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Ecology of endoparasites of the fluvial stingray Potamotrygon falkneri (Chondrichthyes: Potamotrygonidae) from the upper Paraná River floodplain, Brazil
Lacerda, ACF.;Takemoto, RM.;Pavanelli, GC.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842009000200009
Abstract: the present study investigated the ecological relationships between endoparasites and the host potamotrygon falkneri from the upper paraná river by using as indicators the host's relative condition factor (kn), sex and hepatosomatic relation (hsr). forty-seven specimens of p. falkneri were analyzed between march 2005 and september 2006. statistical analysis showed that the kn was positively correlated with the abundance of acanthobothrium regoi and rhinebothrium paratrygoni; only the abundance of a. regoi was positively correlated to the hsr, whereas r. paratrygoni did not present correlation and there was no influence of the host's sex on the abundance and prevalence of parasites. this is the first study concerning the ecology of parasites of potamotrygonids.
Diversity of parasites of fish from the Upper Paraná River floodplain, Brazil
Takemoto, RM.;Pavanelli, GC.;Lizama, MAP.;Lacerda, ACF.;Yamada, FH.;Moreira, LHA.;Ceschini, TL.;Bellay, S.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842009000300023
Abstract: the aim of the present study was to provide a current survey of the species of parasites found in the upper paraná river floodplain, as well as to investigate which strategies and mechanisms used by parasites, are favored and which environmental factors influence the parasite community in the studied environments. during a seven-year period from february 2000 to september 2007, 3,768 fish belonging to 72 species were collected and analyzed for the purpose of studying the parasite fauna. a total of 337 species of parasites were reported, including 12 new descriptions: one myxosporid, henneguya paranaensis eiras, pavanelli and takemoto, 2004; eight monogeneans, kritskyia annakohnae boeger, tanaka and pavanelli, 2001; kritskyia boegeri takemoto, lizama and pavanelli, 2002; kritskyia eirasi guidelli, takemoto and pavanelli, 2003; demidospermus labrosi fran?a, isaac, pavanelli and takemoto, 2003; demidospermus mandi fran?a, isaac, pavanelli and takemoto, 2003; pseudovancleaveus paranaensis fran?a, isaac, pavanelli and takemoto, 2003; tereancistrum curimba lizama, takemoto and pavanelli, 2004 and tereancistrum toksonum lizama, takemoto and pavanelli, 2004; two digeneans, sanguinicola platyrhynchi guidelli, isaac and pavanelli, 2002 and dadayius pacupeva lacerda, takemoto and pavanelli, 2003 and one cestode, nomimoscolex pertierrae chambrier, takemoto and pavanelli, 2005. in addition, several other species were reported for the first time in new hosts or in the floodplain. monogeneans presented the highest number of species, followed by digeneans. the infection site with the highest species richness was the intestine, with 127 species.
A Calabi-Yau threefold with Brauer group (Z/8Z)^2
Mark Gross,Simone Pavanelli
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We calculate the Brauer group of a certain Calabi-Yau threefold discovered by Mark Gross and Sorin Popescu, which is a small resolution of a complete intersection of type (2,2,2,2) with 64 ordinary double points. We find the Brauer group is (Z/8Z)^2, which is the largest known example of a Brauer group of a Calabi-Yau threefold.
C13-pyruvate administration revealed differential metabolism between heart, liver and red blood cells and improved heart function during endotoxemia
RM Bateman
Critical Care , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/cc10623
Abstract: C57BL/6 mice (30 to 35 g) were injected intraperitoneally with lipopolysaccharide (LPS, 40 mg/kg) to induce endotoxemia. Six hours post LPS, C13-pyruvate (a key intermediate metabolite) was administered subcutaneously for fluxome analysis of intermediate metabolites. At 20, 40 and 60 minutes, heart, liver and red blood cells were collected and stored at -80°C. Labeled metabolites were measured using capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry, quantified by calculating the AUC/t0-60 and expressed relative to control. Heart function was monitored by echocardiography.Red blood cells preferentially metabolized pyruvate (ninefold increase) compared to heart (1.2-fold increase) or liver (-2.1-fold decrease), and were a net lactate source (2.1-fold increase). Glycolytic intermediates increased in the heart, but decreased in red blood cells, while TCA intermediates decreased in the heart and amino acids increased in the liver. Under the hypoglycemic conditions of the animal model, red blood cells were found to accumulate glycerol-3-phosphate (red cell glycerol flux remained normal) and 2,3BPG following C13-pyruvate injection. ATP was stable in the heart, but decreased in the liver and red blood cells. Echocardiography revealed a transient recovery of left ventricular function that correlated with shifts in red blood cell metabolism.Metabolic investigation of different septic tissues revealed shifts in metabolism between organs, suggesting that sepsis induces complex metabolic shifts in response to changing nutrient availability and cell function; moreover, enhancing red blood cell metabolism may be beneficial to depressed organ function during the onset of endotoxemia.Supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan, Global COE Program.
