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Research on Voltage Losses of AT Traction Power Supply System  [PDF]
Yujie Xia, Guosong Lin, Liya Guo, Qiang Li
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B150

Unilateral power supply system has been used because of the management status of the power grid system, while, bilateral power supply system is adopted in the Soviet Union and France. The feasibility that whether bilateral system can be put applied in China is discussed. Compared with unilateral power supply system, bilateral system has better reliability and better capability of supply power system, which gives bilateral system more advantages over unilateral system on both engineering investment and operating efficiency. In this paper, voltage losses under the two different systems are calculated and also compared, the advantages of bilateral system is explored and then conclusion is drawn by referring to the practical data of passenger transport lines.

Analysis of the Bacterial Communities in Lime Concretion Black Soil upon the Incorporation of Crop Residues  [PDF]
Shao-Qiang Tao, Qiang Xia, Lin Zhu, Jing-jing Chen, Ya- Nan Wang, Bing Qin
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2012.23037
Abstract: To analyze the bacterial communities in lime concretion black soil upon the incorporation of crop residues for two years in wheat-maize system, total DNA was directly extracted and PCR-amplified with the F357GC and R518 primers targeting the 16S rRNA genes of V3 region. The amplified fragments were analyzed by perpendicular DGGE. Analyzing of species richness index S and Shannon diversity index H revealed that there was a high diversity of soil bacterial community compositions among all treatments after incorporation of crop residues and fertilizing under field conditions. Eleven DGGE bands recovered were re-amplified, sequenced. Phylogenetic analysis of the representative DGGE fingerprints identified four groups of the prokaryotic communities in the soil by returning wheat residues and fertilizing under field conditions. The bacterial communities belonged to gamma proteobacterium, Cupriavidus sp, halophilic eubacterium, Acidobacterium sp, Sorangium sp, delta proteobacterium, Streptococcus sp and Streptococcus agalactiae were main bacterial communities. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) showed that there were the differences in DNA profiles among the six treatments. It showed that wheat residue returning, maize residue returning and fertilizing all can improve bacterial diversity in varying degrees. As far as improvement of bacterial diversity was concerned, wheat residue returning was higher than fertilizing, and fertilizing higher than maize residue returning.
Quantitative Analysis of ATP Sulfurylase and Selenocysteine Methyltransferase Gene Expression in Different Organs of Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis)  [PDF]
Shaoqiang Tao, Juan Li, Xungang Gu, Yanan Wang, Qiang Xia, Bing Qin, Lin Zhu
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.31004
Abstract: Tea plant (Camellia sinensis) has unique biological features for the study of cellular and molecular mechanisms, an evergreen broad-leaved woody plant which can accumulate selenium in soil abundant of Selenium. Expression of the genes related to Selenium (Se) metabolism is an adaptation to the soil environment for a long period. The purpose of the present study was to explore if there exist differences of expression about these genes in tea plant between growing in Selenium-abundant and normal soil. A quantitative real-time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (Q-RT-PCR) assay was done for quantification of ATP sulfurylase (APS) and selenocysteine methyltransferase (SMT) mRNA normalized to Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) gene in tea plant. Young leaves, mature leaves and tender roots from tea plants growing in soil abundant of Selenium were respectively obtained from Shitai County, Anhui Province, and also the relevant materials of the selenium un-enriched tea plant planted at agricultural garden of Ahui Agriculture University were taken as control for real-time PCR analysis. The results showed that APS1, APS2 and SMT expression levels for either young or mature leaves in selenium-enriched tea plant were lower than that in ordinary (selenium un-enriched) tea plant. In contrast, the APS1, APS2 and SMT expression level of roots in selenium-enriched tea plant were all higher than that in ordinary tea plant. APS1 gene expression level of roots in selenium-enriched tea plant was about 1.6 times higher than that in the ordinary tea plant, APS2 gene expression level was about 4.8-fold higher than that in the ordinary tea plant, SMT gene expression level was about 3.3 times higher than that in the ordinary tea plant. Among various tissues of selenium-enriched tea plant, APS1 gene relative expression level of young leaves was similar to or slightly higher than mature leaves, and the one of roots was the lowest among them; APS2 gene relative expression level of young leaves was similar to or slightly higher than the roots, and the one of mature leaves was the lowest among them; SMT gene relative expression level of young leaves was similar to or slightly higher than mature leaves, and the one of roots was the highest among them. Our results suggest that there existed correlation between selenium and expression levels of these genes.
