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Craving e prontid o para mudan a em mulheres adultas jovens dependentes do tabaco
Araujo, Renata Brasil et al.
Psico , 2010,
Abstract: O objetivo desta pesquisa foi analisar o craving pelo tabaco em mulheres adultas jovens, verificando se existia associa o entre este e os estágios motivacionais. O delineamento foi experimental e as participantes, que tinham entre 20 e 40 anos de idade foram distribuídas, aleatoriamente, em grupos de zero (n = 30) e 60 minutos (n = 30) de abstinência do tabaco. Os Instrumentos utilizados foram Ficha com Dados Soóciodemográficos, Questionnaire of Smoking Urges Brief (QSU-B), Fagerstr m Test for Nicotine Dependence e University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale. Observou-se correla o (p < 0,005) entre: Pré-Contempla o e total de pontos do QSU-B (r = 0,465); Pré-Contempla o e Fator 2 (r = 0,485); e Manuten o e Fator 2 (r = 0,385). Conclui-se que, enquanto as mulheres em Pré-Contempla o apresentaram aumento global do craving, com forte influência do refor o negativo do tabaco, as em Manuten o, somente tiveram aumento do craving associado ao refor o negativo, sendo, esta informa o, útil ao ser planejado o tratamento para esta clientela.
A utiliza??o dos jogos cooperativos no tratamento de dependentes de crack internados em uma unidade de desintoxica??o
Alves, Gabriel Soares Ledur;Araujo, Renata Brasil;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922012000200002
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of cooperative games to help dealing with craving and anxiety, as well as to motivate change in the addictive behavior of crack/cocaine-dependent patients hospitalized at a detoxication unit. in order to do that, a quasi-experimental clinical trial, involving 30 male subjects, age ranging from 18 to 50 years, crack/cocaine-dependent users, distributed in 8 groups, was carried out. the instruments used were: social and demographic data sheet; mini-mental state examination; university of rhode island change assessment scale (urica); beck anxiety inventory (bai) and visual analogue scale (vas). cocaine transformed into crack images and videos were presented with the objective to induce craving and, after that, the vas, urica and bai were applied. afterwards, a cooperative game workshop was carried out, and the above instruments used again. a significant difference concerning craving and anxiety symptoms after the use of cooperative games (p < 0.001) was found; however, there was no difference in motivation to change the addictive behavior. therefore, we conclude that cooperative games can be an important instrument to treat crack/cocaine-dependent patients.
Ultra-som contínuo no tratamento da fasciíte plantar cr?nica
Zanon, Renata Graciele;Brasil, Adriana Kundrat;Imamura, Marta;
Acta Ortopédica Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-78522006000300004
Abstract: in this study, the efficiency of continuous high-power ultrasound was assessed for plantar fasciitis treatment. twenty two individuals were assessed, reporting pain lasting more than six months, through a functional questionnaire and visual scale for pain at the first morning load. twenty seven feet were distributed into two groups: group 1 (stretching + ultrasound turned off) and group 2 (stretching + 2 w/cm2 ultrasound). after 15 treatment sessions, an analysis of the absolute values and improvement percentages for collected variables was performed. a functional improvement was seen for both groups, with no difference between them. the analysis of the absolute values for pain intensity (at first, eighth, and last session) showed similarity between groups. the improvement percentage for 15 sessions did not present differences between both groups. that percentage was also calculated for two periods (before and after the eighth session). it was noted that the improvement percentage on all 15 sessions for group 2 (46.5%) was inferior to the percentage of the first eighth sessions for group 1 (54.6%). thus, the high-power continuous ultrasound did not add value for function and pain; additionally, only specific stretching exercises were efficient in reducing more than 50% of the pain in chronic plantar fasciitis.
