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Tecnologias n?o invasivas de cuidado no parto realizadas por enfermeiras: a percep??o de mulheres
Nascimento, Natália Magalh?es do;Progianti, Jane Márcia;Novoa, Rachelli Iozzi;Oliveira, Thalita Rocha de;Vargens, Octávio Muniz da Costa;
Escola Anna Nery , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452010000300004
Abstract: the research of qualitative nature, descriptive type had as objective to identify the obstetric nurses' practices and to discuss their effects during the childbirth, under the women's optics. twelve women had been part of the study, having as instrument of collect of data a semi structured interview. data analysis showed that women recognized the affectionate attitude, the corporal movement and the presence of companion as the main non-invasive technologies used during the childbirth work, in the house. as for their effects, the women realized that technologies favored their internal potentials at the time of making their own decisions. besides, they identified the nurses' practices of the house as determinants for them have not discouraged during the childbirth work. the posture and the use by the nurses of non-invasive technologies contribute to a better perception of the women about her childbirth's process.
Cartan-decomposition subgroups of SU(2,n)
Alessandra Iozzi,Dave Witte
Mathematics , 2000,
Abstract: We give explicit, practical conditions that determine whether or not a closed, connected subgroup H of G = SU(2,n) has the property that there exists a compact subset C of G with CHC = G. To do this, we fix a Cartan decomposition G = K A K of G, and then carry out an approximate calculation of the intersection of KHK with A, for each closed, connected subgroup H of G. This generalizes the work of Hee Oh and Dave Witte for G = SO(2,n).
Tessellations of homogeneous spaces of classical groups of real rank two
Alessandra Iozzi,Dave Witte
Mathematics , 2001,
Abstract: Let H be a closed, connected subgroup of a connected, simple Lie group G with finite center. The homogeneous space G/H has a "tessellation" if there is a discrete subgroup D of G, such that D acts properly discontinuously on G/H, and the double-coset space D\G/H is compact. Note that if either H or G/H is compact, then G/H has a tessellation; these are the obvious examples. It is not difficult to see that if G has real rank one, then only the obvious homogeneous spaces have tessellations. Thus, the first interesting case is when G has real rank two. In particular, R.Kulkarni and T.Kobayashi constructed examples that are not obvious when G = SO(2,2n) or SU(2,2n). H.Oh and D.Witte constructed additional examples in both of these cases, and obtained a complete classification when G = SO(2,2n). We simplify the work of Oh-Witte, and extend it to obtain a complete classification when G = SU(2,2n). This includes the construction of another family of examples. The main results are obtained from methods of Y.Benoist and T.Kobayashi: we fix a Cartan decomposition G = KAK, and study the intersection of KHK with A. Our exposition generally assumes only the standard theory of connected Lie groups, although basic properties of real algebraic groups are sometimes also employed; the specialized techniques that we use are developed from a fairly elementary level.
Bounded Cohomology and Deformation Rigidity in Complex Hyperbolic Geometry
Marc Burger,Alessandra Iozzi
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We develop further basic tools in the theory of continuous bounded cohomology of locally compact groups. We apply this tools to establish a Milnor-Wood type inequality in a very general context and to prove a global rigidity result which was originally announced by the authors with a sketch of a proof using bounded cohomology techniques and then proven by Koziarz and Maubon using harmonic map techniques. As a corollary one obtains that a lattice in SU(p,1) cannot be deformed nontrivially in SU(q,1), if either p is at least 2 or the lattice is cocompact. This generalizes to noncocompact lattices a theorem of Goldman and Millson.
Contribui es para a configura o de um sistema de medi o de desempenho para incubadoras de empresas baseado no BSC
José Antonio Arantes Salles,Luiz Orlando Iozzi
Exacta , 2010,
Abstract: Incubators are designed to provide a more efficient and effective way to survive in today's business world. In turbulent and dynamic business environment, incubators should be quick to react by directing their actions in order to remain consistent with its strategic objectives. This article suggests the use of an adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard - BSC as a tool for measuring and evaluating performance of incubators, as this tool is based on the use of a set of performance indicators, organized and logically articulated in order to match measures that reflect past performance with future performance, aiming to meet mission and long-term goals of the incubators. From this concept is carried out a diagnosis of management of incubators in the state of Sao Paulo, for which were used questionnaires and carried out visits. Considering the answers of the questionnaires, it was noted that in higher or lower number, there are indicators which contribute in the management process of these incubators, in accordance with perspectives of BSC. However, it was evidenced that in none of cases that indicators are associated with a real and effective measuring and evaluating system of performance.
