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Habitat characteristics of Andrias davidianus in Zhangjiajie of China

LUO Qing-hua,

应用生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: By the methods of field investigation and laboratory analysis, the habitat characteristics of Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) in Zhangjiajie Giant Saramander National Nature Reserve were studied from July to August in 2006-2008. In the study area, the inhabited reaches of A. davidianus were characterized by moderate altitude (373±97 m), relatively small river width (6.39±2.13 m) and depth (1.07±0.53 m), lithoid substrate with more gravels or rocks, irregular river bed, stony river bank with more scrub vegetation and larger coverage (>50%), steeper bank gradient (58°±17°), higher water flow rate (0.33±0.08 m·s-1), and weaker anthropogenic disturbances. There were many burrows (4±2 ind·100 m-1) in the habitat, and the water flow rate in the burrows were relatively low (0.22±0.10 m·s-1). The waters in the habitat were with high DO (7.23±0.85 mg·L-1), low COD (4.00±2.51 mg·L-1), low TN (0.11±0.15 mg·L-1), moderate total hardness (137.16±67.69 mg·L-1), and lesser coliform groups (3419±3407 ind·L-1). Crabs were the most important food organisms affecting the A. davidianus population in the study area, followed by shrimps.
Effect of bizhongxiao decotion (BZXD) on some cytokines in plasma of rats with CⅡ-induced rheumatoid arthritis
WANG An-yu,LIANG Qing-hua,Luo-xu,BAO Tai-cheng
International Journal of Biomedical Science , 2005,
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the influence of bizhongxiao decoction(BZXD) which is a Traditional Chinese medicine for RA including, on the plasma TNF-α and IL-1β in rats with CⅡ-induced arthritis (CIA) and explore the protective mechanism of BZXD in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis . Methods: 75 SD rats were divided into four groups randomly. Normal control group (n=5) not be treated any more. The CIA rat was established by subcutaneous injection with bovine Ⅱ collagen(BⅡC) and complete Freund,s adjuvant(CFA) after 7d breeding. The CIA rats were divided into the CIA group(n=16)、BZXD group (n=29) treated with BZXD and the MTX group(n=25) treated with methotrexate. All rats were killed after various intervals(25,30,35,40,or 45d). At the end of each time interval, we collected the blood of each rat. To detect TNF-αand IL-1βin plasma with radio-immunity kit. Results: BⅡC and CFA can be used to copying CIA model. The incidence of arthritis was 88%. The plasma TNF-αand IL-1βlevels of CIA group, BZXD group and MTX group were notably higher than those of normal control group(p<0.05), moreover, the CIA group was higher than those of the MTX group and BZXD group at various interval (p<0.01). TNF-αand IL-1βrose step by step in CIA group but decreased in BZXD group and MTX group gradually. Moreover, in BZXD group were lower than those in MTX group (p<0.05). Conclusion: TNF-αand IL-1βplay a very important role in the formation and development of RA. BZXD can notably decrease the plasma TNF-αand IL-1βlevels, which was better than MTX. Key words: bizhongxiao decotion, methotrexate, arthritis, rheumatoid, TNF-α, IL-1β Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is particular with chronic and symmetric arthritis which get along with joint damage and matrix erosion. But its mechanism has not been clear. The recent research has demonstrated that TNF - α and IL-1β play key role in the disease of RA and made progress with matrix erosion. To explore the mechanism of the RA and the function of BZXD ,we make the collagen-induced arthritis rat and treated with BZXD, then detect the level of TNF-αand IL-1βin plasma at various interval.
Effects of Huoxue Tongmai Lishui method on fundus fluorescein angiography of non-ischemic retinal vein occlusion: a randomized controlled trial
Qing-hua PENG
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2009,