Rela??o entre o craving por tabaco e o craving por crack em pacientes internados para desintoxica??o
Zeni, Taís Cardoso de;Araujo, Renata Brasil;
Jornal Brasileiro de Psiquiatria , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0047-20852011000100006
Abstract: objective: verify if there is a relationship between crack craving increase and tobacco craving increase in patients hospitalized for detoxification. method: quasi-experimental clinical trial using a quantitative analysis. sample comprised 32 crack-cocaine and tobacco-dependent males, in 2 to 3 weeks of abstinence. a group intervention was conducted to which initially cocaine craving questionnaire-brief (ccqb), qsub (questionnaire of smoking urges-brief) and bai (beck anxiety inventory) were applied. next, crack related images were applied and ccqb, qsub and bai were reapplied. after that, an individual interview was conducted in which a form containing sociodemographic information and data related to the pattern of consumption of psychoactive substances (fsd) and fagerstr?m test for nicotine dependence (ftnd) were applied. results: following the crack related images exposure, there was a significant increase of crack craving, tobacco craving and anxiety symptoms, being them positively correlated. conclusion: results show a significant association between crack craving and tobacco craving, suggesting that tobacco abstinence can help on effectiveness of cocaine dependence treatment.
A valida??o brasileira do Questionnaire of Smoking Urges
Araujo, Renata Brasil;Oliveira, Margareth da Silva;Mansur, Maria Augusta;
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-311X2006001000022
Abstract: this study was designed to validate the brazilian version of the questionnaire of smoking urges(qsu). the design was experimental, and participants were randomly distributed in groups of zero, 30, and 60 minutes of tobacco abstinence. the total sample was 201, with 67 males and 134 females, age ranging from 18 to 65 (m = 38.15). the instruments applied, besides qsu, were the social and demographic data form, visual analogue scale to evaluate craving, fagerstr?m test for nicotine dependence, and beck anxiety and depression inventories. total variation in the two-factor factorial analysis was 57.76%, with a high inter-correlation (r = 0.726; p = 0.000). factor 1 represented the anticipated relief of negative affect, nicotine abstinence symptoms, and urgent and overwhelming desire to smoke. factor 2 represented the desire to smoke and the anticipation of smoking pleasure. such results are contrary to those found in the original qsu. the brazilian version proved to be an adequate and reliable instrument that can be used in both research and patient treatment.
O relaxamento respiratório no manejo do craving e dos sintomas de ansiedade em dependentes de crack
Zeni, Taís Cardoso de;Araujo, Renata Brasil;
Revista de Psiquiatria do Rio Grande do Sul , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81082009000200006
Abstract: introduction: the objective of this study was to verify the effectiveness of deep breathing in the management of craving and anxiety symptoms in crack-cocaine-dependent patients hospitalized for treatment in a detoxification unit. methods: this is a quasi-experimental clinical trial using a quantitative analysis. the convenience sample comprised 32 crack-cocaine-dependent males. these subjects had cocaine as their drug of choice, having used this substance between 2 and 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the treatment, and were able to adequately perform the deep breathing technique. the instruments used were: the cocaine craving questionnaire-brief (ccqb), the visual analogue scale (vas), the beck anxiety inventory (bai), and a form containing sociodemographic information and data related to the pattern of consumption of psychoactive substances (sdf). a group intervention was conducted with the administration of the ccqb, the vas, and the bai. after that, images related to the use of crack-cocaine were shown to the subjects and the same instruments were administered again. next, the participants performed the deep breathing technique for 10 minutes, and the instruments were administered one more time. finally, an individual interview was done and the sdf was completed. results: our findings demonstrated a decrease in the scores on the ccqb, the vas and the bai after the deep breathing technique was performed in a sample whose profile represents the general pattern of crack-cocaine users. conclusion: in spite of some methodological limitations, the present study suggests that the deep breathing technique is effective in the management of craving and anxiety symptoms in crack-cocaine-dependent patients.
