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Spatial and temporal variability of consanguinity in the French Cerdagne
Vigo, Marta
Pirineos : Revista de Ecología de Monta?a , 1993,
Abstract: In this paper we have studied consanguinity in the population of the French Cerdagne (a Pyrenean valley) from 1836 until 1990. Calculation of consanguineous marriage frequencies and of the coefficient a reveals that consanguinity in this population is slightly lower than in other Pyrenean populations. Analysis of variability over time shows a decrease in the consanguinity levels during the above-mentioned period. The consanguinity pattern is similar in all parts of the area considered. [es] En este trabajo se ha estudiado la consanguinidad de la comarca pirenaica de la Cerda a francesa desde 1836 a 1990. El cálculo de las frecuencias de matrimonios consanguíneos y del coeficiente a muestra que la consanguinidad de esta población es inferior, aunque no excesivamente, a la de otras poblaciones pirenaicas. El análisis de la evolución a lo largo del tiempo muestra un descenso de los niveles de consanguinidad durante todo el período estudiado. El modelo de consanguinidad es parecido en todas las zonas del área estudiada. [fr] Dans ce travail nous avons étudié la consanguinité de la région de la Cerdagne fran aise dans les Pyrénées depuis 1836 jusqu'à 1990. Le calcule de la fréquence des mariages consanguins et de le coefficient a montrent que la consanguinité de cette population est inférieure, quoique pas excessivement, à celle d'autres populations des Pyrénées. L'analyse de l'évolution à travers le temps a démontré une réduction des niveaux de consanguinité pendant la période étudiée. Ce modèle de consanguinité est semblable dans toutes les zones de la région étudiée.
Una nueva mirada a la monta?a
Sanz Tolosana, Elvira;
Convergencia , 2009,
Abstract: the european rural world has experienced a deep transformation in the last decades, especially mountainous areas. in this paper we explore the main political and ideological processes that have favored the revaluation of mountainous areas. first, we analyze the institutional recognition of the key role they play in development of human life and its natural and structural handicaps. secondly, we study the recent evolution of policies directed towards spanish mountains, namely the pyrenees. finally, we look on the social representations of mountain. in this sense, we emphasize the postmodern gaze that includes the signs of rural imaginary.
Seasonality and cyclic tendency of mortality in a Pyrenean population
González-Martín, A.,Toja, D. I.
Pirineos : Revista de Ecología de Monta?a , 1990,
Abstract: Mortality characteristics exert a great influence on the demographic framework of the population, determined by different factors: internal (genetical and cultural specific features), external (dependent on the ecosystem), and Intermediate ones (the population's capacity to adapt itself to the environment). The analysis of seasonal distribution of 3313 deaths recorded at Parish Registers from El Pont de Suert (Alta Ribagor a, Catalonia, Spain) from 1664, is evidence of the importance of all these factors. The distribution patterns show the relationship between mortality and climatic conditions, epidemiological conditions, as well as socio-economical and demographical transformations. The cyclical trend model, common to many Iberian mountain populations, does not show up In this particular population. [es] Las características de la mortalidad Influyen decisivamente en la estructura demográfica de las poblaciones, regida por diferentes factores: internos (rasgos específicos genéticos y culturales), externos (características del ecosistema) e intermedios (capacidad de la población de autoajustarse al ambiente). El estudio de la distribución estacional de las 3313 defunciones registradas en la Villa de El Pont de Suert (Alta Ribagor a, Catalu a) desde 1664 evidencia la importancia de todos estos factores. Los patrones de distribución muestran el Influjo de las condiciones climáticas, de los ambientes epidemiológicos, así como de las transformaciones socioeconómicas y demográficas. El modelo de tendencia cíclica en la mortalidad, común a muchas poblaciones ibéricas de monta a, no se evidencia en esta población. [fr] Les caractéristiques de la mortalité influent sur la structure démographique des populations, qui est, à son tour, déterminée par différents facteurs: internes (traits génétiques et culturelles spécifiques), externes (caractéristiques de l'écosystème) et intermédiaires (capacité de la population de s'adapter à l'environnement). L'analyse de la distribution saisonnière des 3313 décès enregistrés, depuis 1664, à El Pont de Suert (Alta Ribagor a, Catalogne, Espagne) montre l'importance de tous ces facteurs. Les patrons de distribution mettent en évidence l'influence des conditions climatiques, des ambiances épidémiologiques, ainsi que les transformations socio-économiques et démographiques. Le modèle de tendance cyclique de la mortalité, commun à beaucoup de populations ibériques de montagne, n'est pas ici évident.
