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Gray Relevance Algorithm Based Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Network  [PDF]
Hong Tang, Pusheng He, Haolan Yang, Maosheng Zheng
Communications and Network (CN) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2013.53B2074

The characteristics of nodes moving arbitrarily and the network topology changing frequently lead to AODV routing protocol, which uses minimum hop-count as the metric for route selection, facing intermittent connectivity frequently which would cause QoS of network degradation in Ad Hoc Network. In this paper, we integrate three cross layer infor-mation which consists of the remaining energy of nodes, the remaining queue length and the hop-count from source node to destination node. Then we present the GRA-AODV routing protocol based on the gray relevance algorithm. By comparing the simulation and experimental results, in the case of slightly increase in routing overhead, the improved Gray Relevance Algorithm-AODV routing possesses lower average end to end delay and lower packet loss rate, and it has superior robustness in the mobile Ad Hoc Network with network topology changing frequently.

Discovery of ~4.0 Ga detrital zircons in the Changdu Block, North Qiangtang, Tibetan Plateau
ShiPing He,RongShe Li,Chao Wang,HongFei Zhang,WenHua Ji,PuSheng Yu,PingYang Gu,Chao Shi
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-010-4320-z
Abstract: Using in situ zircon dating by LA-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS, detrital zircon of 3981±9 Ma age was found in metamorphic rocks of the Ningduo Rock Group, Changdu Block of Northern Qiangtang. This is the oldest age record that has been found in the Qiangtang area. This finding also constitutes the third zircon locality in China with an age older than 3.9 Ga. Thus, the discovery provides new information for the study of Hadean crust. In addition, we found 3.51–3.13 Ga, ~2440 Ma, ~1532 Ma, ~982 Ma and ~618 Ma age peaks from 100 test spots. The younger ages of ~982 Ma and ~618 Ma correspond to the formation of the Rodinian super-continent and the Pan-African event, respectively. These findings suggest a close relationship between these zircons and the Gondwanan super-continent. The age of ~618 Ma defines the lower limit on the deposit time of the protolith for the garnet-mica-quartz schist in the Ningduo Rock Group. Zircons with an age of ~982 Ma generally display a negative Hf(t) and a two-stage Hf model with concentrated ages around 1933–2553 Ma. This pattern indicates that the source area of the Ningduo Rock Group underwent a significant separation of depleted mantle into the crust during the Paleoproterozoic Era. However, zircons with ages of 2854–3505 Ma also show a negative Hf(t) and a two-stage Hf model with a concentration of ages around 3784–4316 Ma. These results demonstrate that the source area of the Ningduo Rock Group contains a residual amount of ancient (Hadean) crustal materials. This paper provides new information on the relationship between the basement of the Qiangtang area and the Paleoproterozoic basements of the Gangdese and Himalayan regions, which constrains the northern boundary of Gondwana.
A new conception on the formation of the first bend of Yangtze River: its relations with Eocene magmatic activities

