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Fatty acid desaturation index correlates with body mass and adiposity indices of obesity in Wistar NIN obese mutant rat strains WNIN/Ob and WNIN/GR-Ob
Shanmugam M Jeyakumar, Pratti Lopamudra, Suryaprakash Padmini, Nagalla Balakrishna, Nappan V Giridharan, Ayyalasomayajula Vajreswari
Nutrition & Metabolism , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1743-7075-6-27
Abstract: For this purpose, 200 days old male 6 lean and 6 obese rats of both strains were taken. Fatty acid composition was analyzed in plasma, various tissues such as liver, white adipose tissues (retroperitoneal, epididymal, omental, and subcutaneous) and brown adipose tissue.Fatty acid composition data showed significant increase in palmitoleic (16:1) and oleic (18:1) acid levels, which were reflected in increased desaturation index (16:1/16:0 and 18:1/18:0) in plasma and all the tissues of obese rats of both strains, when compared with their respective age and sex-matched lean rats. Further, we found a strong positive correlation between desaturation index, BMI and AI in plasma and most of the tissues analyzed.So far, plasma Δ9 desaturation index has been well correlated with hypertriglyceridemia and we, by employing two models of obesity namely, WNIN/Ob and WNIN/GR-Ob, have shown Δ9 desaturation index of plasma correlated with physical markers of obesity such as BMI and AI. In conclusion, Δ9 desaturation index may serve as a potential sensitive biochemical marker to assess the degree of obesity and impact of therapeutic/nutritional interventions to combat obesity, along with other indicators.Obesity, arising out of modern lifestyle has attained the status of "globesity" and affecting the health of millions of people with various socio-economic consequences. Obesity, a condition caused by imbalanced energy homeostasis, manifests itself as excessive fat deposition and often associated with several morbidities, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and certain types of cancers, respiratory complications and osteoarthrites [1]. Microsomal stearoyl-CoA desaturase1 (SCD1) is the rate limiting enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA); palmitoleoyl and oleoyl-CoAs from their respective substrates palmitoyl and stearoyl-CoAs by Δ9-cis desaturation. These MUFAs are major substrates for the synthesis of various lipids such
Status of B-Vitamins and Homocysteine in Diabetic Retinopathy: Association with Vitamin-B12 Deficiency and Hyperhomocysteinemia
Alleboena Satyanarayana, Nagalla Balakrishna, Sujatha Pitla, Paduru Yadagiri Reddy, Sivaprasad Mudili, Pratti Lopamudra, Palla Suryanarayana, Kalluru Viswanath, Radha Ayyagari, Geereddy Bhanuprakash Reddy
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0026747
Abstract: Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a common cause of blindness. Although many studies have indicated an association between homocysteine and DR, the results so far have been equivocal. Amongst the many determinants of homocysteine, B-vitamin status was shown to be a major confounding factor, yet very little is known about its relationship to DR. In the present study, we, therefore, investigated the status of B-vitamins and homocysteine in DR. A cross-sectional case–control study was conducted with 100 normal control (CN) subjects and 300 subjects with type-2 diabetes (T2D). Of the 300 subjects with T2D, 200 had retinopathy (DR) and 100 did not (DNR). After a complete ophthalmic examination including fundus fluorescein angiography, the clinical profile and the blood levels of all B-vitamins and homocysteine were analyzed. While mean plasma homocysteine levels were found to be higher in T2D patients compared with CN subjects, homocysteine levels were particularly high in the DR group. There were no group differences in the blood levels of vitamins B1 and B2. Although the plasma vitamin-B6 and folic acid levels were significantly lower in the DNR and DR groups compared with the CN group, there were no significant differences between the diabetes groups. Interestingly, plasma vitamin-B12 levels were found to be significantly lower in the diabetes groups compared with the CN group; further, the levels were significantly lower in the DR group compared with the DNR group. Higher homocysteine levels were significantly associated with lower vitamin-B12 and folic acid but not with other B-vitamins. Additionally, hyperhomocysteinemia and vitamin-B12 deficiency did not seem to be related to subjects' age, body mass index, or duration of diabetes. These results thus suggest a possible association between vitamin-B12 deficiency and hyperhomocysteinemia in DR. Further, the data indicate that vitamin-B12 deficiency could be an independent risk factor for DR.
“Crossing Cultures/ Crossing Genres: The Re-invention of the Graphic Memoir in Persepolis and Persepolis 2.”
Lopamudra Basu
Nebula , 2007,
Natarajan Meghanathan,Lopamudra Nayak
International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications , 2010,
Abstract: Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the fields of Steganography and Steganalysis. Steganography involves hiding information in a cover (carrier) media to obtain the stego media, in such a way that the cover media is perceived not to have any embedded message for its unintended recipients. Steganalysis is the mechanism of detecting the presence of hidden information in the stego media and it can lead to the prevention of disastrous security incidents. In this paper, we provide a critical review of the steganalysisalgorithms available to analyze the characteristics of an image, audio or video stego media vis-à-vis the corresponding cover media (without the hidden information) and understand the process of embedding the information and its detection. It is noteworthy that each of these cover media has different special attributes that are altered by a steganography algorithm in such a way that the changes are not perceivable for the unintended recipients; but, the changes are identifiable using appropriate steganlysis algorithms. We anticipate that this paper can also give a clear picture of the current trends in steganography so that we can develop and improvise appropriate steganlysis algorithms.
