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Qin-Qin Zhou
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812033363
Abstract: The title compound, C20H20N2O, was synthesized by a solvent-free one-pot three-component domino reaction of naphthalen-2-ol, nicotinaldehyde and pyrrolidine. The dihedral angle between the naphthalene ring system and the pyridine ring is 74.22 (6)°. The pyrrolidine ring assumes an envelope conformation with the N atom as the flap. An intramolecular O—H...N hydrogen bond stabilizes the molecular conformation.
Estimating possible impact of human activity on the warm season temperature in Beijing since the industrial era
Li Qin,Xin Zhou
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2010, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-010-3049-z
Abstract: Global surface temperature shows an increasing trend over the past 100 years. Anthropogenic and natural factors have been invoked to explain this warming, but their relative contribution and the spatial variability remain controversial. Based on a 2650-year temperature record from a stalagmite near Beijing, we explore the possible impacts of human activity on the warm season temperature in Beijing since the industrial era using the method of singular spectrum analysis (SSA). The results suggest that the warm season temperature in Beijing under the natural forcing should have an overall decreasing trend for the past 130 years (1870 to 2000 AD) with an amplitude of 0.45±0.84°C, while the instrumental record and stalagmite data show an increase of 1.08°C. These imply that human activity would have caused an increase in the warm season temperature of Beijing for about 1.53±0.84°C compared to its natural trends, from 1870 AD to 2000 AD. Our results also suggest that anthropogenic forcing began to significantly influence the temperature since 1870 AD, and the effect further intensified since 1915 AD.
Translation of Chinese Classics into English —Descriptive equivalence
Ai-qin ZHOU
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2008, DOI: 10.3968/721
Abstract: The paper describes the functions of description translation theories in translating the Chinese ancient literatures.Descriptive equivalence theories simplifies the difficult and complexed translation of the Chinese ancient literatures. Besides,the paper points out some difficulties while translating the literatures and analyses them. Key words: Chinese classics; Descriptive translation; Equivalence of translation; Translation of metalanguage Résumé: Cet article décrit les fonctions de la théorie de traduction descriptive dans la traduction de la littérature classique chinoise. La théorie d’équivalence descriptive simplifie la tache difficile et complexe de traduction de la littérature classique chinoise. En outre, l’article souligne certaines difficultés lors de la traduction de la littérature et les analyse. Mots-clés: Classiques chinois; Ttraduction descriptive; Traduction d’équivalence; Traduction de métalangage 摘 要:本文介紹了當今西方翻譯研究的一個重要學派---描寫學派描寫性翻譯理論以及Mona Baker (2008.1) 在《換言之:翻譯教材》中指出的翻譯對等論(該翻譯對等論完善了尤金·奈達(Eugene A.Nida)的“功能對等理論”理論的片面性和局限性),在漢語古典文學的英譯過程中現實意義。在漢語古典文學的翻譯過程中的對等翻譯、語義學的元語言的翻譯,語篇結構的對等等問題都可使用描寫性翻譯定位。同時指出描寫性翻譯並不是想完全推翻傳統的規範性的翻譯標準,而是對其不完善的地方並加以補充。另外歸納出若干古典文學作品英譯過程中的重難點,並稍加解釋和分析。 關鍵詞:古典漢語文學作品; 描寫性翻譯; 翻譯的對等; 元語言的翻譯
The Game Analysis of Public Participation in Food Security Supervision
Zhou Zaohong,Qin Huiyuan
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: Based on public participating in food safety supervision, this thesis comes to fully manifest the influential role and the significance of public participation in food safety supervision in the use of game theory by analyzing the behavior strategy performance of public, enterprises and government. It aims to provide a wide range of management theory on public’s participation in food safety supervision and the multiplication of management.
A Study on Cross-Cultural Adjustment of Japanese and American Expatriates in China
Xingying Zhou,Jie Qin
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v4n12p197
Abstract: A survey has been made on Japanese and American business expatriates who are currently working in China in order to explore the relationship between cultural distance and expatriate adjustment. Based on the reviewed literature and the theory, the authors put forward two hypotheses which are tested by a specially designed 34-item questionnaire distributed to 41 Japanese subjects and 53 American subjects. The results partly prove the expectation that cultural distance is negatively correlated with adjustment of business expatriates. The Japanese business expatriates working in China demonstrate higher degree of adaptability than the American business expatriates in general adjustment and interaction adjustment, but not in work or psychological adjustment.
Electrostatic Graphene Loudspeaker
Qin Zhou,A. Zettl
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1063/1.4806974
Abstract: Graphene has extremely low mass density and high mechanical strength, key qualities for efficient wide-frequency-response electrostatic audio speaker design. Low mass ensures good high frequency response, while high strength allows for relatively large free-standing diaphragms necessary for effective low frequency response. Here we report on construction and testing of a miniaturized graphene-based electrostatic audio transducer. The speaker/earphone is straightforward in design and operation and has excellent frequency response across the entire audio frequency range (20HZ - 20kHz), with performance matching or surpassing commercially available audio earphones.
Microwave Absorbing Properties of W-Type Hexaferrite Ba(MnZn)xCo2(1-x)Fe16O27  [PDF]
Xianming Qin, Ying Cheng, Kesheng Zhou, Shengxiang Huang, Xia Hui
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2013.14002