ZENG Pusheng,

地理学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Based on field observations, the author proposes a new understanding on the formation of the first bend of the Yangtze River. The relationship between the formation of the first bend of the Yangtze River and Eocene magmatic activity is expounded, suggesting that the first bend of the Yangtze River is the result from choking of the strong magmatic activity in Eocene. As a result, the upstream became a natural reservoir, whose riverside between Mt. Yulong and Mt. Haba was burst, guiding Jinshajiang River running eastward. At the same time, the drastic uplift of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau led to the deep dissection of the river cut down the channel, resulting in the formation of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The magnitude of uplift in the study area (located in the eastern of the Tibetan Plateau) is calculated. Taking Mt. Yulong as a base, the magnitude of lift is 3,300 m from Eocene to Pliocene, adding 700 m since Pleistocene, totaling up to 4,000 m or so.
Optimal control of nonsmooth system governed by quasi-linear elliptic equations
Gong Liutang,Fei Pusheng
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 1997, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171297000458
Abstract: In this paper, we discuss a class of optimal control problems of nonsmooth systems governed by quasi-linear elliptic partial differential equations, give the existence of the problem. Through the smoothness and the approximation of the original problem, we get the necessary condition, which can be considered as the Euler-Lagrange condition under quasi-linear case.
Enhancement of transport critical current density of SmFeAsO1-xFx tapes fabricated by an ex-situ powder-in-tube method with a Sn-presintering process
Qianjun Zhang,Chao Yao,He Lin,Xianping Zhang,Dongliang Wang,Chiheng Dong,Pusheng Yuan,Shaopu Tang,Yanwei Ma,Satoshi Awaji,Kazuo Watanabe,Yuji Tsuchiya,Tsuyoshi Tamegai
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1063/1.4874261
Abstract: SmFeAsO1-xFx (Sm1111) tapes were prepared by an ex-situ powder-in-tube method with a Sn-presintering process. Scanning electron microscopy revealed apparent difference in microstructure between Sn-presintered tapes and the previously reported polycrystalline Sm1111 bulk, since Sn has reduced FeAs wetting phase and filled the voids between Sm1111 grains. The Sn-presintered tapes showed significant enhanced field dependences of transport Jc compared with Sn-added tapes. A highest transport critical current density (Jc) of 3.45x10^4 A cm-2 at 4.2 K and self-field is achieved. Magneto-optical (MO) imaging further confirmed large and well-distributed global and intergranular Jc in Sn-presintered Sm1111 tapes.
Discovery of the Paleoproterozoic Terrane in Lhasa Block, Qinghai Tibet Plateau

HE Shiping
, LI Rongshe, WANG Cha, ZHANG Hongfei, JI Wenhua, YU Pusheng, GU Pingyang, SHI Chao

地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2018, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2013.052
Abstract: 拉萨地块东部呈断块状分布的松多岩群包括岔萨岗岩组、马布库岩组和雷龙库岩组,对其形成时代存在较大分歧.通过高精度的LA-ICP-MS(激光剥蚀等离子体质谱仪)锆石微区原位U-Pb同位素测年,西藏工布江达县一带岔萨岗岩组变基性火山岩中获得2450.3±9.9Ma的不一致线上交点年龄,为原岩形成时代,属于古元古代早期,是目前拉萨地块获得的最老基底同位素年龄值.依据野外调研和新获得的同位素年代学数据,结合新近完成的区域地质调查资料,建议将原”松多岩群”解体,新建工布江达岩群(Pt1Gb),松多岩群仅保留马布库岩组(AnOm)和雷龙库岩组(AnOl).拉萨地块古元古代地体的发现,对重新厘定该区前寒武纪基底格架、区域对比、构造归属划分以及寻找与前寒武纪相关的矿产具有重要意义. 更多还原
Songduo rock group includes Chashagang rock formation, Mabuku rock formation and Leilongku rock formation, which takes on fault blocks locating in the eastern Lhasa block, and its age has long been argued. The high accurate LAICPMS zircon UPb isotope dating of metabasic volcanic rock from Chashagang rock formation in Gongbujiangda County, Tibet, yielded a UPb upperintercept age of 2450.3±9.9Ma. It is suggested a rockforming age and the oldest isotopic age of basement of Lhasa block, belonging to the Early Paleoproterozoic. According to field investigation and the new data of geochronology, combining with new results from regional geological survey, we propose that “the original Songduo rock group” should be disintergrated, and reestablish a Gongbujiangda rock group. The Songduo rock Group only remain Mabuku rock formation (AnOm) and Leilongku rock Formation (AnOl). It is great significance to redefinite the Precambrian basement framework, compare in region, subdivide tectonic units, and find minerals related with the Precambria

Cai Songbai,Shen Pusheng,

力学学报 , 1998,
Abstract: 在文献(1)高阶钢筋混凝土膜元的基础上,提出一种具有14个节点的高阶钢筋混凝土平板单元,钢筋混凝土材料模型仍采用Vecchio的抹平旋转裂缝模型,几何非线性仍采用所谓总体Lagrange列式法,非线性要用割线刚度位移增量迭代法,数值算例表明本文的方法是可靠的,高阶平反单元虽然列式复杂,但与低阶元相比,其计算量要少且精度要高。
The Inverse Problem of Single Photon EmissionComputed Tomography

Huang Hui,Fei Pusheng,Yuan Yuan,

数学物理学报(A辑) , 2008,
Abstract: The image reconstruction processing in Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) is a very ill-posed inverse problem. Due to its practical importance for medical diagnostics, this problem has been addressed various times recently. In this paper, the authors discuss theoretical settings of SPECT and propose new numerical strategies based on Tikhonov-type regularization for solving it. Moreover, multilevel continuation mechanism for large-scale problems is designed. Numerical results and conclusion follow.
The Indosinian Pulang superlarge porphyry copper deposit in Yunnan,China:Petrology and chronology.

