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Protonic conductors for proton exchange membrane fuel cells: An overview
Jurado Ramon Jose,Colomer Maria Teresa
Hemijska Industrija , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/hemind0206264j
Abstract: At present, Nation, which is a perfluorinated polymer, is one of the few materials that deliver the set of chemical and mechanical properties required to perform as a good electrolyte in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). However, Nation presents some disadvantages, such as limiting the operational temperature of the fuel system (So°C), because of its inability to retain water at higher temperatures and also suffers chemical crossover. In addition to these restrictions, Nation membranes are very expensive. Reducing costs and using environmentally friendly materials are good reasons to make a research effort in this field in order to achieve similar or even better fuel-cell performances. Glass materials of the ternary system SiO2-ZrO2-P2O5, hybrid materials based on Nation, and nanopore ceramic membranes based on SiO2 TiO2, Al2O3, etc. are considered at present, as promising candidates to replace Nation as the electrolyte in PEMFCs. These types of materials are generally prepared by sol-gel processes in order to tailor their channel-porous structure and pore size. In this communication, the possible candidates in the near future as electrolytes (including other polymers different than Nation) in PEMFCs are briefly reviewed. Their preparation methods, their electrical transport properties and conduction mechanisms are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of these materials with respect to Nation are also discussed.
Pangea, una xarxa al servei de l'educació
Miquel Colomer
Temps d'Educació , 1996,
Maser Studies in Evolved Stars
Francisco Colomer
Physics , 2009,
Abstract: High resolution maps of maser emission provide very detailed information on processes occurring in circumstellar envelopes of late-type stars. A particularly detailed picture of the innermost shells around AGB stars is provided by SiO masers. Considerable progress is being made to provide astrometrically aligned multi-transition simultaneous observations of these masers, which are needed to better constrain the models. In view of the large amount of high quality data available, models should now be developed to fully explain all maser characteristics together (spatial distribution, variability, etc). New generation instruments (VERA, VSOP-2), new observational techniques (frequency-phase transfer), and new models promise important improvements of our knowledge on this topic.
Olive oil's bitter principle reverses acquired autoresistance to trastuzumab (Herceptin?) in HER2-overexpressing breast cancer cells
Javier A Menendez, Alejandro Vazquez-Martin, Ramon Colomer, Joan Brunet, Alegria Carrasco-Pancorbo, Rocio Garcia-Villalba, Alberto Fernandez-Gutierrez, Antonio Segura-Carretero
BMC Cancer , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-7-80
Abstract: Semi-preparative HPLC was used to isolate EVOO polyphenols (i.e., tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein). Both the anti-proliferative and the pro-apoptotic effects of EVOO phenolics were evaluated by using MTT-based quantification of metabolically viable cells and ELISA-based detection of histone-associated DNA fragments, respectively. The nature of the interaction between oleuropein aglycone and the anti-HER2 monoclonal antibody trastuzumab (Herceptin?) was mathematically evaluated by the dose-oriented isobologram technique. HER2-specific ELISAs were employed to quantitatively assess both the basal cleavage of the HER2 extracellular domain (ECD) and the expression level of total HER2. The activation status of HER2 was evaluated by immunoblotting procedures using a monoclonal antibody specifically recognizing the tyrosine phosphorylated (Phosphor-Tyr1248) form of HER2.Among EVOO polyphenols tested, oleuropein aglycone was the most potent EVOO phenolic in decreasing breast cancer cell viability. HER2 gene-amplified SKBR3 cells were ~5-times more sensitive to oleuropein aglycone than HER2-negative MCF-7 cells. Retroviral infection of the HER2 oncogene in MCF-7 cells resulted in a "SKBR3-assimilated" phenotype of hypersensitivity to oleuropein aglycone. An up to 50-fold increase in the efficacy of trastuzumab occurred in the presence of oleuropein aglycone. A preclinical model of acquired autoresistance to trastuzumab (SKBR3/Tzb100 cells) completely recovered trastuzumab sensitivity (> 1,000-fold sensitization) when co-cultured in the presence of oleuropein aglycone. Indeed, the nature of the interaction between oleuropein aglycone and trastuzumab was found to be strongly synergistic in Tzb-resistant SKBR3/Tzb100 cells. Mechanistically, oleuropein aglycone treatment significantly reduced HER2 ECD cleavage and subsequent HER2 auto-phosphorylation, while it dramatically enhanced Tzb-induced down-regulation of HER2 expression.Olive oil's bitter principle (i.e., oleuropein a
Waning Sovereignty? The Kindred Myths of “Origins” and “Vanishing” of the State  [PDF]
Ramon Maiz
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2017.73032
Abstract: This article discusses, from an historical-neo-institutionalist and relational-strate- gic perspective, the postmodern thesis of the end of the state due to the increasing processes of world globalization. The main hypothesis is that the arguments which predict the structural crisis or the disappearance of the State in the age of neo-liberal globalization have their roots in a theoretically and historically implausible concept of sovereignty that ignores and distorts central aspects of statehood and state-building in terms of both institutional structure and political action. The myth of the “origins” of the State in Medieval or Renaissance times shares with the postmodern vision of the “vanishing” of the state, the same underlying misconception of the scope and limits of the state power. Sovereignty (the monopolization of political power) was always a claim, a desiderata, a contested andunfinished political project not an accomplished empirical fact.