Canonical PSO Based k-Means Clustering Approach for Real Datasets
Lopamudra Dey,Sanjay Chakraborty
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: "Clustering" the significance and application of this technique is spread over various fields. Clustering is an unsupervised process in data mining, that is why the proper evaluation of the results and measuring the compactness and separability of the clusters are important issues.The procedure of evaluating the results of a clustering algorithm is known as cluster validity measure. Different types of indexes are used to solve different types of problems and indices selection depends on the kind of available data.This paper first proposes Canonical PSO based K-means clustering algorithm and also analyses some important clustering indices (intercluster, intracluster) and then evaluates the effects of those indices on real-time air pollution database,wholesale customer, wine, and vehicle datasets using typical K-means, Canonical PSO based K-means, simple PSO based K-means,DBSCAN, and Hierarchical clustering algorithms.This paper also describes the nature of the clusters and finally compares the performances of these clustering algorithms according to the validity assessment. It also defines which algorithm will be more desirable among all these algorithms to make proper compact clusters on this particular real life datasets. It actually deals with the behaviour of these clustering algorithms with respect to validation indexes and represents their results of evaluation in terms of mathematical and graphical forms.
Beneficiation of Synthetic Iron Ore Kaolinite Mixture Using Selective Flocculation  [PDF]
Lopamudra Panda, S.K. Biswal, Vilas Tathavadkar
Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering (JMMCE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jmmce.2010.911070
Abstract: High demand of steel necessitates the use of low and lean grade iron ores by beneficiating them. However the fines, slimes and tailings generated in the process of beneficiating these low grade iron ores contains good amount of iron values. These iron values can be recovered by further beneficiating the fines, slimes and tailing by selective flocculation, which is defined as the selective agglomeration of iron ore particles using flocculant. In the present study an attempt has been taken to study the applicability of selective flocculation to Indian iron ore using corn starch as flocculant. A detail mineralogical and chemical characterization of iron ore and kaolinite were performed; in addition to this the flocculant was characterized by FTIR which gives an idea about the functional groups present in the flocculant. Different experiments were performed to optimize the operating parameters of the selective flocculation process. It was observed that product grade and recovery was strongly affected by pH of slurry and solid concentration compared to the flocculant dose. It was also found that the iron value can be upgraded to 63-66.9 % from the feed iron value of 37.65-55.33 % with the recovery of 63-90 %.
A Qualitative Study on Role of Self Help Group in Women Empowerment in Rural Pondicherry, India
Sahu Lopamudra, Singh Suresh K
National Journal of Community Medicine , 2012,
Abstract: Bacground: Women empowerment is an essential precondition for elimination of poverty. Many International and National bodies have stressed on women empowerment giving attention to their participation in society, decision-making, education and health. In India, Micro finance and Self Help Group (SHG) intervention have brought tremendous change in the life of women at the grass root level. Currently around 1640 SHGs exist in Pondicherry and are successfully managed by women. Aim: To assess the role of Self-Help Groups in empowerment of women of rural Pondicherry. Methodology: It was a community based qualitatively study. Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were conducted among six SHG groups (one each) selected on feasibility basis. The SHG membersa€ perception of improvement in different pre determined domains were assessed. Content analysis was done manually and the key findings were noted. Results: The key responses were a€ increased participation in household decision makinga€ , a€ gaining respect in familya€ , a€ increased savingsa€ , a€ meeting family expensesa€ , a€ improved political knowledgea€ , a€ independencea€ , a€ confidencea€ etc. They said to have gained respect and trust in society and were able to plan for the future of their families. Conclusions: Self Help Groups played very important role in Women empowerment and should be promoted for economic development of the country.
Journal of Plant Development , 2011,
Abstract: The biodiversity of Garhwal Himalaya supports a large number of medicinal plants used in various ailments as a drug. Polygonatum verticillatum and Polygonatum cirrhifolium, the healers from 'Asthaverga' of 'Ayurveda', are reported from Garhwal Himalaya, but due to overexploitation are encompassed in threatened category. The present study is a documentation of these plants to facilitate the conservation of these crude drugs in their natural habitat and to domesticate them. The study also provides information regarding the resident’s outlook, living in surrounding area of these species, towards these species.
A Case Report of Calcifying Epithelioma of Malherbe (Pilomatrixoma) Mimicking Breast Carcinoma in Male Patient  [PDF]
Maria Marta Martins, Adrienne Pratti Lucarelli, José Mendes Aldrighi, Aline Forattini
Case Reports in Clinical Medicine (CRCM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/crcm.2014.35063

Pilomatricoma or calcifying epithelioma of Malherbe is a rare benign tumor of the skin and/or the subcutaneous tissue originating from the hair matrix. It is usually seen in children and adolescents, however a smaller second peak of onset is seen in the elderly. The head, neck, or upper extremities are the most common anatomical sites of pilomatricomas, being less frequently seen on the trunk and lower extremities, and very rarely have they been diagnosed in the breast. Its malignant counterpart, pilomatrix carcinoma, is rare and found more often in men. Due to its incapacity of regression, treatment consists of surgical excision. We present the case of a man with a pilomatrixoma of the breast, presenting as ACR BI-RADS 4, and we review the literature regarding pilomatrixomas.

On m-cluster tilted algebras and trivial extensions
Elsa Fernández,Isabel Pratti,Sonia Trepode
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: In this work we study the connection between iterated tilted algebras and m-cluster tilted algebras. We show that an iterated tilted algebra induces an m-cluster tilted algebra. This m-cluster tilted algebra can be seen as a trivial extension of another iterated tilted algebra which is derived equivalent to the original one. We give a procedure to find this new iterated tilted algebra. These m-cluster tilted algebras are quotients of higher relation extensions.
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