Role-play: An Effective Approach to Learning EFL for Chinese Students from the Perspective of Psychodynamics and Pedagogy
Qiang HUANG,Hong-zhong XIA
Studies in Literature and Language , 2010,
Abstract: EFL learning in China is very popular; however, the effect of learning seems to be unsatisfactory all the time. This article analyzes three major obstacles of Chinese students in EFL learning and believes the role-play, a common approach to learning EFL, can help eliminate the three obstacles from the perspectives of psychodynamics and pedagogy. It believes the approach can stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of Chinese students to express their ideas in English in the class if a teacher can fully make the advantage of the inborn instinct of show desire of human being, adopt the approach of role-play, and get rid of the traditional way of English teaching. Key words: obstacles of learning EFL; role-play approach; show desire; proper EFL learning environment and atmosphere; students as the leading role
Donors’ Quality of Life after Live Liver Transplantation and Social Support: A Correlation Study  [PDF]
Yefeng Lu, Yan Yang, Yan Wang, Aiping Zhao, Longzhi Han, Xiaosong Chen, Jianjun Zhang, Qiang Xia
Health (Health) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/health.2014.610111
Abstract: Objective: Donors’ quality of life (QOL) and social support were investigated in this study. Method: The SF-36 scale and social support scale were used to survey the quality of life and social support of donors of live liver transplantation. Result: The PCS (Physical Correlated Score) is 84.78 ± 13.21, the MCS (Mental Correlated Score) is 80.71 ± 14.65, and the total score is 165.49 ± 22.63. The results show the significant difference at GH (General Health) & VT (Vitality) domain regarding the age, P < 0.05; while there’s a significant difference at BP (Body Pain) domain regarding the sex, P < 0.05. The social support score of male & female donors are 37.75 ± 7.50 and 44.00 ± 4.30, and the difference is significant, P < 0.05. The MCS and the social support score are correlated, the correlation factor is 0.483, P < 0.05. Conclusion: There’s no significant difference between the donors and the normal population. The age is the risk factor of QOL, and it should be paid more attention when we select the donor. Excellent social support relates to high quality of life.
Fluid Dynamics Simulation of High Speed Jet under Distinct Initial Input Velocities  [PDF]
Jie Gong, Wen Xia, Qiang Zhang, Fan Zhang, Yanyun Lin, Jihua Li
World Journal of Engineering and Technology (WJET) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/wjet.2018.63B001
The aim of this study is to execute the fluid dynamics simulation of high speed jet under distinct input velocities (i.e., 114.1, 142.4, 165.6, 186.2 and 286.9 m/s). In particular, this study focuses on the impact velocity and velocity of two-phase flow (gas-liquid). Firstly, the three-dimensional geometric model of high speed jet is established on the basis of the actual operational conditions. Next, the unstructured grids of high speed jet are generated by means of ANSYS Fluent. Finally, the fluid dynamics simulation of high speed jet is implemented by using Fluent. The simulation results show that when the input velocity of the liquid increases, the impact velocity declines sharply, while according to the Bonuli law of conservation of energy, the impact effect on the device shows exponential growth with increasing input velocity. In addition, the relationship between the impact velocity and the input velocity and the relationship between the impact effect on the device and the input velocity are achieved, which could provide certain theoretical guidance for predicting the working pressure and velocity of high speed jet based on real input velocity.