Libertad y Constitución en el crisol de Cádiz. El proceso revolucionario del liberalismo espa ol
Antonio Colomer Viadel
Pensamiento Constitucional , 2012,
Abstract: Introducción 1. Las primeras sesiones de las Cortes de Cádiz 2. La libertad de imprenta en las Cortes de Cádiz 3. Los ayuntamientos democráticos 4. La milicia nacional 5. La estrategia antifeudal de los liberales, la lucha por la justicia y el cambio de la estructura social y económica Algunas consideraciones finales
Terminologia jurídica: eines i recursos [Legal terminology: tools and resources]
Bover, Jordi,Colomer, Rosa
Papers Lextra , 2007,
Abstract: The aim of this article is to explain the tools and resources, particularly those developed by TERMCAT, which are available to students and professional translators, with special attention to legal translation. The presentation is divided in three parts: the first describes briefly TERMCAT’s areas of activity; the second introduces a list of online legal terminology resources for translators; finally, the article relates TERMCAT experiences in connection with legal dictionaries and translations of normative texts.
La terminologia química en català
Rosa Colomer i Artigas
Panace@ : Revista de Medicina, Lenguaje y Traducción , 2005,
Abstract: Amb motiu de la presentació de la versió catalana de l'obra 'Magnituds, unitats i símbols en química física', de la Unión Internacional de Química Pura i Aplicada (IUPAC), la Secció de Ciències i Tecnologia i la Societat Catalana de Química de l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans (IEC) van convidar l'autora d'aquest article a presentar una conferència sobre la terminologia de la química en català, el text de la qual s'ha adaptat per a la publicació a 'Panace@'. S'hi recullen algunes de les condicions que s'han de complir si es vol aspirar a una utilització de la llengua catalana en els mateixos contextos en què ja s'utilitzen el castellè i l'anglès (un estàndard plenament consolidat, eines tecnològiques de suport a la gestió lingüística i disponibilitat de repertoris terminològics actualitzats i de qualitat), i tot seguit es posa l'accent en aquest tercer element: la terminologia. Es fa un ràpid repàs històric de les principals aportacions terminològiques catalanes en l'ambit de la química, des dels inicis fins a les publicacions més actuals de la IUPAC, i es caracteritzen les aportacions de l'IEC i, especialment, del Termcat, el Centre de Terminologia per a la llengua catalana. Finalment, s'anuncien les línies de futur que poden marcar les actuacions d'aquest centre en relació a la terminologia dels àmbits d'especialitat. -------------------------------------- La terminología química en catalán. Con motivo de la presentación de la versión catalana de la obra 'Magnituds, unitats i símbols en química física', de la Unión Internacional de Química Pura y Aplicada (IUPAC), la Sección de Ciencias y Tecnología y la Sociedad Catalana de Química del Instituto de Estudios Catalanes (IEC) invitaron a la autora del presente artículo a pronunciar una conferencia sobre la terminología química en catalán, cuyo texto ha sido adaptado para su publicación en 'Panace@'. Se exponen algunos de los requisitos necesarios para aspirar a la utilización de la lengua catalana en los mismos contextos en los que ya se utilizan el espa ol y el inglés (una norma plenamente consolidada, útiles tecnológicos de apoyo a la gestión lingüística y disponibilidad de repertorios terminológicos actualizados y de calidad), para insistir a continuación en este tercer elemento: la terminología. Se efectúa un rápido repaso histórico de las principales aportaciones terminológicas catalanas en el ámbito de la química, desde los inicios hastas las publicaciones más actuales de la IUPAC, y se caracterizan las aportaciones del IEC y, especialmente, del Termcat, que es el centro de referencia en terminología p
Salida, voz y hostilidad en Cuba
América Latina Hoy , 2009,
Abstract: RESUMEN: Utilizando las categorías analíticas de Hirschman de "salida", "voz" y "lealtad", se realiza un análisis de los flujos migratorios de Cuba hacia Estados Unidos durante el régimen revolucionario y del desarrollo de la oposición anticastrista en la isla. En particular, se discute el esquema de Hirschman y su utilidad para analizar las interacciones entre los gobiernos de Estados Unidos y de Cuba y para interpretar las sucesivas oleadas de "salida" desde Cuba hacia Estados Unidos. ABSTRACT: This article analyzes emigration from Cuba to the United States after the the 1959 revolution by using Hirschman's concepts of "exit", "voice" and "loyalty." It also analyzes the development of the anti-Castro opposition within Cuba. In particular, this article uses Hirschman's key concepts in order to interprete the relationships between Cuban and the Unisted States and to examine emigration from Cuba to United States.
Fetichización jurídica y derechos sociales
Jordi Magnet Colomer
Nómadas , 2008,
Abstract: Las relaciones, siempre contradictorias, entre Derecho y transformación social requieren de un estudio pormenorizado entorno al proceso del fetichismo jurídico. A lo largo de este texto se realiza un análisis de la forma-jurídica en tanto que forma fetichizada de relaciones sociales. Mostrando la vinculación existente entre el proceso del fetichismo de la mercancía y el proceso del fetichismo jurídico podemos estudiar alguna de las problemáticas más comunes relacionadas con la noción de derechos humanos. Este hacer metodológico nos permite conocer con mayor claridad las causas de su continua vulneración y/o no-aplicación. Conociendo los condicionamientos y antinomias asociados a la noción de derechos humanos - y al Derecho en general-, sólo nos queda apostar por una nueva concepción de derecho más allá del Derecho; capaz de rebasar la forma-jurídica en la que está inmerso: los derechos sociales. La motivación que subyace a todo este escrito es el avance hacia una dignidad humana concreta, completa y universal.
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