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Eletroestimula??o funcional do assoalho pélvico versus terapia com os cones vaginais para o tratamento de incontinência urinária de esfor?o
Santos, Patrícia Fernandes Diniz;Oliveira, Emerson;Zanetti, Miriam Raquel Diniz;Arruda, Raquel Martins;Sartori, Marair Gracio Ferreira;Gir?o, Manoel Jo?o Batista Castello;Castro, Rodrigo Aquino;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032009000900005
Abstract: purpose: to compare the effects of functional electrostimulation of the pelvic floor and therapy with cones in women with stress urinary incontinence (sui). methods: randomized clinical study for which 45 patients with sui were selected. the effects of functional electrostimulation of the pelvic floor were evaluated in the sui treatment of 24 women, with the use of clinical data (micturition diary, pad test and a questionnaire about quality of life - i-qol). the patients were submitted to two 20' weekly sessions for four consecutive months, under the supervision of a physiotherapist. the electrode used had 10 cm length and 3.5 cm width with a double metallic ring and a cylindrical shape, positioned in the medium third of the vagina. the electric parameters used were: intensity varying from 10 to 100 ma and 50 hz of fixed frequency, with pulse duration of 1 ms. also, we evaluated 21 patients who were submitted to vaginal cone treatment. the cone therapy was done with two 45 minute sessions per week. the cones' weight varied from 20 to 100 gr. results: there was no difference between the outcomes of electrostimulation of the pelvic floor and the vaginal cones for the treatment of sui (p>0.05). after four months, there was a significant improvement in the i-qol index of the patients treated both with electrostimulation (40.3 versus 82.9) or with the cones (47.7 versus 84.1). there was a significant decrease in pad weight in both groups, measured before and after the treatment (28.5 and 32 g versus 2.0 and 3.0 g for the electrostimulation and cone group, respectively). finally, there was a significant decrease in the number of urinary leakage evaluated by the micturition diary in both groups (p<0.0001). conclusions: both electrostimulation and vaginal cones were effective in the treatment of women with sui.
DYNA , 2009,
Abstract: the present work aimed to verify the efficiency of the chemical treatment on preventing drippers clogging, by applying treated sanitary sewarage. a platform for tests was built for this experiment, in order to supply four units of drip irrigation with treated sanitary sewarage, which was filtered in 120 mesh disc filter. three different models of drippers were tested (m1, m2 e m3) for a period of 560 hours. in the chemical treatment, the concentrations of free residual chlorine of 0; 0.4; 1.0 and 1.9 mg l-1 were tested. the results obtained led to the following conclusions: the treated sanitary sewarage applied via the drip irrigation system produced a biofilm, which resulted from the interaction between the colonies of bacteria and algae in the drippers. the application of chlorine in the treated sanitary sewarage hindered the development of the biofilm inside the drippers and the lateral lines; and drippers with a longer labyrinth and more than one secondary filter (m2 e m3) are more likely to face obstruction when they receive treated sanitary sewarage. the concentration of free residual chlorine of 0.4 mg l-1 was more maintainable in the clogging prevention for biofilm in drip irrigation system operate with treated sanitary sewerage.
Comparison of the sedative effects of morphine, meperidine or fentanyl, in combination with acepromazine, in dogs
Gomes, Viviane Horta;Monteiro, Eduardo Raposo;Dias, Raquel Sartori;Oliveira, Renato Le?o Sá de;Silva, Marta Fernanda Albuquerque da;Coelho, Karina;
Ciência Rural , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782011005000102
Abstract: this study aimed to compare the sedative effects of morphine, meperidine and fentanyl, in combination with acepromazine (acp) and their effects on physiologic values in dogs. six healthy beagle dogs were randomly assigned to four treatments with 7-day washout intervals. in three treatments, acp (0.05mg kg-1) was administered and 20 minutes later, the dogs received administration of 0.5mg kg-1 of morphine (acpmor), 5mg kg-1 of meperidine (acpmep) or 5μg kg-1 of fentanyl (acpfen). in treatment acphdmor, 0.1mg kg-1 of acp was administered in combination with 0.5mg kg-1 of morphine. all drugs were administered intravenously. sedation scores were evaluated by a numeric descriptive scale (nds: 0-3) and a simple numeric scale (sns: 0-10). all variables were evaluated for 120 minutes. the administration of acp caused mild to moderate sedation. sedation was improved in all treatments after opioid administration, but significant differences were detected only in acpmor and acphdmor. more dogs presented intense sedation (nds=3.0) after administration of morphine (3/6 and 4/6 dogs in acpmor and acphdmor versus 1/6 in other treatments). duration of sedation was longer in acpmor and acphdmor. mild to moderate decreases in blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature were observed in all treatments but decreased hr was observed only in acpmor and acphdmor. no significant differences were observed in the aforementioned variables when twice the dose of acp was used (treatment acphdmor). under the conditions of this study, administration of morphine, in combination with acp, results in greater and longer sedation than meperidine and fentanyl. increasing the dose of acp, in combination with morphine, does not improve the degree of sedation. all combinations used were considered to be safe for healthy dogs.