ácidos graxos trans: doen?as cardiovasculares e saúde materno-infantil
CHIARA, Vera Lucia;SILVA, Rosilaine;JORGE, Renata;BRASIL, Ana Paula;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732002000300010
Abstract: this article reviews the literature produced on the theme during the last decades, focusing on its effect on human metabolism, concerning coronary diseases and mother-child health. trans fatty acids have been recently included among dietary risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. their relation with the child's growing and developing processes, since fetal phase and gestational period, has also been discussed. trans fatty acids originate from unsaturated fatty acids, in hydrogenation and biohydrogenation processes, and their action is different from the latter. many works emphasize their hypercholesterolemic effect and influence on blocking and inhibiting biosynthesis of essential fatty acids. these actions reflect on mother-child health and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. the author recommends the consumption of food containing hydrogenated fat within the limits of 2-5% of trans fatty acids for total calories, as in other countries.
Political participation in social policy's construction
Daniella Guedes Rocha,Renata Mena Brasil do Couto
Urbe : Revista Brasileira de Gest?o Urbana , 2009,
Abstract: The global context created by the First World War meant that Brazil was forced to accelerate its process of industrialization causing the numerical growth of the working class and the expansion of trade union activities in the country. Because of this, the Brazilian government increased its interest in controlling the different factors of industrial production process aimed at intensifying the process of capitalist accumulation in the country. At the same time, began the implementation of a series of welfare measures in the country as part of the conformation of the Brazilian system of social policies. If, initially, the system was linked primarily to the institutional apparatus of the state, in the mid-twentieth century, and more recently, we can see the growth of the bond between these social policies and the entities deprivation of neoliberal orientation. Thus, this article aims to observe the historical context and the relationship between the emergence and development of various forms of political participation in the construction of social policies in Brazil.
ácidos graxos trans: doen as cardiovasculares e saúde materno-infantil
CHIARA Vera Lucia,SILVA Rosilaine,JORGE Renata,BRASIL Ana Paula
Revista de Nutri??o , 2002,
Abstract: Este estudo revê a literatura sobre o tema nas últimas décadas, destacando seu efeito no metabolismo humano quanto às doen as coronarianas e à saúde materno-infantil. Recentemente, os ácidos graxos trans foram incluídos entre os fatores dietéticos de risco para doen as cardiovasculares. Discute-se ainda sua rela o com o processo de crescimento e desenvolvimento da crian a desde a fase fetal e período gestacional. Os trans originam-se dos ácidos graxos insaturados no processo de hidrogena o e bio-hidrogena o, apresentando a o diferenciada destes. Diversas pesquisas ressaltam seu efeito hipercolesterolêmico e o bloqueio e inibi o da biossíntese de ácidos graxos essenciais. Estas a es têm repercuss es na saúde materno-infantil e elevam o risco de doen as cardiovasculares. Recomenda-se a redu o do consumo de alimentos que contenham gordura hidrogenada, adotando os limites de 2% a 5% de gorduras trans/energia totais, já empregados em outros países.
A valida o brasileira do Questionnaire of Smoking Urges
Araujo Renata Brasil,Oliveira Margareth da Silva,Mansur Maria Augusta
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2006,
Abstract: Este estudo teve por objetivo validar a vers o brasileira do Questionnaire of Smoking Urges(QSU). Teve delineamento experimental, sendo que seus participantes foram distribuídos, aleatoriamente, em grupos de zero, 30 e 60 minutos de abstinência do tabaco. A amostra teve 201 sujeitos dos sexos masculino (n = 67) e feminino (n = 134), que tinham entre 18 e 65 anos de idade (M = 38,15). Os instrumentos utilizados, além do QSU, foram ficha com dados sócio-demográficos, escala analógico-visual para avaliar o craving, Fagerstr m Test for Nicotine Dependencee os inventários Beck de ansiedade e de depress o. Observou-se que o total da variancia da análise fatorial com dois fatores foi de 57,76 %, havendo alta correla o entre ambos (r = 0,726; p = 0,000). O Fator 1 representou antecipa o do alívio do afeto negativo, dos sintomas da abstinência da nicotina e desejo urgente e arrebatador de fumar, e o Fator 2 refletiu o desejo de fumar e antecipa o do prazer de fumar, resultados inversos aos da vers o original. A vers o brasileira do QSU demonstrou ser um instrumento adequado e confiável, podendo ser utilizado tanto na pesquisa quanto na clínica.
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