ZENG PuSheng~,

岩石学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 普朗斑岩铜矿位于云南西北晚三叠世义敦岛弧南段的滇西中甸弧内。义敦岛弧北部产有著名的呷村式黑矿型块状硫化物矿床,南部大量发育斑岩型铜矿床,普朗斑岩铜矿床即是其中的典型代表。普朗矿床由南、北两个复式岩体(矿段)组成,两个矿段均由一系列NW向构造控制的石英闪长玢岩、石英二长斑岩小岩株组成,是普朗铜矿区的主体,探明铜矿石量1.6亿吨,铜平均品位0.57%,铜金属量114万吨,伴生金金属量28.80吨,金品位0.18g/t;钼6399吨,品位0.004%。普朗斑岩铜矿床远景储量400万吨以上,为一个具有超大型规模远景储量的斑岩型铜矿床。普朗斑岩体容矿围岩SiO_2>56%,MgO 1.34%~2.73%,Sr 661×10~(-6)~909×10~(-6),Y 10.78×10~(-6)~17.92×10~(-6),Yb 1.07×10~(-6)~1.87×10~(-6),LREE富集,δEu 0.83~0.93,Sr/Y比值22~64,K_2O/Na_2O比值0.52,具有与洋壳俯冲产生的埃达克岩(Ⅰ型埃达克岩)相似的地球化学特征。普朗斑岩铜矿形成于印支期,在我国斑岩铜矿床中具有其特殊性(不同于青藏高原喜马拉雅期斑岩铜矿带,如冈底斯斑岩铜矿带、玉龙斑岩带等;也不同于古亚洲成矿域的海西期斑岩铜矿带,如土屋-延东斑岩铜矿带,以及中国东部的燕山期斑岩铜矿带,如德兴斑岩铜矿),无论对中甸岛孤带的基础地质还是矿产资源评价预测的研究,该类矿床都具有重要的意义。普朗斑岩铜矿床含矿黑云石英二长斑岩的钾硅酸盐化(黑云母化和钾长石化)的成矿热液活动时间为235.4±2.4Ma~221.5±2.0Ma之间,石英-辉钼矿阶段的辉钼矿成矿(Re-Os)年龄大致为213±3.8 Ma;对矿区主矿体的热液黑云母单矿物的~(40)Ar/~(39)Ar测年,无论是含铜钼的矿化岩体,还是仅含铜的斑岩体,其成矿年龄(坪年龄)变化于为214.58±0.91Ma至216.0±1Ma之间,与辉钼矿Re-Os年龄非常接近,为晚三叠世诺利期。这表明普朗斑岩铜矿床的成矿作用在印支期完成。

Dai Zihang,Shen Pusheng,Pen Zhenbing,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The disadvantages of existing calculation methods for the internal forces of the prestress-anchored antislide pile are pointed out. Based on the principle of the foundation coefficient method in calculating the internal forces of the ordinary antislide pile,the finite difference method is presented to calculate the internal forces of the whole prestress-anchored antislide pile. The corresponding formulae are derived in detail. The pile can be analyzed as a complete entity. It is not necessary to divide the pile into two segments by the sliding surface like the existing methods. The ordinary antislide pile and the prestress-anchored pile are compared by an engineering example. The advantages are showed of the prestress-anchored pile. Meanwhile the example also shows that the finite difference method can obtain the calculation results quickly and precisely and model all sorts of working cases of the pile. Therefore this is a simple and useful method in analyzing the internal forces of the prestress-anchored antislide pile. Monitoring work shows the calculation results are satisfying.
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