One gene, many phenotypes
RM Shawky
Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics , 2009,
Abstract: Phenotype descriptions are valuable information right at the interface of medicine and biology. With the rapid advancement in the fi eld of genetics, thousands of genes involved in human diseases have been cloned. It was expected that knowledge of mutations would lead to consistent genotype-phenotype correlations. The understanding of mechanisms underlying genotype-phenotype discrepancies is important, as it will move clinical genetics towards predictive medicine, allowing better selection of therapeutic strategies and individualized counseling of persons affected with genetic disorders.
Quo Vadis Africa union? Some research agendas
RM Achieng
African Sociological Review / Revue Africaine de Sociologie , 2010,
Abstract: A Review of Ulf Engel and Joāo Gomes Porto,eds., 2010, Africa’s New Peace and Security Architecture: Promoting Norms, Institutionalizing Solutions, Ashgate Publishers, England and USA, ISBN 978 0 7546 7606 5 pbk
Paupertas (poverty) in John Calvin’s Institutes
RM Britz
Acta Theologica , 2008,
Abstract: This article investigates the references to and use of the term paupertas (‘poverty’) by John Calvin in his Institutes. It appears that he uses paupertas in its physical and spiritual meaning. In the physical sense, the appropriate references are expressed in compelling language and denote helplessness when faced with the demands of life. Paupertas is also embedded in the theological context of the teaching of Scripture on the knowledge of the providentia Dei. In the spiritual sense, paupertas denotes the desperate aspect of spiritual poverty (i.e. ‘unsaved, lost’) and is related to the righteousness and work of salvation of Christ. In terms of Calvin’s argumentation, it is clear that paupertas is linked to the (provided) true knowledge of God, Christ and ‘ourselves’ in terms of biblical revelation and qualification. Calvin thus reveals the landscape of reality in which the presuppositions of the popular philosophical concepts of fate, fortune, chance and other meta-historical causes are considered meaningless. In referring to poverty, or to the victim of poverty, Calvin neither argues that the provi dentia Dei is a passive perpetual divine determinism nor that it is sacrificed to a temporal interim divine involvement. He cautiously upholds a reverent distance in respect of God’s knowledge. However, when considering true and credible knowledge of God, the pastor withholds nothing from the splendour of the teaching of Scripture in this regard. In his inscrutable Deitas Dei the Father of Christ is, and remains, unconditional even when poverty strikes. Instead of examining the causes of poverty, Calvin emphasises the living presence of God in terms of his relational and biblical thinking.
NEPAD and African Development: Towards a New Partnership between Development Actors in Africa
RM Tawfik
African Journal of International Affairs , 2008,
Abstract: The model required to drive socio-economic development in Africa, and the relationship between the state and the private sector based on that model, have sparked much controversy among African analysts. Some question the relevance of other successful models of development, such as in the liberal West or in East-Asia, to the African context. Others criticise all models of development that are “alien” to African cultures and conditions hence rejecting the NEPAD model on this basis. This paper argues that although NEPAD does not present a detailed model of the relationship between the state, the private sector and civil society in Africa, some of its theoretical underpinnings suggest a balanced framework that should prompt African scholars to search for new models that do not necessarily imitate already successful ones but respect the particularities of each African state
Molecular marker analysis of heading date Hd1 locus in Egyptian rice varieties
RM Gaafar
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2010,
Abstract: Nine molecular markers derived from the heading date QTL Hd1 DNA sequence for cultivated rice were used to study the heading date allelic diversity of the cultivated Egyptian rice varieties. The results showed that among the nine simple sequence repeats (SSR) and sequence tagged-sites (STS) markers used, one SSR marker, Hd1AGC, amplified three polymerase chain reaction (PCR) fragments (alleles) of various sizes (441, 490, and 620 bp) in all rice varieties, while the rest of the markers amplified only one non-polymorphic PCR fragment. The study also exhibited that Hd1AGC amplified a unique PCR fragment (620 bp) linked to early heading date in Giza 177 and Sakha 103.
Exclusive breastfeeding – what is its place in HIV prevalent areas?
RM Bland
Continuing Medical Education , 2007,
Abstract: No abstract.
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