Compara??o do desenvolvimento motor de lactentes de m?es adolescentes e adultas
Sartori, Naiane;Saccani, Raquel;Valentini, Nadia C.;
Fisioterapia e Pesquisa , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502010000400004
Abstract: the purpose of the study was to compare motor development of infants aged 0 to 16 months born of teenage mothers to those of adult mothers. eighty babies were assessed, 40 of which the children of teenage mothers, and 40 of adult mothers. instruments used were the alberta infant motor scale (aims) and a questionnaire to collect biological information. data were statistically analysed. results show teenage mothers' infants to have delayed motor development as compared to adult mothers' ones (p=0.002; p=0.001), as well as their poor motor acquisitions in prone and standing positions. no association was found between infants' motor development and most of the biological factors analysed. results hence suggest that early maternal age may be considered a risk factor to motor delay in infants, but attention should be paid to other factors such as task requirements and environmental conditions (here not controlled) that may influence the pace of motor acquisition in infants.
Leishmanial antigens in the diagnosis of active lesions and ancient scars of American tegumentary leishmaniasis patients
Schubach, Armando;Cuzzi-Maya, Tullia;Oliveira, Albanita V;Sartori, Alexandrina;Oliveira-Neto, Manoel P de;Mattos, Marise S;Araújo, Marcelo Lodi;Souza, Wilson Jacinto S;Haddad, Fátima;Perez, Maurício de A;Pacheco, Raquel S;Momen, Hooman;Coutinho, Sérgio G;Marzochi, Mauro Célio de Almeida;Marzochi, Keyla Belizia Feldman;Costa, Sylvio Celso Gon?alves da;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762001000700018
Abstract: cutaneous biopsies (n = 94) obtained from 88 patients with american tegumentary leishmaniasis were studied by conventional and immunohistochemical techniques. specimens were distributed as active lesions of cutaneous leishmaniasis (n = 53) (group i), cicatricial lesions of cutaneous leishmaniasis (n = 35) (group ii) and suggestive scars of healed mucosal leishmaniasis patients (n = 6) (group iii). in addition, active cutaneous lesions of other etiology (n = 24) (group c1) and cutaneous scars not related to leishmaniasis (n = 10) (group c2) were also included in the protocol. amastigotes in group i biopsies were detected by routine histopathological exam (30.2%), imprint (28.2%), culture (43.4%), immunofluorescence (41.4%) and immunoperoxidase (58.5%) techniques; and by the five methods together (79.3%). in group ii, 5.7% of cultures were positive. leishmanial antigen was also seen in the cytoplasm of macrophages and giant cells (cellular pattern), vessel walls (vascular pattern) and dermal nerves (neural pattern). positive reaction was detected in 49 (92.5%), 20 (57%) and 4 (67%) biopsies of groups i, ii and iii, respectively. antigen persistency in cicatricial tissue may be related to immunoprotection or, on the contrary, to the development of late lesions. we suggest that the cellular, vascular and neural patterns could be applied in the immunodiagnosis of active and cicatricial lesions in which leishmaniasis is suspected.
Wilson Ferreira de Oliveira,Rildo Alves Sartori
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2007, DOI: 10.5216/pat.v10i1.2377
Abstract: Em meio LCH, foram estudados os efeitos de diferentes regimes de luminosidade no cresci mento e esporula o de Helminthosporium turcicum PASS, sob condi es de laboratório. A luz fluorescente, usada nos regimes de luminosidade, n o exerceram influências sobre o desenvolvimento micelial do fungo. Entretanto, influenciaram significativamente na esporula o, inibindo-a. The present experiment was carried out with the objective of evaluating the influence of periods of 1ight on the growth of Helminthosporium turcicum PASS, under laboratory conditions. The applications of fluorescent 1ight did not influence the growth of the fungus. However, they significantly inhibited the formation of spores.
