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Structural Interpretation and Petrophysical Analysis for Reservoir Sand of Lower Goru, Miano Area, Central Indus Basin, Pakistan  [PDF]
Muhammad Sohail Khan, Farhana Masood, Qadeer Ahmed, Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan Jadoon, Naveed Akram
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2017.84020
Abstract: The main purpose of this research is to estimate the structural analysis and hydrocarbon potential of Miano Block by using seismic and well log techniques. Miano area hosts a number of gas fields with structural and stratigraphic traps. The area is located in Central Indus Basin which is a part of an extensional regime exhibiting normal faulting due to the split of the Indian Plate firstly from Africa and then from Madagascar and Seychelles. Miano area recognized as a proven petroleum province which has complex tectonic history of Cretaceous extensional and overprints of Tertiary strike-slip tectonics. The area has prospect with accumulation of hydrocarbons in structural and stratigraphic traps including pinchouts. NW-SE oriented Khairpur and Mari Highs are main structural features with impact on the fault system. The sands of Lower Goru of Lower Cretaceous age are acting as a reservoir in the area. The area has great potential of hydrocarbons for which more exploratory wells are required to be drilled with better insight of structural and stratigraphic traps.
Context-Bounded Analysis For Concurrent Programs With Dynamic Creation of Threads
Mohamed Faouzi Atig,Ahmed Bouajjani,Shaz Qadeer
Computer Science , 2011, DOI: 10.2168/LMCS-7(4:4)2011
Abstract: Context-bounded analysis has been shown to be both efficient and effective at finding bugs in concurrent programs. According to its original definition, context-bounded analysis explores all behaviors of a concurrent program up to some fixed number of context switches between threads. This definition is inadequate for programs that create threads dynamically because bounding the number of context switches in a computation also bounds the number of threads involved in the computation. In this paper, we propose a more general definition of context-bounded analysis useful for programs with dynamic thread creation. The idea is to bound the number of context switches for each thread instead of bounding the number of switches of all threads. We consider several variants based on this new definition, and we establish decidability and complexity results for the analysis induced by them.
Enhancing Childhood TB Notifications by Strengthening Linkages with Large Hospitals in Pakistan
—Childhood TB in Large Hospitals, Pakistan

Ali Saeed Mirza, Razia Fatima, Aashifa Yaqoob, Ejaz Qadeer, Ahmed Wali, Afshan Khurshid, Mahboob Ul Haq, Ajay M. V. Kumar
Journal of Tuberculosis Research (JTR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jtr.2018.61006
Abstract: To improve childhood Tuberculosis management, the National Tuberculosis Program implemented a package of interventions Hospital DOTS linkages (HDL) in 2015 in 144 tertiary and secondary care hospitals across Pakistan. This included systematic engagement of hospital administration and all specialist doctors, staff training and regular facility-based review meetings. HDL was associated with 35% increase in childhood TB notifications in 2015 (versus 2014) in HDL sites as compared to 16% increase in non-HDL sites. The increase was seen across provinces, age-groups and sexes, but did not correlate with presence of Xpert MTB/RIF®?or “screeners” (health workers deployed to screen children for TB).
Shahzad Ahmed,Ghulam Qadeer,Nasim Hasan Rama,Ales Ruzicka
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808028985
Abstract: In the title compound, C11H14N2O3, the planar hydrazide group is oriented with respect to the benzene ring at a dihedral angle of 48.00 (3)°. In the crystal structure, intermolecular N—H...O hydrogen bonds link the molecules.
Verifying Sequential Consistency on Shared-Memory Multiprocessors by Model Checking
Shaz Qadeer
Computer Science , 2001,
Abstract: The memory model of a shared-memory multiprocessor is a contract between the designer and programmer of the multiprocessor. The sequential consistency memory model specifies a total order among the memory (read and write) events performed at each processor. A trace of a memory system satisfies sequential consistency if there exists a total order of all memory events in the trace that is both consistent with the total order at each processor and has the property that every read event to a location returns the value of the last write to that location. Descriptions of shared-memory systems are typically parameterized by the number of processors, the number of memory locations, and the number of data values. It has been shown that even for finite parameter values, verifying sequential consistency on general shared-memory systems is undecidable. We observe that, in practice, shared-memory systems satisfy the properties of causality and data independence. Causality is the property that values of read events flow from values of write events. Data independence is the property that all traces can be generated by renaming data values from traces where the written values are distinct from each other. If a causal and data independent system also has the property that the logical order of write events to each location is identical to their temporal order, then sequential consistency can be verified algorithmically. Specifically, we present a model checking algorithm to verify sequential consistency on such systems for a finite number of processors and memory locations and an arbitrary number of data values.
Spindle Cell Carcinoma of the Maxilla: A Case Report of Rare Entity  [PDF]
Montasir Junaid, Maliha Kazi, Sadaf Qadeer
Surgical Science (SS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2017.85025
Abstract: Spindle cell carcinoma also known as sarcomatoid carcinoma is a rare highly aggressive tumor which is histologically different from squamous cell ca and mesenchymal cancers. Only hands full of cases have been reported in literature since 1957 and hence no proper treatment protocol has been devised yet. We present such a case of thirty-four-year-old female who presented with spindle cell carcinoma of the maxilla at our department and was treated with extensive surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Spindle cell carcinoma is generally associated with poor prognosis and hence literature supports use of post operative Chemo and Radiotherapy for better result and decrease chance of local recurrence.