Fauna malacològica de les Planes de Son i la Mata de València (Alt àneu, Pallars Sobirà, Pirineu Català): revisió bibliogràfica i noves dades
J. Cadevall,V. Bros,E. Hernández,J. Nebot
Arxius de Miscel-lània Zoològica , 2008,
Abstract: The survey of bibliograpic information on the presence of molluscs at the Planes de Son and Mata de València (municipality of Alt àneu, county of Pallars Sobirà, Catalan Pyrenees) has accounted for a list of 33 species of molluscs (seven of them are slugs) inhabiting historically this area. A current field survey (2006-2007) has detected 50 species of molluscs not slugs, two of these species are splitted in two subspecies. Detailed data from both faunistic inventories are provided.
Mountain accidents associated with winter northern flows in the Mediterranean Pyrenees
R. Pascual,A. Callado
Tethys : Journal of Mediterranean Meteorology & Climatology , 2010,
Abstract: The Mediterranean Pyrenees, at the eastern end of the range, is a very popular area. Its highest peak is at 2900 m a.s.l. and there are numerous peaks above 2000 m, with rounded relief and sparse vegetation on the latter height. One of its significant winter climatic features is the sudden entrance of cold air with violent northern winds, drop in temperatures and very low wind chill values. Such advections are established after the passage of a snowy cold front and, consequently, there is abundant transport of both new and existing snow that reduces horizontal visibility. The post-frontal conditions at high altitudes represent a serious threat to humans. The review done shows that the hikers immersed in an environment of low visibility, strong winds and very low temperatures can quickly become disoriented, suffer frostbite and hypothermia and slip on the ice. The characterization of a series of accidents occurred in this geographical area, identified in the press, shows in this paper that the phenomena associated with northern winter advections is an element of danger to be considered in the evaluation of natural hazards in that area. In addition, the multiple character of many of the events suggests that there is high vulnerability to such dangers. The climatological analysis presented suggests that such weather conditions are not uncommon in the winter, although the most serious accidents have been registered under especially strong and cold flows. The conclusions recommend that the weather conditions described, locally called torb, should be known by the visitors to these mountains in the winter, and its appearance should be announced in weather reports, which in turn must be sufficiently disseminated in the areas of greater abundance of tourists and hikers.
El Pirineu / Die Pyren en: Einführung in das Schwerpunktthema [The Pyrenees: introduction to this special issue]
Friedlein, Roger
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2004,
Abstract: This introduction gives an overview of the importance of the Pyrenees in the context of Catalan literatures and introduces the articles in this special issue of the journal.
The Treaty of the Pyrenees, 350 Years Later
Eva Serra
Catalan Historical Review , 2008,
Abstract: An overall review of the 1659 Treaty between the Hispanic and French monarchies is undertaken. The Europeanscope of the document is established in the light of its territorial clauses and articles on civil rights, commercial relations and troop withdrawals. While the Rhineland and Alpine front also comes in for attention, the main focus is onthe Franco-Catalan Pyrenean front. The author notes that the Pyrenean range was the cradle of Catalonia, not a frontier,and gives an account of how the new delimitation was traced. She also discusses Catalan resistance along theborder (in Rosselló). Reference is made to the on-going wars between France and Spain after 1659, to the ill-defined nature of the new border, and to France’s offer to exchange Rosselló for the lands lying along its eastern frontier, inwhich it was primarily interested. This offer was never accepted. The dynastic, patrimonial and military origin and nature of European frontiers, which were established regardless of, and often in opposition to, the existence of peoples,is stressed.