Raquel Gomes de Oliveira
Nucleus , 2012,
Abstract: This paper reports procedures and results of the first phase of a study, whose overall goal is to diagnose the use of Digital Technologies for Information and Communication (TDIC) in initial mathematics teachers under the Student Teaching. In the first phase, held in academic year 2010, sought to know about the initial conceptions of future teachers of mathematics in the use of TDIC in school education and also know the consequences of supervised experiences in Stages on these concepts. The initiation of the use of TDIC by trainees occurred in the first phase of the research by consulting to the Banco Internacional de Objetos Educacionais (BIOE), making use of learning objects that exist in the same. Participants were undergraduate students of the 3rd year of the Course of Mathematics at a public university and mathematics teachers of state schools of basic education. The results show that there were obstacles so that future teachers had used the TDIC in school education. However, the results also show that the use of TDIC can create opportunities for future teachers reflections and elaborations on knowledge, attitudes and procedures significant to the teaching of the mathematics teacher.Este artigo apresenta procedimentos e resultados da primeira fase de uma pesquisa, cujo objetivo geral foi diagnosticar a utiliza o de Tecnologias Digitais de Informa o e Comunica o (TDIC) na forma o inicial professores de Matemática no ambito do Estágio Curricular Supervisionado. Na primeira fase, realizada no ano letivo de 2010, buscou-se saber sobre as concep es iniciais dos futuros professores de Matemática quanto à utiliza o de TDIC na educa o escolar e também saber as consequências das experiências vivenciadas nos Estágios Supervisionados sobre essas concep es. A inicia o à utiliza o de TDIC pelos estagiários ocorreu na primeira fase da pesquisa através de consulta de tecnologias digitais junto ao Banco Internacional de Objetos Educacionais (BIOE), fazendo uso de objetos educacionais que se encontram no mesmo. Os participantes eram licenciandos do 3o ano de um curso de Licenciatura em Matemática de uma Universidade Pública e professores de Matemática das escolas estaduais da Educa o Básica. Os resultados mostram que existiram obstáculos para que os estagiários utilizassem TDIC na educa o escolar. No entanto, os resultados também mostram que a utiliza o de TDIC pode oportunizar aos futuros professores reflex es e elabora es sobre saberes, procedimentos e atitudes significativas ao fazer docente do professor de Matemática.
Raquel Gomes de Oliveira
Nuances : Estudos sobre Educa??o , 2011,
Abstract: Neste artigo, relata-se uma pesquisa sobre a aprendizagem de fra es na 5a série do ensino fundamental comparando-se dois métodos diferentes de ensino. Os resultados encontrados nesta pesquisa e em outros trabalhos levam a pensar e agir em níveis mais otimizados em rela o ao ensino-aprendizagem escolar do conceito de fra es. A posi o de professor reflexivo parece contribuir para isto.
The Physical Principles Elucidate Numerous Atmospheric Behaviors and Human-Induced Climatic Consequences  [PDF]
Ernani Sartori
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24045
Abstract: The principles that govern the operation of an open and a closed evaporator are relevant for the understanding of the open and “closed” Earth’s atmospheric behaviors, and are thus described. In these greenhouses, the water is included, otherwise the heat and mass balances do not match. It is incorrect to consider the radiation as the only energy transfer factor for an atmospheric warming. Demonstrations show that when the greenhouse effect and the cloud cover increase, the evaporation and the wind naturally decrease. Researchers did not understand why reductions in surface solar radiation and pan evaporation have been simultaneous with increased air temperature, cloudiness and precipitation for the last decades. It is an error to state that the evaporation increases based solely on the water and/or air temperatures increase. Also, researchers did not comprehend why in the last 50 years the clouds and the precipitation increased while the evaporation decreased and they named such understanding as the “evaporation paradox”, while others “found” “the cause” violating the laws of thermodynamics, but more precipitation is naturally conciliatory with less evaporation. The same principle that increases the formation of clouds may cause less rainfall. Several measurements confirm the working principles of greenhouses described in this paper. The hydrological cycle is analyzed and it was also put in form of equation, which analyses have never been done before. The human influence alters the velocity of the natural cycles as well as the atmospheric heat and mass balances, and the evaporation has not been the only source for the cloud formation. It is demonstrated that the Earth’s greenhouse effect has increased in some places and this proof is not based only on temperatures.
Climate Changes: How the Atmosphere Really Works  [PDF]
Ernani Sartori
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2015.54016
Abstract: Top concepts adopted by the current science on climate changes or atmospheric warming are not in agreement with the first principles of the physics. This paper presents a new understanding on the atmospheric behaviors. For example, the radiation is not the only factor that influences the air temperature, as the law of conservation of energy defines and as shown physically and mathematically in this article. The Sun is not the only heat source for the atmosphere because there is generation of heat at the Earth’s surface by human activities. It is also shown that the water vapor is not a null effect and that the water vapor cannot be removed from the atmosphere for air temperature, greenhouse effect and climate changes considerations, in contrast to the current literature beliefs. The “feedback” concept is unfounded and invalid. The literature also says that “water vapor increases as the Earth’s atmosphere warms”, but this is also incorrect. The above equivocated understanding is accompanied by another one which believes that more water evaporates if the air temperature increases, but it is not in this way. These demonstrations and other authors’ surveys showing that in the last decades the planet became wetter eliminate the literature concept that the water vapor does not have influence on the atmospheric warming/cooling. The conventional water cycle is related to the mass of water (mass of evaporation \"\" mass of precipitation) and then the physical and mathematical principles of the new hydrological cycle that includes the direct human influence are shown. The same is done for the carbon cycle. It is solved the problem on why the wind speed on Venus is very high above the cloud deck while it is stagnant below it, being this the same physical principle valid for the Earth’s cloud cover. In the atmosphere, all the corresponding principles are the same, only their amounts change. It is demonstrated that the CO2 is not decisive for building and changing the temperatures of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Earth. Ice cores are not valid for “determining” “past” temperatures of the planet, because the mass of their air bubbles may be old, but the corresponding temperatures are not.
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