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A estratégia de "redu??o" e a carga de trabalho dos coletores de lixo domiciliar de uma grande cidade: estudo de caso baseado na Análise Ergon?mica do Trabalho
Vasconcelos, Renata Campos;Lima, Francisco de Paula Antunes;Abreu, Ana Carolina Medeiros da Silveira;Silva, Raquel Christine Ribeiro;Camarotto, Jo?o Alberto;Murta, Edmar Pires;
Revista Brasileira de Saúde Ocupacional , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0303-76572008000100006
Abstract: this article discusses the "reduction" process as a working strategy implemented by the garbage collectors of a big city and its influence on workload and work organization. the so called "reduction" process consists in preparing garbage bags to be collected piling up 'intermediate stocks' before they are loaded on trucks. garbage collectors' activitiy was studied through ergonomic work analysis (ewa), supplemented by physiological and biomechanical workload measuring. as far as work organization is concerned, it was observed that when garbage collectors adopt this strategy they improve their work rhythm; they have more possibilities to separate garbage, such as plastic bags containing glass pieces from the rest; they manage to interact more with co-workers and communicate better with local residents on better ways of garbage packing. as regard to health and safety, when garbage collectors follow this process they are less liable to getting cut, to being run over, to falling down or to having quarrels with drivers, and their tasks are performed with less biomechanical load. the authors concluded that the "reduction" strategy not only decreases biomechanical load and exposure to risks, but also improves residential garbage collection.
Preheating in Dirac-Born-Infeld inflation
Nazim Bouatta,Anne-Christine Davis,Raquel H. Ribeiro,David Seery
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1088/1475-7516/2010/09/011
Abstract: We study how the universe reheats following an era of chaotic Dirac-Born-Infeld inflation, and compare the rate of particle production with that in models based on canonical kinetic terms. Particle production occurs through non-perturbative resonances whose structure is modified by the nonlinearities of the Dirac-Born-Infeld action. We investigate these modifications and show that the reheating process may be efficient. We estimate the initial temperature of the subsequent hot, radiation-dominated phase.
Decoupling Survives Inflation: A Critical Look at Effective Field Theory Violations During Inflation
Anastasios Avgoustidis,Sera Cremonini,Anne-Christine Davis,Raquel H. Ribeiro,Krzysztof Turzyński,Scott Watson
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1475-7516/2012/06/025
Abstract: We investigate the validity of effective field theory methods and the decoupling of heavy fields during inflation. Considering models of inflation in which the inflaton is coupled to a heavy (super-Hubble) degree of freedom initially in its vacuum state, we find that violations of decoupling are absent unless there is a breakdown of the slow-roll conditions. Next we allow for a temporary departure from inflation resulting in a period of non-adiabaticity during which effective field theory methods are known to fail. We find that the locality of the event and energy conservation lead to a tight bound on the size of the effects of the heavy field. We discuss the implications for the power spectrum and non-gaussianity, and comment on the connection with recent studies of the dynamics of multi-field inflation models. Our results further motivate the use of effective field theory methods to characterize cosmic inflation, and focus the question of observability of additional degrees of freedom during inflation to near the Hubble scale or below - as anticipated from the Wilsonian notions of decoupling and naturalness.
The Importance of Slow-roll Corrections During Multi-field Inflation
Anastasios Avgoustidis,Sera Cremonini,Anne-Christine Davis,Raquel H. Ribeiro,Krzysztof Turzynski,Scott Watson
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/1475-7516/2012/02/038
Abstract: We re-examine the importance of slow-roll corrections during the evolution of cosmological perturbations in models of multi-field inflation. We find that in many instances the presence of light degrees of freedom leads to situations in which next to leading order slow-roll corrections become significant. Examples where we expect such corrections to be crucial include models in which modes exit the Hubble radius while the inflationary trajectory undergoes an abrupt turn in field space, or during a phase transition. We illustrate this with two examples -- hybrid inflation and double quadratic inflation. Utilizing both analytic estimates and full numerical results, we find that corrections can be as large as 20%. Our results have implications for many existing models in the literature, as these corrections must be included to obtain accurate observational predictions -- particularly given the level of accuracy expected from CMB experiments such as Planck
Maria Gabriela Llansol Meets George Steiner: The Idea of Europe as a Llansolian Edenic Space
Ribeiro, Raquel
Ellipsis , 2008,
Abstract: This article stresses how the first two and widely ignored books of the Portuguese Maria Gabriela Llansol, Pregos na Erva and Depois dos Pregos na Erva, are the primordial traces of Llansol’s Edenic Space. Furthermore, it is stated that this Llansolian concept ultimately meets the five key ideas that define Europe according to George Steiner’s latest book, The Ideia of Europe.