Impact of Globalization of Education and Dynamics of Social Changes in Pakistan: Attitude Scale Construction and Analysis
Alyas Qadeer Tahir
International Journal of Education , 2011,
Abstract: Globalization has been largely influenced and spread due to advancement of technology of communication. There has been emphasis in developing countries to seek public opinion on various aspects of globalization. The trend of globalization has opened up doors for country like Pakistan to explore opinion of its intellectuals on this particular dimension. A study was conducted on this particular issue of international importance. For this purpose, a scale was constructed on the attitude of professors of universities, educationists and the members of Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Pakistan. Initially, a likert scale of twenty five items was constructed and tried out to the respondents. After a comprehensive analysis, the scale was redefined and cut down to sixteen items for administration at larger scale at national level. This study provided an ample opportunity for item’s analysis and exploring the opinions about globalization of education and perspectives of social changes. It was found that respondents generally look in favor of globalization. The result of the t-test showed that no statistically difference exist between opinion of the university professors and educationists whereas there was a statistically significant differences noted between university professors and members of Chambers of Commerce and Industries and similarly between the opinion of educationists and the members of Chamber of Commerce and Industries. There was statistical significance noted at p<0.05 level in academic performance for the two groups F (1. 58) = 5.5351 p=.001 as result of one-way ANOVA. A two-way between-groups ANOVA was also conducted to see the impact of globalization on university professor’s subjects they teach in the category of management sciences, economics/commerce, and natural sciences and the years of experiences they possess. The interaction effect between the subject they teach and their experience was not statistically significant, F (3,94) = .563, p = .471. The main effect for the subject areas, F (3, 96) = .152, p = .736; and the experience of professors possess, F (3, 96) = 1.241, p=.138 did not reach the statistical significance. The results of the study can be viewed in Pakistani perspectives and need to be explored further in regional context.
The Influence of Manto and Maupassant on Social Life
Aqeela Shaheen,Riaz Qadeer
Pakistan Journal of Commerce and Social Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Literature is expression and interpretation of life. The Realism of life is exhibited in the literary masterpieces of the writers who understand life and possess enough courage to express it in their creative writings. This is quite befitting for French writer Guy DeMaupassant and Urdu writer Saadat Hassan Manto. They, through their world famous short stories, put a great impact on world literature. Their special field is Realism. They painted life as it appeared to them. They were blamed for vulgarity and resultantly suffered for that matter. The researchers and critics have acknowledged their love for humanity and their superiority as writers and as trend setters.
Developing a Student Centered Inquiry Based Teaching Approach at Elementary Level Science in Pakistan-A Three Years Implementation Cycle
Alyas Qadeer Tahir
Asian Social Science , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v7n8p241
Abstract: National Curriculum, 2006 is one of the significant measures to improve the quality of education in Pakistan. For General Science, grades IV-VIII, “Student-Centered and Inquiry-Based (SCIB) learning” are a key concept of it. However the system for teachers’ in-service training in the country at the Federal and the Provincial levels is pathetic and many of the teachers do not have chances to be equipped for the new ways of teaching science based on the new curriculum. To address this issue and help Pakistan in this significant task of national importance, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) undertaken the challenge of coping with the problem and help Pakistan through a technical cooperation project aiming at establishing a training model that ensures teachers to deliver SCIB science lessons. The purpose of this paper is to describe the SCIB project design and the basic policy of a three years implementation cycle that will support in development and sustainability of science curriculum reforms efforts in Pakistan. The process and achievements of the project outlines the development of teaching plans, master trainers training, teacher training, school cluster and baseline survey of schools and organization of forums at the Federal and the Provincial levels. The paper covers an analysis of some issues related to SCIB teaching model development in the perspectives of ground reality and the lesson learned from implementing such innovative projects in past. The concept of Teaching through Easily Available Material (TEAM) and SCIB teaching approach being practiced in Pakistan may be valuable for the developing countries of the region.
Quality of Life after Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in Patients with Chronic Rhinosinusitis  [PDF]
Sadaf Qadeer, Shabbir Akhtar, Montasir Junaid, Muhammad Sohail Halim
International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (IJOHNS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ijohns.2018.74020
Abstract: Chronic Rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a group of disorders characterized by the inflammation of mucosa of the nasal passages and paranasal sinuses. It includes chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps, CRS without polyps and Allergic Fungal Sinusitis (AFS). This debilitating disease causes negative impact on quality of life (QOL) of patients. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the mainstay of surgical treatment for patients and improves QOL of patients. This subjective assessment of QOL can be measured by disease specific questionnaires. SNOT-22 questionnaire is widely used and validated questionnaire for this purpose. Prospective study was done on 54 patients. Data were collected using SNOT-22 questionnaire and filled in pre-operative period then in post-operative follow-up visits on 1st, 3rd, 6th and 12th months. Paired sample t-test was used to compare pre-operative and post-operative SNOT scores and multivariate generalized linear model was used to estimate regression parameters for SNOT scores in CRS with polyp and AFS in comparison of CRS without polyps. Out of 54 patients, 59.3% were males, mean age was 35.98, 29.6% were in CRS without polyp group, 44.4% and 25.9% were in CRS with polyps and AFS group. Recurrence occurred in 7.4%, revision surgery required in 3.7% while 22.2% had history of asthma. Paired sample t-test showed statistical significant reduction in post-operative SNOT scores. Linear model results showed SNOT scores in CRS with polyp group was significantly reduced. Thus FESS provides significant improvement in QOL of patients in chronic rhinosinusitis.
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