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Les?o vascular da placenta condicionando RCIU e hidropisia fetal n?o imune em gesta??o gemelar
Pereira, Nuno Ricardo Gon?alves Baptista;Branco, Miguel Pedro da Rocha;Silva, Maria Isabel Santos;Galhano, Eulália Maria Bento;Pina, Raquel Maria Pereira Ortins;Matos, Luís Filipe Costa Dias de;Mesquita, José Agostinho Valentim Barros de;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032011001200008
Abstract: placenta vascular lesions are a group of distinct yet related entities that include chorangiomas and diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis. chorangioma is an expansive nodular lesion with an incidence of about 1%. diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis is rare (0.2%) and mostly seen in placentas before the 32nd gestational week. the authors present a case of a monochorionic/biamniotic twin pregnancy, in which, at the 26th gestational week, one fetus developed intrauterine growth restriction (iugr), hydrops, and anemia associated with a tumor of the placenta with increased vascularization in the doppler study. pathological examination of the placenta diagnosed diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis. this rare case report of diffuse multifocal chorangiomatosis with prenatal manifestations resembling those of a chorangioma proves that prenatal ultrasound detection of a placenta tumor, with increased vascularization at doppler study, must raise other diagnostic possibilities beside chorangioma.
Avalia??o das Anomalias do Metabolismo da Glicose Após a Gravidez Complicada por Diabetes Gestacional
Matos,Catarina; Pereira,Maria;
Arquivos de Medicina , 2008,
Abstract: introduction: gestational diabetes mellitus (gdm) is associated with an increased risk of maternal diabetes mellitus (dm). our objective was to analyse post-partum reclassi?cation anomalies, and its relation with maternal history, pregnancy data and neonatal outcomes. methods: retrospective analysis of women with gestational diabetes between the year 2000 to 2007, aged from 16 to 45 years old; 47.2% had positive familiar history of dm and 9.1% had past history of gdm. other maternal and gestational characteristics were collected; newborn weight and morbidity and reclassi?cation results were evaluated. statistical analysis was based on descriptive methods and spearman correlation, kruskal-wallis, mann-whitney, qui-square and fisher tests, and multivariate analysis by logistic regression. results: 424 women; 69.6% underwent reclassi?cation; 6.1% were diagnosed impaired fasting glucose, 12.5% impaired glucose tolerance and 3.7% dm. a relation was established, between progression to impaired glucose metabolism and family history of diabetes, elevated bmi before pregnancy, earlier gestational age at diagnosis and need for insulin therapy. discussion: only elevated bmi before pregnancy seems to predict progression to altered glucose metabolism. therefore, it is important to develop preventive strategies for obesity and be aware that every woman with gdm undergoes reclassi?cation tests.
Agronegócio: gera??o de desigualdades sociais, impactos no modo de vida e novas necessidades de saúde nos trabalhadores rurais
Pessoa, Vanira Matos;Rigotto, Raquel Maria;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Ocupacional , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0303-76572012000100010
Abstract: the present study investigated the healthcare needs of agribusiness rural workers in the state of ceará, northeastern brazil. focused on irrigated fruit monoculture for export, the production model of the region has brought about profound changes in communities, notably on rural workers' way of life. this qualitative study adopted action research methodology and was conducted in 2010, when 14 residents of chapada do apodi were interviewed. among them, four were members of a family health strategy team (a doctor, a nurse, a community health agent, and a nursing assistant), two users of the unified healthcare system (sus), a janitor, a rural worker employed in the agribusiness, the president of the rural workers' association, a representative of the municipal health department, a town councilor, a teacher, and two participants of social movements. the results of discourse analysis revealed a situation of socio-environmental vulnerability with negative repercussions on production, health, and life style. it also showed that public policies against labor exploitation, environmental damage, and human health issues, such as pesticide intoxication, are not sufficiently enforced. this situation calls for sus actions to recognize the healthcare needs of local rural workers.
Um olhar sobre o corpo: o corpo ontem e hoje
Barbosa, Maria Raquel;Matos, Paula Mena;Costa, Maria Emília;
Psicologia & Sociedade , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822011000100004
Abstract: to understand the ways in which people make meaning out of the body nowadays, it is necessary to go back in time, even if briefly, through history, through the ways in which the body has been experienced. thus, it is the aim of these structured reflections, having the body as its focus, to think about some of the social and cultural aspects influencing its construction in our society, how it has been and can be seen and perceived.