Hyperbolicity and Types of Shadowing for C1 Generic Vector Fields
Raquel Ribeiro
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: We study various types of shadowing properties and their implication for C1 generic vector fields. We show that, generically, any of the following three hypotheses implies that an isolated set is topologically transitive and hyperbolic: (i) the set is chain transitive and satisfies the (classical) shadowing property, (ii) the set satisfies the limit shadowing property, or (iii) the set satisfies the (asymptotic) shadowing property with the additional hypothesis that stable and unstable manifolds of any pair of critical orbits intersect each other. In our proof we essentially rely on the property of chain transitivity and, in particular, show that it is implied by the limit shadowing property. We also apply our results to divergence-free vector fields.
Ancoragens e varia??es nas representa??es sociais da corrup??o
Poeschl,Gabrielle; Ribeiro,Raquel;
Análise Social , 2010,
Abstract: in this paper, we examine the representations of corruption of portuguese respondents and attempt to identify variations according to different social groups and to the general, global, or national contexts in which the phenomenon is considered. we found that ?corruption, in general?, is represented by practices and motives that reflect a moral judgment, and by illegal groups and activities, as is also the case for corruption at the global level. corruption at the global level also has a geopolitical dimension, whereas corruption at the national level is seen in a particularized way, highlighting cases and situations often debated in the media.
Revisitando as influências das agências internacionais na origem dos conselhos de políticas públicas
Ribeiro, Natalina;Raichelis, Raquel;
Servi?o Social & Sociedade , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-66282012000100004
Abstract: this article aims at deepening the debate on the influence of international agencies in the processes that gave rise to the councils of public policies as institutional channels of participation in brazil. it focuses on the intense international activity at the end of world war ii and the creation of multilateral institutions. it contemplates the international agencies'role in the field of health policies in brazil, and it seeks to reconstruct the guidelines that focused on the stimulation of participatory strategies that led to the creation of health councils, which were the first reference for other areas to implement their decentralized and participatory systems.
Metabolic Syndrome in Schizophrenia: A Non systematic Review
Marta Nascimento,Raquel Ribeiro
PsiLogos , 2012,
Abstract: Background: The link between mental illness and metabolic disturbances has been recognized since the beginning of the last century. The debate concerning medical morbidity in schizophrenia intensified during the last twenty years, especially after the introduction of atypical antipsychotics. Aims: To highlight some features of the metabolic syndrome in this population, specifically epidemiological data, underlying mechanisms and antipsychotic therapy. Methods: Non systematic review of literature. Results and Conclusions: Despite the different criteria used for the definition of metabolic syndrome, it is clear today that the schizophrenic population has the highest rate of metabolic syndrome. Additionally, the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in this population demonstrates a geographical distribution similar to the general population. Although it hasn’t been recognized for years, schizophrenic patients’ vulnerability to develop metabolic disturbances isn’t entirely related to antipsychotic therapy. Actually, it results from an interaction of multiple factors, including hereditary, genetic, biochemical and environmental ones (which include antipsychotic therapy). Moreover, they are not exclusively explained by weight gain. Metabolic disturbances are one of the main concerns related to general psychopharmacology. The differences between typical and atypical antipsychotics in terms of metabolic syndrome are not completely established. However, clozapine and olanzapine are recognized to have the worst metabolic profile, amongst all atypical antipsychotics.
Efectos del conocimiento know-how en la subjetivación contemporánea Effects of know-how knowledge in contemporary subjectivization
Raquel Ribeiro Toral
Psicoperspectivas : Individuo y Sociedad , 2008,
Abstract: El presente artículo se propone contribuir al estudio de la subjetivación en nuestros días, considerando que la gran expansión del conocimiento know how en la organización de la vida social, está modificando el modo en que la gente usa cotidianamente su juicio y sentido común. Para una mejor comprensión, el artículo fue organizado así: introduce la conceptualización psicoanalítica freudiana respecto a la subjetivación, destacando la importancia del conocimiento subjetivante y de la función psicológica del juicio; muestra cómo a partir de la modernidad el know how comenzó a desplazar al subjetivante; integra a la discusión la perspectiva de filósofos contemporáneos que dan cuenta de dificultades en la subjetivación actual; y concluye con la idea de que el actual orden mundial basado en el know how estaría dificultando la subjetivación tal como la conocemos hasta ahora y quizá estaría dando pauta para subjetivarnos de formas novedosas. The present article intends to make a contribution to the study of subjectivization in our days, considering that the vast expansion of know-how knowledge, in social life organization, is modifying the way in which people use their judgment and common sense in every day life. For a better understanding, this article has been organized in the following way: it starts by introducingthe Freudian psychoanalytic conceptualization with regard to subjectivization, stressing the importance of subjectivating knowledge and judgment’s psychological function; it shows as well how, since modern times, this know-how began to displace the subjectivating knowledge; it proceeds by integrating to this discussion the perspective of contemporary philosophers who convey the difficulties found in current subjectivization. Finally, it concludes with the idea that the current world order, based on know-how knowledge, would be hampering subjectivization such as we conceptualize it so far, and would perhaps be giving guideline to new forms of subjectivization.
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