Abstract: Background: Huoxue Tongmai Lishui method, a traditional Chinese medicine treatment for eliminating water, activating and promoting blood circulation, could inhibit fundus hemorrhage on experimental retinal vein occlusion (RVO) with high obvious effective rate, and improve symptoms in traditional Chinese medicine. The action mechanism may be related to reducing plasma viscosity and non-perfusion area, and the formation of collateral circulation. Objective: To explore the therapeutic effects of Huoxue Tongmai Lishui method (Sanxue Mingmu Tablet) on fundus fluorescent angiograph of non-ischemic retinal vein occlusion (RVO). Design, setting, participants and interventions: Thirty-four patients with non-ischemic RVO in Department of Ophthalmology, the First Affiliated Hospital, Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine from April 2005 to April 2009 were included. All the patients were diagnosed as qi stagnation and blood stasis syndrome or hyperactivity of liver yang syndrome, and they were randomly divided into two groups, with 17 eyes of 17 patients in treatment group treated by Sanxue Mingmu Tablet combined with conventional treatment, and 18 eyes of 17 patients in control group treated by Xueshuantong Tablet combined with conventional treatment. The patients were treated for two months. Main outcome measures: Fundus colour photography, and fundus fluorescent angiograph were detected in two groups before and after the treatment. Results: The curative effect of Sanxue Mingmu Tablet was better than that of Xueshuantong Tablet. Huoxue Tongmai Lishui method could significantly shorten the retinal circulation time, reduce the non-perfusion area, decrease the formation of angiogenesis and promote the formation of collateral circulation. Conclusion: Huoxue Tongmai Lishui method is an effective traditional Chinese medicine treatment with high obvious effective rate in reducing non-perfusion area and avoiding venous occlusion and formation of collateral circulation.
Effects of eye drops of Buddleja officinalis Maxim. extract on lacrimal gland cell apoptosis in castrated rats with dry eye
Qing-hua PENG
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: To explore the possible mechanism of eye drops of Buddleja officinalis extract in treating dry eye of castrated rats by analyzing the expressions of Bax and Bcl-2 proteins. Methods: Forty-five Wistar male rats were randomly divided into sham-operated group, untreated group and eye drops of Buddleja officinalis Maxim. extract (treatment) group. The dry eye model was established with orchiectomy in the untreated group and treatment group. Rats in the treatment group were treated with eye drops of Buddleja officinalis Maxim. extract, one drop once, three times daily. Eyes of rats in the sham-operated group and untreated group were instilled with normal saline. After one-, two-, or three-month treatment, five rats in each group were scarified respectively. Then samples were taken to detect related indices. Expressions of Bax and Bcl-2 of lacrimal gland were checked by immunohistochemical method and quantity of apoptotic cells was counted.Results: After one-, two- or three-month treatment, the quantities of expressions of Bax in acinar epithelial cells and glandular tube cells were significantly lower, and those of Bcl-2 were significantly higher in the treatment group than in the untreated group, and the quantities of apoptotic cells of the treatment group were significantly lower than those of the untreated group (P<0.01). Conclusion: The main components of extract of Buddleja officinalis Maxim. are flavonoids, which can significantly inhibit cell apoptosis in lacrimal gland.
Longitudinal spin transfer of Lambda and anti-Lambda in polarized pp collisions at \sqrt s=200 GeV at STAR
Qing-hua Xu
Statistics , 2010, DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/295/1/012081
Abstract: We report our measurement on longitudinal spin transfer, D_LL, from high energy polarized protons to $\Lambda$ and $\bar{\Lambda}$ hyperons in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 200 GeV$ with the STAR detector at RHIC. The current measurements cover $\Lambda$, $\bar\Lambda$ pseudorapidity $|\eta| < 1.2$ and transverse momenta $p_T$ up to $4GeV/c$ using the data taken in 2005. The longitudinal spin transfer is found to be D_LL= -0.03\pm 0.13 (stat) \pm 0.04(syst)$ for inclusive $\Lambda$ and $D_{LL} = -0.12 \pm 0.08(stat) \pm 0.03(syst)$ for inclusive $\bar{\Lambda}$ hyperons with $ = 0.5$ and $ = 3.7 GeV/c$. The prospects with 2009 data and the future measurements are also given.
Differences in the development of sea fishery in the coastal areas of Jiangsu province and the corresponding solution

