the T. granifera population. Snails acclimated to freshwater conditions and suddenly transferred to 30 psu experienced 100% mortality within 48 h. Snail activity also declined with increasing salinity. T. granifera’s environmental tolerance and parthenogenetic characteristics are the keys to successful introduction and establishment. Therefore, the management of T. granifera may prove diffcult in the short to medium term. The present findings constitute a contribution to the knowledge of biological invasions in Africa and to the understanding of estuarine invasions by T. granifera.
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