As rela??es de vincula??o e a imagem corporal: explora??o de um modelo
Barbosa, Maria Raquel;Matos, Paula Mena;Costa, Maria Emília;
Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722011000300002
Abstract: the present study explored the differential effects of the principal development contexts (attachment to parents and peers) on the way in which adolescents experience their bodies. six hundred and ninety adolescents and young adults (242 male and 448 female) participated in this study, with ages varying between 15 and 23 years (m = 17,8 and sd= 2,00). the results of the prediction model revealed that gender and romantic attachment were the variables that showed the strongest effect on the variation in body image. a mediation effect was observed among attachment to parents and body image through romantic and friendship relationships. the results highlight the need of understanding body experience in an interpersonal context.
Expans?o urbana e turismo no litoral de Santa Catarina: o caso das microrregi?es de Itajaí e Florianópolis
Pereira, Raquel Maria Fontes do Amaral;
Intera??es (Campo Grande) , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1518-70122011000100010
Abstract: the unstable social tissues of rural brazilian area shows that ownership of the land itself has failed to develop. of the institutions that came into contact with before and after land ownership, religious organizations are most remembered. the article analyzed the role of religion in the social organization of the settlement by interviews with settlers. the trust has stood as the decisive action of restoring the fragile bonds in the studied community.
Multiculturalismo e linguagem: literatura surda, o caminho contrário ao esquecimento/Multiculturalism and language: deaf literature, the path away from oblivion
Raquel Silva Soares,Carmen Sanches Sampaio,Fabiano Souto Rosa,Heloísa Andréia Vicente de Matos,Ivani Rodrigues Silva,Rosana Cheffer,Liliane Ferrari Giordani,Lodenir Becker Karnopp,Zilda Maria Gesueli,Lia de Moura,Andréa da Silva Rosa,Gladis Perlin,Paula Michelle da Silva Pereira,Vanessa Regina de Oliveira Martins,Ronice Muller de Quadros,Sandra Patrícia de Faria,Tanya Amara Felipe,Fernando C. Capovilla,Alessandra G. S. Capovilla,Luis E. Behares,Karin Lilian Strobel,Lilian Cristine Ribeiro Nascimento,Regina
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2006,
Abstract: A partir da concep o de diferen a lingüística evidenciarei a importancia do respeito e conhecimento da literatura produzida por grupos ou comunidades como forma se express o social e cultural. A exemplo do conto Cinderela que, ao ser recontada por surdos adultos, universitários, sobrevive com o título de Cinderela Surda. A literatura produzida por surdos usuários da língua de sinais evidencia sua inser o nos contos acrescentando a história de sua educa o e a história do nascimento das comunidades surdas. Paralelo tra ado na forma como o príncipe surdo aprende língua de sinais através de um professor ouvinte sinalizador e Cinderela (no caso plebéia) apropria-se da língua no contato com surdos. Based on the concept of linguistic difference I will focus on the importance of respecting and acknowledging the literature produced by groups or communities as a form of social and cultural _expression. As an example, we discuss the fairy tale Cinderella, which turns into Deaf Cinderella when re-told by college educated deaf adults. The literature produced by deaf sign language users clearly shows their input into the stories, by adding the history of their own education and the history of the birth of deaf communities. That parallel can be drawn from the aforementioned story, where the deaf prince learns sign language with the help of a hearing sign language teacher and Cinderella, who is plebeian, acquires sign language through contact with other deaf people. Keywords Multiculturalismo --- Linguagem --- Literatura surda --- Surdez --- Multiculturalism --- Language --- Deaf literature --- Deafness
A língua de sinais como foco de constru o do imaginário no brincar de crian as surdas/The sign language as focus of construction of imaginary in playing of deaf children
Marina Velosa Sim?es,,Raquel Silva Soares,Carmen Sanches Sampaio,Fabiano Souto Rosa,Heloísa Andréia Vicente de Matos,Ivani Rodrigues Silva,Rosana Cheffer,Liliane Ferrari Giordani,Lodenir Becker Karnopp,Zilda Maria Gesueli,Lia de Moura,Andréa da Silva Rosa,Gladis Perlin,Paula Michelle da Silva Pereira,Vanessa Regina de Oliveira Martins,Ronice Muller de Quadros,Sandra Patrícia de Faria,Tanya Amara Felipe,Fernando C. Capovilla,Alessandra G. S. Capovilla,Luis E. Behares,Karin Lilian Strobel,Lilian Cristine Ribe
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2006,