Biodiversity within the subfamily Alyssinae (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) in the Natural Park Pe?as de Aya (Spain)
Peris-Felipo, Francisco Javier;Jiménez-Peydró, Ricardo;
Revista Brasileira de Entomologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0085-56262011005000042
Abstract: biodiversity within the subfamily alyssinae (hymenoptera, braconidae) in the natural park pe?as de aya (spain). the study of parasitoid hymenoptera is of significance for the assessment of diversity in a given area because of their role in the regulation of insects populations. the present work analyses diversity within alysiinae (hymenoptera, braconidae) in the forested estate of artikutza, located in the natural park pe?as de aya, western pyrenees, spain. collection of specimens was spread over two years and was carried out in two different habitats: mixed forest and beech forest. a total of 2,270 specimens, belonging to 22 separate genera, were captured. subsequently, alpha, beta and gamma diversities were analysed, and the beech forest was proven to host greater diversity than the mixed forest. a sampling strategy was adopted for the analysis of alysiinae phenology and its relationship with environmental climatic conditions; as a result, a direct relationship between phenology and temperature was attested.
Crab carapaces preserved in nautiloid shells from the Upper Paleocene of Huesca: Pyrenees, Spain
Fraaije, Rene H. B;Pennings, Henri W. J;
Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas , 2006,
Abstract: carapaces of three species of crab, found -within specimens of the nautiloid eutrephoceras. are described from the upper paleocene of huesca (pyrenees, spain). this is the first record of the use by crabs of empty cephalopod shells for moulting from the cenozoic; this phenomenon may have been more widespread.
Influence de l'altitude, de l'exposition et du climat sur la croissance du pin à crochets (Pinus uncinata Ram.) en Cerdagne (Pyrénées orientales fran aises)
Schueller, Jeanne Florence,Rolland, Christian
Pirineos : Revista de Ecología de Monta?a , 1995,
Abstract: A dendroecological study was carried out on mountain Pine (Pinus uncinata Ram.) in the French Cerdagne (Pyrénées Orientales). It permits to analyze the influence of three environmental factors: the altitude, the exposure and the climate. 175 dominant trees were sampled between 1780 and 2120 meters on north and south slopes. At the same altitude, the pines on north facing slope are four meters higher than those growing on south slope. However, a detailed analysis of 12874 tree-rings demonstrates that the radial growth is faster on the south slope. On such exposure, the basal area of the hundred years old trees increases 43 % higher than on north slope. Both forests show a similar high mean sensitivity. However, slight differences appear on the climatical response. The rainfall plays a more important part on south exposure, whereas the snow reduces the growth on north slopes. Moreover, the influence of the temperatures is greater than those of the precipitations. Warm spring temperatures are more efficient in the South, while the North is more influenced by the temperatures in autumn. [fr] Une étude dendroécologique du Pin á crochets (Pinus uncinata Ram.) réalisée en Cerdagne fran aise (Pyrénées Orientales) a permis de quantifier le r le de trois facteurs stationnais sur sa croissance: l'altitude, l'exposition et le climat. 175 arbres dominants ont été échantillonnés entre 1780 et 2120 mètres d'altitude, sur deux versants exposés au Nord et au Sud encadrant le plateau de Cerdagne. A altitude égale, les Pins d'ubac mesurent en moyenne 4 mètres de plus. Cependant, l'analyse détaillée de 12874 largeurs de cernes prouve que la croissance radiale est plus rapide en adret, où la surface terrière a 100 ans augmente de 43 % plus vite qu'en ubac. Les forêts des deux versants présentent une sensibilité au climat manifeste et comparable. L'étude de la réponse au climat permet de nuancer ces résultats: en adret les précipitations ont un r le bénéfique accru, tandis que l'impact négatif de la neige est spécifique a l'ubac. Quant aux températures, elles jouent un r le nettement plus marqué que les précipitations. La chaleur printanière agit surtout en adret, tandis que le r le des températures d'automne est plus manifeste en ubac. [es] Un estudio dendroecológico sobre el Pino negro (Pinus uncinata Ram.) en la Cerda a francesa permite obtener resultados cuantitativos sobre la influencia de tres parámetros ecológicos que influyen en el crecimiento de los árboles: la altitud, la exposición y el clima. Se han muestreado 175 árboles entre 1780 y 2120 m de altitud, en dos la
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