Molecular characterization of the rpoB gene mutations of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from China  [PDF]
Shengfen Wang, Bing Zhao, Yuanyuan Song, Yang Zhou, Yu Pang, Xichao Ou, Qiang Li, Yanlin Zhao, Hui Xia
Journal of Tuberculosis Research (JTR) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jtr.2013.11001
Abstract: Objective: To analyze characterization of the rpoBgene mutations of Mycobacterium tuber- culosis isolated from China and to explore the association of specific mutations conferring rifampicin (RIF) resistance with Beijing genotype strains. Methods: Genotypic analysis of 3479M. tuberculosis isolatesincluding 402 RIF-resistantand 3077 RIF-susceptible isolated from the na- tional drug-resistant tuberculosis baseline survey was performed. Results: DNA sequencing analysis of the 81-bp RIF resistance determining region (RRDR) of the ropB
gene revealed that 98.01% of RIF-resistant strains showedrpoBgene mutation, isolates with mutations at codon rpoB531, rpoB 526 and rpoB 516 were the most frequently. Analysis of the rpoB gene of 3077 RIF-susceptible strains revealed that 98.96% of the strains had no
mutation. The distribution of mutation frequency at differentcritical codons in different regions of China was statistically significant (p = 0.001). There was no significant difference in the occurrence of mutations at critical codons between the rifampicin-resistant Bei-jing and non-Beijing isolates.Conclusion: About 98% of RIF-resistant strains isolated from China carry mutations in RRDR ofrpoB gene.Mutation profiles in RIF-resistantM. tuberculosis clinical isolates are variable depending on the different geographical regionsof China. The results provide valuable information in adopting new molecular methods for diagnosis of TB in China.

Jaceosidin Induces Apoptosis in Human Ovary Cancer Cells through Mitochondrial Pathway
Wen Lv,Xia Sheng,Ting Chen,Qiang Xu,Xing Xie
Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/394802
Abstract: We examined the antiproliferation effect of Jaceosidin (4, 5, 7-trihydroxy-3, 6-dimethoxyflavone) isolated from the herb of Artemisia vestita Wall on several human cancer cell lines. Jaceosidin significantly reduced the proliferation of CAOV-3, SKOV-3, HeLa, and PC3 cells in a concentration-dependent manner. A time-dependent inhibition was also observed in CAOV-3 cells by Jaceosidin. By flow cytometric analysis, we found that Jaceosidin treatment resulted in an increased apoptosis in CAOV-3 cells. The cells treated with Jaceosidin exhibited a decreased mitochondrial membrane potential. Jaceosidin also increased the level of cleaved caspase-9 and induced the cleavage of caspase-3 and poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP), while caspase-3 inhibitor Z-DEVD-FMK significantly reversed the proapoptotic effect of Jaceosidin in CAOV-3 cells. Moreover, Jaceosidin elevated the level of cytochrome c in cytosol. These findings suggest that the anticancer effect of Jaceosidin may be contributed by an induction of apoptosis involving cytochrome c release from mitochondria to cytosol.
Transportation of low-grade thermal energy over long distance by ammonia-water absorption
Qiang Ma,RuZhu Wang,LinGai Luo,ZaiZhong Xia,Peng Lin
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2009, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-009-0127-1
Abstract: This paper presents the importance and the cycle choice for long-distance transportation of low-grade thermal energy, and the thermodynamic and hydrodynamic feasibility of single-effect ammonia-water absorption system for heat or cold transportation over long distance are also involved. A model of a long-distance thermal energy transportation system is built and analyzed, which shows satisfactory and attractive results. When a steam heat source at 120°C is available, the user site can get hot water output at about 55°C with the thermal COP of about 0.6 and the electric COP of about 100 in winter, and cold water output at about 10°C with the thermal COP of about 0.5 and the electric COP of 50 in summer. A small-size prototype is built to verify the performance analysis. Basically the experimental data show good accordance with the analysis results. The ammonia-water absorption system is a potential prospective solution for the heat or cold transportation over long distance.
Yan-Xia Zhang,Zhi-Qiang Shi
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809021199
Abstract: The title compound, C8H9N5O, was synthesized by the reaction of ethyl 2-(benzotriazol-1-yl)acetate with hydrazine hydrate in ethanol. In the amide group, the C—N bond is relatively short [1.3283 (16) ], suggesting some degree of electronic delocalization in the molecule. In the crystal structure, molecules are linked into infinite chains along the a axis by intermolecular O—H...N hydrogen bonding.
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