MnZn-doped W-type barium cobalt ferrite powder composites of Ba(MnZn)xCo2(1-x)Fe16O27 (x = 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5) were prepared in a sol-gel process. The microwave absorbing properties of the composites in the range of 2 - 18 GHz and their electromagnetic loss mechanisms were studied. The results demonstrated that the synthesized Ba(MnZn)xCo2(1-x)Fe16O27 samples possess a W-type phase of the crystal structure with a hexagonal flaky shape in micro-morphology, and the samples exhibited a soft magnetic trait that enables improving their microwave absorption properties through suitable MnZn doping. For Ba(MnZn)0.4Co1.2Fe16O27 with a thickness of 2.8 mm, the reflection loss peak was -40.7 dB at a frequency of 7.3 GHz, with a bandwidth of 6.6 GHz at a loss of less than -10 dB. The microwave absorption primarily resulted from magnetic losses caused by magnetization relaxation, domain wall resonance, and natural resonance.

Ad Hoc On-Demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing Protocol Based on Node State  [PDF]
Jieying Zhou, Heng Xu, Zhaodong Qin, Yanhao Peng, Chun Lei
Communications and Network (CN) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2075

To improve the performance of Ad hoc on-demand multipath distance vector (AOMDV) protocol, we proposed NS-AOMDV which is short for “AOMDV based on node state”. In NS-AOMDV, we introduce node state to improve AOMDV’s performance in selecting main path. In route discovery process, the routing update rule calculates the node weight of each path and sorts the path weight by descending value in route list, and we choose the path which has the largest path weight for data transmission. NS-AOMDV also uses the technology of route request (RREQ) packet delay forwarding and energy threshold to ease network congestion, limit the RREQ broadcast storm, and avoid low energy nodes to participate in the establishment of the path. The results of simulation show that NS-AOMDV can effectively improve the networks’packets delivery rate, throughput and normalized routing overhead in the situation of dynamic network topology and heavy load.

Molecular Characterization, 3D Modeling of Grass Carp Interleukin-10 Receptor 1 (IL10R1)  [PDF]
He Wei, Shangnian Wang, Lei Qin, Hong Zhou, Xinyan Wang
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.510B045

Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is an important cytokine that plays a pivotal role in natural and adaptive immune systems. However, in lower vertebrates, especially in teleost the receptor of this cytokine is still largely unknown. This paper described the cloning and characterization of grass carp interleukin-10 receptor 1 (gcIL10R1) and the 3D structure of its extracellular domain was predicted. The gcIL10R1 cDNA included 180 bp5’ untranslated region (UTR), 870 bp3’ UTR and an open reading frame (ORF) of 1632 bp. The ORF was found to encode a 543 amino acid protein with a putative JAK1 binding site, one STAT3 binding site. The phylogenetic analysis clusters gcIL10R1 with other teleost IL10R1s but independently of the amphibian, avian and mammalian IL10R1s. The 3D structure of its extracellular domain was the first homology model of a fish IL10R1 that revealed a high similarity with its mammalian and avian counterparts.

MicroRNA Array Normalization: An Evaluation Using a Randomized Dataset as the Benchmark
Li-Xuan Qin, Qin Zhou
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0098879
Abstract: MicroRNA arrays possess a number of unique data features that challenge the assumption key to many normalization methods. We assessed the performance of existing normalization methods using two microRNA array datasets derived from the same set of tumor samples: one dataset was generated using a blocked randomization design when assigning arrays to samples and hence was free of confounding array effects; the second dataset was generated without blocking or randomization and exhibited array effects. The randomized dataset was assessed for differential expression between two tumor groups and treated as the benchmark. The non-randomized dataset was assessed for differential expression after normalization and compared against the benchmark. Normalization improved the true positive rate significantly in the non-randomized data but still possessed a false discovery rate as high as 50%. Adding a batch adjustment step before normalization further reduced the number of false positive markers while maintaining a similar number of true positive markers, which resulted in a false discovery rate of 32% to 48%, depending on the specific normalization method. We concluded the paper with some insights on possible causes of false discoveries to shed light on how to improve normalization for microRNA arrays.
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