Abstract: O brincar é de fundamental importancia na infancia, pois engloba a cogni o, o afeto e a linguagem. As representa es dos papéis sociais e o brincar est o vinculados às quest es do desenvolvimento e educa o das crian as. O brincar leva a realiza o dos desejos que n o podem ser realizados e satisfaz a necessidade de intera o com o objeto e com pessoas promovendo o desenvolvimento das crian as. O objetivo desse estudo foi de investigar como as crian as surdas que se comunicam por meio da língua de sinais representam e constroem os papéis sociais no jogo imaginário. As reflex es sobre os autores em rela o às crian as surdas que possuem uma comunica o por meio da língua de sinais e suas representa es dos papéis sociais dentro do jogo imaginário versam sobre a quest o de que as crian as quando brincam desenvolvem a língua de sinais e a linguagem. Esta pesquisa pode constatar que as crian as surdas brincam e utilizam as representa es sociais, pois possuem uma língua de sinais que as possibilita adquirirem a linguagem. Playing is very important in the childhood, because it is composed by cognition, the affection and the language. The representations of the social roles and playing are tied with the questions of the development and education of the children. Playing takes the accomplishment of the desires that cannot be carried through and satisfies the necessity of interaction with the object and people promoting the development of the children. The objective of this study was to investigate how deaf children, that uses sign language, represent and construct the social roles in the imagining playing. There are some researchers who consider deaf children and their communication through sign language and its social role representation in the imagining playing. They claim that while children play they develop sign language and the global language itself. The sign language is the language of deaf children. This research could establish that deaf children play and use social representations, because a sign language that make possible language acquisition. Keywords Surdez --- Língua de sinais --- Brincar --- Deafness --- Sign language --- Playing
Teste de caminhada de seis minutos: valores de referência para adultos saudáveis no Brasil
Soares, Maria Raquel;Pereira, Carlos Alberto de Castro;
Jornal Brasileiro de Pneumologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-37132011000500003
Abstract: objective: to develop regression equations for six-minute walk distance (6mwd) in healthy adults (20-80 years of age) in brazil. methods: we included 132 volunteers (66 males) without respiratory disease, cardiac disease, or comorbidities that affect ambulation. the volunteers completed three six-minute walk tests. prior to and at the end of each test, we obtained spo2 and maximal hr, as well as the borg scale scores for sensation of dyspnea and lower limb fatigue. the data included in the final analysis were derived from the test with the greatest 6mwd. results: the mean 6mwd values were 566 ± 87 m and 538 ± 95 m in males and females, respectively (p = 0.08). the 6mwd was greater in taller individuals and decreased in parallel with increases in age or body index mass (bmi). the best adjusted model was the quadratic model. we derived the following equation (valid for both genders): 6mwd = 511 + stature2 (cm) × 0.0066 - age2 × 0.030 - bmi2 × 0.068. this equation explained 55% of the variance in 6mwd. conclusions: reference values explaining a high proportion of the variance were derived by a quadratic regression model in healthy adults (of a wide range of ages) in brazil.
Consumo de suplementos por alunos de academias de ginástica em S?o Paulo
Pereira, Raquel Franzini;Lajolo, Franco Maria;Hirschbruch, Marcia Daskal;
Revista de Nutri??o , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-52732003000300004
Abstract: the increase in the number of fitness centers in the city of s?o paulo, together with the increase in the offering of different supplements, has raised interest in the study of the consumption of supplements among fitness center users. the consumption of supplements by the general public has not been well quantified yet, and little information has been published about this subject. the arrival of new supplements in the market place has been faster than the creation of regulations and the accomplishment of researches proving their effects and determining the safety for their long-term use. in a sample of 309 users from seven fitness centers in s?o paulo in 1999, 74 (23.9%) used at least one type of supplement, 77,0% of whom were male and 23,0% were female. the most consumed supplements were amino acids or other proteic products (38.9%), and the daily intake was the most mentioned consumption frequency (90.3%). the correlation between money expenditure with supplement and individual income was 27.5% (p = 0.0483; n = 52), and the expenses were greater among men; the correlation with family income was 36.1% (p = 0.0137; n = 46) and with body mass index it was to 17.1% (p = 0.1564; n = 70). the conclusion was that the consumption of supplements is significant in the evaluated group, showing the need for more studies about the consumption of these products and their effects, focusing on nutrition education approaches in order to increase the level of information about them and to guarantee the safety of their use.
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