ZHANG Luo-cheng,WANG Chen,WU Qing-hua,

海洋科学 , 2010,
Abstract: Jiangsu abounds in marine resources, but its marine economy is not very strong. The product value of sea fishery of Jiangsu province in 2005 ranked at sixth in China, about one third of Zhejiang Province and one fifth of Shandong province. The advantages of Jiangsu to develop sea fishery include marine resources, wetland resources and strong regional economy. In Jiangsu, sea fishery is concentrated in Rudong and Ridong,.To develop sea fishery, we should strengthen the development of seaculture, preserve the environment of sea areas, encourage the development of relevant industry.
Study of family environmental factor on only-children’s personality  [PDF]
Yi-Xiao Fu, Xiao Hou, Lu Jia, Tian Qiu, Qing Qin, Hua-Qing Meng, Yi Huang, Xiaohong Ma, Wei Deng, Qing-Hua Luo, Ying-Cheng Wang, Hua Hu, Lian Du, Hait-Ang Qiu, Peng Xie, Tao Li
Health (Health) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/health.2013.53A075
Abstract: Objective: To analyze the impact of family environment on only-children’s personality. Methods: Using cross-sectional design to recruit only-children aged 6 - 16 years old; using EPQ to evaluate the children’s personality. The general questionnaire, PSDQ (Parenting Styles and Dimensions Questionnaire), FAD-GFS (The General Functioning Scale of MacMaster family activity device), SLE(Stressful Life Events), FSQ (Family Stresses Questionnaire), FLQ (Family Life Questionnaire), EFQ (Everyday Feelings Questionnaire) were used to collect information about family environment from parents. Results: In only-child family, standardized regression equations of family environment influence on children personality include: 1) EPQ-p = 0.087 × SLE + 0.207 × father autocratic parenting + 0.131 × education of father + 0.110 × family type - 0.110 × role of discipline - 0.080 × parental attitude + 0.087 × family adaptability; 2) EPQ-e = 0.105 × EFQ- 0.088 × SLE - 0.101 × family income; 3) EPQ-n = 0.143 × SLE - 0.090 × family cohesion + 0.089 × family income + 0.117 × the orderly’s attitude - 0.138 × the child’s role experience of FLQ - 0.101 × parents shaping the behavior of children of FLQ and 4) EPQ - l = -0.136× SLE - 0.093 × relationship between parents - 0.155 × attitude of the old. Conclusion: It is important for children to develop personality normally if the father doesn’t choose autocratic parent style. Children tend to be optimistic if the parent can feel happy. The stressful life events are a double-blade sword depending on the parent’s handling. The difference of the parenting style can influence the lie-personality of children.
WSN Localization Method Using Interval Data Clustering

PENG Yu,LUO Qing-Hua,WANG Dan,PENG Xi-Yuan,

自动化学报 , 2012,
Abstract: When the wireless sensor network (WSN) range-based localization method is applied to communication distance estimation, RSSI (received signal strength indicator) is assumed linear with the logarithm of corresponding communication distance. But it is always in contradiction with the real communication environment and leads to big localization error. So in this paper, interval data combined with statistic information of RSSI data are used to express the distribution region first, then soft and hard interval data cluster algorithm are used to estimate the communication distance for different uncertainty levels of RSSI data. Next, the RSSI-D estimation results are used in range-based localization methods. Finally, real RSSI data in three typical communication environments are used to evaluate this method. Experiment results show that the proposed localization method using interval data clustering RSSI-D (distance estimation based on RSSI) estimation can get better precision in different environments.
A Modified Algorithm of Subgraph Isomorphism Based on Decomposition

ZHANG Zhi-Xiang,LI Qing-Hua,LUO Jian-Ming,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: t The algorithm of subgraph isomorphism based on decomposition proposed by Messmer et. is analysed, and its problems are pointed out. A revised algorithm is given, which adapted the decomposition and combination procedure of the original algorithm, and resolve the problems of the original algorithm with higher effeeienee. The experimental result shows that this algorithm is correct.
Analysis and Improvement on Resolving Method for Internet Domain Name System
Internet 域名系统的解析的研究与性能分析

JIANG Qing-hua,

系统工程理论与实践 , 2000,
Abstract: This paper describes the process of resolving host name into IP address in the Domain Name System (DNS) and presents new methods including Shortcut DNS and a combined method for resolution improvement.
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