Surface group representations with maximal Toledo invariant
Marc Burger,Alessandra Iozzi,Anna Wienhard
Mathematics , 2006,
Abstract: We develop the theory of maximal representations of the fundamental group of a compact connected oriented surface with boundary, into a group of Hermitian type. For any such representation we define the Toledo invariant, for which we establish properties such as uniform boundedness on the representation variety, additivity under connected sum of surfaces and congruence relations. We thus obtain geometric properties of the maximalrepresentations, that is representations whose Toledo invariant achieves the maximum value: we show that maximal representations have discrete image, are faithful and completely reducible and they always preserve a maximal tube type subdomain. This extends to the case of a general Hermitian group some of the properties of the representations in Teichmuller space, as well as results due to Goldman, Toledo, Hernandez, Bradlow--Garcia-Prada--Gothen. An announcement of these results in the case of surfaces without boundary -- where the role of tube type domains had already been emphasized -- appeared in 2003 by the same authors. The congruence relations for the Toledo invariant involve a rotation number function related to a continuous homogeneous quasimorphism which gives an explicit way to compute the Toledo invariant. This rotation number generalizes constructions due to Ghys, Barge--Ghys, and Clerc--Koufany. We establish moreover properties of boundary maps associated to maximal representations which generalize naturally, for the causal structure of the Shilov boundary, monotonicity properties of quasiconjugations of the circle. This, together with the congruence relations leads to the result that the subset of maximal representations is always real semialgebraic.
Tight homomorphisms and Hermitian symmetric spaces
Marc Burger,Alessandra Iozzi,Anna Wienhard
Mathematics , 2007,
Abstract: We introduce the notion of tight homomorphism into a locally compact group with nonvanishing bounded cohomology and study these homomorphisms in detail when the target is a Lie group of Hermitian type. Tight homomorphisms between Lie groups of Hermitian type give rise to tight totally geodesic maps of Hermitian symmetric spaces. We show that tight maps behave in a functorial way with respect to the Shilov boundary and use this to prove a general structure theorem for tight homomorphisms. Furthermore we classify all tight embeddings of the Poincare' disk.
Higher Teichmüller Spaces: from SL(2,R) to other Lie groups
Marc Burger,Alessandra Iozzi,Anna Wienhard
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: The first part of this paper surveys several characterizations of Teichm\"uller space as a subset of the space of representation of the fundamental group of a surface into PSL(2,R). Special emphasis is put on (bounded) cohomological invariants which generalize when PSL(2,R) is replaced by a Lie group of Hermitian type. The second part discusses underlying structures of the two families of higher Teichm\"uller spaces, namely the space of maximal representations for Lie groups of Hermitian type and the space of Hitchin representations or positive representations for split real simple Lie groups.
The Median Class and Superrigidity of Actions on CAT(0) Cube Complexes
Indira Chatterji,Talia Fernós,Alessandra Iozzi
Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1112/jtopol/jtu025
Abstract: We define a bounded cohomology class, called the {\em median class}, in the second bounded cohomology -- with appropriate coefficients --of the automorphism group of a finite dimensional CAT(0) cube complex X. The median class of X behaves naturally with respect to taking products and appropriate subcomplexes and defines in turn the {\em median class of an action} by automorphisms of X. We show that the median class of a non-elementary action by automorphisms does not vanish and we show to which extent it does vanish if the action is elementary. We obtain as a corollary a superrigidity result and show for example that any irreducible lattice in the product of at least two locally compact connected groups acts on a finite dimensional CAT(0) cube complex X with a finite orbit in the Roller compactification of X. In the case of a product of Lie groups, the Appendix by Caprace allows us to deduce that the fixed point is in fact inside the complex X. In the course of the proof we construct a \Gamma-equivariant measurable map from a Poisson boundary of \Gamma with values in the non-terminating ultrafilters on the Roller boundary of X.
Integrality of Volumes of Representations
Michelle Bucher,Marc Burger,Alessandra Iozzi
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let M be an oriented complete hyperbolic n-manifold of finite volume. Using the definition of volume of a representation previously given by the authors in [BucherBurgerIozzi2013] we show that the volume of a representation into the connected component of the isometry group of hyperbolic n-space, properly normalized, takes integer values if n=2m is at least 4. Moreover we prove that the volume is continuous in all dimension and hence, if the dimension of M is even and at least 4, it is constant on connected components of the representation variety. If M is not compact and 3-dimensional, the volume is not locally constant and we give explicit examples of representations with volume as arbitrary as the volume of hyperbolic manifolds obtained from M via Dehn fillings.
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